All four of Jeffrey Epstein’s grandparents were Russian emigres, flocking to KGB hotspots in the U.S.

epstein-russian-familyBy Timothy Fitzpatrick
January 6, 2024 Anno Domini

The late financier-turned pimp for teen girls Jeffrey Epstein has connections to KGB, mainly through his handler Robert Maxwell, but perhaps this connections runs deeper we thought.

Epstein’s grandparents are all Russian-born.

His father Seymour’s parents, Julius and Bessie Epstein, were both born in Russia. Likewise, so were his mother Paula’s parents, Max Stolofsky, and Lena Stolofsky.

Members of the two families settled mainly in New York and Florida—two of the known hotspots for the presence of the dreaded Russian Mafiya, which is a conduit for the KGB.

“As Oleg Kalugin, former head of counterintelligence for the KGB, told me, in effect, ‘the Mafia is one of the branches of the Russian government today’,” wrote Craig Unger in House of Trump House of Putin.

A view of the ‘Trump Village’ in Brighton Beach, New York, USA, 16 January 2016. The residential complex was originally built by real estate investor Fred Trump, father of republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (Getty Images)

Epstein’s friend and partner in crime Donald Trump is quite familiar with the Soviet Jewish enclave in New York known as Brighton Beach. Father Fred Trump’s “Trump Village” still stands in Brighton Beach today. Fred was a benefactor to the most powerful Jewish organization in the world known as Chabad Lubavitch, which itself was born in Russia but also has a large presence in Brighton Beach and Florida. Trump’s KGB-Mogilvech-connected crime partner Felix Sater was honoured by Chabad Lubavitch of Port Washington. You’ll remember that Sater helped Trump and his Russian-Jewish oligarchs launder their money and live in Trump-owned real estate in Florida and New York, among places.

Epstein’s grandparents came to the United States when many other Eastern European/Soviet Jews filing into North America (the powerful Bronfman and Lansky families comes to mind).

“According to Oleg Kalugin…at least two hundred Jews from Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) alone went ot the U.S., and many of them promised to report back to the KGB once they were settled. The KGB’s goal was to place them in sensitive positions in the American government or  the military industrial complex…’Brighton Beach was on of the places I would look for potential sources of information,’ Kalugin told me”, wrote Unger.

CHABAD DOMINANCE IN PALM BEACH—Epstein and Trump were in safe company down in Florida.

(By the way, Kaulgin has publicly stated his belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a pedophile. Another KGB defector, Alexander Litvinenko, went so far as to say that the KGB had compromising material on Putin buggering young boys. Yet many conservatives find it hard to believe that Trump was compromised by the Russians—perhaps at the hands of Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.)

Jeffrey Epstein’s parents died in Palm Beach, where the elite pimp carried out his operation just blocks away from Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago and blocks away from several Chabad outposts. Although major political changes happened after the Epstein and Stolofsky clans left Russia, it seems likely that they maintained connections with it, at the very least through the Jewish communist and perhaps even Chabad Lubavitch. Epstein and his parents are buried together at the IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery of the Palm Beaches, where some Chabadniks are buried.

It’s interesting that a Florida-based police officer involved in investigating Jeffrey Epstein ended up fleeing and taking up citizenship in Russia, but more on that in the next installment of the Trump Controlled By KGB/Mossad series.


    1. I talk about Trump being Jewish many times in my Trump series:

      Even so, we don’t know 100% that he is. But it seems that he is.

      I don’t bother debating useless things like whether Epstein is dead or alive. It’s pointless. The weight of evidence suggests that he is dead. He was simply too dangerous to be kept alive. The notion that he is off in Israel somehwere being protected is low IQ meme JQ simping.

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