Alex Jones may have been a Soviet asset all along

A capture of Jones’ Russian visa from earlier this year. What was Jones doing in Russia? We can only guess. Perhaps being debriefed by the POLITBURO. Fellow fake conservative and disinfo artist Jack Posobiec tweeted that the visa is a three-year, multi-entry business visa.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
September 8, 2018 Anno Domini

What if this entire time, self-proclaimed American patriot radio host Alex Jones had been working for the Soviet power bloc in Russia and the East?

Would it be so difficult to believe? Could Russia have used him all this time to divide, distract, and radicalize the American populace as a means of weakening it for a final Marxist takeover?

Everything that has been levelled against Jones by his staunchest critics, myself included, namely that he is a Likudnik Zionist in the employ of Benjamin Netanyahu and the gangster-run Israeli government and that he is a counter-intelligence operative, could easily fit into an all-encompassing Soviets-dunnit narrative. He could very well be all a: Zionist, intelligence asset, freemason, neocon, and Soviet agent. In fact, these nefarious groups have all worked together for decades for mutual goals. Most of the time, it’s difficult to tell one from the other. Let the reader realize that the Soviet Union is run mostly by high-level freemasons and communist Jews who are loyal to the Marxist state of Israel. I use the present tense because the Soviet Union still secretly exists. It merely changed its flag and name for public consumption. The world communist conspiracy persists.

When looking back at all the questionable things Jones has done over the years in determining his loyalty to the West, I think back to the infamous Y2K (year 2000) scare in which Jones, then fairly new to the patriot movement, actively participated. Late conspiracy researcher William Cooper documented and analyzed this event with astounding prescience. He rightfully called Jones a fear mongering “bullshit artist”. He may have been the first to sound the alarm over Jones’ sincerity. During that night, Dec. 31, 1999, a point in time when all kinds of doom had been predicted and many people were on edge, Jones basically attempted to deceive his listeners into believing that the Russians were invading or carrying out some kind of major aggression against the United States. It wasn’t true. So, why did Jones lie about it? Was it merely another of his many scare tactics to whip up his listeners or was there something more?

Soviet human butcher Josef Stalin apparently was fascinated by the fake news of his day—something that fit naturally for a lying Soviet such as himself. Orson Welles’ fake news broadcast of a UFO invasion of America from H.G. Well’s The War of the Worlds especially interested Stalin. Stalin saw the obvious uses for fake news of this kind in manipulating the American populace and the West. If average Americans could be coaxed into brandishing firearms and firing them at imaginary space aliens in the sky, what else could they be tricked into doing? Author Annie Jacobsen writes that Wells’ fiction inspired Stalin and the Soviets to orchestrate the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico—an event that would go on to shape UFO folklore and even, to some degree, the conspiracy movement. Since that time, the Soviets have perfected their fake-news psychological operations. Who knows how many of these kinds of operations have been foisted on unsuspecting Western populations. Countless, no doubt. As it turns out, Wells met with Stalin in 1934. Does that mean Wells was a Soviet asset, too? Perhaps, as Wells himself claimed to be further Left than Stalin. He was a staunch Leftist involved in such things as the formation of the globalist/communist League of Nations. For all we know, The War of the Worlds broadcast over CBS radio that caused a public panic in the United States on Halloween in 1938 could have been a Soviet orchestration. Perhaps as Soviet mockery as to the source of this apparent psyop, the opening theme to the CBS broadcast was Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto No. 1.

Back to Jones, his fake news regarding the Soviet invasion during his Y2K broadcast may have been yet another of the POLITBURO’s psych warfare campaigns to test out the gullibility of their enemies. Many people believe that Jones began his career as a legitimate truther patriot and then later became compromised, but the continuity between now and the Y2K incident is apparent. Divide, distract, and radicalize. After writing dozens of articles critiquing Jones and his position as an anti-truther controlled-opposition agent and studying him for years, this seems to be the best conclusion to which I can come for his purpose in the patriot/truther movement—he is an agent provocateur, a stochastic terrorist. And it aligns perfectly with Vladimir Lenin’s prescriptions of establishing divisive agents of influence in the West as part of a long-range strategy of demoralizing and destabilizing it.
Jones’ neoconish style seems largely derived from the Jewish-controlled John Birch Society—a movement set up to roundup and neuter legitimate conservatives and nationalists. As with other Jewish-controlled anti-Communist movements, like the Trotskyite American Jewish League Against Communism,the Birch Society unsurprisingly has been completely ineffective at stopping the global communist threat and has delivered rather shallow blows against it. For instance, where was the Birch Society when the Soviets staged the fake “August Coup” against Gorbachev and the collapse of the USSR? If anyone should have exposed this colossal hoax, it should have been JBS. By leading their own opposition through fake movements, Judeo-Bolsheviks are able to control their opposition. Alex Jones appears to be one such controlled-opposition agent, luring unknowing nationalists down an alley that leads nowhere. The Soviet Trust is another good example of the depths the Soviets have gone to control their opposition. American Thinker writer Ricardo Galván Estrada seems to believe Jones is part of a crypto-communist campaign against the West and compares his rhetoric to that of Russian Foreign Intelligence Services operative Vicky Pelaez.

The original RT (Russia Today). Nothing but a communist rag.

It’s no coincidence that today, the two major powers (really they are one and the same power) Jones refuses to criticize is Soviet power in Russia, which he doesn’t even admit exists, and Jewish power, which Jones protégé Paul Joseph Watson says he doesn’t really see “big Jewish influence…Jewish people aren’t really that present…you don’t really notice them anywhere”. The COMINTERN appears comfortable in allowing assets like Jones to blame the Chinese Communists, but that’s as far as they will let him and others go. And that’s all that is really needed in legitimizing Jones’ fake anti-Communism to his unsuspecting audience—the Chinese Communism angle serving as a limited hangout. Blaming China is a “nothing burger”, as Neocons like Jones like to say. For China is openly Communist. Russia, as the crypto-Communist power, is the one to finger, yet Jones goes along with the establishment narrative that Russia is now a fascist, thus conservative, nation, which has long since abandoned communism.
Forget about Jones lying about Soviet manipulation of U.S. elections, which they have been doing since long before Trump came along, he won’t even expose Russian false-flag terrorism—something that used to be the bread and butter of his credibility. It’s no wonder Soviet-controlled Russia Today has featured Alex Jones on its broadcast hundreds of times. Jones defends Russia just about as much as he defends Israel when it comes to geopolitical conflicts, poisonings, false flags, espionage, obvious corruption,or otherwise.

The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence correctly stated that Russia Today and other Soviet media outlets have been campaigning to “undermine faith in the US Government and fuel political protest.” Nobody in the American media has done this more than Jones, whether it’s fuelling racial tensions or getting Americans to distrust their government. And he has been doing this for years, not just in the run-up to the last U.S. federal election. Jones and his comrades have perhaps been Russia’s best troll farm. It has not gone unnoticed by the Soviets, as Putin is purported to have praised Jones and Putin’s prophet Alexander Dugin has publicly done as much.

For an exhaustive examination of Alex Jones, see this dossier.


  1. If one listens to Alex Jones, carefully, you can make a list of all the phrases and topics he uses and talks about..
    He repeats the same topics over and over just in different ways.
    It’s almost as though he has all of his topics memorized.
    In a video he claims he is familiar for fifteen years with a well known guest he has on his show, but I’ve never heard Alex mention him or his books..
    Alex Jones is a New World Order promoter. j

    1. It may be rhat Alex Jones has served his purpose and is being known world wide so as to use him as an excuse to bring about H R 6421 already passed by the Senate . I have watched and waited for over two years and no one is even mentioning it.
      But Trump has done one major achievement for the Jews and no protests— the declaration of Jersuleum as capital of Israel.He has acted as god and given them the capital of their world empire.
      I believe that is the reason for the hatred and ruckus over Trump- to make it seem he is hated all the while he achieves the One World Order goals and we let him do it.

    2. “In a video he claims he is familiar for fifteen years with a well known guest he has on his show, but I’ve never heard Alex mention him or his books..”

      I’ve heard him say that about Tucker Carlson, yet there’s video from 2012 where Tucker is slating him, saying he’s never met him, calling him crazy, and that he’d never have Jones anywhere around his Family. Carlson appeared on infowhores a few years ago, Jones said then that he didnt really know him.

      It’s like when Trump appeared on his show. Shortly after, Jones is claiming that he has “the president on speed dial” (of course the MSM ran with this golden sound-bite). Then Trump struck Syria with a missile and Jones did an ’emergency broadcast’ where he appealed to “anyone” with “the president’s number” to “urgently contact him”. Months later he claimed he and Trump talk regularly. Then another few months later he claimed he and Trump don’t talk much anymore. Etc, etc…

      He tells so many lies, and now he’s getting older, he’s becoming far more inconsistent with them. Still, he knows the biggest part of his audience will sadly never catch on or even fact-check him.

  2. “The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence stated that Russia Today and other Soviet media outlets have been campaigning to “undermine faith in the US Government and fuel political protest.” Nobody in the American media has done this more than Jones, whether it’s fueling racial tensions or getting Americans to distrust their government.”
    This is a good article and states truths that need to be stated. However, I wish we were beyond even talking about Alex Jones. AJ is firmly on the path his handlers have set him upon and right now, it looks like he will either be completely wiped off the web or he will end up with an even greater following of successfully totally mind controlled deluded “patriots.”
    As I look back on the early radio shows of Alex Jones, I see that I should have known him by his fruits. He gets people all riled up and angry and in a fighting mood. That is the spirit of this world and is not the kind of spirit one should have who is a follower of Jesus Christ.
    We are to pray and confess our sins and ask for God’s mercy. We are to use our individual gifts to bring glory to Christ the King as we wrestle not against fresh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    I appreciate my Catholic teaching and they were right about Communism and Freemasonry and all the heresies and isms. The USA was founded upon Deism and Freemasonic principles and fake Christianity.
    I am reading to find out exactly where Freemasonry came from, something I was never taught.
    So I am reading how the Jews infiltrated the guilds and started the wrong kind of labor unions known today as Freemasonry.
    The War of Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization
    Chapter 4 Freemasonry
    Monsignor George F. DILLON (1836 – 1893)
    “Mgr. Segur, moreover, connects modem Freemasonry with the
    Jews and Templars, as well as with Socinus. There are
    reasons which lead me to think that he is right in doing so.
    The Jews for many centuries previous to the Reformation,
    had formed secret societies for their own protection and for
    the destruction of the Christianity which persecuted them,
    and which they so much hated. The rebuilding of the
    Temple of Solomon was the dream of their lives. It is un-
    questionable that they wished to make common cause with other
    bodies of persecuted religionists. They had special reason to
    welcome with joy such heretics as were cast off by Catholicity.
    It is, therefore, not at all improbable, that they admitted into
    their secret conclaves some at least of the discontented Templars,
    burning for revenge upon those who dispossessed and suppressed
    the Order. That fact would account for the curious combination
    of Jewish and conventual allusions to be found in modem
    We are to pray and confess our sins and ask for God’s mercy. We are to use our individual gifts to bring glory to Christ the King as we wrestle not against fresh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Christus vicet
    Christus regnat
    Christus imperat

    1. Hi Dachsielady, good to see you here. I’ve missed reading your comments and many others over at Prof. Tracy’s site. Do you know what happened to him? Does he have a new site?

  3. wow…. lollllllllllll
    dude i am DEFINITELY NOT an Alex Jones fan anymore, to say the least, but wow …. wooooooow LOLOLOL
    This time you have seriously JUMPED THE SHARK!!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL
    (Church slandering edited out)

  4. When you feel disgusted and depressed with yourself listening to Alex Jones, then your intuition is telling you he’s a phony patriot

  5. In reply and a big hello to one of my favorites
    elfmom55 /
    Dr. Tracy’s current website is
    I still post there but not often these days.
    I spent a lot of time researching 9-11 since 9-11-01
    Now there are so many split up factions who claim to have 9-11 “truth.”
    I feel very disappointed that there is no really good current broadcast, audio or video, about the upcoming 17th 9-11 anniversary.
    I continue to see the patterns of Cass Sunstein and Phillip Zelikow disinfo / misinfo tricks over the years over all the false events THEY have done on us..
    Sure hate to look at and think about what THEY have done to the word, Truth.
    God bless you in the Name of the One Who is Truth.
    Apocalypse 2:9
    Apocalypse 3:9

    1. Thanks so much. I was subbed to James new site a while back but haven’t received anything from him for a long time. Maybe I’ll have to re-sub.
      I stopped reading this article when he started talking about the planes. I personally don’t believe there were planes. More disinfo? Mis-direction? Don’t know. Should keep reading to pick up on other info. We will probably never get the whole truth from this, WW2 or anything else that matters. So many different stories from so many different people, views, opinions. Thanks again Dachsielady!
      James Perloff discusses 9/11 with Christopher Bollyn.

  6. Freemasonry oozes from Talmudic Judaism which oozed from the first primordial
    See Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry – 1924 edition
    the Children of Israel Never turned into “PROSELYTES”
    to Talmudic Judaism… the Old Testament
    the battle is SPIRITUAL….
    Stupidity is spiritual blindness
    knowing the truth is the way out of the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    at the end of the day the truth is still the truth
    even if Alex Jones doesn’t want to talk about
    where the synagogue of satan so-called “Jews” come from
    Gog & Magog “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism will never be Israel.

  7. George Norry and Steve Quayle for months and months as soon as Hal Boop was said to be discovered or heading towards earth, promoted It and as it supposedly got closer to earth, claimed that when it got over Africa, cargo doors would open up and a white powder would be spread over Africa killing millions. Shortly after, Heaven’s Gatemembers committed mass suicide due to Hal Boop.Art Bell is Catholic. George Norry is Catholi. Some guest hosts are Catholic.
    Past to Coast also has to bea psychological operation.
    These sources of information are relief valves for alert people and relieve the emotions knowing these things as we believe by hearing them, Government and other secrets are revealed and exposed.
    When SteveQuayle was. reminded of Hal Boop, he removed my comment and froze me from his website. SteveQuayle pretends a religious background to almost all topics about anything and everything.Another propagandist.

    1. I’m still waiting to be nuked that Quayle promised god told him was 100% going to happen “in the next few weeks”. That was 2015 on infowhores. These fear-based mind kontrol cultists are all the same. Whip people up into an emotional frenzy, sell them books. Sigh

  8. Imagination Creates Reality – Red Pill For The Awakening
    Deep state operatives, CIA-NSA-Mossad moles posing as Christians, Patriots, Republicans and Nationalists conduct indoctrination “conference” under false title “Transhumanism and the Hybrid Age – True Legends Conference 2018 in Branson MO. Typical Judeo-Masonic-Illuminati mind control techniques in full play. Smug shills externalizing the hierarchy, via MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird controlled opposition methodology of fear mongering catharsis perpetrated with feel good emotional escape via crying and weeping for Christ to save us Woo as the crowd repeatedly cheers with standing ovations – Stockholm Syndrome style – with hunch backed Neanderthal -semite denigrating the white race to be enslaved and/or exterminated by machine overlords. Overt provocation to arms in planned war between “terrans” and “Cosmists”. Stochastic terrorism at its finest! Complete lack of viable solutions! Red flag diversion into UFO and Giants on Earth unsubstantiated hearsay. Full immersion of 3000 blind acolytes in creeping apathy & abulia. Initiating the unlearned into the Kabbalah cult. The Alt Right, Patriot and Nationalist movements are infiltrated and DEAD and there seems to be no one left to stand up with the TRUTH and the GALL to fight to establish a viable alternative! Infowars obviously complicit and sold out to Zionist overlords!
    Sinister, Grotesque, Pathetic!
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

  9. Good post, Paul Rattray.
    The line-up of speakers at that conference look like the same “Christians” who prayed for President Trump in the Oval Office.
    “Red flag diversion into UFO and Giants on Earth unsubstantiated hearsay. ”
    I notice that this most recent 17th memorial of 9-11-01 has many “9-11 truth researchers”
    moving in to this woowoo kind of “evidence” and inquiry.– Secret space technology and weaponry. A new kind of understanding of “false flag” events and terrorism points to “they live” entities walking among us who are supposedly not entirely human. This is a clever way to keep us from looking at facts and reality and the true evil that fully-human humans are capable of, things like child trafficking and child sacrifice and massive pedophilia and planned and perpetrated false events to provide the justification for destroying Bill of Rights and fighting more wars for Israel.

  10. Disinformation. Jones has known ties to the fascist John birch society and council for national policy. It should be noted that BOTH are fronts for the papal church. 1 every head of the JBS has graduated from a Jesuit university 2 Knights of Malta Pat Buchanan and Jerry Boykin amongst others are part of the CNP. Nice try disinfo PS the reason why “bankster” autocorrects as “banister” is because bankster isn’t a real word. Lol

    1. Today’s Jesuits are not Catholic. Today’s “Catholic” universities are not Catholic either. Did you know that author E. Michael Jones was fired from Notre Dame for being too Catholic? You are being taken for a ride by Jewish disinformation.

  11. Very gratifying to read an essay that refers to the COMINTERN – even spelled correctly in capital letters. The US fell in 1913 to the Judaic Supremacy – its Crown (and banking cartel of the Empire of the City). Russia fell in 1917 through the Wall St subsidiaries of that cartel. At the Apex, both have been de-facto Communist states for most of the twentieth century and into in the present day.
    Bankster capitalism (the central bank owns the gov’t) and Communism (The Party controls the government) are same/same, but they are only one vectors of the Judaic Supremacy. Zionism is only one vector of the Judaic Supremacy.
    In the Communist hieroglyphs : the USSR was the hammer and USSSA was the crypto Communist power – the ‘anti-Communist’ anvil upon which the rest of the world was shaped. Zionism is the scythe.
    Of course, in the US – there remained the Long March through all institutions of social influence which had to be seized. In the USSSA the model was – the central bank (aka the Jew Bank) owned the government through the executive branch and manipulated the legislative branch through ownership of the political, party system and democratic machine. Anthony Sutton’s classic work published in 1974 sets out the financing of the Bolshevik Revolution by Wall St Banks.
    In Russia, I think the model was The Party controls the government and the Duma and the government owns the central bank (aka the Jew Bank). All The Party (under the COMINTERN) in Russia has done is change the government appearance. It is a Potemkin façade. The Party which always sat above the government and above the Duma has not changed.

  12. Just a speculation (but plausible one). It could be that Alex Jones in not actually American but a Russian/Eastern insert. I am not an expert, but there is something of the Eastern in these photos;
    It is hard to see how as a genuine American, he could commit such treason and misdirection from a very young age. It is clear from the beginning with his video ‘America Destroyed by Design’ and then his ‘super-scoop’ of Bohemian Grove which he has been allowed to film and distribute, that this would quickly gain him a big following, to drink in the Dugin/Eastern narrative as below. In coming years, his detestation of Hillary/Sanders and the Democratic left will also cheer-lead conservatives/nationalists to Putin for a Russia/East ‘liberation’, when the US is deliberately ‘Sovietised’ in the coming years as described here;
    Then with his Russian passport as above, Jones can shuffle back to Russia – job done, when WW3 starts;
    Alexander Dugin – ‘Principles and strategy of coming war:
    “It is obvious that you can only wage war effectively with an external enemy if the society is quite consolidated and mobilized internally. It is desirable to be mentally prepared for the war. To do this, people must understand who is the enemy and who is not, and, most importantly, why this is the case and not so otherwise. You mustn’t demonize the enemy at the very beginning of the war. The image of the enemy must be formed in advance and deliberately…. Therefore, the first task to gain victory would be real fully-fledged company to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general. Therefore, the West is a place where the devil resides. It is the centre of the global capitalist tentacles. It is the matrix of ​​rotting cultural perversion and a vice grip of falsehood and cynicism, violence and hypocrisy. Russia already does this…
    “Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole of humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe. The elite’s results are evident: the whole Middle East is already covered in blood, they are not able any more to establish any order, the globalist elite (the CFR, the neocons, the representatives of the international financial oligarchy of Wall Street) implants everywhere only chaos, devastation, death and pain. The destruction of such a cancer on humanity is a matter for the entire world, including the Americans, who are not only its instruments but also victims.”

  13. Alex Jones hits the fundamental Dugin narrative in conversation with Adam Green;
    He states – ‘while you’re obsessing all day on Jews, the globalists are eugenicists planning a post-human world…that’s what’s really happening’
    7 m 34s – 7m 46 s

  14. Alex Jones’ fundamental narrative precisely mirror’s Dugin’s ‘Ideological platform for the Eurasianist Movement’ as published on Dugin’s website
    Jones, as above post in conversation with Adam Green:

    “‘while you’re obsessing all day on Jews, the globalists are eugenicists planning a post-human world…that’s what’s really happening.”


    “We recognize Globalization to be a stealthy and highly specialized genocidal scheme which, unlike all other systems of genocide, deprives entire peoples of their true identities and thus cancels out – yes, exterminates! – the inherent ethno-cultural dignity of every precious and irreplaceable segment of humanity.

    We are opposed to any form of eugenics either state sponsored or initiated by the private sector; whether it disguises itself as “transhumanism” or biological engineering or genetic enhancement, etc. – it is all the same thing: the deliberate maniacal quest to institute a global cult of technology in order to destroy the human species as we know it
    The fundamental Eurasianist mission in the 21st century is to destroy unipolar Atlanticist world hegemony and to coordinate and promote all the many forces which are opposed to the unipolar Atlanticist mission of Globalization. In order to coordinate and promote the anti-Atlanticist forces the Eurasian Movement must work toward the creation of a Global Revolutionary Alliance of diverse individuals, groups, and states – i.e. an international coalition of political forces – which are nevertheless totally united in their conviction that American liberal hegemony (i.e. Atlanticism) is the greatest Evil in the world today.
    The long march of history, from our earliest Hyperborean roots to the present day, confirms that it is only the Russian People who possess the spiritual and cultural purity, hence the collective virility required to produce a future binding Eurasian State and supra-national Union for those who have traditionally comprised the peoples of Eurasia – a State which will always have their best collective interests in mind. The official name of this supra-national Union shall forever be: the Eurasian Union, or simply Eurasia’. The capital city of Eurasia shall forever be: Moscow.”
    That the Eurasian Movement is hereby formed to bring hell to the existing Atlanticist world order by openly promoting all of the ideas specified in this Platform of revolutionary-traditionalist thought.


  15. I think that’s become blatantly obvious recently, given the soviet assets and agents he’s been pushing, such as kremlin father-son propagandists Oliver, and Shaun stone and interviewing Alexander Dugin.

    Then there’s his handler, Roger ‘NXIVM bath-house’ Stone and the whole Moscow/New York/Tel Aviv crowd he hangs with who propped up Trump.

    Curious how Jones has a business Visa rather than press visa. Seems they trust him enough so they don’t feel they have to follow him everywhere like other western reporters

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