America’s 9/11 memorial a symbol of Soviet-Jewish penetration

BAYONNE, NEW JERSEY—Former President Bill Clinton speaks at the dedication of the Monument To The Struggle Against World Terrorism, designed by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, marking the 2001 terrorist attacks at The Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor September 11, 2006 September 11, 2006 in Bayonne, New Jersey. Tsereteli sculpture is a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people. (Photo by Sylwia Kapuscinski/Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Sept. 14, 2021 Anno Domini

If it weren’t insulting enough that the Trotskyite Bush administration had the audacity to call a Bolshevist piece of legislation the “Patriot Act”, the false-flag regime accepted from a hostile foreign power a perverse gift as a memorial for the 9/11 attacks.

In 2005, crypto-Jew Vladimir Putin gifted the United States of America a hideous teardrop monument—the Tear of Grief—to commemorate victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Dadaist monument, which resembles a human vagina, was created by longtime leading Soviet artist and UNESCO favourite Zurab Tsereteli, a Georgian of possible Jewish descent. It bears the ironic slogan, “To the struggle against world terrorism”. Struggle, of course, is a Marxist descriptor, and modern terrorism itself was born in the Soviet Union under the wave of Red terror. At this year’s memorial at the monument, the Russian national anthem, which is the same as the Soviet anthem, was even played.[1] Although Putin wasn’t on hand during the official dedication of the monument in New Jersey in 2006, he attended the groundbreaking ceremony in 2005 and delivered an uninspiring speech full of lies and misdirection and disingenuously calling for a need for unity between Russia and America against a common enemy.[2] At the groundbreaking, Tsereteli explicitly linked the memorial (and thereby 9/11 itself) to global citizenship, echoing what George H.W. Bush expressed on Sept. 11, 1991 when he called for a “New World Order” (really, a New Socialist World Order. “Socialist” was dropped by world planners for obvious reasons).

“It is my hope that this piece and the beautiful park that will surround it will enable people from all over the world to honor the potential that lies in every world citizen to fight evil and foster goodwill,” Tsereteli said.[3]

At this year’s memorial, Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov conveyed a similar point (Note that this rhetoric smacks of unipolarism all the while Russia has been working hard to portray itself to Western conservative audiences as multipolar):

“The 9/11 tragedy has shown that terrorism is a common global threat. Any attempts to create isolated ‘islands of security’ in the modern inter-connected world are ephemeral and doomed to failure. The victory over terrorists can be achieved only through joint efforts of the entire international community.”[4]

Incidentally, Antonov was a specialist in control of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been under multiple Western sanctions, yet he is allowed to enter the United States, act as a keynote speaker at a national monument, and say these hostile, treasonous things to the American people.

BAYONNE, UNITED STATES: Mayor Joseph, V. Doria, Jr. (L), Acting Governor Albio SiresRussian (2-nd L) and Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli (2-nd R) apploud President Vladimir Putin (C) during a groundbreaking ceremony on the peninsula at Bayonne Harbor, New Jersey, 15 September 2005. Putin attended the ceremony for a memorial to the victims of the September 11 attacks in the United States. The memorial, scheduled to be completed by next year, was to consist of a park built on a former World War II military base at the edge of the Hudson river opposite Manhattan. (MAXIM MARMUR/AFP via Getty Images)

The Soviet-saturated Bush administration was all too willing to accept the gift (more a mockery than a gift) despite the Kremlin’s nearly century-long hatred and subversion of the West, its sponsorship of international and domestic terrorism, and its lies of democratization as a means of undermining the West’s protection mechanisms.

The Tear of Grief is a silver teardrop suspended between a jaggedly hollowed out 100-foot column. It’s supposed to symbolize some kind of solidarity with victims of terror around the world. This notion is such a joke given that Putin has led government-sponsored terrorism both domestically and abroad. Putin’s FSB (formerly named KGB) was caught red-handed (pun intended) setting up the Ryazan apartment bombing false flag in 2000 as a pretext to invade Chechnya (Putin made sure to bring up the Ryazan apartment bombing[false flag] in his 2005 groundbreaking address in New Jersey). The Chechen Republic is a known proving ground for Kremlin-backed Islamic terrorism. Abroad, the Kremlin has sponsored any and all sides of conflicts in nations and regions it wishes to control, mainly through the strategy of Balkanization, like the ongoing Soviet Operation SIG[5], which supports both sides in the Middle East conflict but never enough support that any one side gains a clear and permanent victory. A recent example of Kremlin Balkanization scheming is in the Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict.[6]

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) listens to President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli during his visit to the Academy in Moscow, 07 February 2006. (SERGEY ZHUKOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Given Russia’s history, Putin’s teardrop gift can only serve as a mockery and rubbing of salt in the wound of the American people—all enabled by the American’ people’s own government, which has long been compromised by the international Jewish communist conspiracy. Americans should view the monument for what it likely is—a symbol of Soviet conquest. What makes the monument even more grotesque is its utilitarianism and its resemblance to the human vagina. The occult underworld is obsessed with sex and obsessed erecting monuments that depict sex, especially the phallus.[7] Since Sovietism is Judaism and Judaism is Kabbalism, is it any wonder Soviet Jews would be interested in this form of art? If the 9/11 monument in America is a giant vagina, is that supposed to mean, then, that Russia, as the dominant power (phallus), has penetrated her? It would seem fitting, given the decades-long Soviet penetration of America’s government and institutions. Russia’s usurpation of America would turn it from a dominant phallic nation, as represented in the masons’ cherished Washington Monument (an obelisk), to the dominated, now represented as a vagina of sorts (Tear of Grief, New Jersey).

It’s unclear whether Tsereteli is Jewish, but it is clear that he is well respected and accepted in the international Jewish community. He has received a Tree of Life award from the Jewish National Fund’s Greater New York Zone[8] has dedicated several pieces to Jewish causes, including to Holocaust Inc.[9] The same year Putin was mocking the American people with his vagina piece in New Jersey, Tsereteli had his “Holocaust” work gifted from Russia to Israel. The Kremlin dubbed it, “Russia and Israel should improve co-ordination of their efforts in the fight against terrorism, extremism and ethnic intolerance”.[10] The event was purported to be the first time a current Russian president had visited Israel, and Tsereteli stood alongside Putin at the event in Jerusalem.

Opening the monument to the victims of the Holocaust in April, 2005 . With Russian president Vladimir Putin, President of Israel Moshe Katsav (right), and creator of the monument Zurab Tsereteli (left).

The loyal Soviet artist Tsereteli has been awarded with many state honours, including the “Hero of Socialist Labour, Order of Lenin” in 1990; the “People’s Artist of the USSR” in 1980; and, incidentally, the Order of Akhmad Kadyrov “for his personal contribution to the commemoration of the first president of the Chechen Republic” (Akhmad is the father of current Chechen president, the Putin stooge Ramzan Kadyrov). For decades he has led major Soviet projects, so he is no minor artist in the Soviet bloc. He is known to be close to Putin, which isn’t a surprise considering Putin chose him for the 9/11 memorial, a major international photo op (and mockery of the victim). Another of his sculptures depicts the Yalta conference’s iconic photo of Soviet collaborators Churchill, Roosevelt, and, of course, Josef Stalin. In typical Soviet fashion, the short Stalin’s height was altered to make him appear four inches higher than the two Western presidents.[11] In looking at some of Tsereteli’s non-Jewish monuments, like his sculpture of Vatican II Pope John Paul II and works for Russian Orthodoxy, it made me think of all the times I have been in an Orthodox Church and seen a Jewish hexagram or all-seeing eye encased in a trinagle. Why are they there when they are not Christian symbols? Has Tsereteli, and artists like him, been subverting sacred Christian art with his Jewish symbology? I have seen these symbols in European Catholic art as well, so perhaps the same would apply in the Catholic Church—conversos and cryptos possibly blaspheming and mocking holy iconography.

Salvador Dali in Mercedes Magazine, April 2004, described Tsereteli as,

“A grand master which unites the talents of both an artist and an organizer. This doubles an energy of Zurab’s works and beginnings.”

One more interesting note about Tsereteli, his lawyer Emily Madoff happens to be the grand daughter of disgraced Jewish ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff.

In hindsight of the “Covid-19” scamdemic, it seems that 9/11 served as the foundation for final Bolshevist world government expansion into the West, by way of the two precedents it set for unconstitutional changes (brute force, as outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) via “emergency” powers. So it is that the Soviets and their proxies in the U.S. government sought to leave their mark at or near the crime scene—in this case, across the shore from the World Trade Center in New Jersey. It seems the more we look into the criminal conspiracy surrounding the 9/11 false flag, the more we see Soviet fingerprints. We shall continue to explore the hypothesis that 9/11 was carried out by a joint KGB/Mossad initiative to bring about what we are now finally seeing in 2021—the realization of world communism.


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  1. I always get the impression of a drop of petroleum from this gruesome monument tbh Could be all the blood spilled by these megalomaniacs for their JWO empire. Notice that in the depiction it dwarfs the Statue of Liberty too, could be perspective though. The third tower of kabbalistic tree synthesis would be the Orwellian “freedom” tower. What’s next a big hypodermic needle tower? What we can expect from these poisons injected into millions will be just like what happened with the Spanish Flu, which according to several accounts including the book Virus Mania, was largely caused by the ravages of the war and mandatory military vax which degraded the general health even more. Another older book is called Medical Voodoo, there is a compilation on internet archive called Vaccine Inc that has all this bundled into one file btw.

    —–What we can expect in the near future are millions of people with destroyed health or those who can stay healthy with the poison jab will pass on all sorts of defects to their future children who will be either sterile or have even more diseased offspring. Autism, inability to think critically, prone to addictions of all types, cancer rates skyrocketing, neurological diseases skyrocketing like Alzheimers etc Every time you look at the published data the disease that is vaxxed against skyrockets after. We fight external disease through our noses/mouths/skin and the natural defenses of glands etc Everyone has some traces of pretty much all known virus in their system but don’t “get” it btw so these tests are garbage. Directly injecting into the bloodstream is just poisoning that the body has no natural defense against. If you notice in the western USA there have been a lot of major fires springing out of nowhere and the poor air quality further degrades the immune system. Georgia Guidestones etc have been out there for decades, they tell us directly about population control but tout vax as supposedly improving health, hmmm I hope people can draw the conclusions there. The PLANNED response by the mafia will be to impose even more draconian tyranny based off of the effects of their vax, which they knew of well in advance btw.

    Now I’ve been reading two books about cell phone rF/wifi saturation and its effects and it looks like we are in for even more of a greed/pride/homicidal based disaster on top of all this. One is by Cooper called Cell Phones Dark Deception and the other by an ex motorola engineer Kane called Russian Roulette. The rF that are all around us now are concentrated in our phones/antennae and can cook internal tissue/organs with no heat being emitted/no warning signs. They also interfere with our bodies electrical signals and mess with DNA. Also they can be used for remote behavioral control and mood control/mental disturbances like depression etc. Those and other towers are everywhere and being constructed all over, in many cases people agree to them for the easy money they get from it. 5G is even more concentrated waves and will be in large cities with lots of people. Even though phones will SAY 5g in rural areas it’s doubtful the speeds/power will be 5g just like the what happens with 4g. But it’s still going to effect people long term and those who are electrosensitive almost immediately.It’s all pretty scary.

  2. The appropriate motif for a monument to the victims of 9/11, provided by Putin’s handlers, is a depiction of the crucifixion with a plaque that says “Oops. We did it again. Our bad.” Make that as tall as this ghastly petro-poon and some people might actually feel something when viewing it.

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