Chabad pulls North American indians under yoke of Noahidism; self-proclaimed ‘indigenous’ suggest they are tribe of Israel

Northeast Alabama Cherokee Chief Larry Smith and Seth Penn. Credit: John Buhler/AITF.

By Esther Kay |
October 18, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

“Red-skinned friend of Israel” (original headline)

“We want to talk about co-operation between the Cherokee people and the people of Israel, and living in Alabama, we strive for a united and indivisible Jerusalem.”

The Indians of North America gathered in Atlanta (or, as they say, in the District of the Red Wind) to argue on the topic – “Do we not belong to the tribes of Israel, which the exile scattered throughout the world? We feel that we are very similar to the Jews in our destiny – we were expelled, destroyed, and we were reborn again and returned to our homeland. ”

Ms. King represented the Federation of Small Jewish Communities in North America at the Alabama Indian Rally. The Cherokee tribe was introduced by Mr. Smith. Ms. Dadon, Israel’s consul in Atlanta, also wanted to visit, but she limited herself to a letter of welcome.

Historically, there were indeed Jews among the first European settlers. For example, the present Montgomery began with a Jew named Abraham-Mordechai. In principle, it is easier to prove that the Indians themselves do not understand why they have sympathy specifically for Israel: after all, they could, on the contrary, support the concept of the Palestinian myth of an oppressed people, etc. However, the Indians of Alabama emphasize that it was the Jewish people who were oppressed and it was they who were deprived of their homeland for centuries, but never lost touch with it.

Israel is a friend of the Redskins … perhaps in the sense that the lessons of history were, in fact, similar. In the United States, before 1967, the Indians could not even receive a full school education at all, and, according to them, they did not want to see them in the state: the motto was “either let them die or assimilate” … Indeed, such situations for Jews are almost an everyday reality in any country where the hand of Providence has thrown them.

Even now, the Indians do not really fit into the life of the United States and Canada as ordinary citizens, their soul requires something different.

They are unlikely to be satisfied with the ceremonial Zionism of today’s Israel, and the role of a Christian missionary “for the sake of the Jews” will not suit them. They need to be taught the 7 Laws of Noah and show them the depth of the Hasidic approach to the Torah. The Cherokee Indians have shown an interest in Israel, but that does not mean that friendship will go beyond the surface of a political agenda. No one doubts the existence of the Jewish people and their contribution to world culture. And the Cherokee may well study some aspects of Jewry that appeal to all nations and do everything in their power to lead to the uncovering of Moshiach, which will give the world a real unification.

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  1. The Mormons believe Native Americans to be descended from the lost tribes of Israel. That some Native Americans believe that themselves is very interesting.
    I tend to believe that the belief is mistaken. The only plausible way that it could have any substantial truth to it would be what Rabbi Yair David has argued in his writings, that the ancient Hebrews colonized basically every country on Earth through covert migration and infiltration through intermarriage of the elites. If that were true, Jewish power would be much greater than most ever imagined that it was.
    On the other hand this could just be a completely false mystical story, in the way that I have generally viewed the Khazar theory as being such.

  2. Well Mr Bustion, you are partly correct; ancient Hebrews DID travel the world over and did colonise many places, including N America. HOWEVER, those people, the ‘ancient’ Hebrews/Israelites were not and are not jews. The true Israelite people are the AngloSaxon, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian peoples of the world. The Celts and Danes were in N America from the time of Christ and before – archaeology confirms this as does certain profane history. Even the ‘indians’ oral traditions agree, but its not politically expedient for them to admit such these days – too much money and political clout at stake. This doesnt change the Truth tho…
    The Truth is also that the migrating/invading ‘indian’ tribes genocided the Israelite societies, tho certainly some intermingled, hence the ‘civilised’ tribes and some of their Davidic heraldry. However, the ‘indians’ , be they cherokee, pottawatomie, creek, whatever are no more Israelites than the Tutsi.
    These truths arent that hard to find, but one must look past the ‘narrative’ and its jewish backers.

  3. The native Americans indians, NA, of the Americas are a strange thing, first it’s generally acknowledged that they came from siberia over the frozen ocean, which still has villages on small islands walking distance to Russia and Alaska in winter, or via small ships over a long time and naturally spread out from there. They show all the types of eskimos/asians of the northern russia/china ethnically. Biblically these would be those of Ham who went East, even Cain was banished East of Eden. The jews colonized much later when the 10 tribes went east as well as later than that the jewish/benjamite scattering in 70 AD but that instance would be much more limited to Europe/Middle East/Western Russia and parts of North Africa.

    Their religions are pagan of course, usually nature/sex force worship in some form, the swastika has been found all over among other symbolism. The pyramids of the Aztecs and others being obviously indicative of a worldwide mystery religion. And of course the Aztecs and likely other indians were into human sacrifice and other grisly practices including cannibalism. They didn’t seem to have any real notion of private property as far as land since there was so much of it compared to their numbers and they didn’t have an elite that appropriated it and fenced it off to be partitioned as private. Their society was obviously in a huge decline as far as organization after the Incas, Maya and Aztecs disintegrated. They never had the heights of a Roman civilization and smaller Greek civilization, similar to the Oriental nations never having those heights in Eurasia.

    The modern NA’s are an even more broken people so grasping at the jews satanic worldly success is logical from the eternal victim fantasy mindset they have. I strongly suspect that the state education sponsored by the Rockefeller jews and its narrative about the NA’s is total bunk in the quality and in quantity, agenda driven. They are the most government dependent moochers of all time, (second only to the jews who are more thieves than moochers). The reservations are a cesspool of drunkenness, legal racism and bigotry, most likely huge embezzlement of all levels of government aid, third world level self management, ignorance, hatred etc These reservations should have been time limited for assimilation not permanent crutches where socialist messes accumulate. They have never been done in the previous history of the world and it was a good thing. But they are also a very good base for those who can easily manipulate these fools of low intelligence brought up on the tit. The marxist stink is all over the NAs and their handlers. There are definitely crypto NA’s and of course spiritually nature/sex force worship is no different than kabbalism, just much much lower intellectually than the deep secrets of satan that kabbalism is. The other side, Talmudism, of exceptionalism and the so called natural God given right to domination and exploitation of others via legalism. The racist aspects of Talmudism would be relevant to modern NAs if you have been around them or read their media, stinks very much of the same banal lies of judaism down through history and their revolting post New Testament exceptionalism and pride. There’s almost no limit to what these people can be used for for the crimes of the mischpucka in America, the one limit I can see would be their low abilities but as we’ve seen plenty of cannon fodder can be used by the leadership, open or crypto. Anyone who dances with the devil and his minions deserves what they get.

  4. The overwhelming majority of Jews in America and European nations, have at some point in their political life (or continually) utilized slavery as a malicious moral weapon against White European or American folk, not only to demonize our ancestors, but also to infer that contempotary Europeans are natural slavers, in order to instill hatred of Europeans in non-europeans and liberal minded Europeans alike. But if the White race is to be condemned in the liberal press, why are not the Jewish people condemned for the world’s leading role in the slave trade over the last 2000 years?Of course, the closest thing that approximates the ancient slave trade to today is the White slave trade (prostitution) including the forced abasement and torture of hundreds of thousands of Eastern European women. As readers of the David Duke Report are aware, this nefarious activity is almost completely controlled by Jews and much of it is based in Israel. But somehow the Jews get no bad press from this. Again, it really not hard to understand when one understands who controls the press!The historical Jewish domination of the slave trade is revealing about the entire structure of the Jewish-Gentile conflict and the propaganda to which we are subjected. In fact in the Hebrew Torah (Old Testament), none other than God himself commands that no slaves will be made of your own people, but you can make slaves of other peoples:

  5. white slaves
    A few months after the first shipment of children, the first African slaves were shipped to Virginia. Interestingly, no American market existed for African slaves until late in the 17th century. Until then, black slave traders typically took their cargo to Bermuda. England’s poor were the colonies’ preferred source of slave labor, even though Europeans were more likely than Africans to die an early death in the fields. Slave owners had a greater interest in keeping African slaves alive because they represented a more significant investment. Black slaves received better treatment than Europeans on plantations, as they were viewed as valuable, lifelong property rather than indentured servants with a specific term of service.

  6. A child born to a female redemptioner could become the property of her owner and the mother’s term extended. For example, George Cummins had the indenture of his white servant woman named Christian Finney extended by a year and her child bound for thirty-one years by order of the Carteret County Count on December 7, 1736. When she applied to the court for her freedom on June 9, 1744, the court ruled that she serve another five months to pay for the cost incurred by her owner to bring the earlier action. When she applied again 6 months later, she was ordered to serve an additional year for having a “Mulatto Child in the time of her servitude.”
    Blacks and Indians came to own, and abuse, whites in Virginia in such large numbers that in 1670 the House of Burgesses (legislature) proclaimed that ” . . . noe negro or Indian though baptyised and enjoyned their own ffreedome shall be capable of any purchase of christians, but yet not debarred from buying any of their own nation.” [Original spelling.] “Christian” was a euphemism of the period for Caucasian. Virginia’s Slave Code of 1705 provided: “That no negroes, mulattos, Indians, although christians, ore Jew, Moore, Mahometans, or other infidels, shall at any time, purchase any Christian, nor any other, except of their own complexion, or such as are declared slaves by this act.” “[73]

  7. A half to two thirds of the original Colonists of North America were Slaves.
    57% of Children in working class Manchester died before their fifth birthday in 1840.

    ⁣Ulrich B. Phillips, Life and Labor in the Old South explains that white enslavement was crucial to the development of the Negro slave system. The system set up for the white slaves governed, organized and controlled the system for the black slaves. Black slaves were “late comers fitted into a system already developed.” Pp 25-26. John Pory declared in 1619, “white slaves are our principle wealth.”

    People from the British Isles were kidnapped, put in chains and crammed into ships that transported hundreds of them at a time. Their destination was Virginia Boston, New York, Barbados and the West Indies. The white slaves were treated the same or worse than the black slave. The white slave did not fetch a good price at the auction blocks. Bridenbaugh wrote in his accounting on page 118, that having paid a bigger price for the Negro, the planters treated the black better than they did their “Christian” white servant. Even the Negroes recognized this and did not hesitate to show their contempt for those white men who, they could see, were worse off than themselves.
    The white slave did not fetch a good price at the auction blocks. Bridenbaugh wrote in his accounting on page 118, that having paid a bigger price for the Negro, the planters treated the black better than they did their “Christian” white servant. Even the Negroes recognized this and did not hesitate to show their contempt for those white men who, they could see, were worse off than themselves.

  8. According to the laws of Islam and Muslims is forbidden castration provided this work to Jewish doctors. Medieval Arab historian al-Muqaddasi writes that the main supplier of white eunuchs in Muslim harems were “Slavs, a country that lies behind the Khorezm; castrate them, and then are transported to Egypt. «
    Slavs brought to the Spanish cities, populated by Jews, and that they were castrated.
    Jews in the Frankish empire also practiced castration, and little known
    used in this respect the Jews of Verdun [Dozy, Gesch. der Mauren, 2, p.38]
    As for the operation itself says castration medieval Arab historian Ibn al-Athir:
    «At the time of castration skrotum cut up and removed the testicles. Often, during this operation,
    boy is frightened and one testicle goes up. Doctor-Jew looking for him, but do not always find it
    possible, and then drop it when the cut is zarubtsuetsya.
    If it’s left testicle, then the eunuch will libido and sperm, and if it is right,
    then grows his beard «[Ibn al-Athir, IX, page 39].
    Only a small portion of the slaves survived after such an operation, but the survivors were very expensive.

  9. “Black and Jewish race relations within America were a microcosm of the greater Black-White race problem beginning in the Colonial Period. The initial Jewish contact with Blacks was an extension of the Dutch Slave Trade in which the Dutch tried desperately to eliminate “Jews and Jobbers” from the Slave Trade. Jewish history in America shows that Jews played an active role in the institution of slavery.

  10. The destruction of the buffalo was thus
    effected : A high price was offered for buffalo hides in
    whatever quantity they were offered. All men who wished
    to hunt buffalo could get an outfit on credit and pay for
    it in buffalo hides. On these terms, an army of buffalo
    hunters was organized. Hunters lined the banks of the
    streams where the buffaloes came to drink, and by shoot-
    ing them down, drove the herds away; and thus con-
    tinued to shoot them as, parched with thirst, they came
    to the streams to drink. Some shot the buffaloes ; some
    skinned the carcasses : some hauled off hides. In two or
    three years, the buffaloes numbering many millions were
    Nobody but the London Money Kings could have thus
    effected the extermination of the buffalo. P82

  11. Israeli Journalist: Sheldon Adelson Was A Jew ‘Straight Out Of The Protocols Of Zion’

    Indeed, if anyone had any illusions about American politics, they were dispelled this week. The casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, organized a public display of his power. He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course.

    It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord. Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview. Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding. Flanked by Israeli bodyguards, Adelson grilled the American hopefuls. And what was he demanding from the future president of the United States? First of all and above everything else, blind and unconditional obedience to the government of another state: Israel.

  12. The first Jew to begin trading with the Indians was Hayman Levy, who imported cheap glass beads, textiles, earrings, armbands and other cheap adornments from Holland which were traded for valuable fur pelts. Hayman Levy was soon joined by Jews Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon. Lowe conceived the idea of trading rum and whiskey to the Indians and set up a distillery in Newport, where these two liquors were produced. Within a short time there were 22 distilleries in Newport, all of them owned by Jews, manufacturing and distributing ‘firewater.’ The story of the debauching of the Indians with its resultant massacres of the early settlers, is a dramatic story in itself.

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