Jews abandon ‘Islamophobia’, embrace Islam as proxy against Christ, again

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile…. And now, Europe is losing its identity in favour of another people and another religion…. Even if we are in a major war with the region’s Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a gentile culture than Christianity.” —Rabbi Baruch Efrati, 2012

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
September 3, 2016 Anno Domini

The Zionist usefulness of so called “Islamophobia” has reached an end as the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy advances to the next level of achieving its kabbalist, alchemical olam ha ba (world to come).

The Zionist neocon regime of the George W. Bush/Tony Blair era has more or less achieved its goal of Balkanizing the Middle East, stealing its oil, and expanding Israel’s control and influence over the region. The only thing that remains unfinished is the toppling of a couple of more resistance regimes, namely Syria and Iran.

As the Jewtocracy initially escalated its efforts to achieve this goal of Middle East dominance, it apparently used the tool of “Islamophobia” (a left-wing invented meme) to aid in its public relations goal of selling war (and a surrendering of civil liberties) to the Western public. It worked. The general public, especially self-identifying conservatives, supported the war efforts (Afghanistan, Iraq). But now that we appear to be moving into the next phase of Jewish global hegemony, what purpose does this Islamophobia serve?

There are only two legitimate reasons for neocon-era Jews to promote Islamophobia:

  1. To create global hostility towards Islamics in order for Israel to justifiably Judaize and control the Middle East (whilst acquiring its resources).
  2. To cover up Israel Mossad/CIA false flag terrorism (to achieve geo-political objectives and to make future false flags more tenable).

As I have already stated, the first objective has already been achieved. The second objective is ongoing but takes a back seat to greater objectives, which I will get to shortly.

Anti-Zionists, from the right and the left, appear to agree that Islamophobia is a Zionist tool. However, some right-wing anti-Zionists have never bought into that theory and have opposed both Islam and Judaism as hostile ethnic movements (this is the most truthful view). But for the most part, anti-Zionists in general are still using the Islamophobia meme, even though they can’t justify its continued use by Zionists (Mark Glenn is a good example). The most they can do to justify its continued use is to pick and choose which incident of “terrorism” is a false-flag attack—some even contending that all acts of terrorism are false flags.

Out with the Jewish Necons, in with Soros and the SJW Jewish left

The evidence indicates that the Judeo-masonic crpytocracy has manipulated the immigration policies of the West, the media, the police forces, and Western leaders to allow for the unfettered influx of hostile, violent, and brute migrants from Islamic nations, especially North Africa. There is no other reasonable explanation for the seeming organized collaborative effort of said groups. If true, wouldn’t it be contradictory for these Zionists to support the movement of large numbers of Muslims to the West whilst spreading fear of this movement in the minds of Westerners?

Further evidence that Jews have abandoned Islamphobia is media censorship/downplaying of Islamic crimes (thanks in part to Jewish-engineered “social justice” activism and dominance of the press) and identifying Islamists at the centre of these crimes. If it were their agenda, the Jewish-controlled media would be doing the opposite. They would amplify the Islamic role in the escalating crimes in Europe and the West. They would go out of their way to identify and make known that these crimes were the works of extreme Islamists, like they did during the Bush/Blair neocon era. The overall media bias of the neocon days is strikingly different from that of today’s. I don’t see any pro-Islamic anti-Zionists pointing this out. Then we have radical leftist Jew George Soros hyping the alleged problem of “Islamophobia” through his open society thinktank Demos. One leaked Soros open society document, “International Migration Initiative“, states,

…we aimed to prevent the violation of migrants’ rights by minimizing harsh border controls and decreasing the widespread use of detention and deportation.

…we should also be supporting actors in the field proactively seeking to change the policies, rules, and regulations that govern migration.

We deliberately avoided the term “global governance” because there is no single system at the global level for managing migration.

Christianity the primary target of Jewish/Islamic alliance.

Although the Soros think-tank talks of ways to undermine governments in order to advance unfettered migration, much of the work was done decades ago as Jews advanced to and influenced Western immigration policy boards and committees.

The reason Jews have abandoned Islamophobia globally, albeit perhaps not locally in the Middle East, is for their primary objective of destroying Christianity and all its vestiges. Jewish rabbis and handfuls of others have admitted this is their goal in the Islamization of the West. Judaism itself was created in reaction to Christianity, that is, as a proposed solution to Christianity. Islam serves as perhaps the greatest proxy weapon the Jewish conspirators have ever been able to employ in their hatred for Christ and the moral order. As anyone with eyes can see, this agenda has been fully engaged. The Jews don’t just want the Oded Yinon plan, they want the entire world, and there is only enough from for the Jews in the new world. Christianity must be eradicated. West Bank Rabbi Baruch Efrati, in an astonishing admission in the Jewish press, said that the “Islamization of Europe a good thing” and that “Islam a relatively honest religion”.

We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for.

Islam: Useful idiots or co-conspirators?

Orthodox Armenia—a victim of Jewish/Islamic terrorism.

Jews have helped and used their perceived enemies before, whether it was the Nazis, Hamas, Wahhabism, and especially Al Qaeda/ISIS/ISIL. It also wouldn’t be the first time that Jews used Islam against Christianity, as historian E. Michael Jones points out about Medieval anti-Christianity in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History. In a more recent example, evidence tends to show a Jewish-Islamic alliance in the Armenian genocide (Armenia is an Oriental Orthodox Christian society). In the 7th century A.D. Jews allied themselves with the Persian Sasanians in a failed attempt to overthrow the Christian Orthodox Byzantine Empire. As the above Youtube video of Rabbi Pinchas Goldscmidt illustrates, the long-running Jewish-Islamic alliance remains, despite appearances to the contrary. The Jewish-Islamic alliance is much more than Jews identifying with Muslims out of sympathy for their minority status (a sympathy Jews had for black Americans in their alliance during the civil rights buildup) in the West. They see a great opportunity in finally wiping out Christianity and any memory of Hellenic Christian morality from the face of the Earth, whether that be through the annihilation of Christianity and Islam together, or all religions simultaneously (Albert Pike’s prediction).

And where they can, Jews will continue to use false-flag terrorism, mainly through Islamic patsies (both willing and unwilling), to further their goal of destabilizing the Middle East and the West. Israel think-tank director Efraim Inbar wrote in an August 2 paper “The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake” that “instability and crises sometimes contain portents of positive change.” The paper went on to illustrate how ISIS was a useful tool against Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed in his 1994 tell-all book The Other Side of Deception that the Mossad creates and controls Islamic extremist groups.

Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel, again, as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.
—page 197

Jewish flip-flopping over perceived enemies part of the kabbalist game
If all this Jewish about facing is confusing, it’s because it’s designed to appear that way to the unaware. The goal is to guide and control the bewildered through a series of complex dialectics (literally to rule using opposites). Islam may be the enemy of Jews one day, and allies the following day—the process of which attracts proponents to either side of the orchestrated conflict, which usually serves to either bring said proponents to another tier(s) of dialectics or to some conclusive end. These staged conflicts can lead to dozens other tiers of conflicts, with a goal not realized for several generations, as is the case with the Judeo-masonic conspiracy. You have have heard of this deception termed the “Hegelian dialectic”, but its true source is the Jewish Kabbalah. The entire New World Order conspiracy, in all of its facets, is based on this Jewish alchemical concept. The Kabbalah basically teaches that one can achieve “good” using evil, of all sorts and degrees.


  1. Very good piece. You’re spot on about the dialectical confusion that is deliberately sown. For instance, strange as it may sound, the Tribe even used the 9/11 false flag to promote Islamic migration – the UK and other countries brought in laws against religious incitement to ostensibly deal with “Islamophobia” that had allegedly arisen because of the attacks.
    Indeed the term “Islamophobia” only gained widespread currency after 9/11. It also seems obvious that psy-ops like the cops confronting the Burkini wearer on the French beach, are being staged in order to garner sympathy for Islamic migrants – and also to create another phony dialectic, whereby anti-migrant conservatives make common cause with Neocons, Feminists and sexual revolutionaries, in equating topless beaches, nudism etc., with “western freedom”. That in turn persuades many social conservatives that Islamic immigration can’t be so bad if it puts a stop to the sluttiification of western women. So everyone ends up confused.
    Another point is that while everyone either talks up the threat from “Islamic terrorists” or denounces such as rhetoric as “Islamophobia” , there is another story taking shape completely unnoticed, i.e., huge hordes of migrants from other non-Christian cultures are descending on western shores – Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Mongolians, Cambodians and so on. And Hindu and Buddhist culture are making huge inroads in white western culture via Yoga, transcendental mediation and other occult eastern practices.
    A case involving an immigrant Indian Hindu expectant mother who died while having an operation, led to significant liberalisation of the Irish abortion laws. Her Indian Hindu husband very vocally campaigned for this change and the whole Indian Hindu nation got behind the case. I would argue that Hinduism is even more intrinsically hostile to Christianity than Islam is – it’s only geographical distance that has stopped it in the past from being a very deadly enemy indeed. Islam is a huge threat but the cultures of the other migrant groups aren’t exactly benign either.
    By the way great to see Ronit Lentin and Alan Shatter getting name-checked – two extremely dubious characters. Both have been at the forefront of every destructive liberal campaign in Ireland over the last 40 years: divorce, contraception, abortion ssm, and of course immigration. Significantly both are deeply hostile to any form of Irish nationalism, but deeply committed to the racist Israeli state. Lentin’s late husband, Louis, made a number of virulently anti-Catholic propaganda films full of calumnies against Irish nuns in particular.

    1. Nope, you got it all wrong. The prophet was a Christian, he acknowledges that blessed Mary was a virgin, that our Lord didn’t have an earthly father, and that Christ will return to judge dead and living. Sura number 3.
      Islam was hijacked by crypto-Judaic converts like Kaab Al Habr, and Abu Hurraiyra who wrote thousands of Hadith.
      Shiya moslems can tell you all about Judaic subversion.
      The people who come to Europe are so called Sunnis, the prophet would not have agreed on them fleeing from zionist instigated wars. They are very, very bad Moslems and do not read the Quran nor the gospels about the man Mohammed saw as his superior, that is Christ.
      Here the biggest financier of terrorism, the Saudi king, by misstake says they are Jew:
      Look up cryptojews at their own interestorganization
      Learn about Judaisms war on humanity here:

    2. You misunderstand what the article means.
      What it means is that the terrorism of 9/11 was caused by the CIA and Mossad, all terrorism is of Jewish origin but there are people who abuse the word Islamophobia as an excuse to accept Muslim immigrants in the West because they are useful tools for the rabbis’ desire to Islamize Europe, the refugees are complicit in collaborating with the Jews so much so that they believe the myth “Anti-Semitism”.
      Jews don’t like Muslims at all but they use them for their own purposes and that’s why they destroy their nations for the Yinon plan.
      I don’t approve of having an Islamized West for Muslims end up collaborating with Jews on genocide and I wish they have nations that are not harmed but unfortunately the bastard crypto Jewish leaders ruin everything and are part of Mossad,Hamas and Iran included.

  2. In my previous comment “transcendental mediation” should of course read “transcendental meditation”.

  3. Fine article. Good part on the dialectic.
    I have noticed for a few years that the Israelis the Saudis are on the same team.
    Check out this video.
    Saudi Family Is Jewish?
    William Mount
    Published on Oct 15, 2015
    They Royal Family that rules Saudi Arabia is form Turkey and claims to be Jewish. In fact -the Wahabi Religion is also of Jewish Origin – the Jews from the region of the Kazarian Empire. Their religion tells them to kill and steal all they can in the name of their god. Pray they trun to the living GOD immediately.
    Academic Freedom Teleconference
    Listen to Dr. Preston James (a pseudonym and a wig disguise)
    explain about the Kazarian MAFIA.
    also listen to Dr. Francis Boyle, a Catholic professor,
    explain how neocons are NAZIs.
    My God has a Son.

  4. In response to Timothy Fitzpatrick’s comment regarding German Couple creating Facebook page against Islamization of Germany.
    I guess I will first tell my immediate feeling when I opened this email notifying of this comment. I saw the cartoon figures of Jews that are often shown on several websites. I do not like those cartoon figures showing exagerated facial characteristics. If I understand true Catholic teaching regarding Jews, as I have learned mainly from E. Michael Jones’ work and the work of Robert Sungenis, that is unCatholic and therefore anti-Christ imagery.
    Another initial reaction I had to that comment was that the “German couple” who posted this information-packed, factual content in their Facebook page, could be totally owned and operated by Jewish or Zionist moneyed interests. To put it another way, they can be shills or “crisis actors.” I have observed these kinds of plays many times over the last five years or so where it appears that the right and reasonable side of an issue, backed up by factual data, a perspective that is ostensibly in opposition to the Jew-Zionist position. Many of us are naturally drawn to and accepting of as true such commentary because it satisfies our desire that “the problem that no one will talk about” is openly addressed, and it is addressed with content that is object and factual. But notice how the hook-nosed cartoon figures are mixed in with the otherwise objective and balanced content. This is a tell-tale sign of Sunsteinian type manipulation and psychological manipulation.
    I guess that is all I have to say. I really want there to be objective content on this issue and good true discussion, but I do not want to be manipulated into responding to something that very well could be meant to get me in to a dialectic where I am cast in the role of a bigot or racist who judges people based on their physical characteristic, or “their DNA” as EMJ would say.
    I will use the bit about this being a Facebook page under discussion. Facebook is totally controlled by Zionists and people who self-identify as Jews. More and more you can see how they have gone into overdrive in controlling their content, controlling by deleting pages and comments and controlling by promoting and allowing to be posted Facebook pages like the one here. When you observe Facebooks “neocon” / Zionist/ Jew orientation and policies and patterns lately, the incongruity of Facebook administrators/moderators allowing this German couple’s Facebook page to be posted screams deliberate deception and psyops games involved. The possibility that that German couple are honest and sincere and that their Facebook page was posted in all fairness and objectivity by Facebook moderators seems just about totally impossible to me.
    Off topic somewhat but did not know where else to post this, regarding as platform for blogs, it is of note that Dr. James Tracy just changed his popular MemoryHoleBlog away from WordPress. I am not sure what he moved his blog TO. maybe just totally self-controlled programming/coding of his blog now.
    There is much backstory to this particular matter and can only be discussed separately in another thread perhaps, but Dr. Tracy’s personal situation and his site very much involves Jewish / Zionists issues.
    Wordpress has some real issues with sites like FitzInfo that want to discuss the Jewish/Zionist issues. It is the way they have their algorithms and computer program programmed. Not good.

    1. Dachsielady, tasteless caricatures of Jews perhaps but I doubt there was any deliberate intention to trap people in a dialectic. That caricature has spread mimetically. While it may be tasteless, there are Jews who really look like that. Furthermore, caricatures of public figures are common place in journalism, particularly in editorial pieces.

  5. First of all it was a pleasure to read such a truthful written piece.
    As an English man living in China for the past 8 years I’d like to point out that Islam is not allowed to do what they want here and can not preach in the streets or have a call to prayer at stupid o’clock in the morning. They are allowed to practice as are the 130 million Christians here. Catholics, Protestants etc all have their own churches, some 100s of years old. Here they refused to take immigrants but imagine if they said ok we will take some, none of them would come for fear of not being able to get anything free or scream racism etc every time something offends this so called prophet. Jews are here but not with the influence they have in the west. No doubt they will, in the near future, try to spread their lies and stories of oppression and suffering at the hands of our ancestors through no fault of their own and that it I’d now time we suffered.
    Isis, al nusra etc all right on the border of the illegal state yet not one bomb dropped on them and at the same time remember not one soldier from there is fighting these Islamic terrorists because we all know the west and the illegal state are responsible for the birth and upbringing of Isis etc. In your list of Jews, please don’t forget Kissinger, he is the mass murdering, crypto jew who puts the plans in place.
    All of us keep talking about this but we now need affirmative action to stop this destruction and genocide of our race, our sovereignty, our European white history.
    On the subject of white history, Jews are also still blaming us for slavery to further the race wars currently going on in the USA and soon to spread to Europe if not already done so. They have wiped the history books where it was clear that slaves both black and white were shipped and paid for by Jews.
    I am an atheist but that does not mean I go against the Christian traditions of white race countries, in fact I will openly support them as we as a race are now at extinction level and we must stand and fight for the future of our children and their children.

  6. The problem with Soviet and Israeli Islam is that they instead of promoting a peaceful Islam took all the negative parts of the Quran and Hadiths but in doing so created terrorism and deceived the Muslim world by saying that the European populations are to blame.
    How did this happen? They only put leaders who look like Muslims but in reality they were Jews as was also Arafat,Taliban,Iranian leaders and similar to them.
    Muslim and Christian populations are deceived because most people do not want to accept that terrorism has always been of Jewish origin and that the leaders of the Middle East are all crypto-Jews.
    The fact remains that despite this, Jews of Arab and Persian descent are considered inferior to Ashkenazi Jews because they have to serve them.
    Using a pro-Jewish Islam is very dangerous for the West and is anti-Christian and if we know what Abu Bakr as-Siddiq,Umar and Ka’ab al-Ahbar who were all crypto-Jews had done we know why Islam is easily infiltrated by crypto-Jews.

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