EMJ’s Molotov cocktail of Islamic magi and Soviet indifferentism

screen-shot-2024-06-27-at-12-44-00By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 27, 2024 Anno Domini
Book Review

The Kremlin’s good little Communist E. Michael Jones didn’t hold back from blaming the West and capitalism for all of world’s problems in his 2014 book The Magi and the Apartheid Wall.

In this short read, he singles out Islamic-revolutionary Iran as one of only a few bastions of morality and Godliness that hinder the ever-plotting “WASP-Jewish”-controlled West (a narrative of the KGB’s Operation SIG). He contends that the CIA’s 1950s overthrow of Iranian President Mohammed Mossadegh (Operation Ajax) was the beginning of many “Anglo-American empire” coups to subvert the world, culminating in the alleged Western-Nazi overthrow of the pro-Kremlin Yanukovich regime in Ukraine in 2014.

Yes, Jones actually endorses the Putin line that Ukraine currently is occupied by Nazis. Most in the Israeli press will not even advance this absurd conclusion.

“The democratically elected Yanukovich government was overthrown by a coalition of American supported Neo-Nazi thugs, but the Neocon holdovers from the Bush Administration overreached, causing a reaction, and the Crimea returned to Russia, putting an end to NATO’s expansion eastward and signaling the beginning of the end of the American Empire and its century-long efforts to control the Eurasian landmass,” Jones writes.

“After the coup d’état, the Ukrainian Nazis had to pass sexual nondiscrimination laws. Once they did, they qualified for IMF loans and the system of complete control based on sodomy and usury was in place”.

The Eurasians are really the victims! It’s the Neocons! BRICS, the Eurasian Economic Union, China and its Belt-and-Road floosies aren’t really trying to rebirth the Soviet Empire, they are merely trying to create a “just” and “equitable” multipolar world order, as China and the Russian Federation Communist Party say. Notice that Jones will usually try to appear based by repeatedly talking of the West as a giant “gay disco”. It’s low hanging fruit to point out the West’s moral corruption, but it’s one of his go-to lines. It’s as if Jones knows that as long as he says something critical of Israel or the LGBT agenda every so often, his audience will believe whatever else he says, no matter its veracity. This way, he can slip in lies amongst his anti-Zionist and anti-LGBT ranting. His audience won’t be able to detect his true agenda.

Jones’ narrative of history is your typical simpleton Marxist mush. The evil colonizing British were exploiting Iranian workers through their (legally established free-market enterprise) Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and nationalizing (Sovietizing) Iran’s oil was the only solution to counter this. Jones tries to make this story more palatable to his Catholic audience by saying that the CIA also began to wage war against the Catholic Church that same decade but provides no examples (the CIA eventually did become anti-Catholic, but after much Soviet infiltration). It’s difficult to estimate how much the CIA had been penetrated by the Soviets during Ajax, but it seems that the operation was justified in not only protecting British-American free enterprise but also by attempting to thwart Soviet infiltration of Iran, which was well underway at that time. Nationalizing Iran’s oil likely was an act of war influenced by Moscow.

Jones then blames the West for Iranian feminism and birth control, which was instituted under Khomeini in the 1980s but later rescinded. Jones provides no honest context to the development of feminism in the West (which was exported to the West from the USSR, as he was forced to admit in earlier book Libido Dominandi [2000]) and blurs the line between the push for population control and so-called Western imperialism. Jones would have us believe that they are one and the same. Supposedly, the mostly Caucasian Malthusians, the entire West, and the Jews (for good measure), are all pursuing the same goal. Strange, then, that the Caucasian birth rate is plummeting and the birth rates of most other races seem to be exploding. If birth control is a “Western Imperialist” agenda, it has failed miserably. Of course, you won’t ever hear the name Coudenhove Kalergi escape the mouth of Dr. Jones. Also, you won’t ever hear Jones speak of a Jewish conspiracy outside of its context within the “Anglo-American establishment”.

“Acceptance of the birth control pill means acceptance of a universe in which God’s providence has been replaced by the self-regulating mechanism of English capitalism, a system created by the alchemist Newton and perfected by his intellectual offspring, Adam Smith, Parson Malthus, and Charles Darwin. In this system, ‘science,’ which is a cover for Capitalism, always trumps religion. Science is part of Nature; Religion, banned from the universe by Newton and Locke, is a figment of the mind of clerics like the Supreme Leader.”

In the paranoid mind of every Communist like Jones, capitalism and colonialism seem to be lurking everywhere, hiding behind everything.

It is no secret that Jones loves Islam. He once shouted the Islamic war cry “Allahu Akbar” publicly, during a recent interview with fellow West-hating socialist Muslim Kevin Barrett. He seems to believe, like Russian Orthodox Patriarch (a know KGB operative) Kirill stated, Moslems and Christians worship the same God. It’s not surprising, then, that he uses the hijab as a symbol of what’s good and holy and the West as symbol of everything evil.

“In a world where the engineering of consent can now be projected globally via the internet, the hijab has become a symbol of the oppression of women. Women are being urged to have themselves photographed in public sans hijab and to then post the photos on the internet. Doubtless some US-funded NGO is behind the campaign.”

Jones’ entire pro-Soviet narrative would implode if his audience ever discovered the truth that the collapse of Communism in 1991 was merely staged theatrics to put the non-Communist world to sleep while the Soviet agenda advanced covertly to a new and invincible phase. What’s worse, he has said that Communism was never really a threat. I don’t find it coincidental that Jones took a moment to castigate Leon Trotsky (Lev Brontstein) while leaving Marx alone (at times, supporting his theories). Even the Soviet citizens were allowed to demonize the convenient scapegoat Trotsky, so long as Lenin and Marx were upheld as gods.

“Hollywood is now putting those Trotskyite globalists ideals into practice by promoting the widespread dissemination of things like pornography and MTV.”

The Marxism-vs-Trotskyism duality is yet another Kabbalistic dialectic with which to trap people. The Communists attempt to make their agenda appear fragmented and, thus, weak to the Western world. This way, people will not see the continuity in their tactics and unity in their stratagem, much less realize that the Soviet threat still exists.

A pattern starting to crop up in reviewing Jones’s works is a seeming affinity for Barack Hussein Obama, an alleged Communist agent groomed directly by Moscow. You may remember that during Obama’s administration, Jones promoted the Soviet-styled “Occupy Wall Street” movement that Obama likely was behind (Jones made it seem that the movement was spontaneous and organic). He portrays Obama as man of the people who was hindered from doing good by the supposed Western-led Zionist globalists:

“Instead, Obama agreed to work with Vladimir Putin. The Israel Lobby was furious, but AIPAC’s attempt to impose new sanctions failed in January 2014 largely because a new pro-Obama Jewish lobby, J Street, opposed them and gave wary congressman a way out. It was AIPAC’s first major defeat and signaled a decline in its power.”

World Jewry was not furious about Obama and Putin working together. It was the plan all along. Sanctions are largely for show.

“Not to be deterred, the Jews countered with Victoria Nuland’s coup d’état in the Ukraine, which made it impossible for Obama to work with Putin and blocked what was promising to be a convergence on gender issues between Poles and Russians. Nuland, wife of Neoconservative luminary Robert Kagan, failed in the act of succeeding, giving us a stunning recent example of what Hegel called ‘the cunning of reason’.”

Jones loves his idioms and uses them over and over. There are only about four or five of these idioms that he routinely hammers into the heads of his audience. They’ve become very repetitive and cliched.

Let us now put aside Jones’ increasingly apparent Communist shilling and focus on his religious indifferentism (a heresy condemned by the Catholic Church) which is similar to perennialism, the idea that all religious faiths are unwittingly striving for the same goals in service of the same universal god.

Some, myself included, have become suspicious that Jones is not actually a Roman Catholic but a perennialist in Catholic dressing. What’s more, this perennialist agenda seems to be a tactic by Communists to ease and eventually eliminate the world’s religious hostilities in order unite the world under their global governance and the crowing of Soviet synagogue Chabad’s false messiah.

It seems that Jones permanently has adopted the descriptor “Logos” (as has his neo-Bolshevik and fellow intellectual Aleksandr Dugin) in order to neutralize any personalized conception of God, especially that of Jesus Christ; thereby, infusing into the minds of his audience a plastic god that can be shaped into all things for all people—something more appropriate for the Soviet world citizen.

“The Iranians never fell into this trap. They never rebelled against the Logos, as the Jews did when they rejected Christ. Nor did they turn against reason by turning Islam into an irrationalist vehicle for Arab nationalism, the fate it suffered under the Caliphate in Baghdad. When the Logos was made flesh, the Iranians were the first non-Hebraic people who came to worship him. ‘From Persia, whence the Magi are supposed to have come, to Jerusalem was a journey of between 1,000 and 1,200 miles.”

Jones here endorses the heretical position that even though the Mohammedans reject Jesus as God (divine), because they revere Him as a prophet, they are somehow better than the Jews and even part of the faithful. Forget that Islamists murder and torture Christians and non-Muslims around the world.

Jones then goes on to contradict his perennialist assertion of alleged ancient Persian Christ worship by quoting the New Catholic Encyclopedia with, “The philosophy of the Magi, erroneous though it was, led them to the journey by which they were to find Christ… The sudden appearance of a new and brilliant star suggested to the Magi the birth of an important person. They came to adore him—i.e., to acknowledge the Divinity of this newborn King”.

Not satisfied with being refuted by the Church, Jones adds, “The Messianic expectations of the Persian Magi weren’t simply a function of Magian astronomy. There was a significant Hebrew population in both Babylon and Persia at the time of Christ’s birth, and this community created a sense of ‘general unrest and expectation of the imminent arrival of a Golden Age ushered in by a great deliverer throughout the Roman Empire,’ but St. Leo the Great insists that the Persian Magi were led to Christ by “his star,” which is to say by their understanding of the Logos that was apparent in nature.”

Jones concludes his book echoing the world Communists’ call for a new (socialist) world order to counter the decoy “unipolar” world order and endorsing Vatican 2 treachery, followed by more Communist rhetoric from bimbo Barrett.

“We are on the verge of a new new world order symbolized by the picture of Pope Francis at the Apartheid Wall. Kevin Barrett summed it up when he wrote:

The Pope’s historic prayer at the apartheid wall illustrates the rise of religion as a force for social justice. Prior to 1979, social justice struggles were associated with “the left,” meaning socialism or communism. Both movements were dominated by atheists and secularists. They saw religion as a tool of oppression, an “opiate of the people.” In 1979, two epochal events signaled a sea change in modern history. In Iran, the Islamic Revolution overthrew a corrupt and brutal secularist dictatorship and established a new social model—one that sought social justice through a religiously-based society. And in Poland, the Catholic Solidarity labor movement arose to challenge atheistic Communism. Soon religious Afghans were challenging the atheist Soviet occupation of their country. In 1989, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down . . . and with it the “Godless Communism” of the Soviet Empire. Since then, the Islamic awakening has been challenging secular capitalism in many parts of the world.”

The book was followed by an appendix with a transcription of his speech during one of his many trips to Iran. It’s remarkable that Jones, a supposed Catholic, is so well supported in the Islamic republic.

“As my picture on billboards throughout Fasa indicated, the sponsors of my talk decided to advertise, and as a result 500 people were waiting when I arrived at the hall.”

Who were his sponsors?

Jones left his Islamic audience with a final instruction,

“’Throw away your birth control pills,’ I told the audience in Fasa. ‘Support the Supreme Leader’.”

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