How the West could co-opt Zionism to rein in Islam and the Left


By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 22, 2023

We know that world Jewry is behind the radical Left and the Islamo-African invasion of the West, but Zionism has a script to follow, and it is one that could be exploited for Western gain.

Zionism is a tool for world Jewry (elite Jews), not an end in itself. But for many average Jews (especially conservative ones), Zionism is the end and they wholeheartedly believe in it, as do many Protestants. It seems these are the kind of Zionists with which the West could ally in order to help battle world Jewry’s greater plans of using the Left and Islam to clear the world of whites, Christians, and conservatives in preparation for their world Communist Hasidic empire.

The Zionist script is fundamentally nationalistic, moralistic, and ethno-centric, which is what the West had been up until about the 1960s when world Jewry introduced their immigration schemes and cultural Marxism. World Jewry doesn’t care for nationalism because world Jewry is cosmopolitan (Chabad admits it is “not Zionistic). Nationalism is a hindrance to their advancement. They are after world government while rank-and-file Jews simply want a homeland of their own and to, more or less, live under the security of Western mores. Ultimately, world Jewry is stringing along little Jews with a deliberately handicapped Zionism. We know this is true because world Jewry funds the anti-Zionists as well, mainly through their Eurasian channels (Russia, China, North Korea), and more and more portrays Zionism unfavourably in their mass media racket. When Soviet garden gnome Henry Kissinger not long ago predicted the imminent end to the state of Israel, he wasn’t making an educated guess, he was revealing part of world Jewry’s plan.

The trick for us is to use the Western-friendly aspects of Zionism to keep Islam and the Left under control, especially in Western countries. World Jewry knows that Zionism does not have the full support of the West and conservatives, and it prefers it this way so that it doesn’t have to push too hard in advancing the conservative values that little Jews want (before you read on here, make sure you understand what Operation SIG is all about). World Jewry just advances Zionism enough that it suits their cause of keeping the Middle East perpetually destabilized (via the Yinon Plan and Operation SIG), draining America and Britain’s reserves, and in turning the world against the West (via anti-Zionist, anti-colonialist indignation, victimization of Arabs). Your average Jew is not after these things. They want things similar to Western conservatives. Therefore, by Western conservatives coming together in support of little Jew Zionism, world Jewry’s hand is forced to advance the Zionist fundamentals that check Islamo-Leftist goals (in Israel and in allied countries like the United States, Canada, England, etc.).

You might ask how exactly this tactic would force world Jewry’s hand. It’s very simple. World Jewry fears the little Jews realizing that they are being played by their elder brothers, so they must meet their demands or else the house of cards will come crashing down and world Jewry will lose the support of its own rank-and-file members. This would create all sorts of new problems for their world program, and that is something it doesn’t seem they are prepared to tolerate. By Western conservatives supporting little Jew Zionism in greater numbers, it becomes much more difficult for world Jewry to ignore the demands of the rank and file. It might be hard for some to believe, but it seems that little Jews are under as much control, if not more, as we gentiles in the West are.

There is yet another set of hands that would be forced to act against Islam and the Left should Western conservatives come together in support of little Jew Zionism. The hands of Western governments. They are obedient to world Jewry; however, they may not be in the know of the elite Jew vs. little Jew toxic relationship. Therefore, they might not know the difference when little Jewry calls for such and such action that World Jewry does not necessarily want. For example, little Jew Zionists could demand restricted borders to Islamists in the United States (something that actually started to happen shortly after 9/11, but its momentum eventually fizzled out) and Western governments would be greatly pressured to act, especially with a large base of Western conservatives backing said little Jews. The above is just one example. There are many other commonalities we share with little Jews that could be used to pressure our governments to actually govern in our sovereign favour.

In order for this tactic to work more effectively, more Jews would have to support Zionism as well. By design, it seems that Zionism is losing a lot of support in Israel itself, as many Israeli Jews are moving toward the Left. The evidence of this is the growing support for LGBT, unfettered immigration, and anti-Zionism in Israel. The popular anti-Bibi rhetoric is an effect of this and not some awakening to the Soviet Israel control over the region as it might seem.

It seems that world Jewry’s larger goal here in this advanced stage is to destroy the West using anti-Zionism. But in order to do this, they will have to sacrifice the state of Israel in the process. They are OK with this. As I mentioned, their Zionism won’t be limited merely to the borders of Palestine but will encompass the entire globe.

We are no longer living under ideal governance in the West and the above strategy just might help us. At the very least, it might buy us a bit more time.

Championing anti-Zionism or Islam (Arabs, Palestinians, Persians etc,) is suicide for the West.

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  1. We really do need to develop strategies that are not mired in defeatism. Even if they are imperfect, being active and hopeful is better than the alternative. No plan is perfect anyways. Good article.

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