The Judaeo-Masonic Roots of Ulster British Loyalism

An Ulster British Loyalist mural depicting the two masonic pillars (Boaz and Jachin) along with a stylized Jewish hexagram (showing British allegiance to Jewry).

By Jude Duffy
August 3, 2016, Anno Domini

Contrary to what some in the alternative media suggest, Ireland, not Italy, is the birthplace of modern false-flag terror—specifically British Masonic false-flag terror. Around the world, many have heard of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), but few outside Ireland and Britain know of their ostensible adversaries in the Northern Irish “Troubles”, the British “Loyalist” paramilitaries. There’s a good reason for this: the global Anglo-Zionist Masonic global propaganda network succeeded in branding the Irish Troubles as a conflict between Irish nationalist fanatics and Northern Irish Protestants responding to the violence of these fanatics. But the Loyalist terror groups weren’t responding to violence from Irish nationalists: they instigated the violence.[1] And the Loyalists weren’t Irish either—they were British proxies. In fairness, they never claimed to be anything else, insisting always that they fought to maintain Northern Ireland as a British province.

So, Loyalist terrorism wasn’t an Irish “problem”; it was a British problem. However, from the point of view of the British Masonic state, the great thing about branding the Loyalists as an internal Northern Irish movement, was that it let the British Masonic state off the hook, casting it as a noble disinterested intermediary, desperately trying to find a solution fair to both sides. In reality, British Masonry was the covert choreographer of the whole grisly pantomime, actively directing almost all of the loyalist violence, and most of the Republican violence too.[2]

At first glance, it might seem like a mystery that the corporate media in Ireland, Britain, and elsewhere generally support Northern Irish Unionism and Loyalism. After all, the Unionists are ostensibly the “conservative” side in this conflict. Many older Northern Irish Unionists still attend church, eschew shopping on Sunday, and support the British monarchy. Even their dress bespeaks conservatism: at their Summer parades, they wear dark suits, old-fashioned bowler hats, and carry rolled up umbrellas. Unionist parties, too, still tend to be rather less enamoured of political correctness and cultural Marxism than modern Sinn Fein, which, under the disastrous leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, has become largely indistinguishable from the British Labour Party, or the U.S. Democrats. One would thus expect the media to favour Sinn Fein over the Unionist fuddy duddies every time.

But it isn’t so. For instance, no media on the face of the earth are more mindlessly politically correct and left liberal in every respect than the Irish media. Yet they have had a very long-standing love-in with Unionism and Loyalism, and harp obsessively on Irish Republican violence, while ignoring, excusing, or even glorifying, Loyalist Protestant violence.[3] The same is true of the media in most of the western world, which whitewash British atrocities in Ireland, even though they were and are frequently both more sadistic and more indiscriminate than the attacks of Irish Republicans.

To solve this apparent conundrum of liberal media support for “conservative” Unionism, one needs to understand the deep Masonic and philo-Judaic roots of Northern Irish British Unionism/Loyalism.
The Unionist establishment in Northern Ireland is joined at the hip to both Freemasonry and Zionism. British Masons and Zionists both live by the motto: “leftism for our enemies, right-wing nationalism for ourselves”. Therefore, for Anglo-Zionist Masonry, the craven political correctness of modern Irish “nationalism” represents a Masonic triumph over Catholic Ireland. A nationalist movement that embraces mass immigration, same-sex marriage, feminism, and the abortion of its own children, is not a nationalist movement at all, but an instrument of collective suicide.

Moreover, the common supposition that Northern Irish Unionism suffers from an excess of dour conservatism and narrow religiosity obscures its history of extreme lawlessness and Masonic subversion. Its roots lie in revolutionary Masonry and the cabalistic Anglo-Protestant-imperialism that took on its modern form in England in the Elizabethan era. Nor has it necessarily become more law abiding with the passage of time. The modern Northern Irish Protestant statelet came into being via an armed mass rebellion by Anglo-Irish and Northern Irish Protestants in the Edwardian era against the decision of the British Parliament to grant Home Rule to Ireland.

British Rothschild Zio-Masonry sponsored this Orange rebellion, which led to the partition of Ireland in 1923.


The treaty that codified that partition stated that no new laws enacted by the new nominally independent Irish state could in any way affect the protection of Freemasonry in the new country. To this day, the Dublin Masonic Grand Temple in Dublin sits opposite the Irish Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament). When Ian Paisley met the then Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Bertie Ahern, in 2007, he greeted him with the words “I want to give this man a good grip”, at which point the two men exchanged what looked suspiciously like a Masonic handshake.[4] Brian Cowen replaced Ahern as Taoiseach in 2008, and within days of his elevation was caught on a live microphone in Dail Eireann calling the then leader of the opposition and his colleagues “Freemason F…ers” (I’d provide a reference for this story if I could find one, but although Cowen’s outburst was reported in all the major Irish media at the time, it appears to have been subsequently comprehensively scrubbed from the Internet!). A few months later, a huge financial and banking crisis hit Cowen’s government, and in 2011 he was removed from office in a media-orchestrated coup. Enda Kenny, the leader of the “Freemason f…ers”, took his place as Taoiseach in the general election that followed and is still Taoiseach today.

The Rev. Ian Paisley crossing the bridge over the River Boyne at the site of the Battle of the Boyne, for the Independant Loyal Orange Institution’s, Centenary Parade and Service. Photo by Chris Bacon

Anglo-Masonry rules the roost in the Republic of Ireland every bit as much as it does in the north of Ireland, if not more so. When British Orange Masonic terrorists murdered 33 people in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974, the Irish Garda (police) refused to investigate the attacks. To this day, no one has ever been convicted for them. An Irish state inquiry headed by a former Supreme Court judge, Henry Barron, stated that it was neither far-fetched nor fanciful to believe that British state forces were involved[5], yet successive Irish governments have failed to challenge the British state over its withholding of crucial evidence relating to the bombings.

The Orange Order was founded by three Freemasons in 1795, with the purpose of unifying Irish Protestants in defence of British Masonic rule in Ireland. The “Orange” in the title of course refers to the homosexual paedophile William of Orange, and his successful invasion of England in 1688, and his subsequent victory in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690— a victory that cemented his rule. Many of the subsequent travails that beset not just Britain and Ireland, but also the rest of the world in the succeeding centuries, can be traced back to this decisive triumph of cabalist Whiggism.

Yet conservative and traditionalist Catholics, many of whom, consciously or unconsciously, have internalised the narratives of the “conservative” wing of Anglo-Masonry, tend to place all the blame for modern ills on the French Revolution of 1789—when in truth, that bloodfest was simply a delayed aftershock from the events of a hundred years earlier in Britain and Ireland. British “conservative” Masonry only turned on the French Revolutionaries after the latter began attacking the British Masonic agents in France who had played a crucial role in instigating the revolution in the first place[6]. Likewise, the Orange Order was formed in order to ensure that Irish Protestants did not stray into the Irish separatist revolutionary camp. In other words, the whole dispute over the French Revolution was simply two strands of Masonry slugging it out for control.

Orangeism is, therefore, only ‘”conservative” in the sense that all revolutionary movements need to exploit conservative sentiment in order to provide stabilising ballast. As Engels once said: “Nothing is more authoritarian than a revolution.” For instance, without the backing of “conservative” evangelical Protestants, and to a lesser extent “conservative” Catholics (aka “Neo-Catholics”), would the Trotskyist Neocon agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere have succeeded? It should be noted in this context that Northern Irish Orangeists, like their Protestant counterparts in the U.S., eagerly supported this revolutionary programme for remaking the Middle East in order to advance the goal of Greater Israel.

It’s also important to remember that it is eminently possible to exaggerate even the “contingent conservatism” of the Orangeists. For instance, the British intelligence-directed Loyalist paramilitary groups such as the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) are every bit as left liberal as Sinn Fein. Indeed, in conjunction with “Russian” mafia and Triad gangs, they are heavily involved in trafficking huge numbers of illegal migrants to Ireland, the vast majority of whom, quelle surprise, end up in the Republic of Ireland[7]. That, incidentally, represents another triumph for British Masonry: the destruction of the Catholic Irish nation through mass immigration of a scale proportionally unparalleled in the western world.

The late Reverend Ian Paisley is the obvious example of the Loyalist Protestant Zio-shill. Until his death in 2014, Paisley was widely regarded as the spiritual and political leader of Northern Irish Protestants, yet he was anything but a law-abiding man of the cloth. From the late 1950s onwards, he led and participated in a variety of terrorist and quasi terrorist movements. In the late 1950s, he formed Ulster Protestant Action, a group of loyalist thugs that specialised in terrorizing undefended Catholic enclaves in Belfast. In the 1960s he and John McKeague set up the Ulster Protestant Volunteers—a group that meted out extreme violence to Catholic civil rights marchers.

McKeague was leader of the Red Hand. The logo of this Ulster Loyalist paramilitary group displays the Jewish hexagram along with the masonic Egyptian winged sun disk.

McKeague was a notorious homosexual paedophile and psychopath, who went on to found a fully fledged loyalist terrorist group, the Red Hand Commando. He liked to torture his young Catholic victims before killing them. It is widely acknowledged that McKeague’s close connections to the Unionist establishment protected him from prosecution for his many crimes[8]. He was eventually murdered by the Irish National Liberation Army (the INLA), in 1982.

1982 article from News of the World about sex abuse coverup at Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast. Click to Enlarge.

Paisley was also very close to another homosexual paedophile loyalist terrorist leader, William McGrath. A pillar of the Orange Order, McGrath ran the infamous east Belfast Kincora Boys Home, now widely believed to have been used by British intelligence to entrap and blackmail leading figures in the Northern Irish Unionist and British establishments[9]. He founded and led the small Protestant terrorist group TARA. According to Martin Dillon, the author of several books on Loyalist terrorism and its British state sponsors, McGrath had been an Mi6 agent from the late 1950s onwards[10].

Paisley also took part in the 1974 Loyalist paramilitary led Ulster Workers Council general strike, which, in collusion with the British security services and the BBC[11], brought down the Sunningdale power sharing executive—an internal bipartisan settlement ostensibly designed to give Catholics and Protestants equality before the law in Northern Ireland.

In the early 1980s, Paisley formed a quasi-paramilitary group called the Third Force, which staged midnight incursions into the Irish Republic. In the mid- to late 1980s, he belonged to Ulster Resistance, an alliance of “respectable” Unionist pillars of the establishment and Loyalist terrorists, which used Israeli agents to import weapons to Northern Ireland[12] for the purpose of overthrowing the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland—another ostensible attempt to achieve peace in the north of Ireland that Unionists, Loyalists, and their influential British backers took exception to.

In the 1990s, Paisley’s party, the Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP), forged close links with the very most extreme elements in Loyalist terrorism. Leading members of the DUP held rallies in support of Billy Wright, an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) terrorist who parted ways with this terrorist group on the grounds that it had gone soft, and set up his own more extreme group, the Loyalist Volunteer Force. Wright is said to have murdered up to 50 Catholics, but that didn’t stop leading members of Paisley’s party sharing platforms with him, and openly supporting his terrorist campaign.[13]

Wright was eventually murdered in prison by members of the INLA, but his sister has since stated that he had been an agent of British intelligence, which threw him to the wolves once he had outlived his usefulness.[14]
It’s worth noting that when Paisley died, the corporate media maintained a deafening silence about his close connections to paedophile terrorists like McGrath and McKeague. Paisley was an avid Zionist who regularly visited Israel and claimed that Northern Irish Protestants were one of the twelve lost tribes of Israel. A staunch supporter of western Zionist wars such as the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, Paisley, according to the British Jewish documentary maker, Jon Ronson, spoke fluent Hebrew and vehemently denied the presence of any global Jewish or Zionist conspiracy[15], claiming instead that the real global conspiracy was of Irish Catholic provenance.
In order to demonstrate their Zionist credentials, he and his successor as DUP leader, Peter Robinson, both visited Israel.

The DUP is, without question, the most fanatically pro-Israel political grouping in the British House of Commons—some achievement given the iron control the Israel lobby wields over the Tory, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties in Britain. Indeed, one of Paisley’s last acts as DUP leader was to form the DUP Friends of Israel. According to the Jewish News, DUP members have also pressed police authorities on the legality of anti-Israel protests, and launched fierce criticism of the Co-op group in Britain for its policy of boycotting Israeli products from the West Bank. Five DUP Members of the Westminster House of Commons were among only 12 out of 676 British MPs to vote against recognising a Palestinian state. David McIlveen, North Antrim DUP Assembly Member, sums up the DUP’s Zio-centric agenda thusly: “Whenever we feel there is an unfair portrayal of Israel in the social or mainstream media, we do our best to try and argue against it”.[16]

Contrary to the fervent support for Loyalism to be found in many British “white nationalist” circles, Zionism and Loyalism enjoy a very cosy relationship. David Trimble, the leader from 1995 to 2005, of the older and less populist wing of Northern Irish Unionism, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), is also a fervent Zionist, and a leading member of the Neoconservative Henry Jackson Society. When he won the Nobel Prize for his alleged role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, his acceptance speech was written by a notorious Dublin-based former Marxist-Leninist turned Neocon, Eoghan Harris. Harris writes for the Sunday Independent, a trashy soft-porn Neocon Dublin newspaper, where he waxes in an absurdly florid style on the evils of Irish nationalism, and the righteousness of Zionism and Anglo-American military interventionism. He belonged to the avidly Stalinist Workers Party of Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s, but like so many erstwhile communists, he jumped on the Neocon bandwagon in the 1990s and became Ireland’s leading champion of western military interventionism.[17] Other leading figures in Trimble’s circle—e.g. the Northern Irish historian Paul Bew—also belonged to the Workers Party—proof once more of the cosy familial relationship between Neoconservatism and the Marxist left.[18]

Like Paisley, Trimble had close connections to loyalist paramilitarism. He belonged to the paramilitary group, Vanguard, in the early 1970s and to the Ulster Resistance movement in the 1980s. Like Paisley, he avidly supports the various western Zionist wars of modern times.

Although most corporate presstitutes downplay its significance, “the Irish question” is still a dividing line in British politics. Regardless of whether they’re Jewish or not, most of the leading journalistic voices of hardline Zionism in Britain, oppose any form of Irish nationalism with at least as much vim as they oppose the movement for Palestinian statehood: whether it be Charles Moore, Dean Godson, and Michael Gove on the Neoconservative right; or David Aaronovitch, David Winnick, and Julie Burchill on the Zionist left, Anglo-Zionism and Hibernophobia go together like funny handshakes go with rolled up trouser legs. Last St Patrick’s Day, Aaronovitch, a Jewish Chronicle columnist, former communist, and arguably the most fanatical champion of Zionist wars in the British media, wrote a piece in the Murdoch-owned Times, condemning “the blood stained past” of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.[19] Like many of his ilk, Aaronovitch sees nothing to lament in the incomparably more bloodstained (and much more recent) past of the Iraq, Afghan, and Libyan invasions. Of course, a key difference between the 1916 leaders and modern western Zio-interventionists like Aaronovitch is that the 1916 men put their own lives on the line and didn’t demand that others make sacrifices they wouldn’t make themselves.

The one anomaly in all of this is the British far right. That persuasion has long been in denial about the Zionist and Masonic reality of Northern Irish Loyalism. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise, since so called British white nationalism is in reality often a thinly disguised form of Anglo-Israelist supremacism, which has never quite gotten around to admitting that the British Empire was and is largely a project for Masonic/Rothschild political and economic hegemony. Furthermore their objection to Zionist ethnic cleansing in Palestine, while just in itself, is often laced with a fair dollop of hypocrisy, in that the same folk invariably rush to defend British Israelist attempts to extirpate the Irish nation—not to mention England’s largely unsuccessful efforts to impose its will on continental Catholic Europe in the centuries after the Reformation.

Contrary to the British far-right’s parroting of Anglo-Masonry’s anti-Irish narratives, Orangeism is undeniably steeped in Zionism. As Avraham Citron, a visiting Chabad Lubbavitch rabbi from Los Angeles, noted approvingly, Israeli flags often fly prominently in Protestant areas of Belfast,[20] as they do at Loyalist-supported soccer clubs, such as Glasgow Rangers and Linfield. In an interview with the Jewish Telegraph Agency, prominent Belfast Jewess Shoshana Appleton observed piquantly that Northern Irish Protestants are more pro-Israel than their Jewish compatriots are![21]

Nor is this cultural and political amity all one-way traffic. According to Martin Dillon, Israeli agents have worked closely with Loyalist terror groups and front groups like Ulster Resistance, supplying them with weapons for use in the murder of Irish Catholics, and for the enforcement side of their organised crime rackets.[22]

Northern Irish Jews acknowledge their strong preference for the British Unionist camp, but put this down to the traditional Jewish tendency to “support the establishment” (yes, seriously!).[23]

Doubtless the fervent philo-Judaism of much post-Scofield Protestantism plays a part in all of this, but so too does the domination of Northern Irish Protestant culture by the so called “Loyal Orders”. This is the name given to four crypto-Masonic societies dedicated to protecting Nothern Ireland’s Protestant and British heritage. The four orders are: the Apprentice Boys of Derry – the most working class of the quartet; the Orange Order – the best known and most broad based; the Royal Arch Purple – a more elite branch of the Orange Order; and finally, the Black Preceptory – widely viewed as the poshest and most conservative of the four.

Though both Freemasons and Loyal Order members frequently deny any necessary connection between Masonry and Loyal Orderism, the rituals of Orangemen, “Purplemen”, and “Blackmen” tell a very different story. Upon becoming a member of the Orange Order, the neophyte is told that he is a member of “the elect”, and that as an “Anglo-Saxon Protestant” (itself a profoundly misleading descriptor) he is a descendant of believing Israel. By the same token, with no theological, racial, or historical grounds whatsoever, members of the Black Preceptory (Blackmen) are told they belong to the Israeli tribe of Levi and the Order of Melchisadech.[24]

If all this sounds remarkably close to the Jewish ideology of chosen-ness, that’s no accident. In common with other forms of Masonry, Orangeist ethnic supremacism consciously mimics the Judaic variety at almost every point. In his essay “Anglo (or British) Israelism and the Orange Order”, Professor E. Odlum states: “I now affirm as a matter of knowledge that every strongly intelligent Orangeman in the British Empire is a believer in Anglo-Israel theology”.[25] Billy Logan, the head of the Royal Black Preceptory, likewise declares unabashedly: “I fervently support Israel and we consider ourselves true friends of our Jewish neighbours.”[26]

As with mainstream Freemasonry, the higher one ascends to the upper echelons of Loyal Orderism, the more creepily occult the rituals become. As part of his initiation ceremony, the Royal Arch Purple candidate sits blindfolded in a mock coffin, and vows to destroy his own life if he divulges the teaching of the order.

He has a rope tied around his neck, and has most of his clothes removed, while a purple ribbon is tied to his shirt.
The new recruit also partakes in a bizarre ceremony called “riding the goat”, in which, still blindfolded, he is wrapped in a canvas sheet and then kicked and tossed about by the assembled members of the Arch. He is then beaten with brambles (and in some cases holly) while the established Purple brethren laugh and bleat like goats.[27]

The initiation rituals of the most elite loyal order of them all, the Royal Black Preceptory, are just as weird, and involve drinking a toast from a human skull, and receiving instruction in the presence of either an “exhumed” human remains, or a skull and crossbones. To enter a Black Preceptory meeting, the individual must knock “I, 2, 3” twice in a swift staccato manner. “Blackman” handshakes involve both persons bending the four fingers of the right hand slightly and allowing their thumbs to meet. They follow this by covering their clasped hands with their left hands.[28]

A former member of the Royal Arch Purple, Protestant evangelical Peter Malcolmson, has written two books on the Loyal Orders, and does not hesitate to call their rituals Satanic.[29] In this context, it should be noted that in the 1970s, rumours circulated in Northern Ireland that Loyalist killers such as McKeague engaged in satanic ritual torture of their victims.[30] The killings of the notorious Orange murder gang, the Shankill Butchers, also featured horrific ritualistically sadistic elements that could be interpreted as Satanic. Colin Wallace, a former PR officer for the British Army in Northern Ireland, has admitted that as part of his official duties, he set up Satanic witches’ circles in nationalist Catholic areas of Northern Ireland, in order, he says, to frighten and demoralise the local populations of these localities.[31] Sharing, as they do, the same occult roots, and the same supremacist ideology, it should come as no surprise to find that both Orangeists and their British securocrat ringmasters are no strangers to witchcraft.

Orangeism is the Northern Irish face of Anglo-Masonic esoteric imperialism. Many Anglo-conservatives, seduced by the prestige the Empire bestowed on Britain—not to mention its pageantry and apparent traditionalism—assume it was and is a conservative phenomenon when nothing could be further from the truth. Although British Masonry invented an entirely bogus racial justification for its supremacism (the indigenous English population are not predominantly Anglo-Saxon and are considerably less “Aryan” than their neighbours) British imperialism, military, political and cultural, did more to advance the breakdown of national identity among European nations (including the British nations) than any other force in history.

G.K. Chesterton once said of the Freemason and British Empire jingoist, Rudyard Kipling, that he loved England not because it was English but because it was great. Chesterton saw the British Empire as undermining the essence of Englishness—a prophetic insight vindicated by events that began to take shape a few short years after his death. In its modern form, Anglo-Zio-masonic supremacism undermines the essence, not just of Englishness, but of all European nationalities. The virtual imposition of the English language across Europe, together with “Anglo-Saxon” economic models and ubiquitous surveillance, has not only shredded the cultural fabric of the continent, but facilitated huge waves of migration—waves that have the potential to completely destroy “old Europe”.

But then Anglo-Masonic supremacists might not be too bothered by that, since their form of jingoism has traditionally viewed Christian Europe (and Ireland), not non-Europeans, as the great enemies of “British liberal, (i.e. Masonic, anti-Catholic) values”. During the recent British referendum on E.U. membership, most Orangeists and most British Neocons supported Brexit, on the grounds that Britain’s spiritual hinterland was not Europe, but the multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-racial Commonwealth. Ironically, for all the chauvinistic chest-thumping of the Brexiters, the E.U. itself is an Anglo-Zionist project, as evidenced by the wholesale destruction of European languages, cultures, and ethnic identities that has taken place since its inception in the 1950s. Thus, spurning the E.U. in order to bolster one’s relations with the Commonwealth is akin to leaving Grand Orient Freemasonry in order to concentrate on one’s membership of the Scottish Rite variety. Both lead to the same place in the end: perdition.

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[2] Moloney’s book is also a useful, if rather oblique, primer to the extent of British control of the Provisional IRA – especially under the leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. There is now overwhelming evidence that the IRA was infiltrated at the very highest level: see for example the Irish News article:”Shankill allegations call into question all we once knew about a bloody time” (Alison Morris, January 25, 2016) about the revelation that an 1993 IRA bomb attack on a fish and chip shop in the Belfast Protestant heartland of the Shankill Road, was carried out by a British agent.
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  1. I will send this to True Restoration radio and to Father Donald Sanborn.
    Traditional Catholic priests still do not teach us, or teach us enough or clearly enough, about the Judaic origin and nature of Freemasonry. Always refer to it as Judeo-Freemasonry. And at the very root of that diabolical entity is Luciferianism / Satanism.
    (Please refer me to the Fitzinfo article that most clearly draws the connection between Judaism and Freemasonry.)
    “blindfolded and naked or near naked in a mock coffin
    drinking a toast from a human skull”
    Sounds like the initiation ceremony of Yale’s Skull and Bones society.

    1. Fantastic article! Please do send it to Bishop Sanborn. He slammed Bishop Williamson at the time of his “Holocaust” controversy. I think some of these traddies are more concerned about losing followers and the resultant income than they are about the truth.

  2. Dachsielady: “Sounds like the Yale’s Skull and Bones society.”
    That’s exactly what struck me when I first read about the rituals of the Black Preceptory – how very like the Skull and Bones it was. The same rituals keep cropping up in all these Judaeo-Masonic groups. Interesting too that in Skull and Bones the likes of John Kerry represent the “left”, and the Bush clan and William Buckley represent the “right”. It’s the same with Orangeism and “Blackism” – Paisley represented the pseudo-religious right, David Trimble represents political “conservatism”, and the UVF and UDA represents the working class left. All bases are covered in Masonry.

    1. There are still mis or dis-info agents in the alternative media who insist that Skull and Bones is replete with Jesuit symbolism.

    2. Mary Louise: Today while watching an excellent YouTube video by Dr James Wardner on the Freemasons, I noticed a sidebar video featuring Professor Anthony Sutton talking about Skull and Bones. Unfortunately the title under it was, “The Jesuit Order of the Skull and Bones”. However, Sutton doesn’t mention the Jesuits once in the video, and in “America’s Secret Establishment”, his book on the Skull and Bones, he doesn’t mention them once either. In fact the book makes it clear that Skull and Bones is essentially an outgrowth of New England Anglo Puritanism. Perhaps Sutton wrote about the Jesuits elsewhere (I’m not familiar with all his work) but it looks to me like the Zio-Protestant Masons are brazenly hijacking and subverting his research in order to advance the Zio “it’s not the Jews, it’s the Jesuits” diversionary disinfo agenda.

      1. Jesuit theorists will often re-title articles and videos even though the content might have nothing to do with the Jesuits or the Vatican. For example, I think I have seen stuff like “Jesuit Protocols of Zion”.

    3. Tim, that re-titling you speak of is proof positive, if it were needed, that the Jesuit conspiracy stuff is a co-ordinated disinfo scam. If the Jesuit bashers were sincere but misguided folk, they wouldn’t try and deceive people as to the true content of Sutton’s work or the Protocols – they’d argue their theory honestly. I’ve come across anti-Jesuit shills who will lie bald-facedly about matters of easily ascertainable fact, e.g. one English shill claimed that everyone in George W Bush’s cabinet was a Catholic. When I called him out on this utter nonsense he said, Oh yeah I got that one wrong, everyone makes mistakes, but anyway they’re all secret Jesuit agents, don’t you know. His real scam was to tell as many whoppers as possible and hope that no-one challenged them – and that the lies would thereby become common currency in conspiracy circles – and even among the wider public (it’s obviously much easier for anti-Catholic conspiracy disinfo to gain traction in the mainstream than for anti-Tribe or anti Masonic stuff to do likewise – as the corporate media are only too eager to promote anti-Catholic memes – no matter how absurd).
      By the way Paisley was an ardent promoter of anti-Jesuit conspiracy disinfo, as are the vast majority of Zio-Protestants.

  3. There came a messenger from Christ with a simple message called “Humbleness”. immediately followed the Goat of mendes, the “goat & god” of freemasonry, with a message of heavy Occultism, very much in tune with the words of Jesus “Get thee behind me, satan” Even as the son of God speaks in Rev. to the Church of Thyatira ” —–for those who have not known the depth of satan—-” Those goat initiations & its occultic works does indicate as to what this “depth of satan is” which can be called as a strap (in this case) of so called Zionist British Ulster, to Death, off the devil, against the strap of St. Peter through the words “My yoke is easy & my burden light” off Christ , to Life.
    ‘Intimidation comes out of the Policy “Divide & Rule” which same policy through intimidation was used to cause the Protestant breakaway from the Mother Church ,heavily scented with Zionism.

  4. I did send this article yesterday to Bishop Dolan who is pastor of traditional Catholic Church, St. Gertrude’s, in Ohio. I think Dolan is an Irish name so thought since this article tells the true story of what happened to Ireland he would be the best one to send it to.
    Bishop Sanborn, am thinking is not Irish, was raised in New York City (Brooklyn I think) and he has explained how the Jews dominate all media he never has specifically addressed he Jewish – Freemasonic infiltration and destruction of the Church and societies and cultures and national sovereignty in general.
    I am just beginning to notice that the group of clerics and show hosts associated with True Restoration do seem to avoid like the plague any mention of this subject. I got into a small disagreement when commenting on a NovusOrdoWatch article recently when then said they had no idea why I mentioned E. Michael Jones’ book, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, when discussing something to do with Dr. Jones. I strongly replied and the anonymous moderator and main writer for that site politely backed down.
    It is becoming increasingly impossible to keep trying to avoid this issue.
    The moderator at the (Irishman) Dr. James Kelly’s website, Memory Hole Blog, strongly put down a poster who nicely and objectively suggested that all the false flag events and other evidences of destruction of the USA are the work of “Zionists” or Jews. I was really disappointed in that. Dr. Kelly was fired for covering the Sandy Hook fake school shooting incident by the legal efforts of some fake Jewish parents of a fake murdered child with the administrators of the Florida University where he was a professor.
    Mr. Timothy Kelly,
    is an excellent, well-informed on many subjects, show host who acknowledges his Catholic faith and has Dr. Jones on several times. He does a better job that most on broaching this issue but he focuses on a very wide range of subjects. His website does not at all push asking for donations though I do notice he has a PayPall button now. Suggest everyone sign up to hear his weekly broadcasts. I do comment there sometimes.
    It is all very frustrating to me. My country and the world are in total meltdown as well as my Church.

  5. It is difficult today to defend the Jesuits because now their educational institutions are suffused with the heresy of Modernism, great error of Vatican II that created a new sect that changes, substantially, the true Catholic Church dogmas and doctrines. Read beautiful encylical, Pacendi, by Pope Saint Pius X.
    There were many early Jesuits who not only valiantly and most effectively defended the Church during the Protestant Revolution and other heresies The Jesuits and European education, almost all of it, are almost synonymous terms, The Jesuits were one of the main Catholic orders that civilized the North American indigenous people, beginning in the northeast with the Hurons. Education, the fatth-AND-reason Catholic kind, is also just about synonymous with Western civilization.
    The “right wing conspiracy theorists” and “patriot community” and “Americanism” became major foes of the Catholic Church. “Liberation theology” as practiced in South America was very much a Marxist-Jewish philosophy. Somehow helping the poor and disdaining legitimate government became very important ideas in the Americas. E. Michael Jones covers the Jesuit phenomena in his book, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.
    The “right wing conspiracy theorists”, e.g. The John Birch Society, make a big deal out of “the Jesuit”, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati. Again, I can find no evidence that Weishaupt was a formal member of the Jesuits though he was educated by Jesuits and became a professor of canon law at Inglestadt University, a position traditionally only held by members of the Society of Jesus. Some say Weishaupt was a Jew. So that feeds in to the Jewish aspect of “the NWO conspiracy.”
    Another famous Jesuit is John Courtney Murray. See John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition: How the CIA’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church, by David A. Wemhoff. The error of Americanism is very much against Christ’s Church’s teachings. So that muddies the whole Protestant brand of American patriotism. Catholic social teaching is based on providing for the common good of the most number of people so that each has a maximized chance to achieve salvation and go to heaven, the only thing that matters to a Catholic Christian. That is not the basic tenet of American government or Protestant ideology.
    A cross traditional Catholics must bear today is that the heretical apostate modernist Catholic clerics of today are what Protestants and Jews rail against as “Catholics” , but that is a novus ordo section, NOT the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ , visible, alive, infallible and indefectible, and will prevail until Christ returns.

    1. Agreed. The Jesuits now, if they weren’t corrupt enough before, have been absorbed into the modernist conciliar church. As you point out, this makes it very difficult to shed truth on the historical Jesuits. From what I have read, Weishaupt became a professor at Ingolstadt only after the Jesuits had abandoned the university. I may have mentioned that in my critique of the Jesuit conspiracy theory.

      1. Attesting to how much my web searching is spied upon by some probably Google/Youtube related stealth web entity, I was presented as a recommended video for me today, the following video.
        Edward Hendrie – Jesuits are Crypto-Jews
        Published on Jul 3, 2013
        Edward Hendrie in ‘Power of Prophecy’ with Texe Marrs, June 2013.
        The comments on YT on that video were interesting.
        Now there you will have the strongest guns against Catholicism and against the Jesuits.
        Unfortunately both men, Texe Marrs and Edward Hendrie, have been sucked into the Judeo-Masonic Protestant heresy and they don’t even have a clue.
        I still want to do deeper research into the connection between Freemasonry and Judaism, which definitely takes in the Jesuit order, but the Protestant “experts” on this are unable to do unbiased truthful exposition of all the facts, and there are no traditional Catholic apologists speaking on this important subject that I know of.
        I guess we should all just do as Jesus said
        and we will be provided with the truth we need for our souls.

        1. I will try my best to do my part. I plan a part II critique of the Jesuit theory, but I need more information. I am not knowledgeable enough about the history of finance. Going to order E. Michael Jones’ Barren Metal soon. Hopefully it will cover a lot of the content you, I, and Northsider have been discussing.

  6. Here is a very interesting interview of E. Michael Jones.
    From about 38:29 to 41:51 Dr. Jones addresses the beginnings of Freemasonry in its modern form. It all began in about 1721 when the Whigs took over the lodges, the old kind of freemason lodges in Scotland which were simply builders’ (crafts/trades) unions.
    There is no mention at all of the Jesuit Order in this interview. Maybe Ignatius Loyala was a “Marano” Jew who never was a real Catholic, but I still am having a hard time accepting that and wish for clarification. Father William Jenkins of WCBOhio YouTubeChannel did an old video where he explained in detail how Loyola “got started” but Father Jenkins absolutely did not mention any possibility about Loyola being a “converso” or fake Catholic convert in Spain during the takeover by the Moors. I cannot find that specific old video as, sadly, these many old videos, which were originally an Ohio public access TV show, are not subject indexed.
    I remember someone asked Dr. Jones about present-day Jesuits and he replied ‘ some of them are good and some of them are bad.”
    I still say the entire Jesuit order cannot be dismissed as Jewish Revolutionary Spirit entity. The Jesuits combated Enlightenment materialism and naturalism, or anti – “faith” / supernaturalism and therefore they combated and used their intellectual gifts against the Jews..

  7. Dachsielady: a very good interview in spite of the awful music at the start. Dr Jones is one of the few Catholic writers in modern times to probe the Judaeo-Protestant alliance that is at the core of Freemasonry. You often hear Anglo-far rightists say that the Zio-media target Anglo-Protestants. Well you could have fooled me. How many Oscar winning films have been made about Protestant clerical abuse? In fact the Zio-media never mention the subject, even though Protestants themselves admit that such abuse is very widespread in their communities. And which were the countries targeted for destruction in the 2008 Zio-bankster takedown? Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain. Four Catholic and one Orthodox – not a Protestant nation to be found among them. The media even had an acronym for these countries: “the PIGS”. When did traditional Catholics lose the sense that they had very powerful enemies OUTSIDE the Church as well as inside it?

    1. Recently, Mark Glenn’s TUT site ( good as MG’s site is, I tend to find him a bit too philo-Islamic at times, which makes me wonder if he would be quite so pro-Muslim if they were invading his country in vast numbers), posted an item about Glasgow Celtic fans displaying Palestinian flags at a Champions League qualifying match against an Israeli team. Cue much self-laudatory chest thumping by a certain Glaswegian commentator, who I will designate DL, who stated that the Scots – unlike, by implication, the rest of the benighted Brits, always supported the Palestinian cause. Which is nonsense in itself. I’ve got into argument on forums with anti-Catholic Scottish Calvinists who absolutely ADORE Jews and Israel
      I, with no ulterior motive other than to shed a bit of light on the broader history which might explain the reasons for Celtic fan’s antipathy toward Israel, posted a link to the above article. Well, DL, who had displayed no love for the English or the Unionist cause and had, indeed, voted for Scottish independence, immediately responded by claiming that the article was one-sided and how beastly the IRA were,etc,etc. Maybe he thought that I was attempting to transfer the ‘glory’ for the pro-Palestinian demonstration from the Scots onto Irish Catholics. Also he may have been triggered by the article because so many Ulster Unionist fanatics, including Paisley himself, are of Lowland Scottish descent.
      Another respondent to the article, a woman, said how wonderful the Scottish are and how they can empathise with the Palestinians who, like them, have had their country stolen from them by an alien invading entity at the behest of the English blah blah blah. I responded by saying that she was delusional if she believed that the Scots played no part in British colonialism and, indeed, that Lord Balfour was a Scotsman.
      Lol, the above demonstrates how being English-born of Irish Catholic descent tends to make one schizophrenic.

    2. Mary Louise: In one sense your correspondent DL is right: My article (yes it was me!) was one-sided in that it only dealt with Northern Irish loyalism, because that was its subject – simple as! I hope sometime soon to write an article about how the Irish Republican movement has likewise been infiltrated and co-opted. The reason I wrote the piece on Loyalism is because many folk are under the impression that it is a conservative anti-leftist cause: it’s nothing of the sort – anymore than the cause of Israel is conservative or right-wing. Also in a sense the boot is on the other foot. British self-styled white nationalists of the loyalist persuasion clearly have much more loyalty to the Rothschild British Empire than they do to the cause of European mankind’s survival – otherwise they would have no truck with the strongly Zionist and Masonic loyalist movement (in addition to trafficking huge number of migrants to the Republic of Ireland, Loyalist groups have actually physically driven out British white nats who tried to set up shop in Northern Ireland)
      For me there’s also a broader issue with direct relevance to the Catholic Church. As I said to Dachsielady last night, E. Michael Jones is one of the few Catholics (the late Solange Hertz and Dr James Wardner are/were others) to broach the crucial role of British Masonry in the war against the Church. Many Trads go on at length about the evils of the French Revolution and even the American Revolution, and sure these things were bad, but the roots of both can be very directly traced to British Masonry. I’m not anti-English or anti-Scottish at all – if Masonry was primarily a French or Spanish or German movement, I’d be the first to admit it, but the point is it isn’t. As I see it, truly traditional Catholics must acknowledge the central role of British Masonic machinations in all that has happened both inside and outside the Church – otherwise they spend their time shadow-boxing, a la The Remnant and Christian Order (although the latter still publishes some good stuff, its Australian editor Rod Pead has always seemed to me to be far too fond of the Anglo-Masonic “conservative” establishment – for instance he’s lavished praise on the ghastly Israel Firsters, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith, for “tackling vested interests”; i.e privatising everything in sight, and persecuting the disabled and the poor).
      Most people throughout Europe have at best a very hazy notion of what the French Revolution was about, but they imbibe nihilistic Anglo-American trash culture on a daily basis. So much of what we take for granted in modern Europe, from the obsession with Masonic sports like Soccer, to the replacement of Latin by English as the lingua franca of Europe and the world, can be traced to the British masonic networks that spread around the world from the 1700s onwards. Even when it comes to the Church, the British Brotherhood punches way above its weight. For instance it’s no secret that John Paul wanted to completely liberate the old Mass as long ago as the early 1980s, and that Cardinal Hume paid him a visit and ordered him to drop the idea – an order John Paul meekly obeyed. How does it come to pass that an ultra-modernist prelate (widely believe to be a practicing homosexual) from the country that has been the prime anti-Catholic mover in Europe and the world for centuries, gets to decide what liturgical decisions the Pope can and cannot make? (I’m assuming for argument’s sake that John Paul WAS Pope – I’ve never been sure myself). Sorry for the long-winded reply, but if DL thinks my piece was one-sided it was only because I was trying to do my own little bit to redress what I perceive to be a vast propaganda imbalance.

  8. “Dr Jones is one of the few Catholic writers in modern times to probe the Judaeo-Protestant alliance that is at the core of Freemasonry.”
    I heartily agree.
    I also am very appreciative of the thesis he set forth in his book, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. It gave us a way to understand the Judaic and Talmudic roots of all of the revolutionary movements, including the Protestant Reformation (Protestant Revolution), as well as all wars and and strife within countries and the turning of one people group against another. The Jews each had a decision to make when the Messiah came to them. Those who made the wrong decision are at the root of a very large portion, though by no means all, of the problems in this valley of tears. The Jews who made the right decision about the Messiah became the Catholic Church.
    But I guess I see things go much deeper in my searching out of the truths of these matters. Dr. Jones is very much in the camp of the Vatican II Novus Ordo sect and that is sort of a huge weakness in his analysis. I remember listening to one of his old radio shows he did with David Wemhoff as the guest and they both were commenting on each one by one on how these documents of Vatican II were really benign and not a substantial change in Catholic teaching, doctrine and dogma.
    I see an odd analogy in that Bishop Sanborn of exposes the Vatican II Modernist – Novus Ordo sect alliance but avoids the Judaic roots of the modernist trends in the Church that began many years before Vatican II.
    And really at the root of the “errors” of Talmudic Judaism is Luciferianism or Satanism.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

    1. Dachsielady: If we could combine the best elements of Dr Jones outlook with the best elements of Catholic traditionalism we’d be getting somewhere. The Trads in general are right about the new liturgy, Vatican II and so on, but in my view they’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water. In general most of them now show very little interest in fighting the Church’s enemies outside, to the point where they often now openly side with Zio-media hate campaigns against the Church. This wasn’t always the case – the founders of the Trad movement were a very different breed from their modern successors. For instance a few years ago I came across an article by Michael Matt’s father, Walter Matt (the founding editor of The Remnant), penned in 1987 – well before the clerical scandals had begun in earnest. In the piece Matt Sr. noted that the media’s very disproportionate focus on Catholic clerical crimes, real and alleged, was driven by animus against the Church. I couldn’t imagine most modern Trads – including his son and successor at the Remnant – writing this, even though it’s self-evidently true.
      In fact I think one can now say that large parts of the Trad movement have become, wittingly or unwittingly, right-wing gatekeepers for the media’s anti-Catholic agenda. And as Mary Louise has noted here before, the average person makes no distinction between traditional Catholics and any other variety, so Trads should not delude themselves that the more mud is slung at post-Vatican II Catholicism the better it is for them. In fact the opposite is true. Would Francis and his modernist cabal be where they are today without the anti-Catholic media hate-fest of the last 20 years? Personally I doubt it.
      On the other hand Jones’ anti-traditionalism is to my mind self-contradictory – especially given all he has written about the role of Jewish agents at the Council, not to mention his dislike of modernism in architecture, music and culture generally.
      Apologies for the rather lengthy post!

  9. No apologies please for your insightful and helpful “lengthy post” as it is only in discussion and full expression of ideas that we can sort all of this out.
    I noticed you used the term “Trad movement” and that has become a term with many and evolving meanings. There are TradCats, RadTrads, Neo-Trads, Semi-Trads, NovusOrdites, and the R & R crowd (Recognize and Resist), etc.
    So let me just add a little more chaos to the discussion.
    “But let’s remember Pope Benedict XV’s exhortation:
    “It is, moreover, Our will that Catholics should abstain from certain appellations which have recently been brought into use to distinguish one group of Catholics from another. They are to be avoided not only as ‘profane novelties of words,’ out of harmony with both truth and justice, but also because they give rise to great trouble and confusion among Catholics. Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected: ‘This is the Catholic faith, which unless a man believe faithfully and firmly; he cannot be saved’ (Athanas. Creed). There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: it is quite enough for each one to proclaim ‘Christian is my name and Catholic my surname,’ only let him endeavour to be in reality what he calls himself.”
    (Benedict XV, Encyclical Ad Beatissimi, n. 24;… ”
    The website’s anonymous writer referenced above is warning us against doing the very thing that does regularly.

    1. Dachsielady: I didn’t know Benedict XV had said that, so thanks for the info. Of course by failing to expel the modernist infiltrators, the Church has brought this phenomenon of the hyphenated Catholic on herself. It’s more or less inevitable that the Church will break up into various factions when the Magisterium refuses to exert discipline. The danger of course is that even the good “movements” that emerge from this chaos can be misdirected and start thinking of themselves as members of the faction first, and Catholics second. I believe this has happened to the traditionalists in a lot of cases. For instance in response to the Bishop Willimamson Holocaust hullabaloo, Christopher Ferrara put forward a sort of manifesto, or pledge of allegiance for Trads, in which he decreed that all members of “the traditionalist movement” should henceforth commit themselves to having nothing to do with “wacky conspiracy theories”, on the basis that such theories severely damaged the standing of the “movement”. For me this was a clear indication that Ferrara and the rest of the Remnant Trads, have begun to see the standing of their “movement” as more important than the truth. If Ferrara has thoroughly looked at all the evidence about 9/11, the events of World War II, and so on (somehow I doubt that he has ) and come to a different conclusion from the Bishop, that’s one thing, but making acceptance of the official version of modern historical events a litmus test of one’s Catholicism isn’t so very different from what commies and Talmudists do.

      1. Thank you, Northsider. Again I am able to see more clearly because of your comments.
        Somehow, I think the comment I just posted on NovusOrdoWatch site about Mark Shea being fired from EWTN’s National Catholic Register is related to our discussion here. I know have a long way to go in understanding all of this but I cling to Christ and His words and I pray.
        Here it is…
        “Many things to sort out here. I guess I will just post some random associated facts regarding this matter.
        Mr. Daleiden was exonerated by the judge’s decision to dismiss the case brought by PP.
        I believe the Holy Spirit will help a person to stand up valiantly for truth and justice and still do it in the right way. There was a movie in which “Catholic” actor Gregory Peck played a priest. He helped some people set off a very big bomb but somehow he did that in a way that did not violate God’s law, God will help us “fight fire with fire” and do it in a Christ-honoring way if we ask, seek and knock for His help in these situations.
        I do not like to see only words kill or killing used regarding the MURDER of the unborn. I believe the correct understanding of the commandment is Thou shalt not Murder — not Thou shalt not kill.
        As far as “lying”, I thing there are many way in which to lie. I sometimes think that all we humans can do is manipulate each other and lie, cheat and steal in many many ways. The way I see it, the saints are saints because they had the right kind of fear of God, that is, standing in awe of God. They loved God above all else and therefore did not have the wrong kind of “fear” of God. When our actions are borne out of the wrong kind of fear there will be much lying, cheating and stealing.
        I am I guess what you would call a “pro life” activist, but to tell you the truth, I do not even like the phrase “pro-life.” I want to be pro-God Almighty with my whole heart, body, mind and soul. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by Me.”
        I do not think we can “fight abortion” or “fight poverty” or fight for or fight against anything unless we move toward God in our hearts. It all can turn into, at the very least, a clanging symbol.
        Just as Francis’ constantly harping on the poor and poverty, speaking out regarding “killing” of the unborn can likewise be used by the atheists and communists in very sophisticated and deceptive ways , only they surely will not call it what it is — murder.
        I never read much about Shea except for several articles long ago authored by E. Michael Jones and Robert Sungenis. Those writers were pointing out how Shea and EWTN had adopted the Jewish revolutionary spirit and taken the road much traveled by “Catholics” today.
        Lastly, I think what goes on in Planned Parenthood is not simply ugly greedypeople selling of body parts for profit. What goes on in PP abortuaries is Satanic ritual sacrifice by truly blood-loving worshippers of Satan. They wantonly MURDER precious human beings inside and outside the womb and they enjoy it.
        One must always “load up” with the miraculous medal and the scapulars and blessed rosaries and holy water when praying in front of the Planned Parenthood mass murder palaces.”

  10. Dachsielady: For me the hypocrisy of Shea’s condemnation of the Planned Parenthood sting was that he refused to likewise condemn cops using deception in undercover work. Not only is this deception wrong in itself, but all the false flag terror shenannigans, organised crime scams, drug-running etc that modern police engage in, or collaborate with, can be at least partly traced to acceptance of this vile form of institutionalised lying. Yet, when asked if he thought such deception was wrong, Shea said he “wasn’t confident about that”. So like so modern many Catholic pundits – from modernist leftists to Neocons to Trad ultras, he sets a very rigorous standard for Catholics to abide by, and a far more relativistic one for the secular powers that be.

  11. “So like so modern many Catholic pundits – from modernist leftists to Neocons to Trad ultras, he sets a very rigorous standard for Catholics to abide by, and a far more relativistic one for the secular powers that be.”
    I don’t know anything about that Shea guy other than what I read about him years ago by Dr. E. Michael Jones and Dr. Robert Sungenis.
    I served on a crack cocaine case on local jury duty and it was a sting operation. They never would have caught this guy had they not done the sting operation but I remember at the time how there was something seriously wrong about sting operations. I guess it boils down to how corrupt the police and all levels of government officials and judges and lawyers are all operating very much by and within the rules of the corrupt system so the sting operators are just as dishonest and crooked as the drug pushers.
    To me if they wanted to keep drugs out of our neighborhoods and out of our elementary and high schools they could, but they do not want to do that. The government is the biggest purveyor of drugs and money laundering and they only go through fake motions of wanting to apprehend drug users and pushers.
    I no longer want to read articles and books or to watch videos of those who say that what is going on at the Vatican is the Catholic Church and the person currently sitting in the Chair of Peter is the pope. If the”Catholic” writers and commentators completely avoid at least trying to explain the basic source of the problems. That means we have to explore and expose the Judaic / Freemasonic undermining of history and the constant stirring up of wars and civil unrest, to say nothing of how “they” have taken over world money.
    (the lastest episode of the Behind the Lodge Door radio show on Freemasonry personally addressed on that show the question I sent in to them regarding the Talmudic Judaic connection to Freemasonry. I think they did and fine job of providing a complete and truthful response, though I did have to prompt them to do so.
    Hope you can listen at this link…
    We are each struggling just trying to follow and uphold Christ the King and I personally believe we are very much in the “end times.”

  12. Dachsielady: I know very little about Shea either – like you I first heard of him through reading something Dr Jones wrote about him. I did have an unpleasant published exchange about a dozen years ago with an anonymous Irish blogger who systematically and very deliberately misrepresented me in a “Zio-trad” magazine (by “Zio-trad” I mean it supported the Latin Mass and monarchy, but was also avidly pro-Israel, pro-Iraq War and even pro-mass immigration to Ireland). It’s a very long and complicated story which I won’t bore you with, but “Hibernicus”, the guy who comprehensively misrepresented me also wrote for Shea’s blog “Catholic and Enjoying It”. From what Dr Jones, Sungenis, and even Chris Ferrara, have said about Shea, and from the comments on the Novus Ordo Watch blog you linked to, I gather Shea has a reputation for engaging in personal abuse and misrepresentation, so maybe he and Hibernicus went to the same school of black propaganda and trolling.

  13. When St.Pope Pius V excommunicated QE1 rather notorious for the modern slave trade, He was indeed condemning Freemasonry, Biblically revealed as the “Depths of satan” in revelations.
    Like wise when St. Pope Pius X warned against Modernism (applied to Faith), even specifying its core as “EVOLUTION”, he was indeed revealing the Prophecy of Daniel unto the words “He will not regard the God of his Fathers but in his own estate(privately) worship a strange god – god of forces” . Now the present American Pharaoh though he is not the Antichrist, but one in the order of the 666 unto its fullfilment, which has been coming through various rules & forms, carries as charms, a certain hindu warrior monkey god, which but reveals his basic belief, in short is saying man came from the monkeys-“EVOLUTION” is their god their “holy cow”, which is but outright denial in the existence of God , revealing Egypt & its golden calf, to making themselves into gods, falling for that ‘ole Lie of the serpent from Eden.
    So according to this are their policies drafted & as evidence is seen lack of morality ,distrust, selfishness, self centered etc. Liberty without any bell or brake, all but to appeasing the flesh & at the core of it is Sodom & its agendas out of these so called liberal corruptions, come against the basic order of the” Family”. unto the words of Daniel “He will have no regard for the desire of women ” against reproduction but cunningly deceiving them with desires of the flesh even creating “Feminism” unto its radicalism, just as the serpent deceived Eve in the garden & in line with it.
    To the order of the 666, inbuild in each of them lies common characteristics which are the two stated in Daniel “Worship of a strange god & Disregard the God given desire of Women”- “Evolution & Sodom “(the antithesis to Subdue & Reproduce)”

    1. Abey: You’re spot on re Elizabeth I. So much modern occultist evil, including freemasonry, can be traced to that era. There’s a reason films like the Elizabeth and Pirates of the Caribbean series seek to glorify it. Imagine a Hollywood blockbuster lionising Queen Isabella of Spain – not likely, to put it mildly.

    2. Amen. Evoution & Sodom unto its policies that which is brought against “Faith & Reproduction” resp. For when one is to believe Evolition as god, it but denies in the existance of God & invariably causes a vaccum in ones heart in place of God resulting in filling this vaccum with onself as god, unto the deceiving serpents words at Eden “Ye be as god’s”. To this deception at Eden, God , who sees the end from the beginning , for the sake of the woman unto mankind put two wedges between the woman & the serpent 1) The Enmity 2) Put her desire unto the man from whom she was made, for the express purpose of reproduction , the two corrective factors for the sole purpose of Faith & Reproduction resp. Now to the many alters figured in the freemasonic israeli supreme court revealing Egypt, denoting the hindu belief to their chief gods of Creation. Sustainance, Destruction , which are no gods in terms of the Word God. but a cycle of Evolution , showing Evolution itself as god, the underlying principle behind freemasory showing man to be god- revealing satan’s deception , the very Abomination of Desolation , Prophesied.

  14. Not sure if I’m the only one this is happening to, but over the last couple of days I haven’t been able to access Fitzinfo via Bing (my computer’s default search engine). I’ve had to go to Google and take it from there. WordPress information pages about Fitzinfo come up when I type in the name to Bing, but not the site itself. This doesn’t happen with any other searches.

  15. using yahoo search with search term fitzinfo blog
    I do not get a hit on page one of hits.
    Using yahoo search with search term memoryhole blog
    I do get correct first hit
    Memory Hole Blog
    On this edition James is joined by lifelong New England resident and political activist Maureen Crowley, who over the past few years has investigated and …
    Both blogs are WordPress blogs.
    I notice with Google search, Fitzinfo is a hit after three ads that are not clearly marked as ads. These days Google is loading up ads not distinguished as ads.

  16. Tim, I’m anything but an expert on Internet matters, but it looks like some folk are taking your site very seriously indeed.

  17. Re the issue of white nats, Anglo-Masonry and Ireland, I’ve long noticed an undercurrent of Anglo-Masonic inspired anti-Irishism among even some American white nats. Tonight I was listening to an archive of yesterday’s David Duke show, and he began by waxing lyrical about all the different white ethnic groups that make up Louisiana’s “European American” population – the Spanish, the French, the Anglos, the Germans, the Scottish, the Italians, the Slavs, the Scandinavians, etc., Conspicuous by its absence from his list was any mention of the Irish, who actually form the third largest white ethnic group in the state – after the French and Germans. This could be dismissed as a trivial matter – were it not for the fact that I’ve heard Duke do precisely the same on several previous occasions. One begins to sense a pattern.
    Also, a few months ago, he had Pastor Dankoff on his programme, and the conversation turned to Zionist control of American politics. Dankoff mentioned the assassination of JFK, but before he’d even got to finish his sentence, Duke jumped in to scornfully dismiss any idea that JFK was a Zionist target, citing as counter-evidence the Kennedy’s “Jewish connections”. Coming from someone who has been singing the praises of Trump for the last year or so, the hypocrisy of this was utterly astounding. Compared to Trump, the Kennedys – especially the 1960s era Kennedys – were about as philo-Judaic as Pope Innocent III. Trump’s own daughter is Jewish, for heaven’s sake! And the evidence that Zionists killed JFK is utterly overwhelming, however much Duke would like to convince himself otherwise. Jack Ruby’s real name was Jacob Rubinstein!
    As the Paul Fisher videos posted here by Dachielady make clear, the KKK was in many parts of the US primarily an anti-Catholic organisation, rather than “anti-Semitic” or anti-integration. In fairness Duke doesn’t seem to be particularly anti-Catholic in general, but, unless I’m quite mistaken, he seems to harbour very typical Anglo-Masonic animus towards Ireland. On one level of course that’s entirely his own business. No one can or should be forced to like races or nations, if they don’t freely choose to do so. I’m not particularly enamoured of many facets of modern Ireland myself. And perhaps Duke has his own entirely personal reasons for feeling this way – in which case it’s a matter of each to his own (though it still doesn’t justify rewriting history or demography).
    However I have a feeling that it may be linked to the crypto-Masonic British Israelist ideology which pervades the Anglophone white nationalist movement like a toxic cloud. For me that in turn explains why so many white nats seek to airbrush the role of Freemasonry in facilitating the Jewish supremacist hegemony: they can’t bring themselves to admit that the spiritual rot didn’t begin with the formation of AIPAC or the Neocons’ takeover of the GOP.

    1. Interesting insights on Duke. I guess it’s possible he is a freemason of some kind, which would explain his apparent anti-Irish (Catholic?) bias. It made me think of Michael Hoffman, too. I wonder if Hoffman has repeatedly demonstrated anti-Irish views. We all know his whitewashing of Protestantism and Americanism. Seems it would fit.
      I don’t listen to Duke on radio. Listen to his videos once in awhile. You probably no a lot more about him than I do, but what you have said makes a lot of sense. Dachsielady saying that he isn’t a Christian also seems very possible.

  18. “the crypto-Masonic British Israelist ideology which pervades the Anglophone white nationalist movement like a toxic cloud.”
    “British Israelism”
    “…the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian and kindred peoples who settled the shores of this country [USA] are in fact the Israel people of scripture…”
    at 3:30 on this video
    Guess it all boils down to Judeo-Masons hating Christ and therefore hating Catholic Ireland and Judeo-Masons founding America and founding the “Christian” religion of Americanism.
    David Duke is not a Christian.
    I hope lots of people of Louisiana will read this post, Northsider, so that he will get even fewer votes than he already will get.
    I have to do a detailed sign-in every time I post on this site. Wonder why.

    1. Dahsielady: Thanks. I actually admire many things about Duke, which is why I’m disappointed in his simplistic kneejerk outlook on JFK. We all know the Kennedys have plenty of flaws – especially the latter generation – but to say that JFK couldn’t have been whacked by Zionists because he had “Jewish connections” in Hollywood etc., is preposterous – especially when in the same breath Duke extolls the much more Tribally connected Trump.
      Duke claims to be a Christian, but his position on some moral issues (e.g. contraception) don’t correspond to Catholic orthodoxy (or even mainstream Protestant thinking up to about 80 years ago). Having said that if I lived in Louisiana I’d probably vote for him as the lesser evil – though I can understand why other folk might baulk at doing so.
      I listen to his radio show quite a bit these days, and he and his guests make some great points, though he can be quite repetitive and rambling (his videos are often more effective in skewering things like BLM and the Neocons).
      As for the Irish thing, I find it extraordinary that a candidate for election in a state with a large Irish-American population would make such a habit of publicly implying that this Louisiana constituency doesn’t even exist. One would have thought that for reasons of expediency alone, he would swallow his ethnic hostility (assuming this is what motivates him in his “demographic denial”) for the duration of the election campaign at least. Apparently not. Then again maybe he doesn’t want to alienate his old Masonic buddies in the Klan.

  19. I will have to notice more carefully whether it does but I almost always include at least one link so that may indeed be the problem. WordPress has a history of tripping on posts with links in them.

  20. Tim, I’d love to be proved wrong about Duke, as I think he has plenty of admirable qualities .On a radio show a year or so ago a phone-in caller called him a “true-hearted Englishman” and he didn’t deny this, so it seems likely he has an Anglo background. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it might explain his apparent anti-Hibernianism, and his very marked hostility to the Kennedys. A few months ago he and his co-presenter, Dr Patrick Slattery, lamented how WASPs were objects of hate in the Zio-media, but neither of them offered any concrete facts to support their thesis, which didn’t surprise me as I’ve never seen much evidence of this anti-Wasp vendetta. For example, how many films have been made about sexual abuse by Protestant clerics, even though Protestants themselves acknowledge that it’s a widespread phenomenon? How many newspaper articles, books, films or documentaries about the forced sterilisation programmes that Protestants engaged in, or the ghastly conditions in many Protestant orphanages and care homes? If anything I’d say the opposite of Duke’s contention is the case:i.e., the Zio-media go out of their way to protect Protestant churches from negative publicity – not because they have any great love for Protestants as such, but because the focus of their hatred is Catholicism first and last and always.The Zio-presstitutes clearly believe that reporting on non-Catholic clerical sexual crimes would dilute the power of the anti-Catholic black propaganda offensive, so they suppress all information on the subject. By the same token all the New Atheists, by their own admission, direct at least 95 per cent of their fire at Catholics. And it goes without saying that many Sabbath Goy Neocons are openly anti-Catholic and British Israelist, e.g. Michael Gove and David Trimble. The Judaeo-Protestant alliance hasn’t gone away.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Northsider. Sex abuse in Protestant circles is rampant, yet we rarely, if ever, hear about it. I haven’t seen anyone openly and seriously discuss Protestantism as a Jewish conspiracy, although E. Michael Jones hinted to it in his Jewish Revolutionary book. He didn’t flat out say it, but he certainly leads his readers to that conclusion—at least he did me. I was read this article again today and realized the importance of Ireland in the geo-political game run by International Jewry. Ireland was perhaps the only remaining bastion of true Catholicism following the French Revolution. This would explain why it has been plagued with “internal” strife for so long.

  21. When I look more closely at the words of that Protestant preacher on that video I cited explaining what British Israelism is, I notice that the Irish people are absent, though not conspicuously so, in the “White” people he describes.
    “…the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian and kindred peoples who settled the shores of this country [USA] are in fact the Israel people of scripture…”

  22. Agree that EMJ hints at Jewish roots of Protestantism but to me, he does not trace the Protestant revolt to its true roots. The legitimate Catholic military organization of the Knights Templar, mostly Frenchmen, somehow picked up gnosticism in the Holy Land during the crusades. That was the beginnings of Freemasonry and their organized naturalism one world religion and that really was the beginnings of Protestantism. I believe the Babylonian Talmud, 200 to 500 Anno Domini, originates from the Israelites time in gnostic pagan Babylon. Really this history has never been seamlessly traced and it does go back to Lucifer and the fall of the angels in Heaven.
    There are some Protestants who totally skip over the connections between gnosticism and Freemasonry and ultimately the Protestant revolt. They also skip over the parts of the story about Luther being possibly posssesed of an evil spirit and Calvin murdering many Catholics in Geneva.
    Also the “Church” has never done its job well in explaining the anti-Christ nature of revolution.
    Amazing, this time I did not have to fill in all the spaces to post.

  23. Great article. You are to be congratulated on diligent research, accurate assessment of the situation and a penchant for truth. We see this cryptic muddling and obfuscation of events as a cloak in the night with which Masons use to carry out their plans. God’s speed all

    1. Here is about 10 years old interview of Jim Condit Jr interviewed by supposed early “anti-Jew” person named Eric Huffschmidt who wrote first big book on 9-11 truth.
      Lots of good info in it about Jesuits and topics here.
      Jim Condit Jr. – The Zionist Take-Over of the Catholic Church
      Condit interviewed by Eric Huffschmidt
      What is so funny is that one of those Jew-related double or triple agents who appeared to be telling the truth about things but was really “controlled opposition” working FOR Zionist interests.
      “His main purpose seems to be to cause arguments and mistrust among people who are critically examining the Jewish problem as a whole or various aspects of it. His claim that 99.5% of “truthseekers” are actually “zionists agents” is a deception coming from a man who is working for the Jews himself. ”
      As a heavy 9-11 researcher early on, this guy came on fast, then completely faded off the scene the more it became apparent that the Mossad had a whole lot to do with 9-11.
      I do not know if Jim Condit ever woke up about his early interviewer.

  24. I have developed sympathy for Catholicism but before I did I always thought the Jesuit stuff was just plain stupid.

  25. Did you ever think the Idea that the Knights Templar starting freemasonry might be total bullshit?

      1. How does the Knight Templar adopting the Kabbalah establish them starting Freemasonry? Could the Knights Templar have adopted the Kabbalah but not started Freemasonry.

          1. Dacssielady did, it seems to be a common idea. I am glad you do not suggest that the Knights Templar started Freemasonry.
            It seems to me many people think most or every gentile stooge is a Freemason. I do not think enrolment in freemasonry is a requirement to serve the Jews.
            Sort of off topic but it is related, controlled opposition is everywhere, I do not want to use the world all, but nearly all famous people speaking about these issues are controlled opposition. It boggles my mind how many people cannot see this. It makes me wonder if people who do not see through control opposition are controlled opposition themselves and if they are not it makes me question his or her reasoning ability.
            If a person has Jewish guests, not one, but more, isn’t that suspect? You are very patient in the way you deal with this stuff. Sorry if I have said basically the same things in other comments but most people are controlled opposition and it is very obvious to me. If there is one thing I want emphasize though, it is, spotting controlled opposition is not all about what they say, it is also about their connections.
            After I mentioned the Knights Templar, this comment turned into something I said before, for the most part at least, but I will not erase it. I will try not to repeat myself in the future, unless it related to the article. Have a great day, great site.
            I have been researching this stuff longer than a lot of people you come into contact with. I am not as knowledgeable as some people out there when it comes to this stuff but I believe I have the ability to immediately see through bullshit better than most.

  26. Fitz, defeat modernism has a video about Kabbalist and Protestantism with Matthew Raphael Johnson, I know Johnson is a Putin shill, but it is quite interesting. “Sin and sin boldly and do what thou wilt, Luther and Criwley were cut from the same quilt”..

    1. One problem I see with controlled opposition is the time people spend proving through what the controlled opposition says that he or she is controlled opposition, when if the person on question is on television talking about politics many times the person is controlled opposition. A non controlled opposition could wind up on television in an attempt to make him look stupid but in general if someone is on television the Jews have him in their pocket. The white nationalist stuff has a lot of controlled opposition in it. How can people trust David Duke, Stormfront, or VNN. I think a lot of people who are Jew wise do not know the extent of controlled opposition and it I find it faintly easy to spot.
      The only guy you pointed out as controlled opposition that I did not know was controlled opposition is E Michael Jones. I did read something by him where he wasn’t being honest about the Holocaust it seemed. He was on Alex Jones too.
      Another guy I suspect to be controlled opposition is Martinez perspective.
      The whole white nationalist thing seems stupid to me. I agree with them about Jews pushing immigration and the anti white stuff but it is kind of like people who focus solely on drag queen story hour.
      It is like having a foot ripped off and a scratch on the other and worrying about the scratch.
      People get sucked into these things that do not affect my life and maybe not theirs. I do not support drag queen story hour but it is a minor problem compared to this covid madness.

      1. We need analysts guarding against controlled opposition. It is not a waste of time. Yes, there are other important matters, but honest research of controlled opposition has its place.

        1. I see your point, but there are certain tell tail signs that a person is controlled opposition. If a person is on the mainstream media, if the person has been posted on the ADL website as an antisemite and manages to have Jews and high profile people on their show etc. I have said all this before. You know what I am talking about. If one wants to analyze the bullshit that is coming out of a controlled opposition person’s mouth, I think this stuff should be mentioned first.
          I will use Tucker Carlson as an example. I am not talking about the way you exposed him, just using him as an example. The guy is on FOX News. Who owns Fox News and what about his Kaballah bracelet? What about Adam Green and his being on the ADL website, his high profile and Jewish guests? I believe there are certain things that prove a person is controlled opposition are controlled opposition better than what comes out of the person’s mouth.
          If a guy has a show on television he works for the Jew, obviously.
          Another example of obvious controlled opposition is Jordan Peterson.
          I think people get too caught up in analyzing what these frauds have to say and usually do not even point out the tell tale signs of a controlled opposition agent. If one is going to point out controlled opposition and analyze what these controlled opposition agents have to say I can’t take them seriously if they do not point out these tell tale signs and I think it is fair to assume they want to be Jew friendly, are incompetent or are suspect themselves.

  27. TL;DR of the article

    Anglos + Jews = Bad news

    1. The average person of English descent is not knowingly or even unknowingly involved in any conspiracy. At least not anymore than anyone who pays taxes and has been brainwashed by the Jews. Jews in general, from the Jews who you know personally to the billionaire Jews are a problem. The average Jew knows what is going on. That is a big difference.

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