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Stalin's Jewish Autonomous Region celebrates its 90th anniversary

May 7, 2024
RIA Birobidzhan
Governor of the EAO Rostislav Goldstein congratulates the residents of the autonomy on the 90th anniversary of the formation of the EAO and wishes happiness and good health, success in all endeavors and well-being, the correspondent reported. RIA Birobidzhan in the Department of Information Policy of the EAO.

"Dear friends! I heartily congratulate you on the 90th anniversary of our small Motherland - the Jewish Autonomous Region!

May 7 marks the 90th anniversary of the formation of our region. The resolution adopted on this day in 1934 on the transformation of the Biro-Bidzhan National District into the Jewish Autonomous Region within the RSFSR was a significant event, which received great resonance not only within the country, but also abroad. After all, at the origins of the region there were immigrants from different parts of Russia, other Soviet republics and many foreign countries. The anniversary is a good occasion to remember with a kind word the people who contributed to the development of our small Motherland and pay tribute to them. The first settlers on the territory of the EAO were in a good sense of the word dreamers, enthusiasts who believed in the prospects of this harsh taiga region. Thanks to their contribution, today we live in modern and very comfortable conditions. The Jewish Autonomous Region is a region of great opportunities with stunning logistical prospects, rich agricultural potential, opportunities for the implementation of large investment projects. All this gives impetus to the opening of new industries and the launch of promising investment projects, and therefore the opening of new jobs with decent wages. The life of the population in the region is reaching a qualitatively new level. New residential buildings are being built, kindergartens and schools are being repaired, modern sports facilities, landscaped public spaces are emerging, the road network is being put in order, modular FAPs and outpatient clinics are being built. We are proud of our history, our achievements, traditions, believe in the future and do everything to make our region even more successful and prosperous. Dear fellow countrymen! Sincere words of gratitude to everyone who loves and protects the Jewish Autonomous Region! Who chose her as a place for a happy life, who glorifies her with his achievements, who raises children in love for a small homeland. Happiness and good health to you and your loved ones, success in all endeavors and well-being!" the message reads.

Photo: RIA Birobidzhan.