The Protocols and Golitsyn: Cliff Kincaid’s ignorance of the true nature of Communism

Author Cliff Kincaid at a lecture.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 14, 2024 Anno Domini

“Marxism-Leninism prepared us for Kabbalah” —Rabbi Michael Laitman

The mainstream anti-Communist movement continues to flounder despite the overwhelming amount of information that spells out exactly what Communism is and where it wants to go.

In anti-Communist author Cliff Kincaid’s recent article, The Pro-Russian Conservatives, he scolds one of his readers for saying it’s the Jews, not Russia or China.

“…the message from a ‘reader’ concerned that my attacks on Russia and China have gone too far and miss the point about the real cabal behind world events. He blames the Jews.…He advised me to get my hands on the book The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion because it would ‘change your attitude on right/left China/Russia narrative’.”

Both Kincaid and his reader are missing a correct analysis of the facts. It is the Jews…who dominate Russia and China today and use those world powers to carry out their Kabbalistic-dialectical Communist offensive to achieve world government and the ushering in of their Chabad-procured false messiah.

As the above quote by Russian-Israeli rabbi Michael Laitman shows, the Communist conspiracy is kabbalistic in nature—materialist atheism only being a tactical phase within in its long-range plan. Even Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in his warnings to the world placed a special emphasis on the dialectical nature of this conspiracy without calling it kabbalistic. But in some way, he knew that that is what it was. He just couldn’t say it. Yet anti-Communists like Cliff Kincaid and J.R. Nyquist—who portray themselves as loyal students of Golitsyn’s warnings—fail to reach this obvious conclusion. Worse, they may be gatekeeping the anti-Communist movement to keep it from discovering the Jewishness of Communism, like the American Jewish League Against Communism did during the official Cold War.

Most of the Communists and many of the Anti-Communists are on the same payroll, the Jewish payroll. They carry on a sham battle with each other.The first basic rule of this sham battle is:“Never drag any real truth into the matter on either side; tell anything else you want to tell, but never tell the truth.” This is the basic background of most of the phony “experts” on Communism who have been “experting” about it for forty years and haven’t made a dent in it. —Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper, 2006

An honest reading and interpretation of all the best information; Golitsyn’s works, Ion Mihai Pacepa’s works, as well as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion should give a clear indication of what exactly is going on. Communism is the primary theme in the Protocols of Zion, yet anti-Communists like Kincaid pay no attention to it, as if the Protocols have no insight to offer. Instead, he just refers to them as a useless forgery cooked up by Jew haters just trying to muddy the waters.

the-fraud-ofGolitsyn was spot on in his analysis of Communism without having to name the Jew. Golitsyn’s warnings could perhaps better preface the Protocols of Zion than did Henry Ford’s. Pacepa understood that a degree of Soviet-sponsored anti-Semitism was permitted merely as a means to an end (turning the Islamic and Leftist worlds against the West, as per Operation SIG) but didn’t necessarily mean that the KGB was inherently anti-Semitic or pursuing an anti-Semitic strategy (see The Fraud of Soviet Anti-Semitism). Whether Pacepa was deliberately trying to obscure the Jewish role behind Communism is unclear. The Soviet system is highly compartmentalized, and Pacepa likely was not in a position to know that the Chassids were running the Central Committee and the COMINTERN from some rotten synagogue in Leningrad. Golitsyn’s revelations hinted at it, and his emphasis on the Leninist dialectical method could lead any honest reader to make the connection to the Kabbalah. The Leninist dialectical method is the Zohar (Kabbalah, or Jewish magic). This is now without question. The disproportionate number of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution now makes more sense, as does the disproportionate number of Jews among the elite of the crypto-Soviet Putinist Russian Federation today.

Kincaid goes on,

“A disinformation campaign to blame the Jews is surfacing once again, at a time when Russia is once against threatening aggression.

Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking defector from the former Soviet bloc, has explained communist involvement in the Protocols forgery, saying ‘The Jews, who were not protected by the power of a state, proved a convenient enemy for both leftist and rightist totalitarians…’”

Kincaid perhaps doesn’t know that a Soviet citizen who merely possessed a copy of the Protocols would be shot on the spot. They didn’t want the average person to know the true nature of Communism, but that didn’t stop them from using the Protocols to their advantage, when it suited them.The Soviets could seed Islamic countries with copies (edited?) of the Protocols of Zion without fear the Islamist world would realize the Jewishness of Communism. The Soviet sponsoring of the Islamic world would soften any suspicions the Mohammedans might have that Communism was Jewish. In contrast, the Protocols were dangerous in Western nations where sound analysts made the obvious correlations between Jews and Communism. The Soviets were playing with fire by publishing the Protocols in the Arab world, but it was a gamble that paid off. The Jewish nature of Communism has remained largely concealed and the Islamic world has turned on the Western world believing it to be responsible for Zionism and every imaginable evil, just as the Soviets intended (see Soviets founded state of Israel and Zionism; Balfour declaration a decoy).

It’s likely that Kincaid has never read the Protocols himself, which makes him even less trustworthy when it comes to his commentary about them or the Jewish question. It’s a moot point whether the Protocols are a forgery, because as Henry Ford noted, everything contained within them is unfolding over time, as is Golitsyn’s warnings.

As a side note, Kincaid made one particularly peculiar statement in the article.

“Of special concern to Catholics, there is evidence that the Soviets were behind the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in May 1981.”

In New Lies For Old, Golitsyn was quite clear that he did not believe the Soviets were behind the attempted assassination. I expounded on this by making the argument that the Soviets, instead, deliberately implicated themselves in this attempt, without actually being involved, so as to protect the Communist agenda of John Paul II’s hierarchy. Strange that Kincaid, a supposed student of Golityn’s, would not at least agree with Golitsyn on this.

Credit to Kincaid, however, for correctly pointing out the Sino-Soviet hijacking of the conservative movement. Yet, he dangerously misleads his audience by discrediting the Protocols and the Jewishness of the Communist conspiracy. The continuity between the Protocols and Golitsyn is seamless.


  1. Finally, someone else sees Nyquist and Kincaid in a different light. I am suspicious of them both, too. Did you ever see that self-posted photo of Kincaid being vaxxed? The nurse placed her hand so it covered up the jabbed portion of his arm so you couldn’t see if he really got the shot. He continually scorned anyone who didn’t get or trust the shot. I stopped reading him after that.

    One hour Video interview…Kincaid, Nyquist, and Trevor Loudon.

    In the above video interview, @ 53:00 minute mark the host asks them how to explain beliefs in conspiracy theories. Both Nyquist and Kincaid plus Trevor Loudon denied Jews are involved in any NWO conspiracy. They actually scorned people who believed “conspiracy theories.” “Poorly-educated version of Marxism.”

    1. Didn’t know Kincaid endorsed the clotshot. Very suspicious. I’ll have a watch of the interview. They all deny Jewry, but I think not all for the same reasons. I want to believe that Loudon knows but stays silent out of fear of the Jews. The rest of them openly shill for Jewry. Not sure about Candor Intelligence. He is silent as well. However, to be fair, many conspiracy theories are KGB-derived.

  2. Tim, it took me awhile but I found that photo of Kincaid getting vaxxed. “Vaccines Mean Freedom From Disease.” I don’t know what his stance is today. Yet, his pic getting jabbed remains on his site. I myself did not take the jab due to excellent exposures by Alex Jones in early days of COVID. So, I take pity on Kincaid and will pray for him. (He knows Alex I think; there’s a pic of them together.)

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