Communists and Kabbalah


By Procul Harum
January 23, 2011 Anno Domini

A long time ago, about 30 years ago, I began to notice that communism has features of something Middle Eastern. When I read about Babylon and Mesopotamia, it struck me that the mausoleum in Moscow is very similar to the occult structures built in ancient times – ziggurats. The architecture of the new Moscow itself is strange and absurd, and the tower of the Palace of Soviets, planned on the site of a former swimming pool , is very reminiscent of the Tower of Babel (“world international”), its architect bears a Middle Eastern surname (B.M. Iofan). I also read that communism is actually Judaism turned inside out, that collective farms are kibbutzim. The collective leadership of the Communist Party resembles a kahal. The Jews themselves, if given power, invariably reproduce a totalitarian regime similar to the Eastern despotisms.

What about the Lenin Mausoleum?Why does he seem to be bewitched? Why do no calls to liquidate it lead to anything and why do so many people, for unknown reasons, come to the defense of this structure? They cannot even clearly explain why they are against removing the mummy.

…Why did the communists even start embalming? Neither democracy, nor liberalism, nor even a constitutional monarchy ever even thought about such a thing. So where exactly did the communists come from this religious-occult, from a political point of view, completely wild tradition of mummifying their leaders? Is there any other explanation for this than magic? And how else can one explain the fact that the mummy was not buried even after the change of government (in 1991)? The power has changed, but in its very heart lies a mummy that very much resembles a teraphim.

(In Ancient Israel, a teraphim was an artificial ritual object (Judg. 17:5), in which a deity could inhabit (Judg. 18:14, 17-18, 20, 24). Teraphim were installed in special places, they protected the family budget and had prophetic power. In modern occultism, a teraphim is a kind of “sworn object”, a “collector” of magical, parapsychic energy, which could be based on mummified remains. Sometimes an example of a teraphim is the mummy of Lenin in the Mausoleum on Red Square.)

LENIN’S MAUSOLEUM (Photo by Georges DeKeerle/Sygma via Getty Images)

They write that in all this there is “Kabbalistic black magic”, that the mausoleum in Moscow is “the main temple of the devil”, “the temple of Satan”, that it is “an ancient ritual of strengthening power”, and Lenin’s body is a “mummy-inferno-android”.

I don’t know how to feel about these definitions, but I feel like there is some big mystery in all of this. Somewhere in my previous posts I already wrote that on November 7, 1917, the legalization (legalization) of the party of the devil took place in Russia. Before this, the devil was on private rights.

There is a mystery, something irrational, in the multimillion-dollar victims of the Marxist regime. And this is not even Middle Eastern despotism, as I thought before, because under Saddam Hussein, for example, people were not destroyed “just like that,” for no reason. So, mass sacrifices were necessary? For the GULAG had no economic significance, was not a correctional institution, and it was not the enemies of the authorities who were arrested, but everyone in a row, under far-fetched pretexts. Therefore, was fresh and strong human material needed—for the temple of Satan? Did you need emanations from suffering and dying people?

Supporters of the Russian Communist Party stand in line during a flower-laying ceremony at the Lenin mausoleum, marking the 89th anniversary of the October revolution, on Red Square in Moscow, 06 November 2006. The Soviet five-pointed star, inverted like a Satanic pentagram, in the foreground. (Photo by DENIS SINYAKOV/AFP via Getty Images)

And all these Leninist idols placed throughout the vast post-Soviet space, which also cannot be eliminated in any way – how to interpret this then? Are these “strong points” of the central temple of Satan? And pentagrams – five-pointed stars – are also magical signs from the practice of Babylon and the Middle East. Pentagrams are still installed on the Kremlin towers, and they CANNOT be removed.

“And then this vitality will no longer seem unnatural, because in occult practice mummification has its own magical meaning and embalmed corpses carry a certain mystical meaning. If this assumption is correct, then Lenin’s mausoleum is the magic chest in which that same Koshcheev’s needle rests , keeping the secret and vitality of the whole system, under whose torch the country has been for so many years. Lenin’s body is the magical teraphim of this system, its source of energy, oracle and talisman.”

The Chekist regime in Russia also needs this magic chest with a Koshchei needle. If you destroy the mausoleum and the teraphim resting in it, the security officers will lose their power. They will feel weak. They will lose power.

However, this black magic is slowly being destroyed. Then they will suddenly declare that the body must be removed from the mausoleum (but this will be immediately refuted). Explosions of Lenin’s idols (marks of Satan?) are taking place throughout the post-Soviet space, and strangely it remains unknown who is carrying out the explosions.

“It” retreats. But very slowly.


Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev speaks (2:06 mark) as chairman of the World Wisdom Council—an international Eurasian-based group who claims:

“The wisdom contained in the classical works of the Kabbalists must be used to solve the problems we face and to realize the opportunities that lie before us….”

From Kabbalah to Class Struggle is an intellectual biography of Meir Wiener (1893–1941), an Austrian Jewish intellectual and a student of Jewish mysticism who emigrated to the Soviet Union in 1926 and reinvented himself as a Marxist scholar and Yiddish writer. His dramatic life story offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities and controversies of Jewish intellectual and cultural history of pre-war Europe.

The Communist Kabbalist (R’ Yehudah Ashlag)

An introduction to Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag and his mystical, political thought.

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