Justin Trudeau’s father pushed Chabad’s Talmudic Noahide laws in 1978

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau attends United Jewish Appeal Federation Campaign Gala Honoring Barbra Streisand on October 29, 1983 at the Sheraton Center in New York City. —Getty Images

Montreal Gazette
Oct. 14, 1978 Anno Domini

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau has been asked by the Chabad-Lubavitch movement for his support in their bid to emphasize religious beliefs in education.

Trudeau met with members of the Canadian arm of the worldwide Orthodox Jewish movement in Toronto recently. Included in the group was Montreal Rabbi Simcha Zirkind.

The Lubavitch movement aims to bring the message of Judaism to Jews who have departed from their religious beliefs.

Trudeau assured the group he was deeply aware of the moral and ethical teachings proclaimed by their leader the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson.

The Prime Minister promised to make a public statement to advance the cause of the Lubavitch movement in the near future.

In the United States, the movement has gained the support of Congress through a special bill proclaimed last April 18 as Education Day U.S.A. out of respect for Rebbe Schneerson.


  1. My opinion is that USA, in the recent future, will be a battleground. USA civil war with multiple parties, based on religion, politics, gender, religion, classes and races, will probably last for a very long time, completely exhausting former USA in the way of manpower, financial, military and spiritual resources, and then it will be finished, probably by activaing a Yellowstone supervolcano. However, USA citizens don’t care for that, they watch rigged sports and entertainment, here is an example:

  2. The Noahide Laws are Jewish laws which non-Jews are commanded to obey. These laws limit freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of sexual expression to what is approved by orthodox religious legalistic Jewry, on pain of death.

    Barbara Aho ,February 1, 2019

    70 Nations Invited to Recognize Sanhedrin in Jerusalem

    “On Monday night, approximately one thousand people gathered at the foot of the Temple Mount for the World Creation Concert. However, what took place was not merely wonderful music accompanied by a spectacular light show: the event actually encapsulated several prophetic incidents taking place at once. In the not-so-distant future, the event may be identified as the moment a new, Biblically correct United Nations was established, potentially leading to a new era of global cooperation…
    Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico answered the call, sending high-ranking delegations to attend.



    Only 5466 Americans have signed a petition to repeal the Noahide Laws, too busy queueing up for the depop-vax no doubt.


    I for one totally reject the Noahide Laws and will have Nothing to do with EVER under any circumstances it matters not what Governments do its none of their business nor ever will be,I don’t care how they dress it up present it, matters not its a NO ,NEVER. Am I supposed to be impressed that they minted a coin with Nikki Haley on it, on the contrary run a mile..

    Remember ….
    The World needs to know about the Holodomors and Bolshevism in Russia it must be taught in Schools, but of course history is rewritten as we speak, Wikipedia alters and changes History at will ,note:
    Is now unrecognizable

    Remember Wikipedia is not to be trusted,ever, nor are mainstream historians, you have to look for the truth ,everything we have been told for 2 centuries is false (the perpetrators and instigators of Wars ,reasons events, all planned),not just the last Scamdemic year and will continue to be false.

    Holodomor what you Historians and Education system will not tell you, so why trust or listen to them , they are there to mislead you always were.


  3. A new book on Pierre Trudeau’s life recounts his cozy relationship with the world’s most brutal dictatorships – “When Poland imposed martial law in 1981, Trudeau expressed his sympathy, not with the oppressed, but with the Soviet-dominated authorities”


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