Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad

Donald Trump and Mossad asset Ghislaine Maxwell out on the town in New York City in 1997.

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By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 29, 2016 Anno Domini

Part I

Any inquisitive person should be asking oneself why a seemingly anti-establishment candidate like Donald Trump has been allowed to get as far as he has in the U.S. presidential race for election November 8.

The simplest answer is that he isn’t anti-establishment and is only fronting a very convincing facade for public consumption.

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race.

The two candidates come from the same organized criminal syndicate that leads back to Israel and Russia, their murderous KGB-Mossad terrorist organization, and the Lansky international crime syndicate. Furthermore, as we shall see, Trump is nothing more than a puppet of the KGB-Mossad and is likely under their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail. What Trump and his cronies all share in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power structure.

Sexual blackmail and Illuminism

Former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky and his second tell-all book about Israel’s Mossad.

Perhaps the most powerful form of blackmail is that which involves sexual matters, and so it is that throughout human history, many men of power have been brought down upon revelation of some sexual scandal. It was through this channel that Adam Weishaupt’s illuminism (blackmail) was so successful in his time through to today (Weishaupt stole the Catholic sacrament of confession and used it for his own personal gain—so that he could gain knowledge of people’s sins in order to use it against them). Since then, it has proven to be the most useful form of blackmail employed, especially in the political world. Every person in a position of power should be suspected of being controlled through this form of blackmail, since the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy controls virtually every aspect of organized government, the press, and the financial system, to name a few. You may have heard of the bizarre sexual initiation of Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society, where the would-be bonesman reveals his sexual secrets to his fellow initiates and initiators.[i] From the very start of their societal ascent, you could say, a bonesman is blackmailed and falls under control of the society.

Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed in his first tell-all book about the Mossad:

“… there are three major “hooks” for recruiting people: money; emotion, be it revenge or ideology; and sex.”[ii]

This scenario is played out in virtually every sphere of influence at one degree (pun intended) or another. As it happens, both presidential candidates are connected to sexual scandals, the likes of which we shall explore in Trump’s life.

Mossad’s child-sex ring procurers Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein and alleged child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of late British parliamentarian and media magnate Robert Maxwell, also a Jewish Mossad super sayan[iii] prior to his assassination on November 5, 1991. Ghislaine Maxwell is not only a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton but, apparently, also of Donald Trump (the two have been spotted together on several occasions). Although never charged, it was revealed in U.S. courts that Ghislaine procured young girls for her Jewish billionaire boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein and his friends and associates[iv]. Maxwell was given immunity in the secret plea-bargain, non-prosecution agreement and Epstein’s White House-connected Jewish lawyer Jay Lefkowitz managed to arrange it so that Epstein served only 13 months house arrest for a reduced conviction of soliciting a minor for prostitution and soliciting prostitution, despite that authorities had evidence that he abused up to 40 young girls[v]. Epstein has made 17 out-of-court settlements.  The more one looks into it, the more it looks like Maxwell and Epstein were running an international blackmail operation, extending from North America to Eastern Europe. What’s more, testimony from the victims revealed that Ghislaine might have been responsible for setting up the recording of the sexual abuse of the girls, complete with hidden cameras, for blackmail purposes. She is alleged to have even participated in the abuse of young girls herself.[vi]

“Epstein instructed Jane Doe 3 that she was to give the Prince [Andrew] whatever he demanded and required Jane Doe 3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse,” according to court documents lodged by Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts late in 2014.

Roberts claims it was Epstein who paid her $15,000 for subjecting herself to the 41-year-old Prince. “Jeffrey always took care of paying me after I ‘entertained’ his friends.”

17-year-old Virignia Roberts in a photo during her forced sexual service of Prince Andrew with alleged child-sex procurer and Mossad asset Ghislaine Maxwell looking on in 2001.

Roberts, now in her 30s, says she first encountered Epstein and Prince Andrew (Duke of York) through Maxwell. She met Maxwell at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago country club and residence in Florida, where, at only 15 years of age, she worked as a changing room assistant in the club’s spa (her father also worked there as a maintenance manager).

“I was wearing my sexy white Mar-A-Lago uniform—a white miniskirt and skin-tight white polo top—and studying an anatomy book when I was approached by this striking woman in her mid-40s with a very proper British accent—Ghislaine,” Roberts told the Daily Mail.

We can only assume that Trump crafted Mar-A-Lago’s dress code!

Roberts eventually ended up working for Epstein, under the guise of being a masseuse, at Epstein’s Palm Beach waterfront, which is minutes away from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club and residence. Epstein and Maxwell would groom Roberts and the other underaged sex slaves on techniques of pleasing Epstein and his friends, often involving kinky sexy toys and orgies.

“A lot of powerful men were part of Jeffrey’s scene…,” Roberts says. “Epstein and Maxwell also told me that they wanted me to produce things for them in addition to performing sex on the men. They told me to pay attention to the details about what the men wanted, so I could report back.”

In her affidavit, Roberts goes on to nail down the political, illuministic role of Epstein’s child-sex ring.

“In addition to constantly finding underage girls to satisfy their personal desires, Epstein and Maxwell also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them.’”

Dershowitz making some kind of Kabbalist-masonic pose.

Why Epstein would want dirt on powerful people, other than for his own personal gain, is a mystery. We can only conclude that he was gathering dirt on behalf of some other party, likely the Mossad and/or for Israel’s desk at the CIA. Investigators into the Epstein child-sex scandal turned up a contact book that contained the names and contact information for many prominent people, some of which included New York lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump, liquor baron Edgar Bronfman, and former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton[vii]. Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz six times but denies seeing Clinton having sex with anyone, although he was present at Epstein’s mansion as well as having flown on Epstein’s personal jet. A former employee at the Epstein Palm Beach estate claimed in a sworn deposition that Epstein and Trump had a much closer relationship than what Trump has admitted to. Juan Alessi claimed that Trump had been for dinner at the Epstein estate at least once, while Epstein’s brother Mark stated that he flew with both Jeff and Trump on Epstein’s private plane[viii], what some call “Lolita Express”. (Epstein’s flight manifests)
“They were friends,” Mark Epstein went on to say about Jeff Epstein and Donald Trump’s relationship[ix].

In 2003, The New Yorker reported that Trump attended dinner with Epstein and guests, including Bill Clinton aide Doug band, at his East Side New York townhouse. British cabinet minister Peter Mandelson was also in attendance, which corroborates the legitimacy of the little black book of Epstein’s investigators turned up. Mandelson’s name is in there.

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News,

“Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago. In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump’s private plane. That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago.”

Bill Clinton is alleged to have ridden Epstein’s plane from 10 to 20 times.[x]

In 1992, a former Trump associate told the New York Times that Trump once held and exlusive party for Epstein at Mar-A-Lago, under the guise of a calendar girls compeition, with 28 females flown in for occasion.

Today, Trump claims to have banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago as an attempt to distance himself from their past; however, no proof has ever been provided, and Epstein himself has publicly denied being banned from the resort.

In another story, party attendees say that Trump “hosted wild parties with sex, cocaine and underage models” between 1988-1992 at the Plaza Hotel in New York. “While other guests did cocaine and drank, Trump was ‘getting laid like crazy,’ the man, a fashion photographer based in New York who wished to remain anonymous, said.”

Donald Trump and convicted child prostitute pimp Jeffrey Epstein with model Ingrid Seynhaeve at the Victoria’s Secret angels party at the Laura Belle club in New York City, April 1997—around the same time period when young girls are alleged to have been raped by both Trump and Epstein. (Photo by Marina Garnier)

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” says Trump of Epstein
At the very least, Donald Trump must have known that one of his miniskirt-clad child workers was ‘working’ for his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s at his mansion a mere 10 minutes away from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort. At worst, Trump was helping the Epstein-Maxwell procurement of young, disadvantaged girls for the sexual-blackmail factory the pair were operating and/or Trump was one of Epstein’s child-sex clients himself.

In 2002, while Epstein was using child-sex slaves at his various homes in New York, Palm Beach, and in the Virgin Islands, Trump told New York Magazine that Epstein, his friend of 15 years, was a “terrific guy”.

Jeffrey Epstein (left) and Donald Trump as they pose together at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, 1997.—GettyImages

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” Trump continued. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Did Trump just reveal that he views under-aged girls as women? It appears so, as there is little doubt that Trump encountered Epstein while with one of the dozens of child sex slaves with whom he trophied around the world at social gatherings.

Epstein’s defense deposition stated the following as to whether Trump was involved in the non-stop Epstein orgy.

Q. “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?”
A: “Though I’d like to answer that question, at least today I’m going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.”

This only questioned being in the presence of young girls but Epstein still wouldn’t touch it. Clearly, there is something amiss here.

New rape allegations against Trump corroborate Pussygate, Roberts
’ claims

Pervert Trump kisses New York mayor Rudy Giuliani at the mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast in 2000 (video here).

Trump supporters have all too easily dismissed a series of child rape charges against Trump, saying it’s all political and likely orchestrated by the Democratic Party, specifically by Hillary Clinton. But that is unlikely considering Bill Clinton’s own ties to Epstein. Why would Hillary want to open that can of worms? Regardless, when one looks at the court filings, the details of the allegations line up with the claims made in Virginia Roberts’ affidavit. They also corroborate what is already admitted by Trump (his long-term friendship with Epstein) and a recently leaked audiotape[xi] of Trump boasting of his fame-procured sexual license with females and coveting another man’s wife.

“You know I moved on her actually”, Trump told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her. She was married.

You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Disgusting scene here where young Ivanka, only about 15 years old, sits (or lap dances) on her father Donald’s lap at the Mar-A-Lago club in 1996. Shortly after this time, a young Virginia Roberts would be recruited from the club by Ghislaine Maxwell and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to become a sex slave.

This is exactly the kind of predatory behaviour and arrogance described by a 13-year-old who alleges she was raped by Trump.

Disgustingly, Trump supporters were quick to dismiss this show of arrogance as simply locker room banter. Coming from a man of power and wealth like Trump, this was no locker-room banter. This was Trump being honest. And it’s a little hypocritical of Trump supporters to downplay Trump’s disgusting behaviour when they are quick to point out Bill Clinton’s objectification of women and series of rape allegations.

On April 26, a “Katie Johnson” filed a rape complaint in a California Court against defendants Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein[xii].

The complaint was dismissed by a judge due to a lack of plaintiff address, not due to any frivolity of the complaint. Trump supporters were quick to dismiss the charge, however, the lack of address on behalf of the plaintiff could have been due to fear for her life.

“On the fourth and final sexual encounter with the Defendant, Donald J. Trump, the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, was tied to a bed by Defendant Trump who then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff Johnson. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff Johnson loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to ‘please wear a condom’. Defendant Trump responded by violently striking Plaintiff Johnson in the face with his open hand and screaming that “he would do whatever he wanted’ as he refused to wear protection. After achieving sexual orgasm, the Defendant, Donald J. Trump put his suit back on and when the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, in tears asked Defendant Trump what would happen if he had impregnated her, Defendant Trump grabbed his wallet and threw some money at her and screamed that she should use the money “to get a fucking abortion’.”

Incidentally, Trump has flip-flopped on his abortion stance. Of course, how could Trump ever ban abortion? What would 13-year-old rape victims do then?

New Jersey lawyer Thomas Francis Meagher revised Johnson’s case and filed it in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

“Plaintiff was subject to acts of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, duress, false imprisonment, and threats of death and/or serious bodily injury by the Defendants that tool place at several parties during the summer months of 1994. The parties were held by Defendant Epstein at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Epstein at 9 E. 71st St. in Manhattan [known as the Wexler Mansion]. During this period, Plaintiff was a minor of age 13….”[xiii]

An alleged witness, Tiffany Doe, to the above rape has come forward. She claims she was paid by Epstein to lure underage girls to Epstein-and-friends parties with the bait of promised modeling opportunities.

“It was at these series of parties that I personally witnesses the Paintiff being forced to perform various sexual acts with Donald J. Trump and Mr. Epstein. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein were advised that she was 13 years old.”[xiv]

Trump with Ivanka again in 1996 at Mar-A-Lago perched above two mating parrots.

Tiffany Doe goes on in her affidavit to identify a 12-year-old victim of Trump and Epstein as well as to witness Epstein making death threats to the girls should they reveal the abuse.

A second witness to the original Jane Doe (previous pseudonym Katie Johnson) corroborates the story of both Johnson and her lurer.[xv] The case remains open.

Yet another corroborating detail of Trump’s alleged sexual history includes his own wife—at the time, Ivana—accusing him of raping her in 1989. Perhaps convenient for Trump, Ivana somewhat recanted this accusation in July, 2015, just in time for the presidential race[xvi].

Publicly, Trump has made some disturbing, incestuous comments about his own daughters, at one time discussing the potential breast size of his then infant daughter Tiffany[xvii] and also claiming that he would be dating daughter Ivanka had he not been her father[xviii]. Normally when you hear someone talking about legs and breasts, it’s not a parent talking about their infant daughter. Trump thinks this way because that is what must always be on his mind, regardless of age and regardless of kin. Almost every time he publicly talks of Ivanka he can’t help but compliment her body. One cannot rule out the possibility that Ivanka is the victim of sexual abuse and mind control, although there is nothing directly suggesting this (the CIA’s MKUltra program is alleged to have prostituted to children, sometimes with the help of the children’s own parents, to politicians and persons of power). Trump’s posed photo with then 15-year-old Ivanka where she is wearing a short skirt and slinky top without a bra whilst perched atop copulating birds doesn’t help Trump’s avoidance of incest suspicion or MKUltra abuse. Interestingly, Ivanka’s slinky top is covered with butterflies, symbolic of beta kitten programming. Ivanka’s personal contact information was found in Epstein’s black book.

MK Ultra, Beta Kitten programming going on here?

A video recently surfaced showing Donald Trump telling a pre-teen girl that he would be dating her in ten years—just one more piece of evidence that Trump is a sexual predator[xix]. In 2003, Trump went on the Howard Stern show and talked about how hot then 12-year-old Paris Hilton was.

“I’ve known Paris Hilton from the time she’s 12, her parents are friends of mine, and the first time I saw her she walked into the room and I said, ‘Who the hell is that?’ Well, at 12, I wasn’t interested,” Trump said. “I’ve never been into that… but she was beautiful.”

Earlier in this article, Trump is quoted as saying that when he sees beautiful, he doesn’t hesistate and just starts kissing (and groping?). It seems he had eyes for the 12-year-old.

Trump told Stern in that same interview that he had watched Hilton’s sex tape.
Big surprise there. What we basically have here is the American version of Jimmy Savile in Donald Trump!

Maxwell at the Chelsea Clinton wedding in 2010. Clinton supposedly cut ties to Epstein following his conviction. Clinton is alleged to have ridden Epstein’s private jet at least 10 times.

There are other rape and grope allegations against Trump, some by prominent people. I don’t wish to get into all of them here.

In early 2015, a photo emerged showing Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton to Jewish investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in July 2010.

Trump and Mossad arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi

Khashoggi with wife Lamia at Donald Trump’s wedding to Marla Maples at the Plaza Hotel in New York in 1993. See video of Khashoggi at Trump’s wedding here.

On November 10, 1988, in the midst of the fallout from the Iran-Contra scandal, of which Adnan Khashoggi is believed to have been involved, Donald Trump appeared on the David Letterman show and revealed that he had purchased a “$200-million” yacht (the Nabila) from the Saudi billionaire and arms dealer, who was recruited by Israel’s Mossad for various arms deals and false-flag operations[xx].

Nabila is the daughter of Khashoggi and his then wife Soraya (Sandra Patricia Jarvis-Daly), whom he married when she was 17.

Khashoggi is implicated in so many international conspiracies that it would be futile to begin discussing them here. Being tied to so many conspiracies, it’s not surprising to learn that he is tied to the Meyer Lanksy organized crime syndicate, which played a leading role in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Outrageously, Khashoggi has romanced JFK’s widow Jackie and contributed to Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign (Trump hatchetman Roger Stone, about whom we shall learn more in Part II, was a Nixon ‘dirty trickster’).

Khashoggi is tied to the Warren Commission, which was appointed to coverup the conspiracy to murder JFK, through Joseph A. Ball, who represented Khashoggi in his 1980 divorce from Soraya. Khashoggi’s penchant for women and high rollers is not unlike Donald Trump’s.

Khashoggi and Ivana Trump.

Khashoggi went on to marry another 17-year-old, Laura Biancolini, who converted to Islam, changed her name to “Lamia” and gave birth to Kahosggi’s fifth son, Ali, in Palm Beach, Florida, home of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago club. Hopsicker says he has information from a Palm Beach source that Trump gave Khashoggi shelter from INTERPOL at Mar-A-Lago when Khashoggi was under indictment for defrauding Thailand’s second largest bank. What’s more, Khashoggi attended Trump’s wedding to Marla Maples at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, December 20, 1993. Maples was Trump’s second wife after the divorce with first wife Ivana in 1992. Interestingly, the Trump-Ivana wedding was ministered by 33rd degree freemason Norman Vincent Peale. The mason Peale also presided over the wedding of Trump’s sister Maryanne. There’s a strong possibility that Trump himself is a freemason. Trump considered Peale his mentor, perhaps a fraternal mentor in the masonic brotherhood?

Interestingly, Khashoggi may be in cahoots with self-appointed conspiracy king Alex Jones, who just happens to be the biggest media cheerleader for Donald Trump at the moment, despite Jones previously suggesting, through Paul Joseph Watson, that Trump was a “ringer for Hillary”. As I documented in my article exposing Jones’ deep Israeli connections, Khashoggi appears to be tied to the 9/11 truth movement through John Gray[xxi]. He is also tied to the Bin Laden family. (See more Khashoggi-9/11 connections in my article “The Growing Complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli connections”.) As we shall see in Part II of this series, the Trump-Khashoggi-Nixon-Jones-Lansky ties will come full circle, with a couple of more characters stepping onto the stage.

Fayed and Princess Diana.

The death of Princess Diana was believed by many to be an Mi6-Mossad assassination. Some theories suggest that the establishment didn’t want the Princess of Wales to be carrying the child of a Muslim, one Dodi Fayed, who became romantically involved with her in July, 1997, only a month before her death on August 31. Fayed is the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi. He died alongside the Princess that night in the Pont de A’lma underpass in Paris, a city rife with Mossad activity. It is certain that the marrying of Diana to a Muslim would not have fit the Mossad’s geo-political goals for the UK and the royal family at that time. And Mossad, without a doubt, was at least spying on the couple during their affair, if not masterminding the hit itself.

Donald Trump (left) among some friends, including Ramy El-Batwari (right, in back) at a Hawaiian Tropic bikini competition. Date unknown.

Khashoggi and “lieutenant” Ramy El-Batwari
Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker describes Saudi Ramy El-Batrawi as Adnan Khashoggi’s “lieutenant”[xxii]. The two were involved in, among many other schemes, a stock manipulation scandal involving their company Genesis Intermedia, which, incidentally, may be tied to Alex Jones’s Genesis Communications Network, which broadcasts his Infowars show.

“…Ramy El-Batrawi supplied one of SkyWay’s twin DC-9’s,” explains Hopsicker. “Once I’d obtained the FAA registration records for the two DC-9s…it became obvious that both planes had been sheep-dipped through a number of owners of convenience to hide the identity of their true owners, the CIA.”

Hopsicker goes on to detail the Khashoggi-El-Batrawi pyramid of CIA (and Mossad) front companies, with ties to Iran-Contra and 9/11. He also points out that Jewish American businessman, lawyer, and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling set up a bogus event, supposedly through his Donald T. Sterling Homeless and Medical Center, to honour Ramy El-Batrawi as humanitarian of the year for his support of the homeless in Los Angeles.[xxiii]

“There was no “Donald T. Sterling Homeless and Medical Center”, back then, just for starters,” writes Hopsicker. “Nor is there one today. No institution. No employees. No Board of Directors to mull over who (sic) to choose for next year’s award.”

On June 19, 2014, a tweet was sent out from what is believed to be El-Batwari’s Twitter account with a photo from the bogus event. In the photograph are, among others, Batrawi, supposed 9/11 truther John Gray, and Ivanka Trump! Ivanka must have been there on her father’s behalf. Then, on February 15, 2016, El-Batrwai tweeted another photo, presumably from the same event, of he and Ivanka. Nate Rothschild, slated to become the fifth baron of the infamous Jewish dynasty, has reportedly had flings with both Ivanka Trump and Adnan Khashoggi’s step-daughter Petrina. Ivanka has since married Jewish American businessman Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism herself. In fact, almost all of Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews.

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  1. All this may or may not mean anything because people can change their minds. When I was fifteen I joined the Boy Scouts but after attending a few meeting I quit. When I was thirty six I joined a church but after a year I quit. If Trump becomes Prez he may try to do the right thing. Who knows. He may not even know at this point. He won’t know until he gets there. He seems to have a conscience but if he opposes tptb he’ll wind up dead. The key to Hillary’s success is that she loves the evil and personifies it.

  2. I’ve been saying since day one Trump is a Zionist plant … He is an antichrist for the “right wing” masses just like Obama was one for the “left wing” masses, all in preparation for the eventual real Antichrist who will rule over all …

  3. In my view it’s not either/or in relation to all of this. The question of how Trump could have got this far if he was a genuine threat is for me the most compelling argument against him being the real deal. Ron Paul was taken out of the primaries early on in 2012, ditto Buchanan in 92 and 96. And neither of these guys were sworn enemies of the NWO by any stretch. And then there’s David Duke. So one has to wonder how Trump has survived for so long if they’re as scared of him as some people say they are.
    However I don’t buy the idea that just because Trump is a shady character, this proves none of his accusers are Clinton operatives. Many of his accusers’ stories simply don’t stack up – and I’d say exactly the same if they were made against the Clintons or anyone else. We have to avoid falling into the trap of assuming that because someone is a crook, all the accusations made against him must be true. Right-wing Catholics, I believe, have habitually fallen into this trap in the last 25 years, re accusations of corruption and abuse made against post-conciliar Churchmen – and women. None of which is to deny that Trump’s connection with Epstein is very disturbing – but that’s a different issue.
    I saw an article recently by Kevin Boyle on Makow in which he suggested that the Zio-globalists knew that if the “hated Hillary” tried to make war there would be a huge revolt, and therefore they saw Trump as a safer bet to carry out their plans.
    Really? This is the same Hillary who got away with crowing ghoulishly over the death of Ghaddafi – a death she caused very directly – starting the war in Syria, supporting the Iraq and Afghan wars, taking money off the Saudis, and giving tens of billions worth of arms to them, all the while acknowledging semi-privately that they were behind Isis and Al Qaeda? And the same Hillary whose husband got away with starving hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to death, and bombing the country almost on a daily basis, and invading Yugoslavia to create a Muslim state in the heart of Europe? I could go on and on, but the point is it is very difficult to see what Hillary could do in the future to cause the public to revolt against her – when they have let her away with so very much already.
    One other point re Epstein: the timing of the Charlie Hebdo “event” (just after the Epstein story implicating Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc broke) in itself gives the lie to those on the Alt right who insist that it really was Muslims who carried out this “attack” – and the ones that followed it – Bataclan, Nice etc. These Muzzy terrorists seem to have a pronounced penchant for carrying out massacres at just the right moment for the Zio-establishment.

  4. Good research as always from TF. Boy am I going to be un popular when I re-post this on social media & send by email. Prefer to pre-warn people who have been led to believe they are going to solve their problems from a perfectly wall-to-wall corrupt system.
    The Jedo-Masonic system does not allow heros, only brigands in disguise.
    I follow TF on Twitter & via newsletter. I hope he gets onto GAB, were all the Twitter refugees(from Censorship) have found refuge.
    Allot more open discussion.

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        1. I think the Epstein scandal—and scandals like it—would implicate a lot of people. Now I’ve learned that Trump’s gay, Jewish mentor Roy Cohn is tied to the Franklin Scandal. Iran-contra players seem to be all over Trump and Clinton. And notice that it’s only the British media and U.S. tabloids that have reported on the ongoing Epstein scandal? It seems that none of the hard news orgs have touched it. Not sure what to think about the Veterans Today boys. I see your comment at that link, although my article in your post isn’t hyperlinked (by the way, thanks for sharing my article!).

          1. I do not know how to put in a hyperlink though I have done it many times before in other applications but just do not know how on many of these comments sections, however I did post the complete URL, and it does appear, to be copied and pasted.

  6. One doesn’t make and lose three fortunes, then become a multi-billionaire in NYC without being in bed with the ‘Tribe’ that owns that town.
    Trump is Obama in ‘white-face,’ Hope and Change v. 2.0

  7. I have been watching several recent YouTube videos about the current WikiLeaks/Hillary/ and company debacle. Some of the reporters/commentators of these videos are of the “Progressive” vote for Jill Stein variety and some are of the Alt Right and many of the Alt Right commentators present themselves as “Christians” and some as Christian ministries. However none of these commentators consider the idea that this whole show taking over all the US media now is controlled by one entity and that all sides are being run and operated by the same entity. I find that odd since many of them have long exposed the “good cop / bad cop” routine and the Hegelian Dialectic as problem – reaction – solution, both strategies that assume one controlling entity. In other words, there is an obvious big missing piece of the puzzle in the reporting by all factions covering this. Reading and watching and listening to all of this has their own particular “party line” that they follow but absolutely none of them consider some very obvious possibilities that would fill in that missing big blank.
    I sent an email to a very honest sincere sounding Christian commentator on this WikiLeaks disclosure show and will include part of that email here…
    I personally think that “the U.S. government / central banks” are controlling all the strings in this election show, meaning both and all sides of the show. I think that these powers thought about what the people would do if Hillary was elected and decided that reaction of the people would bring about a set of circumstances that would disrupt or interfere with THEIR current game plan regarding collapsing the economy in THEIR way and starting World War III under THEIR terms. All of a sudden Trump is Mr. Tower of Strength, Courage, Leadership and Bravery. I think Mr. Trump has been allowed to be a candidate for his use for just what he is being used for right now — to fool the people into thinking that Mr. Trump is the guy who is truly anti-establishment and will “take back America.”
    The Huma and Anthony show is also a little fake sub-plot. I would not doubt that they are a totally created fake couple to be used as leverage and to play their parts when the THEY need to use them – like now. I would not be surprised that they are Mossad agents. I hope using the M word is not politically incorrect but you said you do not adhere to political correctness. All I can say is that the Abedin and Weiner show reminds me of the many fake crisis actor couples associated with the Sandy Hook school shooting false event. …”

    1. The simple explanation is that because of the simultaneous explosion in social justice activism, people have put aside their critical thinking skills and have been sucked into the emotions of this presidential race (I know this because this is what happened to me when I let my guard down). A vote for Trump, they believe, will end this social justice nonsense and migrant invasions, so forget about Hegelian dialectics, we need a saviour, the rhetoric goes.

    2. DL don’t apologize for mentioning the most evil MURDER INC group in the world-the MOSSAD, the ones who engineered 9/11
      Did you see they passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act Dachsielady?

      1. Here comes the sun! Glad you found your way here. Sad memoryholeblog down. I saw yesterday when attempting to go to an article link there that I click and that sends a message to Dr. Tracy to decide whether to let me in. I clicked but no response – yet. Got impression WordPress has a way for a site to operate in wordpress totally privately and by invitation only. News to me.
        I don’t know who passed the antisemitism law but I assume the usual suspects that run our entire legislature.
        I was not apologizing to Fitzpatrick here about mentioning the Mossad but that was a quote from an email I sent to a friend I communicate via email and this guy appears quite awake and operates in the offgrid homestead youtube community channels. That friend said on one of his videos that he does not do the political correctness thing so I thought I would remind him of that.
        Here is a pretty darn good video by Jay Dyer kind of summing up the current game. I need to listen again because my mind does not work real well when we get that deep into the rabbit hole.
        BOMBSHELL Top Clinton @Wikileaks Exposes Entire ‘Shadow Government’ Jay Dyer
        I thought this was a good video by Icke, though I sort of walked away from him years ago for various reasons, but still there is good balanced basic information in this video.
        The Cruellest Hoax, Israel’s Fake History – The David Icke Videocast
        For Christians only…
        Friday, March 25, 2016
        Who killed Jesus?
        “… in Mark, where [Jesus] says, ‘Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be delivered unto the chief priests, and unto the scribes; and they shall condemn Him to death, and shall deliver Him to the Gentiles: and they shall mock Him, and shall spit upon Him, and shall scourge Him, and shall put Him to death, and the third day He shall rise again’ (Mark 10:33-34). There is no doubt, therefore, that in so speaking the Lord signified what death He should die: not that He here meant the death of the cross to be understood, but that the Jews were to deliver Him up to the Gentiles, or, in other words, to the Romans. For Pilate was a Roman, and had been sent by the Romans into Judea as governor. That, then, this saying of Jesus might be fulfilled, namely, that, being delivered up to them, He should be put to death by the Gentiles, as Jesus had foretold would happen; therefore when Pilate, who was the Roman judge, wished to hand Him back to the Jews, that they might judge Him according to their law, they refused to receive Him, saying, It is not lawful for us to put any man to death. And so the saying of Jesus was fulfilled, which He foretold concerning His death, that, being delivered up by the Jews, He should be put to death by the Gentiles: whose crime was less than that of the Jews, who sought by this method to make themselves appear averse to His being put to death, to the end that, not their innocence, but their madness might be made manifest.”
        Posted by Maurice Pinay at 6:49 PM 1 comment: Links to this post

  8. Hey, dachsielady, you’re right. One of your comments won’t appear, nor will my response to it. Weird. That’s never happened before. I can see them in my moderation interface, and they are marked as approved, but they won’t appear here. You said there were some other comments of yours not appearing on this article?
    Edit: Think I figured it out. They are now restored. What apparently happens is that if I trash a comment after someone has responded to it, it deletes both of them.

    The Lolita Express is very big as of this afternoon in US media but it only mentions Bill and Hillary Clinton as participants. Also there is no mention of the connections to organized crime of the Israeli kind.
    Supposedly certain people in various intelligence agencies have quietly and successfully accomplished a counter-coup of the United States republic. (See one other earlier today Steve Pieczenik video.)

    1. It’s molestation. The physical,abuse of children pedophilia is the interest sexually in children. Both are terrible but molestation is the correct term for raping and torturing children.

  10. The fear I have is that after the “election” (if Hill “wins” it) Trump (and Roger Stone, Alex Jones, et al) will gradually, or not so gradually, back away from their allegations of massive vote fraud, and say “well, um, did we say that? well yeah there was a bit of fraud, but not so much as we thought there’d be – our own exit polls indicate that Hillary won fair and square.” Their about face might be a tad more subtle than that – they may even act as if they’re making a big deal of vote fraud, but still deliberately understate the scale of it.
    If this sounds far fetched, we have to remember that Alex Jones and PJW have already peformed an even more brazen u-turn on 9/11 and false flag terror generally. Such a scenario, if it transpires, will definitely vindicate the Trump sceptics in my view.

  11. If you view the captions of the articles linked on “Alt Left” Trump supporters site,
    here are a fell examples…
    Insiders Expose Hillary’s Pedophile Sex Ring
    NYPD-FBI Insiders Leak – Hillary Email To Take A Sick Turn
    Wiki – Podesta In Apparent Obstruction Of Justice
    Weiner Kept Hillary Emails As ‘Life Insurance’ As
    He Was Very Afraid She Is Going To Have Him Killed
    Ex FBI – Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex
    Will FBI Email Probe Shed New Light On Lolita
    Express And Other Clinton Sex Scandals?, today, you will possibly surmise that the entity that is controlling all sides of this evil, including small fry A Jones et al., have decided that Hiil must not win and they will make it appear that the “Alt Right” will win the day for Trump. Truth and Justice and God, mother and apple Pie American values have prevailed, and all of these skunks are capitalizing on this “crisis”, that is not wasting this crisis, and these bankster-controlled Alt-Right and Neo Alt Left operatives are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Here is an interesting recent video of Larry Nichols who does give some good information but only is able to propose “states rights” as the only way to “take back our republic.”
    Here is the Alex Jones Alt Right interview video of Larry Nichols
    Here is the Dr. James Fetzer’s Neo Alt Left interview video of Larry Nichols
    How To Stop Hillary 2016, 2 Words….. Larry Nichols
    Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel
    Published on Dec 22, 2015
    New boss same as the old boss.
    Douay-Rheims Bible
    Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.
    Isaiah 5:20

    1. Hillary and Obama have both given massive gratuitous plugs to Alex Jones and the Alt Right in recent weeks – which was worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in free advertising. And AJ has returned the favour. There seems to me something distinctly Janus faced about Infowars’ championship of Trump. Only tonight it has re-posted an article by arch-Zio-con and Bush speechwriter David Frum, extolling Hillary as a great patriot, and explaining why he’s already voted for her. There’s also a piece publicising the Libertarian VP candidate calling on North Carolineans to vote for Hillary. Many Infowars devotees are Libertarian inclined, so it’s difficult to know what Jones & co are up to in publicising this. It may be that Jones has been designated to be a Trump booster, but those who really control Infowars are making sure it doesn’t get out of hand – just as around the time of the Boston Marathon they appear to have ordered Jones, Watson & co to completely renege on Trutherism and become spinners for the War on Terror narratives.
      On the other hand, if you’re right, and the Zios actually want a Trump win, they may still want it to be by a tight margin – not a landslide . Winners of landslides, after all, are more likely to display lack of due deference to their masters.
      Also, I’m beginning to suspect that Hillary’s “illnesses”, which Infowars have been banging on about for months (long before she apparently collapsed), may not have been all they seemed. She seems remarkably fit and healthy now.
      It’s tempting from over here to see this as a sort of rerun of Brexit – when anti-Zionist pro-Brexiters convinced themselves that the whole establishment was terrified of Brexit – when in fact most of the hard evidence supported the opposite conclusion (I notice Andrew Joyce of the Occidental Observer now says British white nats wasted their time and energy fighting for Brexit). In this scenario Trump represents Brexit, and Hillary is the pro-EU side. However the only problem with this analogy is that from what I can gather there’s nothing like the level of support in the American MSM and the political establishment for Trump that there was for Brexit in the UK media, and among British Zio bigwigs.
      If Trump wins, your thesis will seem very plausible indeed. If he loses, I think it will become increasingly obvious that the Alt Right’s role in the whole thing was to build their followers up to a pitch of ecstatic excitement over this new great white hope, in order to then deliver a gut wrenching anti-climax that will leave those who believed the hype demoralised and pacified. In other words the whole thing will be seen to have been a huge psy-op.

      1. I just saw a video of Alex Jones and he put down those who are “dragging the botton of the barrel” to try and find some dirt on Trump such as the Jeffrey Epstein. And Jones is strongly promoting Steve Pacienik guy who is a person of very questionable background, used to work for Henry Kissinger and is a Jew born in Cuba.
        Both Hillary and Huma are still walking free and there is even a story on that the two have “kissed and made up” and that Huma is about to do a fundraiser for Hillary.
        So many dissonant story lines being thrown at us. Larry Nichols mentioned in one of his videos how he is a friend and supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu.
        Speaking of people who appear to have made miraculous recoveries and revitalization after serious debilitating illnesses, Larry Nichols looked like the picture of health on his recent visit with Alex Jones. Nichols, on several radio interviews in 2015 was said to be under treatment for cancer and has many tubes and life support items administered to him at his home daily. He has sounded like he is losing his voice because of throat cancer and sounded like he had not long to live. Now his voice is fine and he looks very healthy and young for his age.
        I do believe there is rampant pedophilia on all sides of the D.C. and NYC and Hollywood elites but that in no way is confined to the Left and the Dems. I think the term “pedophile ring” is kind of misleading too. Jeffrey Epstein cannot be termed a “pedophile ring.” He runs a one-man show. No ring needed.
        The reason THEY want and need and may well arrange for the win margin to be very close in the election is because only then can they get away with the vote rigging of the machines. The trick they are probably going to play is that this time they will arrange a close race, let Trump win, and thus prove that no voting machine rigging happened and neither did voter registration fraud make a difference either so it also must not be happening. So people will believe the outcome was not manipulated and “we took back our country.”
        I have just started to reason through money laundering and how it works and to me just about every spending measure of our federal and local government is a way to hide graft and theft of taxpayer money for the benefit of the crooked politicians and their friends.

        1. My policy is, keep it simple. What makes the most sense in all of this? That’s the question one must ask themself when posed with challenging questions. Conspiracies are actually quite simple at their core. It’s we, outsiders, who tend to complicate them (especially all this Illuminati hocus-pocus stuff). Trump pretends to be anti-establishment, despite what we know about presidential candidates—that they don’t get to that position without playing the game (JFK played the game, even after he became president, but then he changed somewhat—that was an anomaly). There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Trump would reject his programmers and pull a JFK. People are letting details confuse them. Jones is such a con artist, he is brilliant. There is no way he has not been trained in psychological warfare. Jones and the MSM are now just muddying the water. Clinton will win, Trump will feign an election fraud investigation until another distraction gets him off the hook, at which point, quietly he will concede.

    Anybody here ever thought about Trump being an Intelligence Asset?
    There’s no way that Trump can win the 2016 election, without the election being “Rigged” by him- absolutely no way. Just an unbiased fact.
    Now just hang with me here…
    Clinton, who many hate, but who most will vote for (on behalf of multiple, but horribly misguided, “valid” reasons), will undoubtedly be elected the next President (if not arrested first LOL).
    OK, we’ve now got a very large number of the American populace who now has a President (Clinton) that neither of them (regardless of whether they be Democrat, Republican, or Independent) do not really want.
    Up next, Jews’ highly predictable (yet secretly-planned) “solution” is implemented…
    Indict or assassinate Clinton.
    “Ding dong the witch is dead!”
    The masses are now happy about that…
    Just for us “Breakfast Clubbers” let’s just assume Trump is secret Intelligence (Light side [extreme long term mole working for the USA] or Dark side [foreign asset or…hurts to even think about])…
    OK, Clinton’s Jewish Vice President moves up to position of President. Yeah, but from the masses’ perspective things are at least better now. I know I know….
    Massive destabilization everywhere now, not just the USA, but worldwide.
    President Jew Boy appoints the Supreme Court Judge(s).
    Good vs. Evil
    Assuming Trump is Good side, lots of “Intel” gets collected during this whole stage (allowance of events to unfold, [even if Clinton were to lose due to her being jailed prior to election day]). ex. Proof for trials to be held later in the future, once the veil is ultimately revealed. Jewish/Masonic heads eventually roll as perhaps “The Largest Conspiracy in World History” gets exposed- The Jew-created Jewish-run Federal Reserve Bank eventually revealed to the public, disbanded/indicted, the works….Happy Ending.
    Assuming Trump is Evil side, a (pretended) disgruntled Trump joins forces with other Dark assets, such as Alex Jones etc. and they form a collective of false-resistance that would have made the Jewish managed/controlled John Birch Society blush.
    For what purpose?
    Lead the resistance and keep the temperature always beneath the boiling point for 4 long years…
    To run a massive “Honey Pot Operation” so as to collect the names and addresses of every single last true American (most of whom are Christians) still left within the country in order that they may be eventually killed off/exterminated via crypto-Jewish doctors, mass harassment via Judeo-Masonic governmental agencies, Judeo-Masonic lawyers, paid domestic spies, never-prosecuted attacking foreign invaders, you name it…
    The Jews will not be able though to eliminate the 2nd Amendment- impossible, that’s just NRA fear mongering, more distraction. Dito for 1st Amendment (to implement their phony HS nonsense), State legislatures will block, but the Jews will though try to “fake it” via stupid stuff coming out of the Supreme Court/”Executive Order” quasi/pseudo legal nonsense working in conjunction with (and narrative managed by) the Jew-controlled Main Stream Media, the crooked lower court Judges, etc. etc.
    Old “Israel” (as of 1948) perhaps given back to the Palestinians.
    Syria etc etc has been cleared, so in essence, a somewhat modified “Greater Israel” (and far better real estate) is now in place.
    “OK, you folks in the USA that are causing trouble- would you prefer to leave? Go over there (The All New Greater Israel Territory) where the weather is a beautiful temperature year round- and Putin is pretending to be your fake friend, we’ll even pay for it (be willing to subsidize you) like Adolf Hitler did.” [jumping along, too much to explain, I know, sounds stupid]
    Depending on which way the wind were to blow, the forced exile could be the Jews leaving the USA or blacks or whites (dissidents/true Americans who don’t wish to be harassed any further by, or imprisoned, or killed by the federal government) or who knows…either way I don’t like where this paragraph is going, so let’s just stop right there and don’t give the anti-Christ anymore ideas than they already have. Just tuck that Dark part away so as to have even keener discernment, “wary as a serpent” sort of thing.
    Anyway, Trump keeps crossing CIA paths.
    Remember, in the world of Intelligence Operatives things are not always as simple or clumsy as they may appear. And an operative would naturally be seen crossing paths with many agencies- be it foreign or domestic.
    Even Piper thought Trump was a “Mystery Man.”
    In Flemming’s novels, James Bond was always a “mysterious man” but only from the outsiders’ perspective. But then again, Trump is not exactly Bond! Yet look at the criminals surrounding him in real life- they are mostly Jewish and rotten/sleazy to the core- reality here doesn’t really make for good fiction does it?
    So Trump would have to be at least somewhat disgusting in order to get so close to such vermin. But Trump’s children? Are they married to deep-cover operatives as well? Hardly, I would guess. Though Ivanka was friends I believe with the Johnson boy who was killed (more like murdered) on that train- you know, the creator of that excellent documentary film Born Rich. That young man wanted to do something with his inherited wealth. Oh well.
    Another point, it’s un-American to “go undercover” and be sneaky about things- that was all created by Jewish-controlled Hollywood to help them to slowly (by degree) implement a vast domestic/citizen spy network within the USA. Jews do that everywhere they go. The true American way is the Christian Way – the Good Ole Cowboy/Western Sheriff approach- go straight at em’, drag em’ all out into the Light, and round em’ all up- catch em’ red handed or don’t catch em’ at all. Forget this sneaky “under-cover” garbage- as that’s just playin’ the Jews’ Game.
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Never Mind
    I don’t think I’ll ever make it to Lunch.
    School Bell Ring – Dinga Linga Ling

  13. I agree that conspiracies are much simpler than people make out (and I might add the conspirators are not nearly as clever as they and their enemies both like to think). That’s why I would argue that limited hangout is better than no hangout at all – to paraphrase Henry Makow’s comment about controlled opposition. In fact the best way to keep hangout limited is to ignore it or dismiss it, merely because it’s from the wrong source. The aim should always be to foil the conspirators’ goal of keeping a partial lid on the truth. A lot of stuff has come out in the last few months – and if people of goodwill use it properly it’s of secondary importance that much of it may have been revealed as part of a giant psyop. The first question when confronted with conspiracy information is to ask the very simple question: is it true, does it stack up? If it does, it would be extremely rash to discount it simply because the person who gives it is known to be a shill. As everyone knows, shills often give good information – to manipulate truthseekers, but also to test levels of awareness and commitment among the public. I believe this has probably always been Alex Jones’ role. In a way the fact that he stopped talking about false flags is probably a sign that, from the Zio-globs’ point of view, too many people were admitting to themselves the truth that modern terrorism is a psy-op. The “revelation of the method” had gone too far. Makow wrote a brilliant piece a couple of years ago about how the NWO deliberately leave glaringly obvious clues about false flags like 9/11 – the purpose of which is to make the intelligent people who pretend to believe the official version, spiritually complicit in the crime. By denying the evidence before their eyes, Christians become, not innocent victims of clever deception, but tacit co-conspirators in all of these diabolically transparent hoaxes.
    The trick, in my view, is to always test anything dubious sources say – not to believe them simply because they’ve told some truth in the past, but not to disbelieve them simply because they’ve told some lies too.
    So my final take on Trump is: yes we should be very very sceptical about him, but we shouldn’t ignore or dismiss the incriminating information that his supporters have uncovered. It would be suicidal to do so, since much of it is irrefutable. And of course the same applies in reverse. There’s an old saying: “When rogues fall out, honest men prosper.”

  14. Fitz, can you explain why Steve Pieczenik who accuses Netyhanu and Jewish American neo-cons for 9/11 is so pro Trump?

    1. Wishful thinking. The same would probably go for Professor Kevin MacDonald, who knows better. Either that or Pieczenik is placating his audience. This issue appears to be separating the authentic truth seekers from the pretend. It’s nothing new, though. The anti-communist false opposition of the McCarthy era is the predecessor to today’s false opposition. McCarthyism eventuated in groups like the John Birch Society and the CNP (Council for National Policy)—both of which are Jew controlled. As I hope I have made clear, Trump and his cult are also Jew controlled.

    1. Maybe this is the video,,,at 1:32
      ‘Senior Advisor’: Trump and the Man Once Linked to the Mob
      ABC News
      Published on Dec 10, 2015
      ABC News investigates GOP frontrunner’s link to Felix Sater.

  15. The video I just posted is NOT the right one. The one I intended was re: Trump’s connection to the Russian Jewish mob boss Felix Sader.

  16. More Joo nonsense
    Refusing to visit Israel, telling Aipac he didn’t want their filthy shekels, and building a wall is enough to support Trump.
    He isn’t Hitler but one step towards getting there. [personal attack omitted]

    1. I wouldn’t be too concerned about Timothy Fitzpatrick calling the Election wrong – Tim doesn’t claim to be a prophet. But wjrevere, here you are mixing up your history (much less forgiveable than getting the future wrong).
      It was not ‘Aipac’ where Trump stated he did not want ‘their filthy shekels’. You are thinking about his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum. Trump seemed to know all of the audience personally – joking and playing with them. They all seemed to be good friends and even the booing of Trump seemed largely to come from a personal friend of Trump. It was a game!
      ‘Aipac’ is where Trump ‘licked the boots’ of Jewish power so thoroughly clean that he could shave in the resulting reflection. He sounded no different to Hilary but a little more sincere in his praise of Israel.
      I would look again at his ‘refusal’ to visit Israel. It was in supposed resonance to his very good friend, Prime Minister Bibi’s, tweet!
      1) either Trump will run the US in response to how offended he is by Twitter or,
      2) you’ve been played.
      Given the events surrounding Obama’s abstaining at the Security Council (re: Israeli settlements on Palestinian land) and Trump’s response ‘things will be different’ under a Trump administration (a constant reassurance to Israel), ‘you’ve been played’ seems the more fitting option.
      As for The Wall – you would do well to remember that there are always (at least) two sides to a wall.
      Here are some more of my thoughts on the matter… from March (2016).

      1. Muh. He has stone walked the Nwo with deportation and wall talk. Europe will follow suit. Also wants to audit the Fed and reopen 911. He is not Hitler but what we need at this time

        1. The claim that Trump wants to re-open the 9/11 “investigation” was fake news. As for auditing the FED, Ron Paul suggested Trump intended to do it, but Trump has made no emphatic statement of doing anything of the sort.
          Now that I think about it, Roger Stone is likely behind the fake news that Trump wanted to re-open the 9/11 investigation. Stone is skilled in harnessing anti-establishment sentiment.

          1. He KNOWS 911 was an inside job. Ive seen a few accts pushing for some kind of an investigation reopening and I think he can get away with making such claims. On the FED, again, hes made the statements. THe public favros it. Ron Paul a pussy libertarian, not a Nationalist who would do nothing about border security and choked on the 911 question publically on air saying he believes the official story. Big disappointment

      2. Trunp won little favor with Jews, which tells me he is doing the right things. Refusing to meet with Adelson, not taking their shekels etc. Hes no Hitler, but we have to work in stages. Just deporting and building a wall, as well as enacting term limits, buys us alot of time.

  17. Let,s leave Tramp. He was elected by the Zionists. Nothing can we do about. He is one of them. It is obvious, let’s see what we can do with this Zionist crook.

  18. There’s nothing in this article. Really stretching your points, although I don’t doubt they can have influence on him. Crying “rape” is what feminists do as a hobby. Pedophilia is a stupid concept that refers to the inane laws against persons over 18 having relations with those under 18. It looks totally voluntary to me, no “slavery”.
    So you make it sound like this has all been totally controlled by Mossad all these years. Sounds ridiculous.

  19. Thank you, Mr. F, great detective work. I fell completely for Trump. … There is still something strange here. I have never seen the media so much against someone, to the point of twisting everything into an actual lie against Trump. You know that the media is the jewish line. So what do we have; one side jew against another side jew?
    Otherwise, please try to control yourself. There’s nothing unusual about daughters sitting on their fathers lap. It certainly wasn’t lap dancing. And females customarily dress sexy. Nothing unusual about a photo at Trump’s own club sign. I’m very knowledgeable about MK. I really don’t think Trump’s daughter was put in that. She would have been sold to someone else.

    1. I’ll discuss Kushner in Part IV of this series, which I will publish soon, hopefully. In the meantime, check out my Twitter feed, as I have posted many things about Kushner.

  20. Screwed again OR just another CON JOB . OH WELL , maybe next time if there IS a next time. We American CITIZENS , no jews ,could and should ELECT a GYPSY for our president!
    A GYPSY why? you may ask!
    Because there ARE groups of humans like the jews that SCARE the HELL out of people of other classes , and thereby RULE THEM COMPLETELY!
    The MEXICANS FEAR the PORTO RICANS, , the blacks FEAR voodoo, the JEWS FEAR the Gypsy’s .The king of the Gypsy’s can make bennie-the-RAT do a silly dance any time he chooses, a victim of the crowns disease, particularly a female GYPSY in a Jewish area can cause a PANIC and a STAMPEDE if she chooses, a GYPSY-American president could RULE over the JEWS easy.
    This unreasonable FEAR is a leftover from the dark ages as is most of the old religious claptrap from the Zionist, if the death count where HONESTLY accounted the Jews have killed more than the PLAGUE and that IS what they do as the primere PARASITE of the human race. we all need a PURGE.

    1. NobodysaysBOO…Wow, I couldn’t care less your comment from 4/18/17 is just about one year old – it’s still relevant & I love it! If only there were a way to somehow get this gypsy candidate into the pre-approved ZioPrezPool – would probably need help from a gypsy to even get THAT far ; )

  21. I didn’t hire Trump to preach the Gospel, I hired him to protect me from foreign workers and Swamp Serpents. Sex under 13yrs is mental illness. On second conviction it should be punished by death. Statutory rape is a crime by decree. It has to be prosecuted and proven. A false accusation is libel; also a serious crime.
    I take this article for what it’s worth. A cautionary tale.

  22. This item with Trump and the Mossad etc., is an old rusted facts that are well known to those who read the alternative media and well written books about the “Mossad Whore Squad” that specializes in the ancient field of sex drugs and blackmail. Mossad has literally 68% of the US Congress, the Senate, great majority of the Pentagon honchos and the rest in the sex vaults with videos, films and audio tapes to keep these traitors in line. This is what has caused America to toe the line Israel has installed! Nothing the sex addicts of the world can do about it. For a few hours of their helplessness to sex acts, have sold America out in lock stock and barrels! The question is, what are we American people are gonna do about it? Any answers?????

  23. This is my first visit to your site. Great article ! Looking forward to reading the others.
    I know I am late to game, but I would still like to respond to issues I read in the comments and share information I have come across durning
    almost 20 years of research.
    Personally, I NEVER believe anything US media
    reports before I verify it. Someone commented that Maria Zakharova stated the Jews were backing Trump. The only media reporting this are all Western or puppets of the west. I admit,
    I did not have a lot of time to search, but at this point, have not found this in Russian media. Also, a statement like that is out of character for Maria and cause outrage within the Communist party within Russia. They may be small but not afraid to speak out.
    Below are interviews with John Stockwell, a former CIA agent that quit just 2 years before he could draw retirement. Also the only former CIA agent that refused to allow the CIA to censor his book before publishing. The CIA sued and won. He can not sell his book, so he gives it away. ” In Search Of Enemies”
    Manipulating America : The Soviet Troops in Cuba. – Revisited. (1984)
    CIA and Media Disinformation
    The Dark Side OF US Foriegn Policy
    Did you know what an Economic Hit Man is ?
    Meet John Perkins and learn
    The Secret History of the American Empire
    To Sell a War
    Did you know that the USG dropped nuclear bombs on the only 2 Christian cities in Japan ?
    After watching and reading the above information, you should understand why I say to call the USA a “Christian” nation is an insult to my Messiah and the Christian Faith.

    1. Welcome Cyndy, and thank you for that. Sounds like you are in Russia. You’re insight is important. Maybe that Zakharova article was false. The news media writers, here, have taken a bolder turn for the worse. I’ve been watching it. It’s not exactly fake news, but, more precisely, imaginary news. The many non-mainstream jews, who have managed to get into writing positions, literally are out of contact with reality. They live in an imaginary world. … I read Perkin’s Economic Hit Man years ago. Yes, of course the politicians are criminals. They are criminal in every country. It’s governments that are bad, not the people. … I didn’t know that about Nagasaki having the biggest Christian population in Japan. Thank you. I’ll try to find out more about why the bomb was dropped there. However, that article was extremely biased, making it sound like the Church was the target. I don’t think so. The article mentions a Japanese arms factory in Nagasaki, too. But yes, WWII was extremely dirty, with both sides firebombing whole cities of civilians. But that’s all the governments, militaries, and industry, not the people. People are good everywhere. And “Christian country” refers to the religion of the population, not to how nice the government is. Of course the government and military are not acting Christian.

  24. Forgive me BUT you seem not to have enough knowledge about what you write.
    According your logic Trump is WORSE then Hillary (for me are they ALL THE SAME JUST OTHER SIDES OF THE SAME COIN INDEED) as he sold US weapons worth about nearly 300 billions (I don’t remember the exact amount no more) to the Saudi hypocrite family!
    If you claim the Saudi government (which I say are some dirty bastards) is behind “ISIS” (or “IS”) and Al-Qaidah (AQ) then I would ask you for EVIDENCE!?
    But the other way around what’s CLEAR is that there were NO and would MOST PROBABLY even today be NEVER a AQ and ” IS” in Iraq EVER if the USA would have NOT INVADED IRAQ LYING ABOUT WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and CW (chemical weapons) KNOWING THEY WERE NEVER THERE BUT LUSTING TO STEAL THE OIL!
    Under the dictator Saddam there was a strict web and control and not a single AQ member was known to have even stepped into Iraq for example. And WONDER WONDER THE SO-CALLED “IS” WAS FORMED ONLY BECAUSE OF THE USA INVASION, AND THEY “MIRACULOUSLY” MET ALL AT CAMP BUCCA (where ALL THE HIGHRANKING MEMBERS WAS INCARCERATED)!!!!!!
    So THINK A BIT about all this.
    If you’d say that SOME RICH SAUDIS (NOT THE SAUDI ROTTEN REGIME but civilians) supported AQ and “IS” I would even say VERY POSSIBLE and MOST LIKELY EVEN TRUE, but the other way NO MORE WAY (as never forget that AQ and “IS” ARE A BIG THREAT TO THE SAUDI HYPOCRITICAL REGIME AND THEY HATE EACH OTHER!).
    If the Saudi regime have had supported AQ and/or “IS” even with 1$ the BET IT WAS BECAUSE THEIR MASTERS THE USA HAS PRESSURED THEM TO DO SO (as when the Afghan Mujahedeen fought the Soviets SUPPORTED BY THE USA, by Zbigniev Brzezinski, supported by US weapons delivered by USA and who paid the weapons? YESSS it was the Saudi government the ROTTEN DYNASTY OF SAUD!)
    What a win win situation ain’t it?
    Don’t be offended my friend as I do NOT MEAN to yell or be rude when using BIG LETTERS but only to HIGHLIGHT this way.
    You are free to rebuke me if you can of course 🙂

  25. Jeffrey Epstein was Ehud Barak’s business partner as late as 2015
    Ex-Israeli premier plays down relationship with Epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein accuser says the financier had a self-portrait with a young girl hanging in his $77million mansion and had prosthetic breasts attached to the walls that he ‘could play with in the bath’
    Deutcshe Bank only cut ties with Jeffrey Epstein a few MONTHS AGO after an extensive relationship, lending him money and providing trading services, despite being warned he was a ‘reputational risk’ because he was such a lucrative client
    Was Jeffrey Epstein a SPY? Trump’s Labor Secretary Alex Acosta won’t deny he made non-prosecution deal with pedophile in 2007 because he was told the financier ‘belonged to intelligence’
    EXCLUSIVE: ‘Let me manhandle you.’ Jeffrey Epstein was probed by cops in 1997 for ‘making would-be Victoria’s Secret model strip then groping her buttocks in Santa Monica hotel room’ – but escaped charges

  26. EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew partied with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at billionaire’s infamous $77m Manhattan mansion – just months after his jail release for soliciting young girls for sex
    Labor Secretary Alex Acosta RESIGNS over Jeffrey Epstein sweetheart deal but Trump parades him on the White House lawn to praise his ‘great job’ and says: ‘He’s a Hispanic man who went to Harvard.’
    Video: Temple sits on the coast of Epstein’s Little St James Island
    Epstein philanthropy since sex plea included all-girl school

  27. I guess this is the thread or article where we post about the Jeffrey Epstein story.
    I find it interesting to observe the different ways the “truth” alternative YouTube channel hosts comment on this story. It is particularly interesting to observe what is not talked about, what elephants in the living room are completely not talked about. Another point of interest is looking at what a channel commentator consistently stresses and emphasizes as their main theme, to the exclusion of giving full illumination to all possible explanations and insights.
    I posted on RT recently after many years of staying away from them because, as I look back, I left them because they completely dodged Israel’s role in anything. I also recall how they only ever lied regarding 9-11. It is odd that Russia has said almost nothing about 9-11 though we are given to believe that Russia really “has it all” as to knowledge of what really happened and who did 9-11.
    RT seems to be “horrified and outraged” at the behavior of Jeffrey Epstein but the guests they have on their show, like Mr. Cousins of Leftist Florida “The Ring of Fire” outfit. Mr. Cousins and Mike Paponnonio are crafty wordsmiths. They put Epstein and Trump on equal footing, and do this in the tricky manipulative rhetoric of “successful” attorneys. My visit to RT after my long abstinence shows me that RT is Russia and Russia is joined at the hip with Israel and both want to take down Trump and USA under the guise of justice for the girls in the Epstein case. This whole gang desires more unjust wars for Israel in the Middle East. But most of all this gang wants, along with many Republicans and ostensible “conservatives” a
    I think if we were to get the whole truth and whole justice in the courts on the Epstein matter, several countries of the world and their governments and their sovereignty would completely collapse and that is just what the “deep state” or “brotherhood of darkness” or “Jewish revolutionary spirit” is aiming for. I am concerned about the USA maining sovereignty and minding its own business. If Trump manages to keep the USA out of an Israel/Mossad trumped up war with Iran or any other kind of war trickery, I will thank God for that. If there is a way to have Trump factually come out of this Epstein evil relatively unscathed.
    If there is any way to show that Trump only wanted to fornicate and adulterate with adult women and was smart enough to know to stay away from very young looking women, it is my hope and prayer that lack of proof of his use of underage females comes forward. I do know that everybody in that New York and D C moneyed insiders had full knowledge of the pedophilic intelligence racket Epstein was running for the CIA/Mossad/Satan, including Trump.
    We are seeing that the Epstein / Trump relationship goes back many years even back into the Roy Cohn era. Here is a good David Duke commentary on this history.… I found it interesting to her that the D.C. politicos forced Senator McCarthy to take on fake Republican Roy Cohn on to his team of rooting out all the communists in the U S government and had never heard that.
    Here is another pretty good article about the full background of the Cohn /FBI/ intelligence agencies participation.
    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case
    Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.”
    I do not like the way the girls abused, who are adults now, are being portrayed as poor confused street children who were close to or were homeless. However, I do want them to obtain what they should be accorded every benefit of the law that is due them.
    As a Catholic, I see that the parents of these children are at fault and the entire Miami Florida milieu of wealthy lefts and Jews was the perfect recipe for the perfect swamp for wayward children who were not trained up in the fear of God, knowledge of right and wrong, truth and error, that they have a soul and prayer changes things and trained up in the way they should go.

      1. Good to hear from you elfmom
        This whole J Epp story is kind of playing out like a juicy new soap opera or movie. I am trying my best to abstain from taking in anymore of it. It just does not seem like the highest way of obtaining truth and justice.
        When I see how Judge Remington in Wisconsin would not even allow Dr. James Fetzer to present solid evidence in the lawsuit by Leonard Pozer regarding the Sandy Hook fake school shooting proving that the state of Connecticut issues fake and fabricated and fraudulent death certificates on Noah Pozner, I do not have much hope that truth and justice in the courts will prevail on the Epstein matter..
        TruNews with Rick Wiles put out a rather bombshell report yesterday.
        Pray without ceasing.
        God bless you.

        1. Agree as usual!! I find myself less and less interested in this soap opera. To me it is a major distraction. What are “they” doing while most attention is being paid to this story? WWIII? Their fake alien invasion? Who knows?
          If they say he went to jail/prison I will not believe it unless I can visit him myself. There are places monsters like this can go and be well hidden. Why all the cartoonish drawings from the so called “courtroom”?

  28. FBI investigating as Epstein suicide raises questions, conspiracy theories
    Photos show Jeffrey Epstein as he’s wheeled into Downtown Hospital
    Report: Jeffrey Epstein Had ‘Photos of Trump With Girls’

  29. Great article. It is 2019 and this is just as relevant as ever.
    It is disturbing at how many people today just can not bring themselves to admit that Trump is not their savior.
    I have been telling people for years that the only difference between the repubs and dems is the billionaire calling the shots and the same politicians that hand over billion dollar no BID CONTRACTS to defense contractors are also personally invested in those same defense contractors .
    Below are links many may find interesting and others may find disturbing.
    Trump is Obama 2.0 Same Agenda Same End Game
    Meet the Real Trump and his handlers
    Trump. 9/11, truth part 1
    Pt 2
    Bolton and Trump Exposed
    Trump like his wives and children is a Talmudic Kabbalahist. Trump had a Kabbalah teacher from a young age.
    I believe if Trump is reelected he will enact the Noahide laws in the US.
    The Noahide Deception

  30. Your posted writings related to the Mossad, Epstein, and Isreali connections do not seem to identify a specific source of funds for developing Zionist objectives. Is the following source of money connected to the items of discussion ?
    I have taken the occasion to offer two links of articles that may be connected with that situation. One goes to a view on world domination, especially Palestine, by Zionist bankers which is concluded to be originated by Wall Street:
    The other is an analysis of how Wall Street Zionists are theorized to embezzle money from the US government using the Federal Reserve system: It is concluded the illegal funds received finance the world domination agenda—especially Palestine—-which Wall Street has established. The involved accounts, which are government funds handled by a fiscal agent of the government, are subject to audit by the GAO upon congressional request.
    A third unrelated item is that there is no statute which imposes an income tax on US citizens. Those funds are used by Zionist controlled DC to oppress Palestine. Mr. Joe Banister develops that theme at It is extensively analyzed at LIBERTY YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING posted at Research work on this item started 40 years ago.
    Is this information of interest ?

  31. The taking out of Jeffrey Epstein has been another false event, aka false flag event. The particulars about the falsity of the event as presented to the public by all sides is irrelevant to me. The bottom line is the following.

    President Trump and U S Attorney General William Barr were one
    hundred percent responsible for keeping the prisoner Jeffery Epstein
    They either LIHOP — Let It Happen On Purpose
    MIHOP – Made It Happen On Purpose
    a distinction without a difference.
    A wicked entity has total control over our president and every arm of our government.
    We no longer have the slightest semblance of rule of law and justice
    in a court of law and the last vestiges of American patriots must have
    that trust in our justice system.
    This taking out of Epstein killed that remaining trust.
    All we have left is a low quality sad comedy show and faith in God. I’ll go with the latter.
    Orange man bad and my be under the control of the Mossad and the deeper Satanic brotherhood of darkness, but I still pray for the president and pray for the survival of the sovereign United States of America.
    The president and his family may be literally under the gun and stayin’ alive may be his personal motivation or he may also ideologically totally in league with the plan for a one world death and slavery system for all.
    I can see that the president’s promises always seem to have their accomplishment moved further and further into the future. We have no prosecutions of top level felons and traitors in the USA and the taking out of Jeffrey Epstein sealed it for me when I came to the conclusion that Trump and Barr were TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for keepng Epstein alive and had the power of office and the legal authority to do that duty and they deliberately failed.
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy took real and strong action against Israel and Damona nuclear program, against the Federal Reserve and for Constitutional money, and took action to totally deep six the Central Intelligence Agency. For those real actions, he was not only the greatest president in my lifetime and for which he was assassinated.
    Both President Trump and President Kennedy were not moral men. We should pray for our leaders and may God rest their souls.
    The entire economic and financial system of the USA, and really the world is a giant ponzi scheme. It all runs on capturing human souls for Satan via drugs, sex, satanic child trafficking and sacrifice and lying, cheating and stealing of the highest order.

  32. I agree dachsielady, we should pray for the leaders and the hierarchy of the Church , indeed all consecrated souls as the Apostles asked the Church to do.
    With Epstein, it looks like ZOG had to throw one of its own to the minions – probably a low ranking procurer-bot, kompromot-bot on the ZOG pyramid – but still one of theirs. On this side of the schmo screen we have no way of knowing whether he actually died or not. Does it matter in the Mad Plan – which continues to roll? Was he ever actually in jail anyway? He could still throw himself on the mercy of the Sacred Heart and obtain our Lady’s prayers for the salvation of his miserable soul – if he is alive. And if he is dead – maybe this was his end. I think it is safe to say that he has had to exit the world stage – by whatever means. His masters would seem to have no more use for him. They have already found a suitable replacement.
    Those who belong to our Lord’s Church ( now in eclipse) will get up tomorrow, make the daily offering of the daily cross, pray the Rosary for the Consecration of Russia to our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and live the resistance of no compromise with the world – which power is everywhere advancing in the form of GOG [Khazarian Israel] world state and its ZOGs, its Communist Revolution, Muslim / barbarian horde population transfers etc. We have to sustain this tremendous battle with the infernal powers and their principalities that now are manifestly seen (revealed) to govern the world. It was always so. But now, in the Apocalypse, the ‘saviour/benefactor’ mask is stripped away. So there they are, exactly as the Apostle John wrote all those years ago. Not only are they worse than we supposed, they are worse than anyone could ever have supposed.
    “We know that we are of God and that the whole world is seated in wickedness” 1 John 5:19
    The mission of our Lord’s Church is still going forward. Here in Australia there is a dioscese which has requested a Carmelite foundation with the traditional mass and faith – not the novus ordo. Very small, but those who see what this means will be making every effort to get them established in other states. GOG and the ZOGs / ZOG wars will reduce the nations to such a shambles there will be only one foundation in which a nation, any nation can establish law, government and social order, because there is only one Divine order that has been established to endure until the end of time.

  33. Trump Says Jews Who Vote Democrat Show ‘Great Disloyalty’
    Protocols of Zion 8:3
    ‘For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our State to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear—this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp.’
    Protocol 2:2
    ‘The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world.
    Protocol 7:5
    ‘We must compel the governments of the GOYIM to take action in the direction favoured by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation.’
    Protocols 1:15 and 4:2
    ‘Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more invincible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it. Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force?’
    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
    ‘Johnson…is also a trenchant supporter of Israel, an enemy of politically correct anti-Zionism and immensely proud of his own Jewish ancestry — the Henley MP’s great grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, being the Moscow-born son of a shmutter merchant. “I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out,” he declares. “When I suddenly get a whiff of antisemitism, it’s then that you feel angry and protective.”
    When asked to think of an example, he seizes upon last year’s Lebanon war. “I haven’t discussed this with my handlers at all,” he begins, gesturing towards a member of his media team sitting nearby, who appears to slide further and further down in his seat as the interview progresses. “I felt during that business that sometimes people were writing and discussing Israel without really recognising that Israel was coming under attack.”

    1. No King But Jesus! Trump Calls Himself the Chosen One, King of Israel, the Second Coming of God
      No King But Jesus! Trump Calls Himself the Chosen One, King of Israel, t…
      Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the blasphemous statements by President Trump, and detail how constant deification b…Play
      #TRUNEWS #DonaldTrump #SecondComing
      No King But Jesus! Trump Calls Himself the Chosen One, King of Israel, the Second Coming of God
      Last streamed live 81 minutes ago
      Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the blasphemous statements by President Trump, and detail how constant deification by Christian Zionists has created an abomination of apostasy. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey. Airdate: August 21, 2019.
      The Threat To Free Speech – With Peter Helland and E. Michael Jones

  34. Leading photo.
    Is D.Trump about to show Ghislaine Maxwell what he has Downunder?

  35. “Maybe it’s just another coincidence that the Jw’s new puppet leader in Donald Trump is surrounded by a Cabalistic cartel…Business as usual !!…. Can one be as naïve as to think that it is normal protocol for nominated world leaders to dine the night before their inauguration with the chief Rabbi of the nation. Having donated (machatonim) his daughter (entrance fee) to the tribe, Donald Trump’s inauguration was like a bar mitzvah here….

    In Obamas case, on one occasion in 2015 unconstitutionally had to remain absent to allow the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address the US congress, and all told received 25 standing ovations from a full house of ‘boot licker’s’ like he is some sort of global superstar

    “We must preserve the conclusions of the Nuremberg trials and remind everyone about the truth of WWII. We will not allow the memory of the past to be distorted. We must remember the holocaust, the victims, the executions.”

    Zionist poodle Vladimir Putin, The Bolsheviks gave him new clothes.

  36. They are certainly coordinated….
    The Kehilla

    The Bolshevisation of America (Edited 2)

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