Lenin and homosexuality

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May 12, 2020 Anno Domini

The founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), was a passive homosexual. At various times, his partners were such revolutionaries as Grigory Zinoviev and Leo Trotsky. Such conclusions, based on the study of “white spots” and personal correspondence of the “leader of the world proletariat”, came to Russian researcher, candidate of historical sciences I.V. Sokolov, whose article is posted GULAG.

The researcher notes that the mention of the fact that at the legendary Razliv station Lenin rested together with Zinoviev in the “bedroom for two” is contained even in his last official biography (1981).

“Where did Zinoviev come from? Because of the fear of surrounding summer residents, Lenin moved to a hut? After all, summer residents were everywhere and wandered in search of mushrooms and near the hut,” the historian asks.

“The main question: since Lenin was resting, what did Zinoviev do there? Why in the biography such moments are described in detail, what street Lenin walked through, through which embankment or ditch he crossed; who was nearby at that moment, and the month of his life with Zinoviev was carefully hushed up – I was interested, ”the researcher admits.

Materials from the personal archive of Grigory Zinoviev, a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, the first secretary of the Leningrad regional party committee helped him understand his personal life. In particular, in a letter from Lenin to Grigory Zinoviev (July 1, 1917) it says: “Grigory! The circumstances were such that I needed to immediately flee from Petrograd. I can’t leave far, things don’t allow. Comrades offer one place, about which they say that it is completely safe. But it’s so boring to be alone, especially at such a time … Join me, and we will spend wonderful days together away from everything … If you can be alone with me, telephone faster – I will instruct everyone to prepare everything for two people there …”

This letter was written in July 1917, when Lenin was planning to leave Petrograd and settle with Zinoviev in Razliv, which later became a famous hut, the historian emphasizes.

Lovers carefully hid from Lenin’s civil wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya.

In one of the letters, Gregory writes:

“Remember, back in Geneva, when we had to hide from this woman … No one will understand us, our feeling, our mutual affection … Come soon, I’m waiting for you, my flower. Your Herschel (Zinoviev’s real name is Gersh Radomyshl’s) . 

In his love letters, the friend did not skimp on intimate details:

“Ilyich! Everything that you instructed me I have completed. And I have definitely done what I haven’t done yet … It’s very difficult here, but the thought warms me that in a few days I will see you and put you in my arms. Do you keep our nest? Are you taking others there? I am very worried here, and only the hope of your loyalty warms me ….

I kiss you in your Marxist ass. Your Herschel . 

In the next letter to Lenin from the front, Zinoviev asked jokingly:

“Vova! Is your ass overgrown during our separation? Didn’t she become already during this time? .. Soon I will come as soon as I manage my business here and we will clean up your sweet ass.

In Geneva, when Zinoviev and Lenin first met in bed, they were caught behind it by Nadezhda Krupskaya, Ulyanov’s common-law wife. And then, after, Lenin had already revealed himself to her, and she reconciled with his inclinations and did not interfere with the rapidly flowing romance with Zinoviev.

The historian claims that Lenin was passive, and Zinoviev was an active lover. And this is confirmed by the following letter. It was written from under Narva in the spring of 1981, when Yudenich was defeated. The Red Army stopped at the Estonian border, and Zinoviev was about to return with victory to Petrograd. He rejoices and completely loses caution in expressions.

“Vova, I’ll come soon and will not let you out of my arms anymore, no matter what this dreamer says! The enemy is running along the entire front and, I think, will not poke around from this side. So wait for me and hurry to wash yourself, I will be soon . 

However, in less than a few months, a gap is brewing between lovers. He, as always happens in such cases, is associated with jealousy. We learn about this from the letter of Lenin himself, which he wrote to Zinoviev, who was in the North Caucasus at that time. For some reason, Lenin wrote to him in German.

“Dear Herschel! You should not be offended at me at all. I feel that you are deliberately delaying your stay in the Caucasus, although the situation does not require this at all. You are probably offended by me. But it’s not my fault.These are all your silly suspicions. As for Leiba and me, it was only once and will not happen again… I’m waiting for you, and we will reconcile in our wonderful nest. ”

And the signature at the end in Russian: “Yours always, Vova . 

“Ilyich ,” Zinoviev’s answer immediately follows from Vladikavkaz. “These are not silly suspicions about you and Leiba.” Who did not see how you circled around him all the last time? In any case, I have eyes, and I know you long enough to judge … Do I not know how your eyes light up when you see a man with a large gun. You yourself have always said that small men have great weapons … I’m not blind, and I saw perfectly well that you are ready to forget our love for the sake of a romance with Leiba. Of course, he is now with you, and it is easy for him to seduce you. Or did you seduce him? … “

Indeed, at that time Leiba Trotsky, the People’s Commissar of the Republic, was for a long time in Moscow next to Lenin. And, presumably, here the two leaders had a mutual feeling.

Leiba Trotsky, a brave people’s commissar of defense, an ardent tribune and speaker, took Zinoviev’s place in Lenin’s bed.


  1. Yeah I first heard of this and other disgusting things about the Jewish Russian Revolution in one of Juri Linas books, probably the sign of the scorpion which is about the revolution. Lina has good information but he pushes occultism as well, like so many other “exposers” do, mixed bag that leads the unwary right into the arms of talmudists/kabbalists on a spiritual level anyways.

  2. In the documentary about Trayvon Martin, we can clearly see the types of Americans Brendon O’Connell says can challenge Soviet Israel…..not.

  3. The front to which Herschel refers in his love letters to Lenin is the front of the Third Comintern under Herschel’s day job – Chairman Zinoviev. Lenin had founded the Third Comintern March 1919 for the world-wide Communist Revolution. In 1919 the front stretched right across Central Europe. This was the invasion of Europe in force by the Red Army. On the Grand Chessboard of that totally censored war , we see that Zinoviev prosecuted the war with Trotsky as his supreme commander while Lenin established its Revolutionary base and soviet in Russia, keeping the home fires burning so to speak.

    What the West has been able to learn of that war has been from Poland because that is where the hammer stroke of the invasion fell the hardest. The Polish Soviet War 1919 – 1921. Poland had just been reconstituted as a nation under the Versailles Treaty after having been carved up for over 300 years. Yet against all logistics, Poland and the Ukraine halted the invasion of Europe at the Vistula on the Feast of our Lady’s Assumption August 15, 1921. An entire squadron of American pilots stationed in Europe broke ranks and flew to Poland to form the 7th Kosciuszko Sqdn. And they covered America in glory, bombing the Radzymin-Ossow Line of that war. There was a wonderful monument to them in the Ukraine which the USSR (of course) pulled down when the Western Allies ceded Central Europe to the USSR (which had been one of the main covert objectives of WWII.

    This is a good enactment of the final chapter of the Polish Soviet War for those who need to get up to speed with it.

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    Yasser Arafat paying respects at Lenin’s Grave.

  5. Makes complete sense. Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Nazism is one big sado masochistic homosexual psychological product. Hence the cruelty, backbiting, viciousness, demands for conformity. Amazing. it was in front of us all along. It probably started this way. Robespierre was a homosexual. And now i see Marx and his relationship with Engles in a new light ! They were lovers.

    Lenin and Zinoviev, Lenin and Trotsky, and last but not least. Lenin and STALIN ! This explains Stalin’s rudeness to Lenin’s wife. This explains all the purges. etc… Homosexuals run amok.

    1. Yes, Al. I suspect Putin is homosexual as well. Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated months after calling Putin a pederast. Perhaps the COMINTERN selects their men, Lenin, Stalin, Putin for this very reason. Easier to control a homosexual, it seems.

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