Soviet BLM in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA—Foreign students shout as they hold posters reading "Killed by fascists" during an antifascist rally in St.Petersburg, 11 April 2006. Russia's pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi (Ours) together with student organisations hold a rally against racism in Saint Petersburg 11 April over the latest in a series of murders of people of African origin, Nashi said. The rally is being organised on the city's main avenue "in connection with the latest murder in Saint Petersburg last week," Nashi said in a statement. Senegalese student Samba Lampsar Sall was gunned down outside a nightclub on Friday by a man whose gun was decorated with a swastika. (Photo by ALEXANDER DROZDOV/INTERPRESS/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump’s Soviet pimp crime partner Arif a major donor to Chabad

(Editor’s note: For more on Trump, Arif, and Sater, see Part IV of my Trump series.) By Dec. 19, 2019 Anno Domini Translated from the Russian He is the owner of the Bayrock Group, […]

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Israeli rabbi thanks Putin’s annexation of Crimea for hastening coming of Jewish ‘messiah’

By September 6, 2015 Anno Domini Translated from the Russian Operation Krymnash: Putin “brings the arrival of Mashiach closer”? Why “Krymnash” (Crimea is Ours), and Donbass – “Nenash”? The head of the Eda Haredit […]

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