NKVD-CHEKA-KGB-FSB mass murder

DROHOBYCH, UKRAINE—A human remains are excavated at a common grave at the place of former prison of the NKVD on October 6, 2022 in Drohobych, Ukraine. On Stryiska Street in Drohobych, on the territory of the former prison of the NKVD and the KGB, were found the remains of 24 people executed by the Soviet authorities. Excavations are being carried out by specialists of the communal enterprise of the Lviv Regional Council, the "Dolya" Memorial and Search Center. According to Svyatoslav Sheremeta, director of the "Dolya" Memorial and Search Center, excavations on this territory were carried out several times, since the 1990s. Initially, 486 remains were found and reburied. In 2017, local residents and city authorities appealed to the "Dolya" Memorial and Search Center with a request to resume research. During the research conducted in 2018-2019, another 78 remains were exhumed, mainly these are local residents and soldiers of the UPA. (Photo by Kateryna Rodak/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images)

David Duke avoids explaining his life in the Soviet Union, advances tired 3D chess excuse for Putin

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Aug. 15, 2022 Anno Domini  I would like to thank David Duke for taking the time to reply to my query (from his Gab account) as to his why he lived in […]

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Russian succession from Khazaria would contribute to ‘religious Eurasianism’ in the ‘Talmudic tradition’

(Editor’s note: the following call for a Eurasian proclamation seems to fill in the missing gap between the old Jewish kingdom of Khazaria and the Jewish world imperium of today, with its true seat of […]

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