Chabadniks in government

An ultra orthodox Jewish man cheers after a Spanish graffiti artist completed a large spray painted portrait of the false messiah Lubavitcher Rabbi, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, (1902-1994), known for his follower as the ‘Messiah’, on the outside of a bomb shelter of Chabad Center in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, neighbouring the Gaza Strip on April 27, 2010. 

Composed by Laurel Walton

Chabadnik Rep. Cori Bush (Missouri)

Chabadnik Bill deBlasio (NYC Mayor)

Chabadnik Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State)

Chabadnik Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary)

Chabadnik Alberto Fernandez (Pres. of Argentina)

Chabadnik Mauricio Macri (Former President of Argentina)

Chabadnik Eduardo Duhalde (Former President of Argentina)

Chabadnik Carlos Menem (Former President of Argentina)

Chabadnik Robert Jenrick (UK Parliament – Newark)

Chabadnik Priti Patel (UK Secretary of the Home Department)

Chabadnik Jair Bolsonaro (President of Brazil)

Chabadnik Michel Temer (Former President of Brazil)

Chabadnik Ivan Duque Marquez (President of Colombia)

Chabadnik Juan Manuel Santos (Former President of Colombia)

Chabadnik Sebastian Pinera (President of Chile)

Chabadnik Lenin Moreno (President of Ecuador)

Chabadnik Tammy Baldwin (US Senator – WI)

Chabadnik John Barrasso (US Senator – WY)

Chabadnik Michael F. Bennet (US Senator – CO)

Chabadnik Marsha Blackburn (US Senator – TN)

Chabadnik Richard Blumenthal (US Senator – CT)

Chabadnik Roy Blunt (US Senator – MO)

Chabadnik Cory Booker (US Senator – NJ)

Chabadnik Mike Braun (US Senator – IN)

Chabadnik Sherrod Brown (US Senator – OH)

Chabadnik Shelley Moore Capito (US Senator – WV)

Chabadnik Benjamin Cardin (US Senator – MD)

Chabadnik Bill Cassidy (US Senator – LA)

Chabadnik Chris Coons (US Senator – DE)

Chabadnik John Cornyn (US Senator – TX)

Chabadnik Tom Cotton (US Senator – AR)

Chabadnik Kevin Cramer (US Senator – ND)

Chabadnik Mike Crapo (US Senator – ID)

Chabadnik Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London, UK)

Chabadnik Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris, France)

Chabadnik Michael Müller (Mayor of Berlin, Germany)

Chabadnik José Luis Martínez-Almeida (Mayor of Madrid, Spain)

Chabadnik Gergely Karácsony (Mayor of Budapest, Hungary)

Chabadnik Tammy Duckworth (US Senator – IL)

Chabadnik Mazie Hirono (US Senator – HI)

Chabadnik John Tory (Mayor of Toronto, Ontario)

Chabadnik Doug Ford (Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Christine Elliot (Deputy Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Michael Tibollo (Minister of Mental Health – Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Kathleen Wynne (Former Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Dalton McGuinty (Former Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Ernie Eves (Former Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Bob Rae (Former Premier of Ontario, Canada)

Chabadnik Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley (US State Department)

Chabadnik Aleksandar Vujcic (President of Serbia)

Chabadnik Boris Tadic (Former President of Serbia)

Chabadnik Ana Brnabic (Prime Minister of Serbia)

Chabadnik Zorana Mihajlovic (Minister of Mining and Energy – Serbia)

Chabadnik Nebojsa Stefanovic (Minister of Defense – Serbia)

Chabadnik Maja Gojkovic (Minister of Culture and Information – Serbia)

Chabadnik Branislav Nedimovic (Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy – Serbia)

Chabadnik Tomislav Momirovic (Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure – Serbia)

Chabadnik Jacky Rosen (US Senator – Nevada)

Chabadnik Ted Deutch (US Senator – Florida)

Chabadnik Andjelka Atanaskovic (Minister of Economy – Serbia)

Chabadnik Sinisa Mali (Minister of Finance – Serbia)

Chabadnik Zlatibor Loncar (Minister of Health – Serbia)

Chabadnik Ron DeSantis (Governor of Florida)

Chabadnik Matt Gaetz (US Rep – Florida)

Chabadnik Andrew Yang (NYC Mayoral Candidate)

Chabadnik Eric Adams (NYC Mayoral Candidate)

Chabadnik Kathryn Garcia (NYC Mayoral Candidate)

Chabadnik Bob Casey (US Senator – PA)

Chabadnik Ray McGuire (NYC Mayoral Candidate)

Chabadnik Lenny Curry (Mayor of Jacksonville, FL)

Chabadnik Francis Suarez (Mayor of Miami, FL)

Chabadnik Jane Castor (Mayor of Tampa, FL)

Chabadnik Rick Scott (US Senator – FL)

Chabadnik Charlie Crist (Former Governor of Florida)


Charlie Baker –

Gina Raimondo –

Imangali Tasmagambetov –


Chabadnik Michael Bennet (US Senator – Colorado – Updated 3/2023) –


Chabadnik Alex Padilla (US Senator – California) –


Chabadnik Arnold Ruutel (Former President of Estonia)  –


Chabadnik Leonid Kuchma (Former President of Ukraine) –


Chabadnik Toshiyaki Fujiwara (Former Ambassador of Japan to Azerbaijan) –


Chabadnik Romano Prodi (Former President of the European Union) –


Chabadnik Mark Kelly (US Senator – Arizona) –


Chabadnik Lisa Murkowski (US Senator – Alaska) –


Chabadnik Katie Britt (US Senator – Alabama) –


Chabadnik Herschel Walker (US Senate Candidate – Georgia) –


Chabadnik Raphael Warnock (US Senator – Georgia) –


Chabadnik Val Demings (US Senate Candidate – Florida) –


Chabadnik Blake Masters (US Senate Candidate – Arizona) –


Chabadnik Penny Mordaunt (Leader of the House of Commons – UK) –


Chabadnik Rishi Sunak (Member of the UK Parliament) –


Chabadnik Robin Mouton (Mayor of Beaumont, Texas) –


Chabadnik Keith James (Mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida) –


Chabadnik Tim Keller (Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico) –


Chabadnik Eric Johnson (Mayor of Dallas, Texas) –


Chabadnik Kenny Alexander (Mayor of Norfolk, Virginia) –


Chabadnik Pedro Sanchez (Prime Minister of Spain) –

Chabadnik Nancy Vaughan (Mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina) –
Chabadnik Lenny Curry (Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida) –
Chabadnik Greg Fischer (Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky) –
Chabadnik Domenic Sarno (Mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts) –
Chabadnik Wade Kapszukiewicz (Mayor of Toledo, Ohio) –
Chabadnik Ed Gainey (Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) –
Chabadnik John Cooper (Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee) –
Chabadnik Joe Ganim (Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut) –
Chabadnik David Holt (Mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) –
Chabadnik Dean Trantalis (Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida) –
Chabadnik Martin Guzman (Minister of Economy – Argentina) –
Chabadnik Olta Xhacka (Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs – Albania) –
Chabadnik Elisabeth Borne (Prime Minister of France) –
Chabadnik Christophe Castaner (Member of the National Assembly – France) –
Chabadnik Francois Hollande (Former President of France) –
Chabadnik Franck Riester (Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness – France) –
Chabadnik Roselyne Bachelot (Minister of Culture – France) –
Chabadnik Gerald Darmanin (Minister of the Interior – France) –
Chabadnik Florence Parly (Minister of the Armed Forces – France) –
Chabadnik Bruno Le Maire (Economy and Finance Minister – France) –
Chabadnik Jean Castex (Prime Minister of France) –
Chabadnik Isko Moreno (Mayor of Manila, Philippines) –
Chabadnik Atiqul Islam (Mayor of Dhaka North, Bangladesh) –
Chabadnik Ekrem Imamoglu (Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey) –
Chabadnik Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf (Speaker of the Parliament of Iran) –
Chabadnik Park Won Soon (Former Mayor of Seoul, South Korea) –
Chabadnik Joseph Estrada (Former President of the Philippines) –
Chabadnik Sayeed Khokon (Former Mayor of Dhaka South, Bangladesh) –
Chabadnik Annisul Huq (Former Mayor of Dhaka North, Bangladesh) –
Chabadnik Joao Doria (Mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil) –
Chabadnik Arvind Kejiriwal (Mayor of Delhi, India) –
Chabadnik Chen Jining (Mayor of Beijing, China) –
Chabadnik Ying Yong (Mayor of Shanghai, China) –
Chabadnik Keith Mitchell (Prime Minister of Grenada) –
Chabadnik Hardie Davis (Mayor of Augusta, Georgia) –
Chabadnik Keisha Lance Bottoms (Former Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia) –
Chabadnik Wayne Messam (Mayor of Miramar, Florida) –
Chabadnik Michael Hancock (Mayor of Denver, Colorado) –
Chabadnik London Breed (Mayor of San Francisco, California) –
Chabadnik Steven Reed (Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama) –
Chabadnik Lee Zeldin (Candidate for Governor of New York) –
Chabadnik Beata Szydlo (Member of the European Parliament – Poland) –
Chabadnik Grzegorz Schetyna (Former Chairman of Civic Platform – Poland) –
Chabadnik Bronislaw Komorowski (Former President of Poland) –
Chabadnik Mateusz Morawiecki (Prime Minister of Poland) –
Chabadnik Grzegorz Puda (Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Poland) –
Chabadnik Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Deputy Prime Minister of Poland) –
Chabadnik Jaroslaw Gowin (Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland) –
Chabadnik Piotr Glinski (Deputy Prime Minister of Poland) –
Chabadnik Andrzej Duda (President of Poland) –
Chabadnik David Sassoli (President of the European Parliament) –
Chabadnik Ma Ying-Jeou (Former President of the Republic of China – Taiwan) –
Chabadnik Heiko Maas (Former Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs – Germany) –
Chabadnik Horst Seehofer (Former Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community – Germany) –
Chabadnik Christine Lambrecht (Federal Minister of Defence – Germany) –
Chabadnik Annalena Baerbock (Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs) –
Chabadnik Olaf Scholz (Chancellor of Germany) –
Chabadnik Margaritis Schinas (Vice President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Josep Borrell (Vice President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister of Luxembourg) –
Chabadnik Giuseppe Conte (Former Prime Minister of Italy) –
Chabadnik Boyko Borisov (Former Prime Minister of Bulgaria) –
Chabadnik Klaus Iohannis (President of Romania) –
Chabadnik Dalia Grybauskaite (Former President of Lithuania) –
Chabadnik Nicos Anastasiades (President of Cyprus) –
Chabadnik Charles Michel (President of the European Council) –
Chabadnik Donald Tusk (Former President of the European Council) –
Chabadnik Mariya Gabriel (European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth) –
Chabadnik Carlos Moedas (Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal) –
Chabadnik Tibor Navaracsics (Former European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport) –
Chabadnik Vera Jourova (Vice President of the European Commission for Values and Transparency) –
Chabadnik Elzbieta Bienkowska (Former European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services) –
Chabadnik Pierre Moscovici (First President of the Court of Audit – France) –
Chabadnik Dimitris Avramopoulos (Former EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship) –
Chabadnik Vytenis Andriukaitis (WHO Special Envoy for the European Region) –
Chabadnik Andrus Ansip (Member of European Parliament – Estonia) –
Chabadnik Johannes Hahn (European Commissioner for Budget and Administration) –
Chabadnik Maros Sefcovic (Vice-President of the European Commission for Interinstitutional Relations) –
Chabadnik Federica Mogherini (Former Vice-President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Frans Timmermans (First Vice President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Jean-Claude Juncker (Former President of the European Commission) –
Chabadnik Terry McAuliffe (Virginia Gubenatorial Candidate) –
Chabadnik Glenn Youngkin (Virginia Gubenatorial Candidate) –
Chabadnik Malcolm Turnbull (Former Prime Minister of Australia) –
Chabadnik Nikki Haley (Former Governor of South Carolina) –
Chabadnik Kelly Craft (Former US Ambassador to the UN) –
Chabadnik Linda Thomas-Greenfield (US Ambassador to the UN) –
Chabadnik John Neely Kennedy (US Senator – Louisiana) –
Chabadnik John Bel Edwards (Governor of Louisiana) –
Chabadnik Kristi Noem (Governor of South Dakota) –
Chabadnik Janez Jansa (Prime Minister of Slovenia) –
Chabadnik Borut Pahor (President of Slovenia) –
Chabadnik Vaclav Havel (Former President of the Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Vaclav Klaus (Former President of the Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Lubomir Metnar (Minister of Defense – Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Jakub Kulhanek (Minister of Foreign Affairs – Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Jan Hamacek (Minister of the Interior – Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Andrej Babis (Prime Minister of the Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Milos Zeman (President of the Czech Republic) –
Chabadnik Goodluck Jonathan (Former President of Nigeria) –
Chabadnik Muhammadu Buhari (President of Nigeria) –
Chabadnik Dirk Huyer (Chief Coroner of Ontario) –