Most powerful Jewish organization in world Chabad completely absent from E. Michael Jones’ writings

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 28, 2023 Anno Domini

A search of Evgeny Mikhail Jonesovich’s (my nickname for so called Catholic author Eugene Michael Jones) material resulted in an alarming conclusion.

Chabad Lubavitch, the Soviet-derived Chassidic Jewish crime syndicate believed to be the most powerful organization in the world and likely the descendants of the infamous “Learned Elders of Zion” is not mentioned by Jones even once on his Twitter feed, is only mentioned in passing once on his website Culture Wars (to identify Rabbi Hershey Novack), and is completely absent from  his 1,200-page magnum opus on the Jews The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (2008).

How is it that the so called biggest Catholic anti-Semite on the Internet fails to even mention the most powerful Jewish organization in the world by name, much less expose their sinister global operation to enslave the world under Talmudic rule? Does he think Chabad is some obscure group that is not worth mentioning? That is very unlikely, especially with his knowledge. What seems more likely is that he is running cover.

A search of Jones’ Twitter feed turned up no results of him mentioning Chabad himself but only of others commenting on his feed.

Before I move on, I want to point out that Jonesovich has been largely silent about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as well. Revolutionary Spirit mentioned it, again in passing, a mere three times. You would think a 1,200-page book about revolutionary Jews would thoroughly examine the incredible revelations made in the most infamous book critical of world Jewry.

What we have learned from the prescriptions of the Soviet’s Operation SIG is that anti-Zionism is red herring directed by Soviets/Chabad/World Jewry itself as a bit of a release valve and to limit authentic anti-Jewish sentiment (see The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Israel). My readers should be well aware of Jonesovich’s suspicious associations with the Russian state and its actors, especially the Kabbalah-loving, anti-Zionist but pro-Jewish Aleksandr Dugin.

“Zionism is Jewish satanism. Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta represent true Jewish tradition. There will always be a place for Jewish Orientalism (Eastern Jews) in the ranks of the builders of the Great Eurasian Empire.” —Dugin

Opposing Zionism but propping up “Jewish orientalism” seems to represent an internal feud within world Jewry that has Eurasianist Jewry as supreme over the universe. In this way, it could be E. Michael Jones carrying out this same script as Dugin when he fails to condemn the heart of world Jewry (Chabad, Elders of Zion) and instead focuses on the silliness of Zionism and Jewish power in the West (which is already well known and documented). It seems Jonesovich is fulfilling Operation SIG by exposing only the Western side of world Jewry whilst completely ignoring and even defending its supreme Eurasianist elder brother, specifically through Chabad Lubavitch, which was born in Lyuabvichi of the USSR.

“…there’s Neturei Karta – it’s a completely Anti-Zionist operation that opposes the State of Israel,” Jones said in a podcast with Henry Regnery.

Jones told Peter Helland in an interview entitled “Apocalypse in Golestan” (around 9:00 mark) about the crypto-Communist New Horizons Conference that he attends with Dugin and other nefarious characters:

“I said to Rabbi Weiss (of anti-zionist Jewish sect Neturei Karta), I wish all Jews were like you. His organisation is anti-zionist.”

This admission seems to confirm that Jones is, indeed, running cover for world Jewry, specifically the Eurasianist branch, by only opposing Zionism. Jones certainly doesn’t want his readers learning that Eastern Chabad is running the Russian Federation as well as most world affairs.

In summary, it seems Jones is running cover for Eurasianist Jewry of the East while using his open criticism of Western Jewry as proof that he is based and trustworthy and not controlled opposition, as some contend (myself included). His constant shilling for the Russian and Iranian states are part of his Eurasianist sympathies, and with that, his anti-Westernism makes more sense. He never seems to differentiate between classical, Catholic-based Western Civilization and the Leftist one it has become today. Exposing Chabad would inevitably implicate Russia and other Eurasianist powers and the whole house of cards would come tumbling down, so he chooses to completely ignore it.

It could be that Jewry’s plan is to allow Western Jewry and even the state of Israel to disintegrate while they rebuild their New Khazaria in Crimea, where the one-world government could be based. That would explain why Jewry has no problem exposing Zionism and Western Jewish power. What’s more, they help expose it themselves!


  1. The Southern Israelite – April 06, 1956:

    “CHABAD Chassidism is a movement founded almost two centuries ago by one of the most famous Jewish personalities of his time, Rabbi Shnur Zalmen of Lyadi, White Russia. The present Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson has attained the status of a WORLD ORGANIZATION with numerous branches running the gamut from Morocco to Australia. Thus as we have seen, Chabad Chassidism is MESSIANISM in its most exalted state – and ever young and rejuvenating force with a most up-to-date MISSION.”

    2013: “CHABAD known for its excellent government connections in Washington, Jerusalem & Moscow, is now the world’s largest network of Jewish financial acquaintances, connections & involvement in the world. The Soviet Union, but also everywhere else, from Kathmandu to Buenos Aires and the Batya Souvenir, a voluntary network with ideological elements of mission, almost missionary in nature, whose ties to the center in Brooklyn are moral and spiritual.”

    para 4

    CHABAD in-house Journal:

    “Chabad and the Rebbe through his Chassidim (adherents) and shluchim (rabbis), have tremendous influence over a vast number of powerful associations and individuals, including philanthropists, politicians, celebrities, presidents, prime ministers, etc. While Chabad is not raucous and strident like some political party, under the surface it is a movement with a great deal of power and impact.”

    page 19

    “CHABAD Rabbi Schneerson declared his goal and the goal of CHABAD, is to prepare the world for Moshiach. (antichrist).”

    France controlled by CHABAD:

    Israeli Journalist 2004:

    “The ultra-Orthodox journalist and broadcaster Kobi Sela was interviewed by Rabbi Daniel Gordon and was full of admiration for the activity and involvement of the emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the life of Judaism in France, “What Chabad is doing in France makes the Foreign Ministry irrelevant. Chabad is used (more powerful) more than it appears.”

    USA controlled by CHABAD:

    (Biden’s) CHABAD Rabbi Shemtov explained the Rebbe’s long-term influence and IN-DEPTH INVOLVEMENT in the policies of the world’s superpower.”

    7th para

    Russia controlled by CHABAD:

    Japan controlled by CHABAD:

    UK controlled by CHABAD:

    Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab

    “Raab is the son of a Jewish refugee. In 1998, Mr Raab spent time at Birzeit University in Israel, working for one of the principal Palestinian negotiators of the Oslo Peace Accords.”

    CHABAD Rabbi Shmuley:

    “My dear friend and former student president at Oxford, the excellent (Ambassador of Israel to the United States 2013-2021) Ron Dermer, sent me this photo of all of us having a pint with Dominic Raab, who in July became British Foreign Secretary. I wish him every success and G-d’s blessings.”

    Ron Dermer at Lubavitch House

    Russian ‘Moshiach’ site

    “Israel’s supporter Boris Johnson won the election on Dec 12, 2019 – (CHABAD) Rebbe Schneerson’s wedding day.”

  2. As we see here anyway, (Jew) Dugin’s anti-Zionism is fake:

    Dugin 2001:

    Question: You belong to the so-called “patriotic part” of the Russian spectrum. “Patriots” are usually associated with anti-Semites. Is this correct in your case? Are you an anti-Semite?

    “The very reconstruction of Israel is associated with an eschatological miracle; with the Messianic era & is undoubtedly sacred. I have a positive attitude to religious Zionism, to Jewish socialist tendencies.”

    about halfway

    A Jewish site also records this quote:

    Dugin: “I have a positive attitude towards religious Zionism, towards Jewish socialist tendencies. I really like characters like Trumpeldor or Jabotinsky. In addition, I studied materials about the spiritual and mystical traditions of Judaism with great interest.”

    para 57


    “With Israel, Russian state and Putin personally have nothing against Israel or Jews. Normally in our society we have no hostility towards Jews or Israel. More than that, we have many Russian Jews living there [in Israel]. So there is a kind of sympathy for Israel and Jews in Russia in general. So being anti-West, anti-NATO, we are not against Israel by the principle.”

    Eurasianist, close friend of Dugin & Kabbalist Avigdor Eskin:

    “EURASIANISM fully integrates the MESSIANISM of the ZIONIST movement, in connection with the piece of the continent, given by the Creator – Israel. It is reflected in the Jewish prophets & the laws of Talmud.”

    paragraphs 36-37

    Dugin 2001.

    “I’m grateful to President Putin, Metropolitan Kirill, & PERSONALLY TO (Putin’s Rabbi) BEREL LAZAR, for all possible assistance & support provided by all of them in the creation of Eurasia.”

    13th paragraph from end

    Putin’s Rabbi Berel LAZAR: “Putin loves Israel”

    Vladimir Putin at the Rebbe’s Chaliach in Russia: “You (CHABAD) are helping to strengthen humanity”

  3. Neturi Karta leadership are likely CHABAD Jews in secret.

    “CHABAD Rebbe Cohen received a letter from Rebbe SCHNEERSON, asking him to teach Tanya (CHABAD doctrine) to Neturei Karta. To his surprise, Rebbe Amram (co-founder of Neturei Karta) accepted Rebbe’s request and suggested that they go immediately to the shul to begin the first session. The shul continued on for many years to come.”(pgs 36-37)

    “When Moshiach comes, the Jewish people will go out to greet him with Tanya (CHABAD ‘doctrine’) in hand.” (text page 20)

    TANYA: “The root and source of all Jewish souls is in the Supreme Wisdom… the kelipot and sitra achra (non-Jews) are called vomit and filth, as is known. (chapter 24, last para)

    And more connections;

    “Often, people stress the fact that the Rebbe attracted people from all different factions, from the most modern to the most zealous members of Neturei Karta.” (pg 3)

    “After hearing the Shluchim speak on Friday night, and teach Chassidus in the morning, the crowds were riveted. The Shul teemed with Chassidim and nonChassidim. Many members of Neturei Karta were in attendance as well” (pg 14)

    A Neturei Karta leader (Rabbi Yerahmiel Israel Domb) was at the Rebbe’s wedding & studied with Tomchei Tmimim in Warsaw

    Tomchei Tmimim

      1. Sorry. Sort of topic, but related. It is about your new comic. I do not know how else to get in contact with you, immediately that is. Your new comic used the wording “retarded conspiracies”. I do not think whoever made the comic knee what they were doing but such wording is new speak. First the wording conspiracy theory was margariinalized, mocked and now people seem to be using the word conspiracy instead of “conspiracy theory”. People are sometimes describing secret plots and saying, “it’s not a conspiracy theory” or even saying “it’s not a conspiracy”,
        As if large conspiracies do not exist. I think this manipulation of language is something you should take note of.

          1. You should make an article about this so we can understand. Do you think the Catholic church will overcome this evil at some point? I think it will destroy itself.

          2. I agree that it was the church with the mist accurate form of Christianity and when people talk about past corruption a lot of it is bullshit or at best theories that lack facts, however since the Advent of Vatican two all of the popes have been open heretics,
            I find it really stupid when anyone thinks a large organization is incorrupt. For example someone who thinks the Vatican two sect or the Catholic Church worships the Devil or something to that effect but also thinks that their religious institution is pure, be it Eastern Orthodox, Baptist or whatever.
            I have been researching religion online for years now and have come to the conclusion that the group of religions known as Protestantism have done more harm than good for society and I cannot see how it is possible for a leader in the Protestant churches to not know that they lie about Catholicism. It seems a lot of Protestants are brainwashed stupid people believe in a lot of bullshit about history and cannot be reasoned with. What can one expect from people who preach about sin but think they get a free ticket to heaven for believing in Jesus, no matter what they do. The inconsistencies in Protestantism are extreme.
            My main point though is that all large religious institutions are corrupt and it is stupid to think otherwise.

  4. I liked that article. I was sceptical of Jones being controlled opposition when I first glanced at an article you had posted previously. I know believe he is controlled opposition.
    As I mentioned previously U found it weird that he was on Alex Jones show.
    He was also on Green’s show and what other shills shows. I have seen him talk with a Jew. Controlled opposition often associate with other controlled opposition. They also build each other up and tear each other down as part of their disinformation campaign.
    As far as Jews debating people, in general a Jew will not debate a knowledgeable anti-Jewish person. He will simplify say he does not debate antisemites’
    Controlled opposition always have tell tale signs. Actually most of it is obvious once you know the patterns. Anyway, what E Michael Jones says and does not say reveal him to be controlled opposition and so do his associations. These people work together. For example. , E Michael Jones and Richard Carrier, who I do not think I would describe as controlled opposition [ He is a well known atheist} have all been associated with Green, plus all the other Jews on Green’s show. It appears these people have common goals and perhaps common handlers.

    Most of this stuff is obvious to me. I think some people reject the idea that a person
    Is controlled opposition if the person in question says what they want to hear and fail recognize the relevance of what that person does not talk about and who they associate with. The only guy you pegged as controlled opposition I was aware of is E Michael Jones. I do not trust this Ramirez Persoective at all either.
    The White nationalist movement is littered with Jews and their agendas are well. One could look like a Jewish chariciture (excuse the spelling) and some of these people won’t catch on.
    A lot of these controlled opposition people do not just work for the Jews they are Jews, even if they say otherwise and/or have Unusual connections.

  5. The best way to defuse jews, masons, liberals and other brainwashed effeminates who suffer from christian inferiority-(superiority) complex is to call them what they are: slaves. Then crush their egos by telling them you would wish to see them set free of it. They hate the freedom of your soul because they know deep down inside they dont have it.

    There is no return argument for this because its the truth said with love. Freeing slaves is Gods work after all. Sin is just another form of bondage.

    Nowadays I just assume everyone is controlled opposition but even controlled opposition has to tell some truth so you kind of have to stich it together from many sources to get the bigger picture. I actually liked e Michael Jones, its sad to see he might in fact be yet another antichrist. That pile is getting pretty big. I always thought it weird he stuck to Catholicism despite knowing how corrupted it was. Some kind of false hope.. or if your right.. familiarity.

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