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The Malachi Martin Dossier

A symbolic photo taken of the triple-agent blaspheming ladies man and defrocked priest, Malachi Martin, on 23rd June 1996 in front of painting of the Twin Towers in New York City, New York.

Malachi Brendan Fitzmaurice-Martin was a defrocked Jesuit priest who left the Jesuit Order because they weren’t modernist enough for his taste and he had a predilection for affairs.  He sold his blather to everyone including the rabbis (whom he relished exchanging jokes with in Yiddish) that employed him at the Second Vatican Council.  A Judaic agent who sold his services to the highest bidder.  His work, done with malicious joy,  under Cardinal Bea and the liberal faction leading up to and at Vatican II was blackmailing conservative cardinals with long-closeted skeletons.  Martin received  fellowships not once but twice from the Guggenheim foundation to extol the Judaizing of the Church.  A conman extraordinaire who fooled gullible Catholics with storybook depictions of Black Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica and unbelievable tales of exorcisms.  Martin claimed to be anything and everything depending on his audiences from John XXIII’s confessor to being a ‘secret’ bishop.  On occasion the true Malachi would revel himself in interviews where he blasphemed Our Lord Jesus the Christ and stated he had, “done more for Catholic-Jewish relations than most people alive.”  If nothing else, Martin was an occult trickster.  How sad that people take seriously this flim-flam man who peddled snake oil and lies.

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  • Voris borrows latest excuse from Malachi Martin — Michael Voris borrows Malachi Martin’s “superforce” excuse and applies it to the papacy of Francis.  Voris sells this pablum to listeners of his Vortex show and on his Church Militant website. The “superforce” excuse is simply thus, the pope is a good man who is fighting the evil bishops who surround him, so don’t complain about the pope. Stay loyal to him.


  • more on the trickster Malachi Martin — An excerpt from the book, Hothouse: The Art of Survival and the Survival of Art at America's Most Celebrated Publishing House, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, concerning Malachi Martin’s backstage machinations at the Second Vatican Council, his sympathy to the Talmudic Jewish religion, Martin is compared to the heretical Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Guggenheim connection, and how his love affair with Kakia Livanos began.


  • slippery as a snake, Malachi Martin — Mentions of Malachi Martin in the Rev. Hans Kung’s memoir, My Struggle for Freedom, as the writer of The Pilgrim under the pseudonym Michael Serafian.  One of Martin’s theses in The Pilgrim was that Roman Catholicism was in need of reform or fixing because an integral part of Catholicism was antisemitism which had led ultimately to Auschwitz.


  • the ladies' man, Malachi Martin — An excerpt form the biography, Queen of the Oil Club: The Intrepid Wanda Jablonski and the Power of Information, corroborates multiple sources on Malachi Martin’s affair with Wanda Jablonski in 1972.


  • 'apostate' Fr. Malachi Martin helps break up a marriage — Two letters concerning Fr. Malachi Martin’s affair with Mrs. Susan Kaiser which began in 1963.  In the first Fr. John Courtney Murray S.J. mentions the love letters Fr. Martin wrote to Sue Kaiser. The second from Fr. William Van Etten Casey to Archbishop H. E. Cardinal advocates for an annulment of the Kaiser’s marriage and mentions Fr. Martin’s role.


  • another mention of the 'defrocked' Malachi Martin — In Queer Street: Rise and Fall of an American Culture, 1947-1985, Malachi Martin is described as being “a single serpentine, drunken defrocked Irish Jesuit priest” in the Fifth Avenue salon of Kakia Livanos who told visitors he was the confessor for John XXIII.


  • Nostra Aetate and Malachi Martin — Excerpt from The Power and the Glory which explains the role Malachi Martin played in helping Cardinal Bea draft the Second Vatican Council’s Nostra Aetate.




  • Malachi Martin would be proud — ‘Artist’ Tom Herck shows what Malachi Martin’s ‘God incarnated in a cow’ looks like in his artwork ‘Holy Cow’.


  • Malachi Martin the Kabbalist — This post quotes the supposed traditional Catholic stating that God acts through Kabbalists and later Malachi Martin praises the rabbis for using Gematria.  Martin tells one to use caution in expounding these “magnificent themes” to Roman Catholic audiences.


  • Malachi Martin was named after an Iberian Jewish banker ancestor — This post quotes from and has the entirety of an interview-article conducted by Ben L. Kaufman for The Cincinnati Enquirer with Malachi Martin as he promotes his book, The New Castle: Reaching for the Ultimate.  In it one reads that Mr. Martin was laicized, named after an Iberian Jewish banker-refugee ancestor, and more.


  • Before Malachi Martin was laicized, he relished shaking down conservative cardinals at Vatican II —  Ben L. Kaufman for The Cincinnati Enquirer interviews Malachi Martin about his life and book, Jesus Now: How Jesus Has No Past Will Not Come Again and In Loving Action Is Dissolving the Mold of Our Spent Society.  This entry contains several bombshells the biggest of which is that Martin worked for the liberals at the Second Vatican Council and was instrumental through blackmail in getting much of the un-Catholic and horribly evil agendas passed at the Council.



  • Malachi Martin’s Pedigree — “Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish” — In a 1976 Publishers Weekly interview, Martin states that he’s part Jewish and says he was named from the Bible or given a traditional Irish name. Interesting that he stated in another interview (see entry two above this one) given one year and five months previously that he was named after an Iberian Jewish banker-refugee ancestor.
  • Malachi Martin — agent for the American Jewish Committee at Vatican II — John Grasmeier of the former website exposes Malachi Martin as an agent of the AJC at the Second Vatican Council with the documents to back it up. Mr. Grasmeier should be applauded for uncovering the Swiss bank accounts, checks, letters from the AJC, other letters discussing Malachi Martin, and an accounting ledger with the transactions between the AJC and Malachi Martin’s publisher in the Ferrar, Straus & Giroux collection at the New York Public Library.


  • Another Epic Fail in Taylor Marshall’s ‘Infiltration’ — Taylor Marshall embarrassingly doesn’t do any research in his book on the Catholic Church being ‘Infiltrated’ and peddles the old Malachi Martin tall tale that Pope Saint Piux X was ethnically Polish. Why does anyone listen to either Mr. Marshall or Mr. Martin?


  • Malachi Martin schnorring — Found in the Henry Allen More Papers, Malachi Martin writes a letter to Harry Guggeheim thanking him for his generosity and asking him for more grant money so he can continue to do his most important (to the Jews) work.
The headstone and graves of Father Malachi B. Martin & Kakia Livanos

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From left to right: Bishop Urbina Aznar, Bishop Malachi Martin, Fr. Rama 
Coomaraswamy, and Bishop José Ramon Lopez-Gaston. Let’s see that’s three 
married men, one switching-hitting defrocked triple-agent blasphemer, and
two electors of Pope Linus II.