Popular conspiracy site ThePeoplesVoice.tv run by pro-Kremlin gay Iranian who once worked for BBC, David Icke

LONDON—First queer wedding ceremonies take place in London, England, March 29,, 2014. Among them were Sean Adl-Tabatabai (Left) and Sinclair Treadway (Grooms) delivering their marriage vows and exchange rings amongst cheers from the pro-gay crowd. See video of this disgusting affair here.
Adl-Tabatabai from his home in California, where he and his “husband” Sinclair drive around in a car with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 27, 2023 Anno Domini

That an Iranian would peddle Kremlin propaganda is no surprise, as the Republic of Iran has been a lapdog for the Soviet Union and its “successor” for decades.

But how many Western conservatives would think twice if they learned that their favourite conspiracy website were run by a homosexual and former toady of the Marxist mainstream rag of Britain, the BBC, and the minding rotting MTV? Oh yeah, and he helped the advanced New Aging lizard man David Icke shill his controlled opposition products as well.

The recently rebranded fake news conspiracy site ThePeoplesVoice.tv, formerly Newspunch.com and YourNewsWire.com, a favourite of many gullible conspiracy-oriented Western conservatives, is run by 40-year-old homosexual Iranian Sean Adl-Tabatabai.

He is believed to reside in Los Angeles, California with his husband Sinclair Treadway. Not only does his homosexuality jive with the Leftist status quo, so does his status as a racially mixed couple. The two married in London in 2014 and was among the first gay marriages in England (here is video of the “wedding”).

Why is a trendy Iranian homosexual running a “news” site targeting Western conservatives with a mixture of fake and partially true news stories?

“Joel Harding, a former US intelligence officer and Kremlin propaganda expert, said YourNewsWire.com was ‘used by the Russians as a proxy site to spread disinformation’, whether its owner was aware or not.”

It seems that Adl-Tabatabai is fully aware that he is a Russian proxy. His popular reach online doesn’t make sense if he is just a queer trying to make a buck off of gullible Right-wing kooks. What makes more sense is that his popular reach has been achieved systematically—with the help of a well-run military operation of Russia’s psychological warfare division. It also explains why all or most of his cross-promoters also share pro-Kremlin, pro-Iranian views (it also tends to show the hollowness of both Russia and Iran’s so called opposition to homosexuality. They seem to be fine with it when it suits them. Islam and authoritarian regimes like Russia are rife with homosexuality and pederasty).

“I love Russia Today!”, Adl-Tabatabai admitted to the Evening Standard.

Screen capture from Andrew Torba’s Gab helping spread one of Sean Adl-Tabatabai’s many fake new pieces.

With shills like Sean, it’s no wonder that pro-Kremlin fake news goes viral online—fake news (lies) like that Russia has banned GMOs, Putin kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia, or that Jewish billionaire George Soros was banned from Russia—all false. Mixed in with these lies are other sensationalist pieces, much of which are fake, like that Pope Francis declared that God loves pedophiles. In fact, many of Adl-Tabatabai’s pieces involve so called whistlblowers exposing systemic pedophilia—odd considering pedophilia is more rampant among Adl-Tabatabai’s own gay communist. Although systemic pedophilia is real, Kremlin-controlled media exploit this reality and use to to further their demoralization of the West. They use fake stories like the one about Pope Francis above and Pizzagate to advance the demoralization phase of the West in the lead up to total Soviet-Western integration for World Communism.

That a Kremlin shill is a homosexual is hardly suprising considering the KGB seems to prefer sexually compromised men to carry out their dream of a world Communist dictatorship, right down to Vladimir Putin himself. Ironically, conspiracy writer Henry Makow (also pro-Kremlin), whose online persona is based on exposing homosexuality and feminism as drivers of the New World Order, constantly promotes Adl-Tabatabai’s fake news pieces. Of course, Henry is not the only one, many of the major conspiracy peddlers promote ThePeoplesVoice.tv. Twitter user @IlluminatiBot (close to a million followers) is probably the biggest spreader of Adl-Tabatabai’s fake news.

While this information is devastating to Adl-Tabatabai’s credibility, he has found a way of skirting detection. He changes his brand every so often. As mentioned above, his brand has gone through at least two changes. I would bet that eventually he will lose ThePeoplesVoice.tv brand and create another. I am sure he uses several other proxy sites to help astroturf his lies, as the structure and content of several conspiracy fake news sites looks very similar, whether its his mom writing pieces or Adl-Tabatabai using apparent pseudonyms like Dimitry Baxter.


  1. When it comes to homosexuality. Jews are more likely to be homosexuals than everyone else. Among the White peoples the Slavs in particular the Russians and the South Slavs are the least inclined towards homosexuality.

    The reason why lesbians are found at very high rates among the jewish population is partially because although the Old Testament does indeed comdemn male sodomy, however it does not condemn lesbianism. The only verse in the Bible that condemns lesbianism is Romans 1:26-28. Some say that the early Christians never regarded homosexuality as sinful as on their interpretation of the New Testament, but due to the conversion of the Germanic and Slavic tribes tribes to Christianity, the Bible was interpreted to condemn homosexuality because the Germanic and Slavic tribes punished sodomites with drowning in bogs.

    At no point in time has homosexuality been as common as it is in the modern West.

    1. Of course the early Christians regarded it as sinful. It falls into the category of lust. There is no genuine unitive or procreative function for homosexuality.

      Homosexuality is more common now because the regime has been pushing it very hard. Even then, it’s still only a minority who are gay, though the regime would have us believe it’s just everywhere, like the dubious Kinsey books tried to sell in the 1950s.

      1. I do agree that the majority of the early Christians believed homosexuality was sinful, however those that disagreed were largely of Greek and Roman ethnicities as homosexuality was very common in those ethncities. As the Germanic and Slavic peoples began converting the Christianity such interpretations became less common and a more hostile intrepretation was introduced.

        However among all peoples homosexuality is more common among the elites and nobility than the general population and the West is no exception. Even when there were anti-sodomy laws in Britain, there were homosexual perverts such as Lord Alfred Douglas who did not get arrested for sodomy, but his lover Oscar Wilde did.

        Homosexuality and lesbianism was very common from the 1880’s-1920’s among the Anglo-American and Western European elites according to Alice Roosevelt Longsworth, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt according to her 1974 interview.


        Homosexuality and lesbianism was very common in 1920’s Germany until Hitler purged the German nation of sodomites. In Soviet Russia Stalin criminalized sodomy and put sodomites in gulags. Sodomites were treated even worse than “counter-revolutionaries” and “anti-semites”. Hitler and Stalin were preparing their people for war, so they could not let degeneracy run wild.

        I am pretty sure that the current elites of the West are trying to introduce alternative interpretations of the Bible for religious Christians no matter how flawed they sound.

          1. It is well known that Stalin’s third wife was a jewish woman, none other than Rosa Kaganovich sister of jewish Bolshevik functionary Lazar Kaganovich.

            Stalin impregnated a 14 year old girl and not very long ago a Russian pensioner from Siberia discovered that Stalin was his grandfather:


            Technically it was socially acceptable for a man in his mid-30’s to sleep with a 14 year old girl in Russia back then. Up until the early 20th century the age of conscent was a few year lower in most European nations.

            Hitler had brief sexual relations with a jewish woman, none other than Hedwig Kiesler, better known as Hedy Lamarr the star of Eastasy (1933), with the first nude scene in film history and Samson and Delilah (1949), one of the many biblical epics deirected by Cecil de Mille.


            “What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr” written by film critic Devra Hill is the book where the famed actress confesses all her sexual history to the author. One of the confessions was that she had sex with Hitler and enjoyed it.

            I definitely suggest that only mature minded readers ever come in contact with this book because it is very pornographic.

              1. I think that the stories found in “The Pink Swastika” that Hitler and his Nazis were either homosexual or bisexual are interesting, but yet I would demand more evidence before coming to to conclusion that is is true.

                As for Lenin, I think that the suggestion is somewhat dubious since in Russian academia and among the laypeople there is a lack of citation presented.

                however for people like Obama and Putin there is a very high degree of certainty that they are blackmailed homosexuals or bisexuals.

          2. Hi. I’ve not heard nor read a thing about Hitler’s perversions beyond claims made by a BitChute channel that Hitler was a transexual giving evidence of his figure that looks like someone we might call “Brunhilde.” He is never pictured showing any affections for Eva Braun where he reportedly married the day of his “suicide” but to where she was in actuality. I don’t know. The CIA data dump under Trump showed Hitler died in 1965 in Argentina. That is believable. He would never die for Germany IMHO nor would Stalin for Russia.

  2. Appears the inclusion of David Icke in the title is just click-bait, not that I give him any credence as anything more than a fake. And about fake, I believe that most Jews are fake, at least according to my broad definition of people who descended from Abraham. True, the fake Jews with some real ones thrown in effectively control the world through their international network of Jew based organizations but this Jewish conspiracy theory is just another rendition of the tried-and-true Left-Right psyop. It’s all a grand distraction based upon an intricate web of lies sprinkled with just enough truth to keep the mind corralled. And this revelation, too, is prepared for and designed to create hopelessness and despair.

    Suffice to say that it has always been a spiritual war, and many can now see it for what it has always been after their experience with the blatant and outrageous worldwide mass-murder campaign of covid and its aftermath.

    1. Next time read the article fully and follow the links. It’s all in there.

      Adl-Tabatabi was working on a pilot for a conspiracy theory show on MTV and had been tasked with duping Icke into making a fool of himself again. “He was actually a really decent guy with a few wacky ideas — and I thought, no, he doesn’t deserve this.” He tipped off Icke — who was grateful. When he was sacked from MTV, he worked for Icke for years as a web designer and producer. Icke has since turned on his amanuensis (“WHY ARE YOU FILLED WITH SUCH HATRED SEAN ADL-TABATABAI? What is your motivation? And who benefits?”) But Adl-Tabatabai remains respectful. “He’s just misinformed. That’s fine. What I liked about him was that he was fearless.”


      1. My mistake. I read the article but misinterpreted the title. My sincere apology, but the rest of my comment stands. Peace.

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