1. Soviet Defector Anatoliy Golitsyn – THE PERSTROIKA DECEPTION:


    Factual evidence of the adoption and execution of the long-range Soviet strategy has been ignored, discarded or dismissed by the West because of the success of Soviet disinformation.

    In the past, disinformation had a dual thrust:first, to persuade the West that there was no long-range Bloc strategy and no strategic coordination between the ruling Communist Parties, and that the Communist Bloc had disintegrated into individual Communist countries pursuing their own national or superpower interests; and secondly, to convince the West that secretly controlled movements in the USSR and Eastern Europe represented the emergence of genuine,embryonic, political opposition which would bring about genuine democratisation of the Stalinist regimes.

    In the present advanced phase of the ‘perestroika’ strategy, the mass of Soviet strategic political disinformation has been increasing by geometrical progression. Its main thrust now is to convince the West that true democratisation has arrived, that the Communist regimes have abandoned their Communist ideology and their hostility to the capitalist West, and that they are becoming conventional national states like other Western countries.

    The growth of disinformation is logical given that it is a PARAMOUNT factor in securing the success of the Communist political offensive. The West and its intelligence services have never understood strategic political disinformation, because they have never fathomed Soviet political strategy. They have recognised only Soviet ‘active measures’ – that is,tactical disinformation – which they have understood only in terms of their own covert operations.

    Failure to comprehend the STRATEGIC VARIETY OF DISINFORMATION has led to the acceptance of Soviet ‘democratisation’ as a reality of great political significance – whereas it is in fact an instrument of deception designed to ‘re-shoe’ the West.

    The question of educating US and allied officials, politicians, diplomats, the media and the public about Soviet disinformation, ITS NEW CHANNELS AND TECHNIQUES is now acutely urgent.

    Pages 131-132 https://chinhnghia.com/GOLITSYN(Anatoliy)-Perestroika_Deception_(1998).pdf

    From the book published in 2013 “Disinformation — Strategic deception to undermine the Church, the West, and the United States as revealed by Romanian defector Ion Mihai Pacepa by Miguel A. Faria.

    “According to Lt. Gen. Pacepa, disinformation continues to this day flourishing on its own against the Church, the West, and the United States and has caused more damage than all the secrets stolen by the Soviets during the Cold War. According to Lt. Gen. Pacepa, disinformation has a very long tradition in Russia, but was developed to a deadly science by the communist leaders of the USSR and the subservient Eastern bloc intelligence services during the 70 years of the Cold War. Pacepa notes that disinformation (dezinformatsiya), which the Russians also called ‘framing’ can be so effective that it can ‘denigrate an entire nation or create a new man: It can ‘glorify the guilty or frame the innocent.’ In the affairs of nations, it can smear a great country such as the United States by the accumulation of deceitful but believable propaganda, including artfully created forgeries or outright mendacity.

    In fact, Pacepa stresses that for the framing to be successful, ‘THE FABRICATION MUST COME FROM RESPECTED AND REPUTABLE WESTERN SOURCES.



    Viktor Ostretsov: Freemasonry, Culture & Russian history.

    Who prepared the ideological ground for the First World War?

    In the summer of 1914, the First World War broke out. Few people know that it was prepared primarily by the media, namely the newspapers of that time. This fact is hushed up by historians. Meanwhile, such events never happen by themselves, but are the result of long-term ideological indoctrination of the masses. They require ideological support.

    The anti-German propaganda of the leftist Russian newspapers took on an overtly aggressive character beginning in 1910 and this tone became more and more defiant. It was the liberal newspapers, which sympathized with the revolution, the Socialist-Revolutionaries and world progress, that raised the war. It was here, on the pages of these newspapers, that notes began to appear about the atrocities of the Germans, who broke something there, beat someone there and that they spoke out against the Slavs and called them so and so. These notes and articles grew in number and their tone became vicious. Anti-German sentiments, which were not at all characteristic of Russia, suddenly became general among the intelligentsia, which consisted in its active part of least of all Russians, but more of Jews, Poles and partly of representatives of other nationalities.

    In turn, anti-Russian notes and other publications began to appear in Germany and here, in this newspaper campaign, ONE HAND AND ONE WILL WAS FELT. Since the end of the last XIX century, the overwhelming number of periodicals in Russia belonged least of all to Russians and in France and Germany and other countries THEY WERE ALSO IN JEWISH HANDS.

    6th paragraph

    Thus, in context of the Perestroika Deception, the present ideological construct Eurasianism v Western ‘liberalism’ as asserted by Dugin:

    “An important aspect of the Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western civilization. In the opinion of the Eurasians, the West with its ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil.”

    (8th paragraph from end)


    is understood….

    Russian philosopher Alexey Losev, recognised the Jewish origin of this dialectic:

    “The command of Kabbalah is such that capitalism was replaced by socialism and liberalism by a new authoritarianism. Socialism, undoubtedly, expresses the essence of Kabbalah more closely than capitalism, although, in general, these are necessary dialectical stages of the historical development of Kabbalah in general. Jewry with all its dialectical and historical consequences is the bulwark of world Satanism.”

    sections ‘socialism and communism’ & ‘philosophy of history’


    Jew Roger Dommergue:

    “The Jews want to replace the liberal order with socialism/communism.”



    In a wider Jewish ‘theological’ perspective:



    (Jew) Dugin’s Eurasian plan is a mask for the destruction of (white) Christians in WW3 (including Russians), as a ‘scapegoat’, ‘sacrifice’ & revenge according to Jewish doctrine.


    Jewish project to bring in moshiach – OPERATION SIG IS A COMPONENT OF THE ZOHAR.


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