False opposition Mark Dice returns to the InfoWhores fold

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 21, 2013 Anno Domini

I and others have been saying it since the beginning of the rise of the Mark Dice personality in the alternative media: something stinks about him. Sure enough, our suspicions appear to be confirmed with the return of Mark Dice to the Alex Jones media empire.

After months of a so-called split between the two personalities, 35-year-old Dice (actually Shouldice) has removed all his videos critical of Alex Jones and is now rejoining Jones and his kosher monopolization of the alternative media, along with Zionist gatekeeper Jesse Ventura.

Dice, who started out under Alex Jones’ wing as a “John Conner”, leader of The Resistance Manifesto (a play on The Terminator character who leads mankind’s resistance against the machines), began attacking Alex Jones last year, producing YouTube videos every Friday making fun of Jones and “exposing” the Illuminati. While the videos were entertaining enough, there was no real substance in them with which to nail Jones as a definite agent provocateur, which many have speculated for years.

My immediate suspicion as Dice rose in popularity on the internet over the last year was that he was willingly being set up as false opposition to Jones as a means to misdirect the growing opposition to Jones. This would be a smart move, as the momentum against Jones has been building at a steady rate, escalated by the revelation by Ms. Sherrie Lea on November 20, 2012 that he employs a possible Israeli intelligence operative named Molly Maroney as Infowars editor. It seems Alex Jones’ Judaic handlers found damage control necessary. Maroney was an intern with Stratfor, likely a Mossad or Shin Bet front. Stratfor, headed by George Friedman, also happens to be based out of Austin, Texas, and started up the same year Alex became the self-appointed leader of the patriot movement in 1996…in Austin, Texas. Jones has not only admitted on air to being a Zionist supporter but has worked hard for years to avoid implicating Israel in the leadership in the New World Order conspiracy., which it clearly is implicated in.
Evidence shows that the leadership is exclusively Jewish, with gentiles and Masons of secondary importance.

Interestingly, Dice even went as far as calling Jones a Zionist shill privately but never addressed it publicly. At the height of Dice’s criticism of Jones last winter, the Molly Maroney scandal broke, known by some as “MollyGate.”
Needless to say, this turn of events provided a gift-wrapped opportunity for Dice to really nail Jones, giving Dice’s critiques more depth than just blasting Jones’ selling of “tangy tangerine.” But Dice went absolutely silent. And when he was criticized for not talking about it, he remained silent, only mentioning it in passing in response to accusations that he was shilling for Jones. Blogger Hatrick Penry also noted that Dice provided damage control for Jones when Tila Tequila was axed at the last minute from an interview with Jones. Dice went on a tirade attacking Tequila, who said she was going to reveal a bombshell about Jones as cointelpro.

Other shillish behaviour of Dice includes his obsessive criticism of the Catholic Church. Now, whether you are a Christian or not, attacking the Catholic Church has been a Jewish endeavour since the the French Revolution, when Jews and Masons began to infiltrate the Vatican (see The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, which documents this Judeo-Masonic plot against the Church). The Jesuit conspiracy theory has fooled some people off the scent of the Jews, but I don’t think it has worked as well as they would have liked. Sorry, Mark, we’re not buying it.

Fast track to April, now Dice has removed all of his YouTube videos critical of Jones, and Jones has welcomed Dice back, having him as a guest on the Infowars show. Dice was just recently awarded an interview on Fox News talking about some nonsensical fake gun-control petition. Looks like Jones and his mainstream media handlers were awarding Dice for his longstanding commitment to Jones and his Mossad/CIA counter intelligence operation. Dice fits in well with the fear mongering industry headed by Infowars. Dice’s on-video hypnotic speech patterns, which resemble those of a trendy Hollywood beat anchor, put him near or on the same level as Alex Jones and his cointelpro dialectic. And check out this very bizarre video of Dice acting like a mind-controlled slave. Is he an MKUltra operative helping CIA/Mossad Jones?

Looking back, one shouldn’t be surprised with this about face. During the whole staged drama between the two, Jones continued to market and sell Dice’s various generic conspiracy books. And Dice and Jones both appeared on kosher conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura’s cable television show Conspiracy Theory, which is produced by the Jewish Michael Braverman. Jones and Dice are regular guests on the show. The three stooges of alternative media—Jones, Dice, and Ventura—never address the Jewish question, much less discuss the Zionist leadership of the New World Order. I think it’s safe to assume that all three of them are involved in the same counter intelligence operation, directed by the State of Israel and the Elders of Zion.

The timing of the reuniting of Jones and Dice is good for the cointelpro media empire, as the recent events in Boston seem to have propelled Jones to new heights. Dissenters to the official Boston Marathon bombing story are now know as “infowars guys,” thanks to an incessant plugging and marketing campaign by Jones and his Stratfor assistants. I am sure Jones and Dice will be a successful tag team in further monopolizing the alternative media, but one wonders how many followers Dice will lose when they discover his about face with Jones.


  1. Why does Texe Marrs (who is also based in Austin, Texas) STILL support Jones and his sidekick Dice and sells their disinfo books?

    1. Good question. Ognir at TheInfoUnderground pressed Marrs on the issue, and Marrs responded that he and Jones have been friends for a long time. Marrs recently interviewed Dice about his new book here.
      I am suspicious of Texe Marrs, although I have not found disinformation with him. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be part of this Austin, Texas Stratfor operation though.

      1. The problem with Texe Marrs (and also with “Bro” Kapner) is not what he says, but what he DOES NOT say!
        Alex Jones and Mark Dice are anti-Christ & anti-American KABBALISTS & payTRAITORS!!! They have “paytrayed” America and Jesus Christ!
        Kabbalist Jeff “UFO” Rense is on “The Brother Nathanael Foundation”, right? Why is “Brother” Kapner friends with anti-Christ Kabbalists? That’s a rhetorical question!

    2. Hello, In response (albeit a year plus later)to your Texe Mars question. all I can say is that unlike Dice, Jones and Ventura, Marrs is ALWAYS implicating the Jew/Masonic/Illuminati “conspiracy”.

  2. False opposition, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama.

  3. I detest the info-blo- hard, but you state that Molly is an op, when its speculation at best. Credibility over opinion pal. Check your own coin tel pro tactics and decide if its important .

  4. THE truth about JEWISH power in AMERICA is global common knowlege ; it’s just a matter of time before AMERICAN’S finally has to recognize it.WHEN that day comes ALEX JONE’S empire will collapse over night.

  5. Somebody needs to follow up with Tila Tequila and get what Cointelpro stuff she has on Jonestown zionist ops. Jonestown only uses zio-cover reporters like Tarpley and Phony Cartalucci, who actually wrote that “Israel is unfairly scapegoated for m.e. crises”!!!! Close look at his articles reveal they bend over backward to NEVER focus on the zionist pivotal cause in the Syria invasion- just “Brookings” – latecomer to the game and never any NEOCON material. Arab Spring is nothing more than BUSH 2, carried on under Obama. BOTH puppets of the zio-filth

  6. I agree that they are the three stooges and the fact that these chuckle heads are put up as idols diminishes the truth movement and is an embarrassment to thinking; discerning; people who question the status quo. Mark Dice always comes off to me as being a condescending; smart ass and his poles reek of extreme arrogance; saying ha;ha we are smart and you are dumb. His YouTube videos on the Illuminati are about as illuminating as a solar flashlight. There is not enough space for me to get into Jones (fat fraud) or Ventura (opportunist). I have wondered though; whether you think Icke is nuts or not; that Ventura’s hatchet job on Conspiracy Theory of David Icke may of had something to do with Icke’s being critical of Israel and Zionism.

    1. Hello, Chris. I think Icke is completely aware of the Judeo aspect of the conspiracy, as he clearly indicated in his earlier days. I think Jones and Dice are aware too (That’s what makes their treachery even more severe). But then Icke appears to have done an about face. It looks like his Jewish euphemism of the lizard people was too much for the establishment, and now he has to come up with an alternative explanation of the lizards! Additionally, he seems to be perpetuating New Age concepts (which indicates occult influence). So, I don’t know what happened to him or why. He has completely sold out, in my opinion.

    1. This might seem insignificant, but I remember Mark Dice defending Yoga, which is steeped in Kabbalah and the occult. I would argue that Yoga opens up one’s spirit to the occult as much as, say, a Ouija board. The video of Dice in the link definitely looks like he is using a hypnotic technique. Monarch programming perhaps? Unreal footage.

      1. I didn’t know Marker Diced used to work with Alex Jones. But now this proves that both of them are 100% shill. We should still give credit to Alex Jones for his acting ability. Marker Dices don’t have much skill. I was suspicious from the very beginning. I did fall under the trap of Jones, but once I started to research the illuminati/jew topic I asked myself why they never killed Jones. His Bohemian group movie made me even more suspicious. But it is easy to catch Diced. He is using Youtube search engine optimization to outrank the real people’s videos. His talking style has an air of “I am not serious”. He uses mainstream explanations to distort the truth. But above everything else, he calls himself a Republican. Anyone who did his research knows that both conservative and liberal politicians come from the same group and they just use divide conquer method to implement the group’s agenda. Many “Rottenchildren” and their minions have FB profiles. They openly show off their illuminati culture there. Foolish Diced thinks no one will ever know about it and so he can keep spreading lies. Just like the government, I am too thankful to FB. It makes spying on real criminals super easy.

  7. Remember there is no information on the infowars site.It’s just reporting on reports by mostly other reporting agency people.How are any of the reports helping anyone in their days of our lives soap opera except for keeping folks glued to their seats?In the daze of the weak the show does not teach but will only preach with guests that have something to sell.Slaves that call in and get a chance to speak only get 60 seconds or less then Alex has to jump or get to the next caller.Has anyone learned to drink distilled water from a coffee maker?Just trust Alex and hurry up and buy a 300 dollar water filter by the flavor of the week company he’s shilling a shekel for.Notice how almost always whenever a “guest joins the show” they have a book, movie,product or a website to promote?There was once a guy named Pete who went fishin’ and took his brother Repeat.Pete fell out of the boat.Who’s left in the boat?

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  9. This is pretty funny. One article I just read is calling Mark Dice and Alex Jones anti-semetic CIA agents and this one is calling them Zionist Jews that work for the Mossad. My question is, is where is the PROOF these guys are zionists? I know Jones supports Fritz Springmeier who IS the real deal and has real inside knowledge. I’m not saying that they are not agents but I am saying that you haven’t presented any real evidence that proves it.

    1. Where is your proof that Springmeier is the real deal? I’ve yet to here him address the Jewish issue.
      Jones has admitted that he is a Zionist. He places the blame for everything on non-existent “Nazis” and the nebulous “New World Order”. He even said that Arabs control Hollywood, which has to be the joke of the century.
      As for Dice; I suspect that he is a “Christian” Zionist who blames everything on the Vatican.
      It is usually “Christian” Zionists, such as E J Phelps, who, seeking to divert attention from Jewish power, accuse the likes of Jones and Dice of being “anti-semitic”. Heck, Jones is so “anti-semitic” that he married a Jewess!

      1. Mary, my thoughts on the matter are this: Springmeier does specifically single out Jews in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati, but he fails miserably at singling them out has having engineered the Jehovah’s Witness cult in The Watchtowers and the Masons. In his defense, I think his association with Alex Jones is merely opportunistic. I tend to think Springmeier is legit, although I think some of his conclusions are clouded, perhaps by people like John Todd.

    1. You have no business to call ANYBODY else disinfo, Ms Dana ‘The Vatican Dunnit’ Horochowski. I suspect that you’re a crypto Jew.

  10. I hate to tell you guys this but they are all controlled opposition. Maybe they all didn’t start out that way but the enemies have a simple but effective formula of a few permutations in order to draw them into the fold (money, fame, blackmail – whores, dishonest gain of money, drug addiction, other illegal acts). These same tactics keep congressmen and masonic businessmen in check. Billy Sunday was a tent preacher that impacted a lot of people and he was offered riches and fame by a Yiddish Girdle and Undergarment maker for doing the following: 1.) Never preach on tithing. If you must address it say it’s optional because we are under a new law of grace and not old testament absolutes. 2.) Never preach on baptism being a condition of salvation. Don’t address it directly but if you have to talk about it say it’s optional and an outward sign of an inward grace. So you can bet those things are important. Sunday did not take the deal but how many have? (hint…hint… Billy Graham)

  11. I only started listening to Alex Jones and inforwars a short time ago. I am smart enough look behind door #3 before drinking the kool aid. Jones puts out a lot of good info. I know a little about businss and no way can he fund that operation and live in that big house with the infowars income.

  12. who writes and sells books about satanism ? by their fruits ye shall know them ? ’86 graduate of the Waukesha WI correctional institute – marked ice

  13. Mark Dice (real name Mark Shouldice) is a U.S. Naval Intelligence operative.
    Other U.S. Naval Intelligence operatives include Jack Posobiec and William Cooper.

  14. This is like medieval monks arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. The entire subject is delusional horseshit. Dice and Jones are both batshit crazy, both where they agree and where they don’t. The illuminati doesn’t exist. RW media is the real fake news and the looney Right that lends any credence to either Jones or Dice is the fakest of the fake.

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