Canadian ‘dissident’ group Diagolon appears to be Russian/Duginist proxy

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Jan. 27, 2023 Anno Domini

So called far-Right Canadian dissident group Diagolon appears to be a Russian proxy used to destabilize and control opposition to Justin Trudeau and his Communization of Canada.

The group, which gained traction by crashing the trucker freedom convoy in Canada, seems to have similar “fascist” tendencies to those of Ukrainian fascist groups that appear to be largely controlled directly from Moscow as a means of controlling opposition in Ukraine to Russia’s push to re-Sovietize the sovereign nation and expand its repackaged empire through the Russo-Sino-Israeli Eurasian agenda. (See The Perestroika Deception Part 1 | Part 2)

Dugin with his Chaos Magick logo behind.

Not only does its provocative and seemingly violent founder Jeremy Mackenzie don a symbol on his military attire (he is former Canadian military) that resembles National Bolshevik Aleksandr Dugin’s chaos magick star, he has spoken positively about the neo-Soviet dictator Vladimir Putin.

“Accelerate, accelerate, there’s no way out. This is going to come to total shit, so let’s just get it over with. If you’re going to be in a fight, hit first—Vladimir Putin said that.”[1]

Mackenzie, who seems jacked up on drugs in his podcast, clearly admires Putin and even Red China.

“Putin’s my favourite [world] leader for so many reasons.”[2]

Accelerationism is a Soviet tactic. In order to topple capitalism and “imperialist powers”, you must accelerate or intensify unstable elements within them to the point where it starts to break down. This tactic can only come from the Kabbalah as a form of dialectical chaos (Dugin happens to love Kabbalah). Why is a supposed conservative/nationalist calling for Communist tactics in his own country? It seems that Mackenzie is National Bolshevik, or Nazbol—a deceptive ideology that at times resembles conservatism but is far from it. One of Dugin’s accelerationist strategies was to foment anti-white racists in America.

Like many Duginist controlled opposition groups, Diagolon throws in some anti-Jewish sentiment to convince their followers that they are based, whether it be talking about the Jewish question or the Holocaust.

“In late January, MacKenzie travelled from Nova Scotia to Ottawa for the ‘Freedom Convoy,’ participating in the event at Parliament Hill on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday. While there, he spent time with members of Canada First, led by white nationalist Tyler Russell. Canada First is a racist, anti-Semitic network of Groypers – followers of American white nationalist Nick Fuentes.”[3]

This whole operation stinks. Fuentes and the Groypers are all part of the fake opposition, Q-anon, MAGA types that are leading conservatives to a dead end and, eventually, their demise. They are as legitimate as a three-dollar bill.

Another implication in this whole affair is another so-called Canadian dissident. Enter Canadian Prime Minister candidate Maxime Bernier of the “People’s Party”—”people’s” being a typical Communist descriptor itself (e.g., People’s Republic of China).

“People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier paid a visit to MacKenzie and Harrison at their hotel while they were in Ottawa. Bernier has repeatedly refused to distance himself from the Plaid Army and has boosted MacKenzie’s posts in the past.

“MacKenzie also appeared on the conspiracy-fueled InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones while in Ottawa to discuss the protest.”[4] (See Alex Jones’ connections to Russia)

Canadian Prime Minister candidate for the Conservative Party Pierre Pollievre shook hands with Mackenzie and received flak from the Left over it.[5] Ironically, however, Mackenzie threatened, supposedly jokingly, to rape Poilievre’s wife.

And what of the name “Diagolon”? Mackenzie designed the logo for this group, a diagonal white line on a black background, to represent the idea of some kind of North American Union running from Alaska to Florida. Dugin’s Eurasianist plan for the world involves a similar kind of integrated and unified North American region (regionalism).

Not only does Diagolon serve as controlled opposition to coral and control legitimate dissidents and force them into compromising situations (through violence, for example), it helps the predominant Leftist media in Canada portray all dissidents to Trudeau’s totalitarianism as extremist, when in reality, opposing totalitarianism is a common sense populist position.

This story is just another example of how the dissident/conservative response to the New World Order has been co-opted by the crypto-Communists from Eurasia. As Dugin bragged:

“The New Right is only a project, and we are designers and implementers, architects and builders. The future is ours.”

It seems the plan for the “New Right” is to either neuter it through ongoing gatekeeping or through tactics like Stochastic terrorism, which we have seen with shills like Alex Jones, and to polarize it as part of a dialectical ritual—all of which accelerate the West’s destruction and also give rise to further limits on freedom (hate speech laws, gun grabbing, etc.). Their accelerationist delusion will not bring back the old West, as they claim but will hasten the extinction of Western Civilization altogether and give rise to the Eurasian messianic empire.


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  1. “Dugin’s Eurasianist plan for the world involves a similar kind of integrated and unified North American region (regionalism).”

    I don’t know about how the historic Asian system of tributes to China worked, but it would be unsurprising if the Eurasianist Camp intends to make the integrated and unified North American region, whether or not it may be called Diagolon, as one of the tributary state-like regions in an unimaginably evil kind of tributary system.

    — Elfriede Lentner,

  2. That symbol on Jeremy’s jacket is an ancient runic symbol called Vegvisir. He also had a Valknut symbol on his plate carrier or helmet or something. I don’t think he’s a duginist, but he does shill Russia/Putin quite a bit since Feb/22

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