Adam ‘Gatekeeper’ Green

Kabbalist charms?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 30, 2020 Anno Domini

When the Judeo-Bolsheviks (Judbols) set up Operation Infowars, they didn’t have the foresight to put a plan in place to deal with those dissidents that would figure out it was an op.

So, they made it up as they went along, starting with charismatic charlatans like Mark Shouldice, better known as “Mark Dice”. This character staged a falling out with Alex Jones in the hopes of shepherding former Infowarriors disenfranchised with Jones and his shilling for the easily-manageable playpen of Judeocracy daycare. Dice would even dedicate Fridays as part of his almost daily Youtube rants to “exposing” the buffoonish Jones. Dice got so carried away (perhaps not) that he was even caught calling Alex Jones a “Zionist shill”. Dice later removed that comment—perhaps due to his handlers’ indecision as to whether such drastic measures would backfire.

What a coincidence. Adam Green retweets a Palmgren tweet promoting fake Infowars defector Mark Dice.

Long story short, Dice eventually denounced his anti-Jones activism and was brought back into the Infowars fold, where he remains to this day. And brought back with him were former Infowarrior dissidents…brought back to the white-picket-fenced daycare.

The new, reformed operation would have the added benefit of gatekeeping those already red-pilled on the Jewish question by keeping their attention focused squarely on the narrow view of anti-Zionism and the KGB’s Palestinian liberation movement. As expected, Gatekeeper Green has attracted a large swathe of moslems (and PLO-sympathetic Gentiles), who further cloud the truth of the Jewish question—that it is a conspiracy directed by Satan against Christ and His Holy Church.

Unfortunately, for the Judbols and their Infowars operation, it didn’t take long for even simpleton researchers to figure out Green, whether it was the obnoxious Chris Dorsey or Green’s early rival gatekeeper Brendon O’Connell, who correctly identified Green as a “spinoff” of Jones. Infowars has overplayed its hand by giving Green a platform as an Infowars dissident, once with Owen Shroyer, and a second time with the king gatekeeper himself, Alex Jones. Watching the staged opposition between Jones and Green is not only unbelievable but also uninformative. Green can never land a punch on any subject—other than to cry about “Zionists!” all day long—and Jones uses each missed hook to legitimize himself as the poor, censored truth teller, while Green’s groupies receive the dialectic as a victory for their one-dimensional anti-Zionist activism. It’s all so ridiculous.

O’Connell and others have accused Green of being too close to white nationalists, but the opposite seems true. Green’s provocateurish clown posse, the Goyim Defense League (GDL) are too over-the-top to be believed. Furthermore, what possible room could be available for white nationalism in Green’s narrative when it’s a 24/7 victim fest for the plight of the Palestinians and Arabs? Sure, like any good shill, Green must occasionally mention certain things to appeal to the different elements of his audience, being all things to all people (hypernormalization); however, his narrative is clearly centred on Palestinian victimhood and how Israel and the evil West are responsible. And just how in the world Green and his partner in shilling Jake Morphonionos passed into Israel with such ease to report on the Zionist oppression of those innocent Palestinians is anyone’s guess. Israel is not like the West. You can’t just show up and make your way to the taxi pickup after cruising through customs and security. But Green seems to have done just that.

Green’s fetish for an alleged third Temple in Jerusalem, and endless speculation on who will be the next anti-Christ—even though Green is not a Christian—rings of a cheap TV evangelist shekeleering from the dumb and the naive. But more sinister than that, he shares a striking anti-Western narrative with the KGB king of the alt right and anti-Zionism Aleksandr Dugin, who misses no opportunity to villify the West and its Western Jewish leadership whilst ignoring Eastern Jewry and the transfer of power over to it.


  1. Fitz. It’s not hard for God to use a tribe of grubby halfbreed Jews intent on colonising the entire middle east to get his special forces back into Iraq so the one greater the Solomon, the Christ and AA Michael can set the seal on the Gates of hell. God does not care of they go in for oil or bravado. The only thing driving it now is Zionist dreams of conquest. So there’s are perspectives, things may not be what they seem and most men just banging away do not know what they are fighting for. Iran was less cryptic when it said it wants all allied forces forces out of Iraq. The dialectic has a purpose.

  2. I follow O’Connell best I can because I believe him far more right than wrong. And he’s just a bloke who got attacked for questioning Australian’s government deep ties with Israel to a point of being stalked by two Israelis inside Australia and when he rose up against this he was arrested, spent 3 years in prison where he was beaten — all for questioning this relationship and revealing Talpiot to the world long before anyone else did. IMHO. I am no researcher, just a bloke myself. That being said Green is precisely as author states here.

  3. He is speaking for the whites amd rarely speaks for palestiniams…. Your analysis is off

  4. I am new to this site. Veteran’s Today has links to your 6 part investigation about Trump & the Mossad.
    My problem with Adam is that he speaks about the dangers if the Noahide Laws and in the same breath supports the Talmudic false teachings of a 3rd temple and Christ setting up a thousand year reign on earth, as if it is Biblical. Unfortunately, he like the majority of “churches” today teach & believe the teachings of the Talmud, ignoring the teachings of the Christ.
    Adam like the ” church” are not interested in hearing much less evidence of anything different. Possibly, for the same reason. $$$$$
    His obsession with Alex Jones boarders on mental illness. I once pointed out to him in a comment that he needed to stop advertising for AJ & he deleted my comment. That told me all I needed to know & I no longer waste my time .
    Adam seems to be a member if what I call the Manifest Destiny crowd. I have noticed the one thing many if the anti-zionist hate more then zionism and that is black folks taking to the streets demanding IDF trained law enforcement stop murdering black citizens. Considering more white people are murdered by these State sponsored terrorists calling themselves cops, I am disappointed at the support given the terrorists by all the flag waving, gun toting self described ” Patriots “. So much for the ” don’t tread on me ” bs they have been declaring for years.
    Without a doubt, 2020 has been the year of true colors showing within the US population.
    I am looking forward to checking out this site. I have a lot of catching up to do. lol

  5. Fitz, don’t you think it is a waste of time to discuss what obvious shills ha e to say? People get sucked into the content these guys put out, but is there really anyone out there making videos from studios, who has ever been o. Tv, etc. Or is associated with anyone who has who is not a shill. Discussing what comes out of Adam Green’s or Jordan Peterson’s etc. Just seems pointless. To put it simply Someone who has worked with Alex Jones, is a celebrity (Owen Benjamin) is an obvious shill and I do not trust anyone who associated with them.
    A shill can be figured out to be a shill by his associations more than his content.
    Is there any point in even conversing with someone who believes that Alex Jones could possibly be legit or cared what he has to say, or Tucker Carlson.
    These stuff is really obvious to me. Are people who say that obvious shills are not shills really that stupid.? Does anyone really believe the Jesuits or lizard people run the world? If there really are people that stupid I do not want to talk to them.

    1. Hello, Jason. some of what the shills say can give us an indication of where their handlers would have us go. I hadn’t looked at Adam Green’s content for months. Today, I finally had a look and posted a few things. It’s not obvious to everyone. Over the years, I have seen many people ditch their would-be saviours after reading some of my content. I do it for them.

      Regarding Michael Hoffman, I agree that he is a suspicious and mysterious character.

  6. How is it possibly for ANYONE to get a book published that is critical of Jews to be published by a large publishing company if the Jews do not have them in their pocket?

  7. Fitz, I made some pics of Adam Green, Alex Jones and Ron Jeremy wearing yarmulkes. Do you want to see them?

  8. MHFM are interesting, right on some things, but get stuff wrong. The problem here is the increasingly obvious fact that we are in the Great Apostasy, and have been since the Church lost her Divine protection at the End of the Age at the death of the last pope, the katechon, Pius XII. That explains so much. The installation of satan into the Vatican, the inversion of the Church and it’s occupation by non-Christians posing as Catholics, heretical modernist agents posing as popes since 1958. The invalidation of orders and sacraments with changes to the liturgies, consecrations and procedures. Since 1958 satan has been unbound, as was prophesied in Scripture and the world has been reeling in evil ever since. The 1958 sedes see this, but many of them even accept the idea that they can ordain their own priests and bishops under Epikeia. This undermines papal authority just as surely as do the Vatican 2 falsechurch “popes”, and the SSPX and indult “Trads” who think they can consider Bergoglio “pope” but ignore or “resist” his directives and “teachings”, in order to cling to the Latin Masses and Sacraments, that are all invalid, anyway. And that is the idea, destroy the last remaining true monarchy, the papacy, the Vicar of Christ. The sheep are scattered and ineffective. It makes me shake my head when people talk about “organized religion”. It sure isn’t Christianity. The Faith is alive and in the catacombs, persecuted, much smaller. The Bride of Christ is undergoing Her Passion, the (true) Church is not greater than Her Groom.

  9. Addendum: the Whore of Babylon is the Vatican 2 falsechurch. Babylon historically referenced Rome, where the Vatican is, but the modern USA is often compared to the Roman Empire, coupled with the Apocalypse references to the great city being destroyed and merchants mourning it’s loss, that sounds like NYC. Montini’s subservience to the UN pretty much told the tale that the V2 falsechurch serves the SoS.

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