The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Jewry

Soviet-created anti-Zionist leaflets dropped in Syria depict Israel and the “evil West” running ISIS, as propaganda to agitate the Muslims against West and into Communist hands.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 14, 2019 Anno Domini

Realizing the truth of the Perestroika deception has changed our understanding of the entire geopolitical game significantly.

This rare knowledge, brought to us by brave souls like Anatoliy Golitsyn, has made everything clearer. We can now see the full scope of Jewish power today in a world swarming with disinformation and controlled opposition.

If Jewish Bolshevik power never left Russia but remained and, as one of its objectives, created and groomed Israel as a Soviet satellite, is it reasonable to assume that the infamous Elders of Zion—the Kahal— are based in Moscow and not Tel Aviv?

Remember that Jewry once used England as its base of operations, thanks to traitors like Oliver Cromwell, and it appears that not long after Judaic ‘Brit’ain helped found the masonic republic of the United States of America, Jewry set its sights on the Holy Russian Empire, not only to eradicate Christian monarchy but also to set up a base of operations for its international super government.

And if the Chosenite base of operations resides in the Lubyanka, whether through its international crime syndicate Chabad Lubavitch, the POLITBURO, or the still-functioning COMINTERN, it can only be reasonable to assume that its Balkanization plan for the Middle East, commonly known as the Oded Yinon Plan, is also directed from Russia.
What’s more, the Yinon Plan seems to serve as a model for a global Balkanization scheme, which is nothing more than old Soviet expansionism, with Eurasian-led global collectivism as the ultimate goal.

Well, as it happens, Russia has a long history of fomenting anti-Zionist agitation, especially in the Arab world.
When they aren’t dropping leaflets from planes over Syria with cartoons of America and Israel puppeteering ISIS, the crypto-Soviet empire of Russia is directing almost every single liberation organization (color revolutions) in the Arab world and even in the West. These liberation organizations—like the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), for example—have been telling Muslims for decades that they must rise up against the great Zionist power and its Western backers America. Israel and the West are the great Satan, the rhetoric goes. This is an awfully convenient narrative for anti-Western communist expansionist aspirations, isn’t it? In the West, the KGB-run Irish Republican Army (IRA) is anti-Zionist and even overtly Marxist, as was the violent FLQ separatist group in Quebec, Canada. The continuity is all there: “liberation”, anti-Zionism, and Marxism. Yet no one of prominence seems to make these obvious connections. Of course, these liberation fronts are all about “liberating” said nations expressly so that they can be gobbled up by Soviet expansion.

This Soviet agitation of the Muslim world achieves several key goals for Jewish world imperium:
1. It makes possible the potential for creating Islamic terrorism, which can then be used in false flag attacks around the world, not just in Islamic countries. This terrorist threat can be exported to virtually any Soviet satellite or through its criminal network in the West—all the more so when Israel and double agents within Western intelligence are providing cover for the export. With authentic terrorist attacks, it serves by keeping the Jewish people (at home and abroad) in a constant state of fear and in subjugation to their Pharisaic Jewish leaders (as the Protocols of Zion presciently revealed over 100 years ago, “Their anti-Semitism is indispensible to us for the management of our lesser brethren”). The wave of modern terrorism also has the benefit of providing a pretext for Western countries to bring in oppressive police measures on the general population (this also benefits the technocracy aspect of Jewish global conquest: non-stop surveillance, smart grid, environmentalism [also Soviet controlled], etc.)

2. By linking the West to Jewish oppression of the Arab world, the West is discredited and demonized to the Arab world, leaving Muslims sympathetic to Soviet expansionism in the Arab world (Arab oil, among other things) and in the West (including in Ukraine and Europe). This demonization of the West only fuels more indignant Muslim radicals to commit terrorism and/or join Russo-Judeo-controlled false flag capers like ISIS, Al Qaeda, ISIL, etc. in Western countries.

3. To moderate Muslims, Soviet agitation pits them against the West and even their own Arab leaders (who are mostly KGB assets, like Assad in Syria), because Soviet propaganda has moderates believing that Israel and the West are behind Jihadist groups, which is partially true. Essentially, this is the driving force behind the Balkanization of the Arab world: moderates against radicals, radicals against the West and Israel, moderates and radicals against their own government—just constant infighting. That’s been the Russian-Jewish strategy since Israel was founded in 1948 (Israel’s legitimacy was first officially recognized by the Soviet Union).

4. Finally, with this constant fracturing and splintering of Islamic states, displaced Muslims are left fleeing to the West, which furthers the Russo-Judeo Kalergi plan of diluting white, Western, Christian nations with Muslims, blacks, Asians, etc. in order to create a massive mongrel slave class—primed for a technocratic Orwellian clamp down. Western liberals, who should be more opposed to Islamic immigration than anyone (due to Sharia), have been tricked into supporting the Islamic invasion of the West because they perceive Israeli oppression of the Islamic world as being part of British-American colonialism, which they hate far more than Sharia law. Colonialism, however liberals perceive it, is considered the greatest evil in history. Therefore, they feel a sense of guilt and sympathy to the perceived plight of the Islamic world. This Leftist perception did not come about by accident. It was planned this way. Now, Leftists are falling for the gambit and cheerleading the Kalergi plan.

5. The perception of Russia as the anti-Zionist hero of the Middle East and as an Orthodox Christian ethno state serves the final goal of hoodwinking the last bastion of opposition to global communism: Western nationalists/conservatives. Win them over and it’s game over. This is where we are at today. Putinist Russia and the Trump regime are all about streamlining conservative/nationalist sentiment into communist hands in Russia. The Western Left is already Marxist; all that is left is to honeypot conservatives and anti-communists. This goal is almost a done deal, as most in the alt media and in the nationalist cause are pro-Russia, pro-Trump. What Jewry does next remains to be seen.

Hopefully by now, you can see how both Russia and Israel benefit from anti-Zionism. Anti-Zionism does not hurt Israel. It only plays into Jewry’s hands. Russia plays the good cop while Israel plays the bad cop. The bad cop pushes the Arab world into the seemingly loving arms of the good cop.

Another benefit of running and controlling the global anti-Zionist movement is that Jewry gets to homogenize their opposition into a smaller, more manageable “opponent”. How many individuals seeking the truth on the Jewish question have been derailed and suckered into becoming anti-Zionist activists? Plenty. Was Rachel Corrie’s death really heroic? Zionism itself has little to do with the age-old Jewish question. The Jewish problem has been around a lot longer than the state of Israel has. In this way, anti-Zionism serves as a distraction.  Kremlin organs like Zerohedge and Russia Insider facilitate this same homogenization scheme but using a slightly harsher tone than anti-Zionism (I wrote an article about this using Russia Insider as an example). It seems that these organs rarely ever cast Israel or Jews in a negative light without first implicating the West.

Ultimately, Zionism serves Jewry by allowing it to control its opposition, its own people (at home and abroad), as well as Christian Zionists, and allows Russia to control the Arab world. Control of the Arab world gives Russia, in cooperation with China, the resources it needs to economically and genetically overthrow the West and helps it to water down and weed out opponents to world Jewish collectivism.


  1. This controlled opposition of fake anti-Zionism deployed against the Western ZOGs qualifies as one of the “errors of Russia” to which our Lady alerted the Church and the world in 1917 – her prophecy made at the Cova da Iria near the village of Fatima in Portugal. By this she does not mean Christian Russia – she means captive Russia seized by the Judaic Supremacy in their Bolshevik Revolution 1917 – made in the US btw. These fiends imposed upon the Russian nation the first ever constitution where atheism was the official and founding principle. It goes on from there. Never would these Jews have succeeded if President Wilson had not sent the US Marines to fight the White Russian army of the Czar from recapturing Moscow where the Jews and their Red Brigades were holed up with their reign of the Red Terror. This January 2019 marks the 81st anniversary of one of the great public signs associated with our Lady’s appearance – ‘the night illumined by an unknown light’ which occurred across the entire Northern hemisphere Jan 25 1938.

    1. I learned something new regarding Wilson’s having deployed US Marines to fight the White Russian armh from recapturing Moscow. This is sickening to hear but not surprising and it certainly connects a few more dots for me as I continue to try and piece this together. Thank you for your information.

  2. You’re mostly right Tim, except that it’s not “the Soviets” or “the Kremlin” that are behind this, but the Jews, who are international, as I’ve already pointed out before.
    ‘…What the Jewry does next remains to be seen.’
    The next is a battle of Armageddon, I’m afraid, as has been prophesied in the Jewish scriptures. It’s all a theater with a script written long ago.

    1. exactly. Unfortunately, harping on evil Russia resurrects for the stupid goyim, the evil Russia, fake cold war narrative. Not good!

  3. U need to update ur history since ur constructions built on inactual data are leading u to false conclusions. 1st off there is big israeli influence in RF (Sorry, No SSSR/USSR or Soviets – its Russia) yet that doesn’t mean its the most powerful driving force behind Russian deep state/personas of interest. 2nd there are many many actions done directly against the open&secret interests of zionism in last decade or so starting by crack down on israeli dual citizens in charge of huge corporations – namely Khodorkovski&co – looting RF and ending by snubing of Bibi by Putin for xth time last week or S300 to SAA (pick what u like)
    3rd in geopolitical subjects that matter most RF is opposed to zionism aswell as unified with Hezbollah’s/Iranian position. I guess u will eventually call them zionist stooges aswell in future but nevermind. That brings me to no. 4 and that is if I smash ur face in Street fight I’m not a pro-fitzy just because I gave u an excuse to miss a meeting where u were unhappy to go to. I’ve done lot worse to u and ur body and that indirect and unexpected outcome might heal u a bit but it wasn’t my intention. 5 U assemble these outcomes too often to fit ur central point – Soviets (not Russia) are controlled by zionists even calling Kalergi plan judeo-soviet yet a well known information that SSSR was 1st to recognize Israel isn’t any kind of evidence for this rather than sidekick to support ur weak base.
    U can’t be serious calling one of few authentic states opposed to zionist interests in ME a master mind behind zionist idea but apparently.. U can.
    Yes it isn’t working for Israel only few years but hey… Its not 1990, its not 2000 and its not even 2008. Stuff like this doesn’t change too often in grand politics. Here it did change. Whole and only Syria topic dismantles your zio-Russia conspiracy (theory) and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Putin defected – update ur info.

  4. Controlled oppositions like Hitler and now ‘post Communist’ Russia are set up to ignite just this type of argument and world wars. The point that is being made here Dsx (and on very few other websites) is that Globalism is just the final phase or endgame of Communism – the revolutionary vector of the Judaic Supremacy. The Long March has proceeded far enough through the institutions of all Western ZOGs and the EUSSR is now established – so like the Potemkin village (entirely dependent on capital and technology from the West) that it always was – the USSR could come down and join the Control Grid with a good guy script in the ME ZOG wars for Greater Israel. It is part of the Riyadh, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Astana axis vs the Western ZOGs fighting Israeli Secret Intelligence Services proxy alphabet soup Islamic guerrillas for the regime change of all their co-ethnic ME nations Israel wants in the emerging buffer caliphate.

    1. Well, just as there is similiarity betweeen controlled opposition in Hitler’s, case& nowdays Kremlin it bears repeating that in Hitler’s case (or Reich’s) it wasn’t entirely controlled rather than co-controlled and that this situation had its dynamics and the extent changing. I believe that Putin (widely unknown a day before he took the office) climbed to the top on the old order of things. See nobody had problem with his cronies or his FSB past until he was central threat to that old order of things. I mean how many zionist controlled leaders crack down on perfectly working mafia capitalism in zionists hands? Either a mastermind twist/smokescreen or not a controlled opposition at all.
      The 2nd portion of information in ur reply – I have a problem or three. RF is not a potemkins village. It might still be relatively poor compared to the western countries looting the entire planet but hey – majority of economical factors representing quality of life grew. Some infrastructure built, some tech Bibi’s&Bolton’s keep dreaming about, initiatives outnumbering OWO initiatives and now we have an eurasian dragon after hangover. A rival to the western supremacy. Btw who was until friday dependent on roskosmos in order to get to space? Some village – built on a genocide – with history shorter than average czech village – with consumer culture (no culture) – built by its creators for a play? Ain’t that the potemkins village by any chance?
      The axis part seems confusing a lot. If there was any kind of channel betweeen Tehran&Tel Aviv, we would probably have ancient rivals coordination – so far we have war games that cannot be diminished to a fake opposition theatre. Sorry to dissapoint u but no, Zionists are not in charge of everything. In short, there are older guys that make roaches shit kabbalah while fighting galaxy wars. How come we don’t already have One World Government with all its perks? Maybe just maybe there were&are some who prevented it. According to ur stuff they must have had a great firts run around 1954 and surely there were other chances… yet the plane didn’t take off. Ofc it takes years to implent it. 7 decades passed from “already winning” position and plane still didn’t take off. And it will not take off as far as I know.
      So there are no western-eastern ZOG or any kind of that stuff. Just Z that might have branches. Z had a plan for greater Israel. They armed mercenaries from various places, put a lot of (mainly) saudi&murikan money in there. They even armed their army of shills with unprecedented rate of propaganda (about Putin aswell) to justify their intent. Assad was just about to fall…
      And what did Putin/RF do?
      Irony from here:
      By standing behind Lion he did everything to help Oded Yinon plan, right? Makes sense since he is helping Kalergi plan by preventing the bloodshed (cause for migration). Btw Z&murikan puppets were&are really happy for this controlled opposition input in their plans with Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela and so on. They love their puppet Putin. NOT.

  5. Dsx – I did not say the RF was the Potemkin village – I said the Soviet was the Potemkin Village and once the Long March of the Revolution through the institutions of the Western ZOGs had succeeded , then the Soviet could come down. All of this is in Anatoliy Golisyn’s work New Lies for Old.
    The information that eludes you is the answer to the question: who owns the Communist Revolution? Was it the Bolsheviks who seized power in Russia 1917? Or was it the Judaic Supremacy and its banking cartel which owns the Western ZOGs as vassal states through that cartel? Answer this question correctly and you will understand the scenery (ie Potemkin village) has changed in Russia. It is as much owned by a Jew Bank as any Western ZOG. It gets its script from the same source the Western ZOGs get our script. In the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ blockbuster (I mean this literally) Putin and the RF have a good guy script. And in that script the RF has to look a lot more liberal and ‘multi-polar’. In the previous blockbuster, Hitler had the bad guy script. The Owners run these scticks all the time especially in their run-ups to their world wars.

    1. It seemed as if u were reffering to RF as Soviet (union) which is quite common fault. There is no doubt who was behind the revolution, it still holds some its grip over RF and the ways to get out of it are quite limited given the conditions. Yet, in last decade there was&is huge shift in that regard. Things like this don’t happen overnight and it seems it still has its limits (getting rid of the influence completely). Ask urself obligatory question – who owns the most of MSM? And now how exactly does their fake news flow about RF/Putin achieve the good guy picture? By smears which are never retracted even when proven fake? How exactly did Panama Papers bs or the richest man in the world nonsense help that good guy script? Sorry.. No…this media apparatus does everything but that. And the same goes for governments&mob. We are talking about last decade or so – u need to keep that in mind. Actually what they do is the opposite – the villain script. By no way this is part of bigger plan to make it good guy script in the end by some super “rise from the ashes” PR stunt. And there are no scripts btw. 15 years ago nobody expected RF to be the forefront of opposition to the zionist ME plans.
      Lets say that same as Fitzpatrick u both live in 15-20 years old reality. It was valid and now its not. Still since I’m giving your POV a thought I ask u to do the same. Exclude everything except for last 10 years and tell me how RF is an (((instrument))). Oh Putin denounced antisemitism while bibi was on a visit. And then he was chasing Mossad all over Syria with Hezbollah until it gave up and lost its chance for big Israel meanwhile creating UNIPOLAR&DECENTRALISED initiatives counter to everything his alleged “masters” stand for. U admit this but just in way that it is impression they want to build. Seems u never gave a thought that it is not just an impression/part of some script. U are mistaking few moves that we can classify as good guys actions as good guys script because it eaaier&! fits ur set of views and thats where u r lazy, inaccurate and inactual.
      And to Fitzy’s “bango” below… 1) who exactly said that? 2)isn’t that intentional misinterpretation with the intent to change details which u can attack by 3) DEFLECTION because even if Putin drove just single one rothchild out of russia mumbling about central bank to prove the opposite is simply stupid wannabe argument-meme worth of a 3rd grader aswell as brief guide to multiple discussion fallacies at once.
      Do better.

  6. Question is easy. You speak like here we are all talking about Russian is bad like we are leftish. It’s clear that demonization of Russian Federation from mainstream media controlled by the same old puppets goes on without problems. But is all about the right wing people all looking Putin. So…Putin is what he says he is? So the topic is only one clearly: Russian Federation is what they talk they are?
    If you want to do this type of jokes, you could starting with the two styles of zionism ( they fought each others, and they aren’t only 2 ) but you haven’t done.
    Also you don’t speak about eurasiatism…kinda strange. Is like you ignore mansory and islamic turuqs bis-affiliations and talk like S.A. about the clash of civilitation.
    Or is like you speak about the muslim brotherood like they are wahabites.
    Who are you? Here you know like we see. What’s your vision about?

    1. Also i remember to all 6 obvious point
      A) west side have fabianism, east side bolschevism, in the middle you have zionism.
      B) nationalism doesn’t exist in sè. It is a form of little imperialism because pure nationalism is ethnic one, this what we live is a kind of view from french revolution right now. Otherwise internationalism doesn’t exist, it is only a bigger “nationalism” so a strong imperial policy. Soviet union wasn’t international also with all his allies.
      C) internationalism is the goal.
      D) zionism is not about ethnicy, is about religion so it isn’t nationalistic in anyway.
      E) zionism is not monolithical. You have right, center, left and orthodox one.
      F) also if they have the same goal, their groups have different point on how is better build it. Also in mafia’s families you have beef, but their nature is the same.
      Now, if dsx wants to explain his vision we can read more easely.

    2. 0a) forget left or right – they might make sense on smaller scale i.e. single governmental body or even state since it answers to certain mafia/lobby. Despite the fact there are few examples of lobbies with range exceeding border of one state, in the end there are no general unifying wings – left/right – in international politics since too incoherent, lot of conflicting interests, right in state A doing what u’d expect left doing in state B. So lets forget categories and focus on the obvious on this one.
      0b)no doubt there are internal conflicts within a movement, but just like – lets say Lidl attacks Tesco – their owners, shareholders, CEO’s etc. meet on level above where they discuss Global strategies with Marks&Spencer or Costco. These guys answer to higher guys and they answer to higher guys and we were told it ends in comitee of 300 or sth else.. Which would still put one branch on top over the other. As far as info goes there is sth called jouchen square. That is the throne for zionism, frankly any other western – isms. Some understand internal conflicts on levels below as bread and circus for people on this level and bipolar trap for plebs below.
      Fyi muslim brotherhood aswell as wahabism were both created by the same apparatus mentioned above, represented mainly by Mi5/6 in this case.
      1) just like Black has White, darkness has light there is something even more secret than jouchen, ancient opposition to it residing in persia&china. Take (h)assasins as alternative to knight templars and so on.
      And even though Che Guevara&very few other “leftists” were their guys, 98%of all significant politicians still end in jouchen no matter how socialist/imperialist/whatever they act.
      2)zionism is oficially in apartheid Israel where its on its way to achieve ethnostate. Tell the palestinians that zionism isnt abt nationalism. I think they’d explain u thing or two.
      3) Internationalism seems to be the goal. The latest developments including clues from rotchild bookeys say otherwise. Seems they understood its not their gig in the end.
      4) I understand that sometimes f.e. army of various demons might appear incoherent but it is monolithical since governed by arch demon.
      5) yes they have same goal(s)
      6)Mafia families tend to have lot more grievances betweeen each other than two branches of the same movement. Yakuza might have similiar modus operandi to sicilians yet very different goals.
      Russia/Putin isn’t any kind of fake/controlled opposition. It is The Opposition.

  7. -No left no right, geographical descrition
    -Coleman stolen LaRouche ( we know who he is )
    -Radix stay in Sefer Hasidim and Sefer Zohar, nor Talmdian shit. Zionism is an illuministic project. Sabbatean-Frankism is the inner.You don’t have a nation here, because you think Satan wants to win. So you have to think about a corporation/personalism ( biblical concpet ) but he wants only destroy
    -I refuse this semplification about origin of that moviments and also the same origin about occidental contact/convergence
    -you can’t have an ethnic state if your popolation has all these differences : falashà, italikim, sefardic, ashkenazi, caraitian/khazarian, mizrahi, malabarian, bukharan.
    -i don’t know time, place and how, but internationalism is coming
    -Prince Satan does’nt wants to rule. Men is the problem.
    -any mafia or lobby in times and places has in common nature not culture. The new world they wants on all for them will be a great skill, and like a gift for all the work done. They are curious to manipolate reality. This is satanism, we haven’t a global satanism, you can’t have satanism before Christ.
    -When you will learn russian , chinese and arab , and i can see journalists and law process on important bullshit on your document desk, i will belive you.

    1. Well, it doesn’t matter that there are various inner-jewish ethnics in there, the problem is that jewry as whole is the one and only ethnicity recognized as official while other minorities stand as 2nd or even 3rd grade ethnics. There are differences though aswell as minority groups refusing zionism, yet they have very little influence. I have yet to see jews themselves complaining abt ashkenazi’s&others origin that makes any kind of claim for the “promised land” fake before we even get to the fact that it actually was/is in Saudi Barbaria (ALL biblical stories w jews were around Asir&Hijaz).
      Christ was driven out, member? Last 2000 years Iblis ruled our world. This was his cycle which should have been the last as was written in many variants. Yet something didn’t work out surprisingly. Someone kicked his ass cca 3 years back but he didn’t replace him as ruler. Our fixed points (sth like Destiny) were deleted. The world was for first time left in our human hands. Any outcome is possible. One thing is sure – no higher being rules our engine room now. That goes for noble aswell as for demonic entities. Dark army lost very little of its power yet its headless. Few ppl are waking up. We can move to civilisation level 1 (we are 0) or we will destroy ourselves. But it will be just us who did itm

    2. Jewish aren’t one. You have antizionistic and anti cabalistic jews which are the real jews and they have hate not on goym but on minim ( christians or caraites or samaritanians ). You have jews turn into apostacy, also if they aren’t no more part of the elected people. 40% of the illuministic sionistic state citizens don’t beliving in GOD and don’t follow rabbinical thinking and praxis.
      In the holy land sure you have ethnic discrimination but it is always depending on religion. Infact now christians would be signed like arameans while druzes and islamics like arabs and is growing yazidis minority ( quite all are kurds ) not labeled.
      Discrimination is about christians and islamics but christians aren’t all aramen/arabic like druzes or islamics.
      Arab however are also in jews group like ethnicity.
      Like you see is a question of religion and only after an ethnic one because druzes and yazidis are in better position than christians and islamics.
      So you are right but is religion and ethnical by derivation.
      I don’t know about this. I’m italian and some guys speaks about the Land was here. The problem is only one: if you belive about it, you give credit to some islamic legends.
      Why not hindu-kush?
      Someone who? What are you talking about?
      For me is clear islamic roots goes on with gnostic eurasiatism ( read russians ).
      You speak about Iblis alias Satan.
      Is known that muslim brotherood has masonic affiliation. Here we come back to the distinction from this group and wahabbism which is arabian style ( always connect with occident but not via mansory ) but islamics have more roots with soviet and republic federalist russians also now than what media say on USA interests.
      Those are facts, like in addendum is islam that is double face religion like communists mobsters. In this you have similar way, and they collab in propter of this spirit.
      One thing is sure – no higher being rules our engine room now. That goes for noble aswell as for demonic entities. Dark army lost very little of its power yet its headless. Few ppl are waking up. We can move to civilisation level 1 (we are 0) or we will destroy ourselves. But it will be just us who did itm

  8. These arguments obsessing on evil Russia misdirect away from the true enemy and also are conducive to helping incite the goyim wars needed to extend Jewish power. When you obsess like this, you actually imply the west are the good guys but to true resistance, anyone serving Jewish power is the bad guy. So may I assume you are controlled?
    The enemy is INTERNATIONAL Jewry

    1. And where do you think Jewish power was perfected? Israel? No. The Soviet Union. Chabad Lubavitch itself is from the Soviet Union, not Israel. Global Bolshevism isn’t coming from Israel. It’s coming from Chabad Russia. I don’t imply that the West are good guys, but it achieves nothing to cheerlead the West’s destruction and blindly embrace whoever is leading the West’s destruction. That’s treason.

  9. I don’t get some of the dancing techniques here: Did Communism as ideology originate in Russia? Was it implemented because russians wanted it or because someone was sent there to do that revolution? Is russia a cradle of communism/marxism whatever?
    Yakuza works in japan as crime syndicate with typical attributes of mafia. Does that also mean that mafia originates in here?
    The west’s degradation&decadence are mainly consequences of sometimes intentional bad&worse decisions, secondly are long term plans & tertially how exactly does RF undermine West?
    Oh actually I know fitzy&co, Its because the ME bloodshed&migration were greatly averted by their intervention and other major conflicts thwarted because they STAND FIRM WITH THEIR ALLIES – THE MOST ANTI-ZIONIST STATES U CAN GET, right?

  10. And commensurately, they must hide Jewish control of Russia: As Louis Marschalko indicates in the 1950’s;
    ‘It is a corollary of the Soviet system that in order to mislead the Western world, and especially the anti-Israel Arab nations, it needs to create occasionally a false appearance of ‘anti-Semitism’. But the real power of the Soviet Union ~ the heavy industry and war production based on Jewish leadership still exists today behind the second and third Iron Curtains.’
    Hence with Putin v the Russian oligarchs, the apparent conflict was an act to make Putin look moral and as most were Jews, to give the impression that Jews were not prevalent in control
    Russian national Iskander Hashim in interview with Daryl Bradford Smith sums it up in a few mins – it was a false conflict/’set-up’;
    31 m 13 s – 32 m 45 s
    The privatization process was a giant Jewish/communist heist. As Petr Cibulka attests the same for Czechslovakia;
    ‘In Eastern Europe Things Are Not What They Seem’ – Interviews with Mr Petr Cibulka .
    “Our paper debunked many lies widely believed about the November revolution of 1989 and the fact it was not an anti-communist revolution at all. It was a privatization coup organized by the reform wing of the Russian KGB. It was accomplished in order to install the self-invited ‘new administration’ turning them into the country’s rulers and lawful owners. And that was achieved in full measure by the communists, the STB (Czech communist secret police) and KGB structures under the leadership of Vaclav Havel. As a result there was a fraudulent privatization of state wealth that in fact ended up in the hands of communist and STB /KGB structures only.”

  11. Louis Marschalko ‘The World Conquerors’ 1958:

    “In 1956, a delegation of the French Socialist Party, led by its secretary-general, Pierre Comin, visited the Soviet Union. Upon his return home, Pierre Lochak, the Russian-French interpreter, published the shorthand account of the whole material of the conversations, which took place during this visit between Khrushchev and Kaganovich on one side and the French delegation on the other side. During the course of these rather frank exchanges, Lazar Kaganovich replied to French remarks about Western humanitarianism: “There is no place left for humanitarianism until we have secured the final victory of the Soviet Revolution. The sole duty of the proletarian dictatorship is to secure and complete the total victory of the Revolution.

    According to Kaganovich, the victory of the Revolution cannot be anything else but absolute world domination. And Khrushchev, also, promptly added that the Soviet Government is based today on Jewish leadership and that it was due to certain considerations only that Jewry was masked by a Gentile front.
    “If Jews today occupied everywhere the first positions in our Republic,” said Stalin’s successor, “they would most probably not be very popular with the native Russian population. If, for instance, we appointed a Jew to a high administrative position in the Ukraine and he then proceeded to surround himself with Jewish personnel, this would certainly arouse the jealousy and animosity of the local population towards the Jews. But we are not ‘anti-Semites’. If you look at Mr. Kaganovich you can see he is a Jew. And Mr. Mitinhere is also a Jew. And dear Lydia Faktor, our interpreter, is Jewish as well. I, myself, have a half-Jewish grandchild. We all fight against ‘anti-Semitism’.” (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, July 5th, 1957.)

  12. I do not believe in the perfection of the West and the East you have to criticize both sides.
    They seem that they are different but what is certain is that these Eastern and Western politicians are not really interested in destroying Israel and not even when there was the Soviet Union with the name.
    I don’t call the plot Russian-Jewish but I call it Western-Russian-Jewish plot because Israel has benefits in both West and Russia, every politician could be Jewish of any nationality though.
    Israel uses plan A and plan B, that’s why the West is dying with its corrupt politicians, Russia and America are useful nations to import Muslims to the West.

  13. I don’t agree with this whole article because I understood that both West and East are not free.
    I for example can support FSA or Assad but neither of them concretely would like to change the situation, both talk to Israel but Assad can hardly show himself as a Zionist puppet always if Russia will find an agreement for plan B.
    All I know is that both FSA and Israel supported each other and create fake news.
    West and East are both slaves to evil and I recognize the defeat of the European and Muslim population of not having stable nations.

  14. First of all I want to make some corrections because there are some things you forgot:

    communism was not born in the Soviet Union, it was used there in the beginning sure but communism came from Austria from Karl Marx of Jewish origin.

    As for ISIS in my opinion it is of Jewish,Western and Russian origins because strangely all the fighters come from those parts as well as Free Syrian Army was supported by the West.

    No I’m not saying Russia is a good guy, I’m saying both Western and Russian politicians are controlled by Jews, all these politicians ignore the white race and increase Muslims.
    It’s an artificial transfer, USA and Russia are communist nations even though they try to deny it.

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