Xi ally with Bibi

JERUSALEM—Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan (R) laughs as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) makes a face during their tour of the Israeli Innovation Summit in Jerusalem on October 24, 2018. - Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan on October 24 became the most senior Beijing official to visit Israel in 18 years as the two countries look to bolster their growing business ties. (Photo credit should read ARIEL SCHALIT/AFP via Getty Images)

Most powerful Jewish organization in world Chabad completely absent from E. Michael Jones’ writings

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 28, 2023 Anno Domini A search of Evgeny Mikhail Jonesovich’s (my nickname for so called Catholic author Eugene Michael Jones) material resulted in an alarming conclusion. Chabad Lubavitch, the Soviet-derived Chassidic […]

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