Eugene Jones, Opus Dei, and the Vladivostok Mission


By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 16, 2023 Anno Domini

A couple of months ago, a 79-year-old FBI double agent and American traitor was found dead in his prison cell of 21 years.

Robert Hannsen, a devotee of a powerful pseudo conservative cult inside the Catholic Church known as Opus Dei, had ended up in his daily 23-hour solitary confinement by betraying his country for a bag of silver from the KGB. He betrayed the FBI and also his Catholic wife, not only by leading a double life as a KGB spy but also by allowing his friend to watch him and his wife having sex.[i]

Ironically, the traitor had been known to accuse the Russians of being Godless, though he was serving their interests. Supposedly, this Godlessness is what provoked the Opus Dei to eventually set up shop in the “former” Soviet Union some five years after Hanssen initially was imprisoned. The corrupt KGB-installed Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, agent “Mikhailov”, was more than happy to welcome to new “Catholic” outreach, which set up the Opus Dei Centre in Moscow on June 26, 2007.

“The vice president of the Department of Foreign Ecclesial Affairs of the Patriarchate of Moscow, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, welcomed the personal prelature of Opus Dei, which recently opened a community in Russia, and said its energy and fidelity ‘to Christian ideals are worthy of great respect’… The vicar for Opus Dei in Moscow, Father Jose Antonio Senovilla Garcia, said his community has gone to Russia ‘to encourage the people to be good orthodox believers, to find God in their daily lives and to help others’.”[ii]

Eugene Michael Jones and Aleksandr Dugin at one of many Soviet-sponsored Eurasianist conferences.

If the Moscow Patriarchate is OK with the Dei’s presence in Russia, then so is the Kremlin, then so is the KGB, then so is the Communist International (COMINTERN); meanwhile, authentic Catholic teaching is considered hostile to the Eurasian-oriented crypto Soviet state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “brain” and prophet Aleksandr Dugin, a middle aged occultist managing controlled opposition “conservatives” in Western nations has admitted the real neo-Soviet and fiercely anti-Catholic views of the Kremlin and the Communist International. However, these admissions can only be found on Russian language sites.

“Destroy Catholicism from within, strengthen Freemasonry.[iii] Both they (New World Order) and we (Eurasians) want to deprive you of your Catholicism; Orthodoxy…is much closer to what we call paganism.[iv] I think the best thing in Polish history is the Jewish tradition in small towns in eastern Poland. Actually, I am interested in everything that was anti-Catholic in Poland: Polish freemasons and occultists, Jan Potocki and Hoene-Wroński, Mienżyński and Dzerzhinsky … They all chose the Eurasian path.[v]

If Dugin’s views on Catholicism are an indication of the Kremlin’s, then we can be certain that the neo-Soviet state’s permission of Catholic churches in its country are for show and are closely monitored for compliance with the state agenda—as it is also with the Russian Orthodox Church and all other religions, especially Islam.

Before Opus Dei officially entered Russia, all the way back in 1991—the year the Soviets successfully fooled the world that Soviet Communism had collapsed, one Father Myron Effing of Evansville, Indiana (E. Michael Jones’ home state) had brought his Catholic mission to the Red Empire but on the opposite end of the country in the geopolitically significant city of Vladivostok. It shares borders with China, Japan, and North Korea. Although Effing’s Vlad mission (Mary Mother of God Mission Society) doesn’t overtly claim affiliation with the cult, Opus Dei made a rather interesting prediction in 2011.

“…but it is for God first of all, who has brought us to that beloved country, Russia, through St Josemaria’s prayers. How much he prayed for your country, how much he prayed for you! In union with his regard, I am sure we will reach from St Petersburgh to Vladivostok, doing a wonderful apostolate which will bring forth not only Numerary Assistants but Numeraries, Associates, and Supernumeraries, lots of them….”[vi]

Why does Opus Dei consider Russia beloved? Most of its authentic Christians were murdered off during the Red Terror.

Fr. Myron Effing in Vladivostok, Russia.

In a November 1, 2012 newsletter put out by Effing and his Vlad Mission, a reference was made to Opus Dei which may suggest an affiliation. During the mission’s 16th annual Far Eastern Catholic Youth Conference, Effing describes an activity where participants were to choose a saint to study and promote for a week.

“The ‘green’ group got St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei”.[vii]

Effing joins the modernists in their declaration for both Escriva and Pope John Paul II as saints. This isn’t really surprising when you consider that Effing utilizes the highly popular Protestant “Alpha Course” in his mission. Is he an ecumenist in the spirit of Vatican II or is the Alpha covertly Catholic somehow?

Father Effing happens to have as a member of his Vlad Mission the daughter-in-law of pro-Kremlin author and Culture Wars editor Eugene Michael Jones of South Bend Indiana (an Opus Dei centre). Anna Gafurova Jones was the Mission’s first parish organist and choir director. Her mother, Ludmilla Rakhmanova, is a charter member of the mission’s choir and serves as professor of dramatics at The Far Eastern Art Institute in Vladivostok.

“Ludmilla is the director of all operas produced in Vladivostok, a position in which she has worked at one time or another with most of the classical musicians in the Russian Far East….”


It’s unclear how one of E. Michael Jones’ sons would’ve met a Russka from Russia’s far East. But it seems fitting that such a thing should happen given Jones’ unwavering support for the Kremlin and its neo-Soviet satellites, especially Iran, whom Jones can’t seem to love and promote enough.

Although Russia pretends that it has dropped Communism—something which Father Effing seems to believe or at least echo, it maintains strict control over academia, religion, and especially Western influence. It’s difficult to imagine all Catholic Churches in Russia operating without state approval. “So long as no one ventures off the path we have laid out, you may have a presence here,” it seems. This is how it is in Red China, where the state even appoints its own “Catholic” bishops without consent from the Vatican. Catholic presence in Russia helps create the illusion that it is an open society and has, indeed, parted with its Soviet ways. More importantly, perhaps, is that it allows the neo-Soviets easier access to the Church and a means by which to spread its errors right into the heart of the Church and in Catholic nations.

If Catholic presence in Russia is strictly controlled by the crypto-Soviet regime, then what does that say of Opus Dei’s presence there?

The Opus Dei coat of arms: the cross of the Christ within a circle symbolizing the Earth and the rose which the Opus Dei founder found in the Pyrenees in 1937 as he was asking God to send him a tangible sign so as to reassure him on the soundness of his choices.The coat of arms is situated at the Opus Dei international headquarters, Villa Tevere, Rome, an architectural grouping designed by Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer where the Prelate’s councellors reside and where Echevarria’s two predecessors are buried, Escriva de Balaguer and Alvaro del Portillo. (Photo by Eric VANDEVILLE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

According to a mysterious book called Opus Judei published in Colombia in 2000, Opus Dei is a subversive Judeo-masonic organization bent on destroying the Catholic Church from within.[viii] This incredible book seems to be legitimate, as it provides many details which only an insider would seem to have and comes to logical conclusions (to corroborate its conclusions, see my dossier on Opus Dei). If you haven’t seen my dossier on E. Michael Jones, which suggests that he is chasing the same Judeo-masonic-Bolshevist goals as Opus Dei, please browse through it. While Opus Dei uses the front as a traditional, conservative Catholic organization, Jones uses the front of anti-Judaism. However, when you dissect the Jones character enough, you realize that he is actually only anti-Zionist and doesn’t seem to oppose the Kabbalistic and perennialist elements of the Christ-denying cult. He seems to be using anti-Judaism to appeal to his traditional Catholic audience so that he can then secretly inject his Marxist, Russia-is-the-saviour poison into them. Incidentally, Jones is a favourite among the schismatic Eastern Orthodox, like with Estonian Monk Seraphim. Iranian convert to Eastern Orthodoxy Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh) credits Jones with his conversion. Strange that a so called traditional Catholic is inspiring others to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy—the dominant church in the “former” Communist countries of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Jones has publicly denied being a member of Opus Dei; however, according to the above mentioned Opus Judei book, members—much like Freemasons—tend to obfuscate their membership in order to deceive the public.

“Lieutenant General Fernando Rodrigo Cifuentes made the following statements when referring to Opus Dei: ‘As a military man, I consider the high commitments that the military man has contracted with the nation to be totally in conflict with any other commitments that are undoubtedly contracted by accepting the regulations of a secret association, since its work of recruitment and action is secret.’ (35) Colonel Antonio Sánchez Cámara said: ‘Many, many members of Opus Dei, if asked directly, deny their membership. Opus Dei is something closed, and I like open spaces.’”[ix]

Jones’ publishing company, Fidelity Press, shares some suspicious characteristics with Opus Dei. As it happens, “fidelity” is a significant word in the Opus Dei cult.

“After proselytism and recruitment, come the VOWS, which at first are taken for one year and renewed for five—the so-called “Oblation”; the next step is the juridical incorporation into the Work, which is called “Fidelity”—the culmination of the process of depersonalization.”[x]

screen-shot-2023-09-16-at-7-25-41-pmOn top of that, Jones has as his logo for his Fidelity Press an encircled cross with what appears to be a rose emerging from behind it. This is exactly the Opus Dei’s main symbol. The Opus Judei author claims the rose and empty cross (as opposed to a proper Catholic crucifix) are Kabbalistic in meaning (perhaps also Rosicrucian in origin?).

“The symbol of the rose is a very important part of the Hebrew Kabbalistic tradition. (99) Already in the psalms and in the Jewish prophetic poems, the red rose and the white rose personify the punished and purified bodies of Israel. But in the Kabbalah it goes even further on the path of meanings. The Tree, sephirotic, divided into three vertical columns, has the central one precisely under the invocation of the rose, which in this way restores and balances the rigorous and severe part of creation -left- with its clement and merciful side -right-.”[xi]

“The members of Opus Dei carry, in their pockets, crosses without the body of Christ. Of the crucified Son of God, the Work accepts and recognizes as its own only an empty wooden cross. The camouflaged reasons given by Escrivá are that the naked bodies of Jesus Christ are usually badly made and repugnant. The crucifix is the symbol of faith. The wood, the Calvary where the Jews exercised their deicide.

It is a custom and compulsory rule that in every center or house of Opus Dei “there is a black cross without Christ, which will be decorated twice a year. (102) These heterodox practices have been censured as well as their secrecy, as their thumb is placed on their lips.

If to the bare cross we add the rose we have the rose-cross. Kabbalistic alchemy could not be more explicit and perfect.”[xii]

(These are just some of Jones’ connections to Opus Judei. See more in Randy Engel’s article All the men behind the Opus Dei curtain.)

One might conclude from Engel’s article that both Michael Voris of Church Militant (also pro-Kremlin) and Eugene Michael Jones of Fidelity Press couldn’t possibly both be Opus Dei members since they are feuding with each other over Jones supposedly breaking the confessional seal by exposing Voris’ homosexual past. Again, we turn to Opus Judei for a possible answer.

“Judas the Iscariot has gone down in history not because of his possible virtues as an apostle of Jesus Christ, but because of the secret denunciation he made of his Master that led to the arrest of the Messiah. In such a compact and hermetic circle as Opus Dei is, everyone wants to be an informer, a public and private accuser, a snitch, a confidant of their own closest brothers and sisters. There are various reasons for this, including the fact that informing on the truth in Opus Dei is a practice and a “virtue” so that the followers always live in an atmosphere of mutual and reciprocal distrust, fear, insecurity and isolation, all of which are extremely important for keeping the sect member in chains, in a permanent manner.

Opus Dei pays careful attention to what it calls constant and persistent spiritual direction, which binds and marks each and every one of its members. This is complemented, on a weekly basis, by what it calls “sharing of confidences”, which helps to configure a rigid hierarchical-spiritual order.

On the other hand, the denunciation of the brother by the brother, the embarrassment and shame of being singled out by one’s nearest neighbor, is a rule and an obligation laid down in the statutes and regulations of the Work itself. It is a common and habitual practice, fomented, encouraged and praised by those in charge of the organization.

But if sharing of confidences can be disturbing, no less so is public denouncement, the evidence in which they must also, weekly, leave each other, like Judas, but in this case the reward is not thirty denarii of silver, but holiness and heaven in eternity. Public accusation and repression is an unavoidable and inexcusable duty, as laid down in the very Constitutions of Opus Dei which, in article 270, stipulates that ‘The numerary members and the Oblates will meet every week for the brief circle where defects are corrected, where the means of apostolate are proposed and where everything that can guide our spirit and our specific action is dealt with in a familiar way’. Every member must submit or be called to order.”[xiii]

During his time with the FBI and as an Opus Dei member, traitor Robert Hannsen spent time in Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois—just a stone’s throw from Eugene Michael Jones in South Bend. Because the mid-West is a hotbed of Opus Dei activity, one wonders if these two characters ever crossed paths while shilling for the Kremlin and possibly working for Opus Dei.


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  1. I supported Jones for years, but when he started to become Pro-Iran and Pro-Muslim, I stopped my support. Your reports gives me the background of why he has gone that route.

    1. I used to support him as well. As soon as I learned about what Russia was really up to and the Perestroika deception, it was only a matter of time before I saw Jones for what he really is.

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