‘Coronavirus contributes to Kremlin plans’—Russian analyst

DONETSK REGION, UKRAINE – MAY 8, 2020: Denis Sinenkov, Head of the People’s Militia Department, his deputy Eduard Basurin, Denis Pushilin, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and Mikhail Tikhonov (R-L), Head of the Donetsk Combined-Arms High Command School (DonVOKU), attend a ceremony to lay wreaths at the Saur-Mogila memorial to the Red Army ahead of the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II. Valentin Sprinchak/TASS (Photo by Valentin SprinchakTASS via Getty Images)

By Andrei Piontkovsky
May 8, 2020 Anno Domini
Excerpt translated from Russian

The Kremlin’s agenda for World War 4 does not aim to destroy the hated U.S., which could only be achieved at the cost of mutual suicide during a full-scale nuclear war.

This agenda is still much more modest: the maximum expansion of the Russian World, the collapse of the NATO bloc, the humiliation and discrediting of the United States as a guarantor of Western security. The conclusion of a new Yalta, a division of the world on conditions dictated by the Kremlin. In general, this is revenge for the defeat of the USSR in the Third World (cold) War, just as the Second World War was for Hitler an attempt for revenge for the defeat in the First.

Strategically, the Putin-Patrushev plan boiled down to drawing the bloc into a direct military conflict with its aggression against one of the NATO states, in which it relies on its conventional superiority. And then, having sharply raised rates, peacefully call on the enemy to ceasefire and surrender, threatening otherwise with a limited nuclear strike.

It must be said that over the past five years, Moscow, during its hybrid psychological war with the West, has made significant progress towards the realization of its daring plan. The leading European powers were psychologically and politically crafted in the spirit of such a scenario. French President Macron stated “the death of the brain of NATO” and prudently (like 80 years before him Petain) went over to the side of good Hitler. And what he (Macron) had to do when a scandalous real estate speculator appeared in the White House, convinced that “Tallinn is a suburb of St. Petersburg and therefore there is no war with Russia.”

With its strategic success, Moscow was perceived by the appearance in the White House of this remarkable man. The Kremlin had a unique opportunity to “replay world history with one roll of dice.” But the seemingly doomed West had in reserve the last regiment—the American deep state.

DONETSK REGION, UKRAINE – MAY 8, 2020: Flags of the Red Army and the Donetsk People’s Republic on display during a ceremony held by Denis Pushilin, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, to lay wreaths at the Saur-Mogila memorial to the Red Army ahead of the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II.  (Photo by Valentin SprinchakTASS via Getty Images)

Not paying much attention to Trump, the Pentagon clearly articulated its conceptual response to the Kremlin’s threat to use tactical nuclear weapons in a regional conflict in the Baltic states.

To be convincing, this answer was materially embodied in the creation and supply of new types of nuclear weapons.

In early February 2020, the Pentagon confirmed the deployment of new low-power W76-2 nuclear warheads (5-7 kilotons) for Trident II missiles in Ohio class submarines, which are already deploying with them on patrols from the U.S. naval base on the east coast U.S.A.

The logic of this step is that a clearly formulated credible threat of a retaliatory limited nuclear strike should serve as an instrument of deterrence of Moscow from delivering the first such strike, and therefore, in general, from the initial aggression in the Baltic states.

Thus, the classic existential question is now addressed not to the West, but to Putin and his closest associates: “Mr. Gangren, Kosoy, Michal Ivanovich, the Soldier, and how are you still, are you really ready to die for Narva?”

All of this I set out on March 15 to my partner, who played for the mob group. His next move was not long in coming:

The US response was studied in the Kremlin, the Baltic war plan was modified, but it was not abandoned. Someone, and Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin), is not afraid of the threat of nuclear war.

His entourage is ready to go with his Supreme Commander, but some of them are not until the very end.

Coronavirus contributes to the Kremlin plans. Europe is paralyzed, the Defender 2020 exercises are actually curtailed. Macron is manageable. The Kremlin is confident in Trump’s ability to paralyze a possible U.S. military response for several days. And Russia will not need more than five days.

After the communication session, I wrote in my diary:

It is curious what their confidence in desire and, most importantly, in Trump’s ability to serve with them as a Gauleiter of the USA for five days is based on. He will not last five hours. The fourth paragraph of the 25th amendment to the US Constitution will be updated immediately, allowing the principal officers of the executive departments (Pompeo, Esper) to announce that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. But the “paralyzed” military will not wait five hours. The law allows them to immediately use force to protect U.S. troops located in the Baltic countries.

LOMBARDY, ITALY – APRIL 9, 2020: A video screen grab shows the staff thanking servicemen of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops for carrying out disinfection procedures at the Pope John Paul I care home in Seriate to the south-east of Bergamo. As agreed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, 15 military aircraft have arrived in Italy, carrying around 100 Russian military virologists and Defence Ministry experts in epidemiology, eight medical teams for COVID-19 patients and disinfection equipment.  (Photo by Russian Defence MinistryTASS via Getty Images)

Understanding of these circumstances of force majeure, the internal awareness of the defeat of Judeocracy in the virtual fourth World War (2014–2020) will inexorably take root in the bunker. It would be very interesting to spend a week through two more rounds of our staff game in the same composition. When the dictator’s inner circle is “not ready to go with him to the end,” this is his first warning call.

The move for the “mobgroup” in the next round was, as expected, informatively rich:

The messianic aspirations of the Kremlin remained unchanged, and all its operational plans were preserved, but they were modified under the influence of well-known circumstances: the coronavirus epidemic, a very serious, practically insoluble conflict with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the deployment of a special type of limited-war nuclear weapon by the United States. I can say with confidence that the Kremlin has not abandoned its intentions regarding Ukraine and Belarus, and even regarding the Baltic states. They are waiting for the turn of May-June, when the epidemic will decline in Russia and at the same time reach peak values ​​in Ukraine and Belarus. Informal, in fact, friendly contacts with well-known people in the Ukrainian leadership are in full swing. The same is true for the Belarusian establishment. It is planned that at the critical moment of the epidemic, Ukraine and Belarus will turn to Russia for help and the fraternal military virologists (units more serious than Italy) will go to fraternal Ukraine and fraternal Belarus.

Europe, even if the epidemic there will decline, will remain paralyzed for a long time. As for the U.S.A., a new, very important element has appeared. Everyone drew attention to the intensive, bypassing the American deep state, communication between Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) and Donald Fredovich (Trump). In these contacts, it was not only and not so much about oil. The Kremlin made it clear to Trump that he was ready to help him during the presidential campaign, providing him with murderous dirt on Biden’s family. This compromising evidence has already been allegedly obtained in Ukraine and will be further expanded.

It is understood that, as a thank you, Trump has to do just one small thing: to block any potential U.S. political activity towards Russia when it moves to fraternal action in Ukraine and Belarus.

I want to emphasize once again that, due to certain personal circumstances of Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin), 2020 is the last year when Putin can politically implement the concept of the “undivided Russian people” he has repeatedly expressed. He put his soul into it, if, of course, he has a soul or something replacing it. Until the last breath in life and in power, he will fight for his fix idea and will never leave the Little Russians, his smaller brothers, alone.

With absolute certainty, I can say that in relation to Ukraine and Belarus, the minimum program of 2020 is being implemented more than successfully and very consistently, step by step. All this happens literally before our eyes in real time.

What conclusions can now be drawn from the results of two rounds of the game. The first and most important. For all their “messianic aspirations,” for all their bubbling hatred of the West, our mobilization multi-billionaires are definitely not martyrs. The victory plan in World War 4 was based on their belief (not without foundation until very recently) that the West would flinch before nuclear blackmail, retreat and capitulate forever. The risk seemed minimal, and one could win world domination. A heady prospect for people from St. Petersburg’s gateway. (True, they were mistaken about their “world domination.” After their historic victory over the West, China would have quickly and unceremoniously cleared them.)

Activists of National Corps, far right Ukrainian party, with flags and placards depicting presidents Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin of Russia protest against what they describe as rapprochement with Russia, outside the presidential office in Kiev on February 14, 2020. (Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

But that’s what W76-2 life-giving warheads do! Paradoxically, they saved Russia. Already in mid-March, the mob group refused, apparently, the scenario of nuclear blackmail because of its futility. By inertia, they were still thinking about a five-day territorial blitzkrieg in the Baltics. But by mid-April, operational plans of aggression against NATO countries were sent, if not to the archive, then to a distant desktop drawer. The irrepressible geopolitical lust of the Kremlin dreamers channeled exclusively into fraternal Ukraine and fraternal Belarus.
Unfortunately, we must admit that the view from the bunker, reliably transmitted to us by V. Solovy, is quite adequate to Ukrainian realities. The Kremlin’s plans to use the Trampushka in exchange for providing him with “dirt on Biden” are absurd and redundant. Once again, they demonstrate their lack of understanding of the American political system. Perhaps they just want to remove at least some shred of geopolitical wool from the Trump sheep.
But they don’t really need U.S. President Trump to block new anti-Kremlin sanctions. To do this, they have a much more effective tool—the President of Ukraine. The whole genius of the Zermak Kremlin special operation lies in the fact that all stages of surrender of Ukraine are and will not be carried out by the gloomy Gauleiter of Ukraine, Medvedchuk, but by the popularly elected charming president-entertainer and his producer (Volodymyr Zelensky). What kind of sanctions can we talk about ?! But the West cannot be more pro-Ukrainian than the Ukrainian leadership itself.

The process of surrender of Ukraine, indeed, takes place literally before our eyes in real time. We are all spectators of several seasons of this series:

1. The capture of television and the neurolinguistic suggestion of an aggressor narrative to Ukrainian society: a coup d’etat, an internal conflict, a bloody party of war, which has been in power for five years, victory in the election of a bright peace party. Imposing a guilty complex on Ukrainians: you just have to stop shooting.

2. Legalization in the Ukrainian legal and political field of the Russian military-terrorist bridgehead ORDLO. At five minutes, senator Rodion, a terrorist, openly dictates his demands to Ukraine: “If you do not agree to the Advisory Council, you will never wait for a ceasefire from us.”

3. “Breeding of the parties”, gradually developing under the leadership of the new Minister of Defense, into the departure of the APU from the line of contact of the parties, opening the cancer tumor ORDLO, and with it the fraternal virologists, a way into the country.

Capture of the prosecutorial and judicial systems, total sweeping (arrests) of patriotic leaders and activists.

You may ask how 73% of Ukrainians could vote for this. And I’ll ask you, how could the best minds of the Russian opposition, my former friends, on the night of Zelensky’s victory in elections exactly one year ago enthusiastically welcome the “new dawn that rises above the whole post-Soviet space.”

Zelensky is the only real victory won by Moscow during the Fourth World War unleashed by it in 2014. Crimea, Novorossia, Lugandonia—these were all defeats. They always needed all of Ukraine.

In the centuries-old history of the CheKa-NKVD-GPU-KGB-FSB, Zermak is one of the most brilliant operations of this immortal organization. Victory achieved at the tip of a deceitful tongue, almost without brute force. Even military virologists are planned by the Kremlin rather for the aesthetic completion of their creative plan as a kind of cherry on the Victory cake.

The only thing that can prevent the collapse of Ukrainian statehood is the growing existential crisis of the KGB horde itself. Such is the brotherly carriage race – 2020.

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