Controlled Opposition

“The KGB will use its agents of influence in the newly created national fronts, political groups & parties, to carry out the strategy of RESTRUCTURING ATTITUDES & POLICIES in the West.”  —Anatoliy Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception












  1. Soviet Defector Anatoliy Golitsyn – THE PERSTROIKA DECEPTION:


    Factual evidence of the adoption and execution of the long-range Soviet strategy has been ignored, discarded or dismissed by the West because of the success of Soviet disinformation.

    In the past, disinformation had a dual thrust:first, to persuade the West that there was no long-range Bloc strategy and no strategic coordination between the ruling Communist Parties, and that the Communist Bloc had disintegrated into individual Communist countries pursuing their own national or superpower interests; and secondly, to convince the West that secretly controlled movements in the USSR and Eastern Europe represented the emergence of genuine,embryonic, political opposition which would bring about genuine democratisation of the Stalinist regimes.

    In the present advanced phase of the ‘perestroika’ strategy, the mass of Soviet strategic political disinformation has been increasing by geometrical progression. Its main thrust now is to convince the West that true democratisation has arrived, that the Communist regimes have abandoned their Communist ideology and their hostility to the capitalist West, and that they are becoming conventional national states like other Western countries.

    The growth of disinformation is logical given that it is a PARAMOUNT factor in securing the success of the Communist political offensive. The West and its intelligence services have never understood strategic political disinformation, because they have never fathomed Soviet political strategy. They have recognised only Soviet ‘active measures’ – that is,tactical disinformation – which they have understood only in terms of their own covert operations.

    Failure to comprehend the STRATEGIC VARIETY OF DISINFORMATION has led to the acceptance of Soviet ‘democratisation’ as a reality of great political significance – whereas it is in fact an instrument of deception designed to ‘re-shoe’ the West.

    The question of educating US and allied officials, politicians, diplomats, the media and the public about Soviet disinformation, ITS NEW CHANNELS AND TECHNIQUES is now acutely urgent.

    Pages 131-132

    From the book published in 2013 “Disinformation — Strategic deception to undermine the Church, the West, and the United States as revealed by Romanian defector Ion Mihai Pacepa by Miguel A. Faria.

    “According to Lt. Gen. Pacepa, disinformation continues to this day flourishing on its own against the Church, the West, and the United States and has caused more damage than all the secrets stolen by the Soviets during the Cold War. According to Lt. Gen. Pacepa, disinformation has a very long tradition in Russia, but was developed to a deadly science by the communist leaders of the USSR and the subservient Eastern bloc intelligence services during the 70 years of the Cold War. Pacepa notes that disinformation (dezinformatsiya), which the Russians also called ‘framing’ can be so effective that it can ‘denigrate an entire nation or create a new man: It can ‘glorify the guilty or frame the innocent.’ In the affairs of nations, it can smear a great country such as the United States by the accumulation of deceitful but believable propaganda, including artfully created forgeries or outright mendacity.

    In fact, Pacepa stresses that for the framing to be successful, ‘THE FABRICATION MUST COME FROM RESPECTED AND REPUTABLE WESTERN SOURCES.


    Viktor Ostretsov: Freemasonry, Culture & Russian history.

    Who prepared the ideological ground for the First World War?

    In the summer of 1914, the First World War broke out. Few people know that it was prepared primarily by the media, namely the newspapers of that time. This fact is hushed up by historians. Meanwhile, such events never happen by themselves, but are the result of long-term ideological indoctrination of the masses. They require ideological support.

    The anti-German propaganda of the leftist Russian newspapers took on an overtly aggressive character beginning in 1910 and this tone became more and more defiant. It was the liberal newspapers, which sympathized with the revolution, the Socialist-Revolutionaries and world progress, that raised the war. It was here, on the pages of these newspapers, that notes began to appear about the atrocities of the Germans, who broke something there, beat someone there and that they spoke out against the Slavs and called them so and so. These notes and articles grew in number and their tone became vicious. Anti-German sentiments, which were not at all characteristic of Russia, suddenly became general among the intelligentsia, which consisted in its active part of least of all Russians, but more of Jews, Poles and partly of representatives of other nationalities.

    In turn, anti-Russian notes and other publications began to appear in Germany and here, in this newspaper campaign, ONE HAND AND ONE WILL WAS FELT. Since the end of the last XIX century, the overwhelming number of periodicals in Russia belonged least of all to Russians and in France and Germany and other countries THEY WERE ALSO IN JEWISH HANDS.

    6th paragraph

    Thus, in context of the Perestroika Deception, the present ideological construct Eurasianism v Western ‘liberalism’ as asserted by Dugin:

    “An important aspect of the Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western civilization. In the opinion of the Eurasians, the West with its ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil.”

    (8th paragraph from end)

    is understood….

    Russian philosopher Alexey Losev, recognised the Jewish origin of this dialectic:

    “The command of Kabbalah is such that capitalism was replaced by socialism and liberalism by a new authoritarianism. Socialism, undoubtedly, expresses the essence of Kabbalah more closely than capitalism, although, in general, these are necessary dialectical stages of the historical development of Kabbalah in general. Jewry with all its dialectical and historical consequences is the bulwark of world Satanism.”

    sections ‘socialism and communism’ & ‘philosophy of history’

    Jew Roger Dommergue:

    “The Jews want to replace the liberal order with socialism/communism.”


    In a wider Jewish ‘theological’ perspective:


    (Jew) Dugin’s Eurasian plan is a mask for the destruction of (white) Christians in WW3 (including Russians), as a ‘scapegoat’, ‘sacrifice’ & revenge according to Jewish doctrine.

    Jewish project to bring in moshiach – OPERATION SIG IS A COMPONENT OF THE ZOHAR.

      1. Adam Green has hoodwinked an audience by his limited hangout, and shallow anti-Zionist output and never talks about Jewish power in the East and the fundamental problems of the world that is unfolding into an imminent WW3 assault on America. He has had the Eurasian conspiracy fully verified to him on numerous occasions by myself and others, but he refuses to hammer home these points, again, and again, and again to get it across to people. He will talk about crypto-Jew Aleksandr Dugin like once every couple months for less than 2 minutes, or mention the Perestroika deception, once in a while for less than 2 minutes but never does full shows on these topics. He’s a limited hangout fraud who also, lies about Christianity, which will make his audience, more amenable tools for when Moshiach (Antichrist) is installed shortly after the pending attack from the East.

        1. makes sense. does CJB lie about Christianity? what is the major lie? I discussed with a catholic friend. According to him, the conspiracy started right after christianity, and it wasn’t part of a plot.

  3. Opus Dei:

    CHAPTER III CRYPTOJUDAISM AND OPUS DEI 3. The Judaic roots of Escrivá de Balaguer

    Revelation of Spanish Hebrew about the secret history of Opus Judei

    Maurice Pinay Opus Judei – Rabbi Angel Kreiman Links Escriva’s Teaching on Work to the Talmudic Tradition

    Patriarchate of Moscow welcomes Opus Dei presence in Russia

    Opus Dei in the Heart of Russia – 2007


  4. Icke
    When the designers learned that FDR’s administration would not allow helium to be shipped to “Nazi” Germany, the Hindenberg was re-engineered to use hydrogen for its lift instead — a gas which is flammable. The man responsible for denying helium to Germany was Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes (cough cough) — a fanatical German-hater and FDR Marxist. Though the German engineering geniuses were still able to construct a very safe airship — because hydrogen was flammable — there now existed an opportunity for an “accident” with a plausible “explanation” for it.
    1. A suspicious blast — at the exact moment of mooring with the cameras filming — destroys Germany’s Airship industry. // 2. It was FDR’s Jewish Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, who would not permit helium exports to Germany. // 3. FDR with the mighty Ickes.

  5. Excellent article! Michael Flynn is controlled opposition as well… Americans trying to enact change should stay away from him and his network. He’s deep cover, been a zionist puppet his entire life through “intelligence” and “army” work, gets put in his spot by the vaccine king orange zionist. His charge by the FBI and pardon by orange was all scripted, his role was to be post voting fraud “hero” telling Americans to fight for freedom, shilling for Q psyop. He’s a more polished creation of usual “alt-right” characters.

    He praised Lil putin a few times on the interviews and videos of him talking since Jan 6th, and was really close to Israel his entire career… And he’s Mr America? He also shills very hard for Egypt, which is headed by sisi, a known mossad agent. Sisi isn’t just a zionist like Lil putin, but strong speculation and evidence he was actually trained by mossad.

    Michael flynn is a zionist that shills for the one world government. Any real nationalist that get close to him will be outed, his job is to report on actual opposition. Him and Sidney are always blaming “communist” China and Iran, when both countries are zionist controlled. They never once said that Israel was behind the election fraud. Or that zionists are ruining the world, the depopulation vaccine agenda, ect. It’s always about the “globalists” and “communists” with Sidney and Flynn.

    Keep up the good work, you’re one of the few truthers that actually know what is going on Fitz!

  6. Rabbi Arthur Schneier’s 1966 trip to the USSR detailed in Congressional Record where group from ‘Appeal of Conscience Foundation’ attends Christmas Eve mass at Russian Orthodox cathedral & meets with Metropolitan of Moscow thanks to alleged Opus Dei member

  7. This one blew my mind… Artur Pawlowski the pastor from Calgary Alberta, he’s an actor playing a role as well!!! They got characters everywhere. They will all rat to the resistance and the new government formed when the conspiracy to depopulate and enslave really starts crashing. Forget the dan bongino’s, dave rubin, candace owens type of controlled opposition, the zionists have an actual pastor dancing to the one world government agenda. Pretty sure his handler is ezra levant, both from the same town. Ezra is the alex jones of Canada, has a bunch of puppets under him. That’s why Artur is always mumbling about the “communists”. Pretty soon, he will start saying the “globalists” are behind it. alex jones or bannon probably write his script now. , Pastor @ArturPawlowski1 on Steve Bannon’s show spoke about @MaximeBernier arrest.

    Pastor Art said, “Maxime Bernier, he is the top politician right now & replacement of the Prime Minister. He was arrested for an attempt of joining the rally.”

    Bernier is a massive puppet of Desmarais/Rothchilds axis in Quebec. Why would this “pastor” go to steve the zionist king bannon show, and shill for a massive puppet in bernier.

    A regular pastor has a wikipage now? Wiki is run by spooks… The hole keeps getting deeper and deeper Fitzy

    Tim Pool is also a psyop, part of the alex jones/rogan controlled op axis. He’s close with luke rudkowski, who’s handler is Peter Schiff, the gold pumping clown. He recently shilled for trans humanism and AI controlling us, even the brain dead saw through him, his brand seems finished.

    1. I would love more info on Pawlowski, he had the star of david on his arm recently which got me to thinking which lead me here.

  8. Can you do an investigation on Harry Vox? It seems that he works in a way for Russian interests (RT?).

      1. Tim, here is a article from Badcanto written on Szeto Wah associate of Martin Lee and the co-founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party and also very famous within the Chinese Communist Party controlled and directed Hong Kong Democracy Movement:

        Szeto Wah, the key figure of United Democrats of Hong Kong and Democratic Party, established Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (HKPTU) and Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China (HKASPDMC), and he disguised as a freedom fighter all along, deceiving millions of Hongkongers for over 20 years. Not until his death did he admit his close ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in his autobiography. His younger brother Szeto Keung was vice-director of foreign affairs for Xinhua News Agency.
        Some people had died; but they still live. The sentence is originally used to praise revered martyrs and failures; however, sometimes the legacies left by these people are like gangrene, placing heavy burden and inflicting unbearable pain on the successors. Szeto Wah is exactly this type of people.

        He founded the “Holy Trinity”, which is the union of Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, Democratic Party and Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union; and he established the pan-democratic camp that put “Democratic Handover” and pan-Chinese nationalism at the top of its agenda, obstructing local politics in the end. Szeto Wah loved the country at the cost of Hongkongers, leaving them powerless when facing Chinese colonialism. All of these are clearly written inside his autobiography – Yangtze River Flows Eastwards. (The title is taken from a renowned poem lamenting that prominent figures all submerged in the torrent of history.)

        At the beginning of the book, Szeto Wah doesn’t avoid mentioning that he had close ties with the CCP and even wanted to be a CCP member. At the age of 16, he started getting in touch with the CCP camp. Later, he joined the predecessor of the Communist Youth League, which is “New Democratic Youth League”, and established Hok Yau Club. Even though he was forced to leave the club after a power struggle and couldn’t become a CCP member because of the Cultural Revolution, he still couldn’t forget the CCP and the glorious China he fantasized.

        During Sino-British talks, Szeto Wah pushed “Democratic Handover” hard and suppressed the voice of Hongkongers, which was to keep the status quo. What is even more blatant is that, when the then vice-chief editor of Xinhua News Agency, Lin Feng, invited Szeto to have a talk about joining the CCP, even though he rejected, he said, “Some people had ties with CCP-related organization in the past. Now, they had quit. It is even more convenient for them.” The speech means, I, Szeto Wah won’t join the CCP, but I can do more for the CCP.

        Tim, what I will say is that due to the evidence above, the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is controlled and run by the Chinese Communist Party given the co-founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party Szeto Wah and associate of Martin Lee, also in 1949, Szeto Wah joined the Xin Minzhu Zhuyi Qingnian Tuan (the New Democracy Youth League), which was supervised by the CCP and trained young candidates for possible membership of the CCP.

  9. Can you explain more why global research is controlled op? Nobody ever talks about them or exposes them.


  10. Slowly but surely i have my doubts about Harry Vox. He defends the Wuhan hoax. Lately he did a covid self test because he had a snuffle. He is very aggressive about everyone who dare to critisize him. He names Jewish power, that’s for sure, but why does allows bitchute him (and Adam Green ) on their platform? Many people are censored for less.

  11. Jerome, I am from Holland. My brother and I watched Harry Fox. But I also start to doubt him severely. I am for sure now he is controlled opposition. He also make handsigns. His background has Bricks (freemason stones) He taste controlled and soudn controlled.

  12. What are your thoughts on Jeff Nyquist’s blog. He seems to be on board with the Goliytsin theory but ignores the connection between Talmudic Judaism and communism.

    1. I think we can use Nyquist’s insights as far as communist strategy is concerned. But as you point out, his conclusions are missing the key element of world Jewry. Andy Sloan and I confronted him about this and he showed his true colours and resorted to typical Jewish behaviour around the questions.

      1. Thanks. As I subsequently discovered through delving into his archive, Nyquist seems to be some sort of wacky reformed Protestant who believes in the rapture and that Zionist Israel are a predestined Holy nation !

  13. As early as 2006, American white supremacist historian David Duke joined a number of prominent Far Right leaders from throughout Europe in Moscow at a conference on the “White World’s Future.” […] More broadly, the Kremlin’s use of Far Right parties in Europe appears to be part of a strategy to disrupt (or possibly destroy) the EU and divide the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Europe’s Far Right parties also tend to advocate for such goals. Gabor Vona, the Hungarian leader of Jobbik, for instance, is rumored to be a Kremlin agent and makes frequent trips to Moscow (XX Committee, accessed August 14). Likewise, Marine Le Pen of the French Front Nationale was photographed with outspoken Russian nationalist and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.”

    Paragraphs 5 & 7

  14. Look at this image:

    Nazbol shill Lauren Southern exposed

    Sorry to say but Red Ice (Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff) have also been shilling hard for Russia’s invasion and are repeating Kremlin talking points. It’s surprising because Henrik had Christopher Jon Bjerknes on in 2017 in an interview where Bjerknes clearly laid out the facts to him about Putin’s Jewish connections and the Eurasian agenda and Henrik appeared to at least be somewhat receptive to Bjerknes’ take but still “respectfully disagreed”. I don’t agree with Bjerknes on everything but he is right about Russia and he showed the facts to Henrik and yet Henrik continued his shillery/apologetics on Russia. Lana is of Russian descent which might have something to do with it. Red Ice also have Ryan Dawson on a lot who is a total Kremlin shill. They’ve had Dugin on although not recently but their over the top recent shilling for the invasion is absolutely disgusting and I can no longer give them any benefit of the doubt.

  15. The shills for Vlad and the Russian invasion of Europe to liberate the Evil West from decades of Communist subversion have all come out of the woodwork. But they won’t be able to explain why prior to invasion in force of the Ukraine Vlad made an agreement with the WEF for the very FIRST Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to be in Moscow.

    October 13, 2022. An ominous date for the Communist Revolution: Oct 13.

    1. The commie party is the democrat party since, 1980. The usa had a communist party which, assimilated into the democratic party. Although I’d vote for RFK Jr. any day of the week! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and he has spent 40 years helping disadvantaged Americans environmentally and with hazardous vaccines. He’s the real deal that can clean up the commie party. After all 90% of jews and masons are also pawns! At some point the above the court law peeps have to ask forgiveness from God as they’re subjected to graphene oxide dna destroyer too.

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