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The Communist overthrow of the U.S. and British Commonwealth will be the time of Jacob's Trouble

By Thomas Stone
April 23, 2024
Terminal Economics

It’s been a long time analysis of this blog that Ephraim and Manasseh are two brothers who are closely related in these last and final days, which in this particular instance, is currently over the past 300 to 400 years. There are only two nations today that fulfill the descriptions given on Jacob’s deathbed and are also congruent with their behaviors when they were aligned in the northern kingdom.

These two nations are closely joined at the hip, they were once one living together, but Manasseh fought on its own terms and founded its own nation, independent of his brother.

These descriptions have little to do with what these countries look like today, but rather, what they were like when they were founded. Britain was the first Christian nation going back to the first and second century AD, when Paul and Joseph of Arimathea first preached the gospel in present-day Britain. The British (meaning “covenant man” in ancient Hebrew) people there immediately dropped their pagan religions and began to follow the Gospel. Ephraim’s brother was prophesied to become the most important and influential single nation the world had ever seen in the last days. I think we know what that nation is. That’s the United States as of the 17th through 19th century. It’s influence still carries today, but is unfortunately become a muddy golem of the synagogue of Satan.

These two brothers share a common heritage, for without Britain there would be no United States, at least in the form it took. They both share a common language, and according to the deathbed promises, their influence would span the globe, which would include possessing the universal language, form of law that would eventually prevail around the world (common law), while their power and influence would be unrivaled. They both share diplomatic powers that have been envied by their enemies for centuries. The universal language is not German, German law does not prevail around the world, Germany never had the influence that Britain had colonizing the world, nor did Germany ever present itself as a diplomatic power. Indeed, Germany today is part of a union and has relinquished most of its sovereignty.

There’s a reason why Britain refuses to join the EU. There’s a reason why Britain considers itself part of Oceania and sides with the United States and the rest of the Commonwealth. It’s in the collective DNA. Anyone who tells you we’re all the same and it’s just skin color is full of stupidity. It’s in every fiber of my being.

Two brothers joined at the hip, yet one separates at the last days. They remain friends and close allies. Ephraim spans the globe as we speak and its Commonwealth is spread to all four corners of the globe. Britain is just a small country in size, but has been unrivaled in stature. Both the United States and Britain have never lost a war that meant a loss of sovereignty.

This will change during Jacob’s trouble later in the decade. This is the war prophesied by Ezekiel. This is not Armageddon.

Ephraim and Manasseh; the British Commonwealth and the United States. It will be a time of Jacob’s trouble when both nations are subdued in World War 3.

If you think the United States is evil, just wait until its Gog and Magog adversaries prevail in the first blow of World war 3. You’ll be wishing for the United States to resurrect itself. Ephraim and Manasseh. The two greatest nations the world has ever seen since Jesus. No other nations come close to fulfilling these particular last day prophecies. The rest of Northern and Western Europe are also remnants of the Northern kingdom. They just never were able to fulfill the promises given to Ephraim and Manasseh. I don’t make this complicated, anyone with an objective eye cannot make a sound contrary argument.

Jacob’s trouble will be coming this decade. If you’re unable to properly identify the true Israel, the world will be nothing but confusion.

The synagogue knows much more about prophecy than today’s Christian. The bankers know all about Britain and the USA. That’s why the British Pound and the USD were the two truly global currencies. The power these nations possessed were God given, as God fulfilled his promise to Jacob. This has nothing to do with any present day virtue. Hosea said these prophecies would still be fulfilled though we wouldn’t know it (or anyone younger than 60 won’t believe it). Either way, the prophecy proved correct. The Jew synagogue knows all about it. God held up his end of the bargain. We certainly did nothing to earn it.

This Great War, which is described in fine detail in the Old Testament, has never taken place as of now. Never in recorded history have these sides ever appeared in battle. Russians know who they are. Tobolsk was the Siberian capital and Meshech is Moscow. Don’t bother doing a Google search anymore as history has been scrubbed clean. Up until a generation or so ago, this was common knowledge even in russia. I believe there are still statues standing that are dedicated to their Japheth descendants.

The Japheth lineage still hates the Shem lineage as this goes back to Noah, who blessed Japheth through the God of Shem. Present-day japheth has an ax to grind. Present-day Japheth remnants settled in Western Russia, Central Asia, and Siberia. This includes Mongolia and outer Mongolia in China. If we are to properly identify the enemy outlined in ezekiel’s Great War, then we are to include China as well and perhaps the indo-aryans of India. It certainly includes Persia and the Islamic countries as well. They are strategizing and conspiring as we speak and instead of pretending to fight, they will come to destroy.

This will be the time of Jacob’s trouble and Western Europe as well as Britain, the Commonwealth, and the United States will simultaneously for the first time find itself on the losing end. This Great War will kick off the tribulation period. The true Israel will be subdued and God will finally begin to reveal himself. Jeremiah’s prophecy was written long after the northern kingdom was dispersed.

Up until the moment the bombs start dropping in the US and Western Europe as well as Britain and the Commonwealth, the people living in these countries will be completely out of touch and clueless as to the severity of their circumstances. This is not Armageddon. That’s another future War.

I’m familiar with the fire bombing of Dresden. I came across several experts over the past couple decades that indicated the spear of destiny and other vital artifacts were in Dresden. Whoever ordered the fire bombing of Dresden wanted to destroy for a particular reason.

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