Makow’s Russian source seems credible

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Nov. 16, 2018 Anno Domini

It’s important when vetting Russian defectors to approach them systematically rather than emotionally. Finding corroborating evidence from multiple sources is key.

The reason for this is not only because Soviet defectors can be wrong but because the Kremlin has a history of carrying out counter-intelligence using fake defectors, as a means of discrediting legitimate defectors and misleading the Kremlin’s enemies.

In the case of Henry Makow’s alleged Russian source (posted to his website Nov. 13, 2018), this defector, or insider, seems credible. There is little doubt that the Kremlin’s manipulation of Trump involves “kompromat”, specifically sexual compromise, as I have thoroughly documented in my series Trump Controlled By Mossad. (At the time I wrote that series, except for perhaps parts IV and V, I wasn’t aware that the Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip. I am open minded. So, when I came across information contradicting the standard so called patriot/conservative narrative of geo-politics, I gave it an honest hearing and quickly adopted a revised position.) Where I might disagree with Makow’s source is in his verbage. Trump is a Kremlin asset, for sure. His personal and financial instability makes him all the more easy to blackmail and control.

Makow prefaced this article with “They regard him (Trump) as unstable and unreliable. But it does describe a kind of collusion. So what? Why shouldn’t Russia support a pro-peace candidate?” Trump does what he is told. If he appears to be pro-peace, it’s only because his masters have not mandated war. I also disagree with Makow calling disinformation the defector saying “Putin attributes anti-Russian agitation in the US to “right-wing groups”. Since the source doesn’t specify which right-wing groups, we can only assume that he means the truly awakened patriots who know that the Kremlin is pursuing a world communistic agenda—in which case, the source, again, is correct. Makow appears mistakenly to believe that the Left’s cheap and shallow so called anti-Russianism is to what the defector was referring. Evidently, the defector knows that the Left’s perceived anti-Russianism is phoney and empty. The American Left’s superficial opposition to Russia is based mainly on a caricature of Putin alone. They perceive him as a fascist, not as the crypto-communist that he is. As for George Soros, the billionaire is a Soviet agent. All this talk of Nazi-collaborating and the American Left is a distraction.

The defector’s second contention is that Wikileaks is controlled by Russia’s SVR. Again, this is a more-than-plausible argument. For a while, I and several others have been warning people that Wikileaks is an Israeli psyop.
Wikileaks is either soft on or completely ignores issues related to both Israel and Russia, especially neo-Russian communism. However, after having learned that Soviet Jewry and Israeli Jewry—which control both Israel and Russia—are one and the same entity, it makes more sense that Wikileaks is a joint Russian-Israeli operation, with Russian institutions being the actual base of operations due to Russia’s well documented massive Internet psych warfare agenda. Unfortunately, the defector doesn’t go beyond Wikileaks in exposing Russian psych warfare operations. It’s clear that there are many more, including Guccifer 2.0, Qanon, and, probably, Edward Snowden.

The defector seems to say that the CIA was trying to thwart Putin’s support of Trump by arranging for the assassination of one of Putin’s drivers, which was a warning to Putin to abandon his pursuit of Trump. It’s possible. If true, it’s unclear what the CIA’s motives would have been. Were they sincerely concerned about having a Kremlin puppet as U.S. president or were they acting on behalf of the Democrats? Perhaps there were other reasons. We will probably never know.

What’s also credible and extremely important is the defector’s allegation that Trump is indebted to Russian and European banks. It’s well know that Trump is not a self-made man and was heavily bankrupt. This makes him even more vulnerable to kompromat, as if the sexual stuff weren’t enough.

The defector’s last allegation, that Melania wants a divorce but can’t because of how it would affect Trump’s presidency, is very probable. Trump is a pig. What decent woman would want to remain married to him?
As this evil system continues to squeeze the populace, you can bet that there will be many more defectors rising up and declaring the truth. But we must be on guard, as there will be fake ones, too.


  1. Makow’s article is strange. It doesn’t site any sources. It also doesn’t make not clear which part of the article is the author’s and which is the actual quote from the alleged report. Finally, (((Makow))) is a supporter of holocaust lies and I wouldn’t believe anything coming from him at all.
    Also Tim, now that you know that Kremlin and Israel are joined at the hip, as you state above, why do you continue writing things like, ‘Trump is a Kremlin asset, for sure’. Wouldn’t it be more correct to write, ‘Trump is an Israeli asset’ or ‘Trump is a Mossad asset’? I know you’ve written a series on Trump with that title, so it baffles me why you would continue to mention Kremlin instead.

    1. TTM, Makow claims the source is anonymous. He should have made that clear in his, but he didn’t. I wasn’t aware that Makow peddled Holocaustianity. Which aspects specifically?
      It’s a given that Trump is an Israeli asset. Why restate the obvious? What’s not so obvious is that Trump is an asset of the crypto-Soviet regime based in Moscow (the Left’s critique of Trump-Russia is bankrupt, mostly). As I said, whether you call TPTB the Jews, the communists, Soviets, etc., it’s all the same thing. It’s not wrong to pinpoint one, when it is appropriate. It’s appropriate to call this Kremlin-backed since the Right seems to be so infatuated with the Chameleons in Lubyanka.

  2. Tim, it’s important to call them by the proper names. The Kremlin and the Soviets are simply (((their))) stooges.
    As for Henry Makow’s position on holocaust, you can see it here:
    In the first article (from 2003), he says there that “Zundel’s claims are repugnant, but he has a right to be wrong.” In the second article (from 2018), he says “It is not my intention to mitigate Nazi responsibility for the Jewish holocaust” and “My grandparents all died in the holocaust”.

  3. I always regarded Makow as disinfo, with his ayyliens, lizards, illuminaty and “IT’S NOT THE JEWS, im a jew myself, why would i lie to you, stupid goy”.

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