Interview with Synagogue Rising author Hugh Akins

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Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites!  Liars!  Vipers!  Murderers!  Your house is forsaken and desolate.  Your father is the Devil.  How will you flee from the judgment of hell?



Card. Hlond’s 1936 Pastoral Letter.

PREFACE: A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR ……………………………………………i
World apostasy and “the hour granted to the power of darkness;”  Organized forces driving man individually and mankind collectively into total apostasy from God and Totalitarian Tyranny; “An enemy hath done this;” Knowing one’s enemy: Satan and his legions of demons, Judaism and Freemasonry; Catholics cannot keep avoiding this combat;  Enough of this do-nothing-but-pray Catholicism; Exposing the Judaism of Christ-hatred; “Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent;” Catholic Action’s threefold mission: spiritual, social, counterrevolutionary.
Demons gather in hell on the very day of the Crucifixion; a Satanic Masterplan is hatched in hell to devise a plan to counter the Redemption; The Pharisees are their point-men; 20 centuries later, crypto-Judaic-Totalitarianism threatens to consummate the overthrow of God on earth by ratifying a One World Tyranny under the framework of a New World Order; Conflict of the Ages; God is pouring out His wrath upon the nations that acknowledge Him not; Fatima and the errors of Russia: Bolshevism, Zionism, Holocaustism; Talmud, Kabbalah and Holocaust – sum and substance of the demonic “deposit of faith” and unholy trilogy of Antichrist theology.
Revolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Eminent churchmen warn of conspiracy of the Synagogue; The Supreme Pontiffs sound the alarm and take decisive action against Jewish menace.
Sicut Judaeis Non – a policy of charity, doctrinal integrity and militant self-defense; St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the words from the Cross, “Father forgive them,” apply to the Jewish people but not to the Jewish leaders; The question of deicide and the collective responsibility of the Jews for the death of Christ; “His blood be on us and on our children!” The Church shows Jews the same charity even after the Talmud became known; Vatican II reverses twenty centuries of holding to the same teaching; WWII, the Jews and the Pope who stood heroically against Hitler; Jewish praise for Pius XII – he’s credited with saving 860,000 Jews;
IV. THE CHOSEN PEOPLE NO LONGER …………………………..……………48
Jesus Christ Catholic; the God of Israel; “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not;” Mosaic and Sinai covenant defunct; The Lord God of Israel makes a new covenant with the House of Israel; The “seed of Abraham” now taken in the spiritual sense; Old and New Testaments alike center on Christ; Limited number with lineage to Abraham; Modern Jews mostly of Khazar ancestry;
V. JEWS’ FALSE CLAIM TO PALESTINE ……………………………………….60
That Jews have no right to Holy Land is asserted by the Church up to the death of Pius XII; No claim by divine right; Why Jews were dispersed throughout the world and why they were to remain so until their acceptance of the true Messiah; St. Pius X explains to Jews why Christians cannot support Zionism or acknowledge their purported “right” to the Holy Land;
VI. THE REVOLUTIONARY JEW – THE CHOSEN OF SATAN…………………………….……………………………………64
“People of the Serpent;” Brief survey of the history of Talmudic Jewry; Judaism and the Revolution; Negating the fruits of the Redemption; “We are the fathers behind all revolutions;” Jewish extremists behind five most destructive revolutions of 500 years;  behind the world’s plunge from Christianity into Protestantism, liberalism, immorality, secularism, world apostasy and global totalitarianism; behind most heresies, secret societies, revolutions and wars from the 4th thru 21st centuries; Unholy kinship of Protestantism and liberalism; liberalism and libertarianism grounded in same falsehoods; The Judaic war against Christ, His Church and Christian nations; The Rise of the Rothschilds; Msgr. Delassus on kindred spirits of Judaism, Freemasonry, Americanism and Modernism; The Synagogue targets the New World; “Jewish roots of American Constitution;” U.S. founding principles condemned by the Church; The Jewish spirit behind Americanism’s “civil religion;” Jews gather at anti-Council of Leipzig to promote principles of 1789 to insure future of Judaism; Masonry, the Illuminati and the French Revolution; Jews at the innermost circles of Freemasonic initiation;  Freemasonry: secret government of the revolutionary Jew; Sect of darkness; Mary’s warning: “Satan will reign almost completely by means of the Masonic sects;” Luciferian Freemasonry and the Serpent Cult; occult Judaism, the Illuminati and the OTO; Satanist Cardinal Rampolla almost becomes pope; Communism a Talmudic creation; The spirit of the world is the Jewish spirit; Neo-Modernism and the Jewification of the Church; Fatima Third Secret divulges apostasy within hierarchy, warns of future evil council (Vatican II) and the destruction of altering the liturgy of the Mass (New Mass); Adulturous union between the Church and the Revolution; Today’s greatest threat: the Synagogue not the Mosque; Jews never cease raging against Our Lord; Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and I. G. Farben – “Backbone” of Nazi war machine; The untold story of Jews as Nazi collaborators; Jews that bankrolled the Third Reich; Rakovsky’s startling confession; the historic authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; “A brilliant masterplan” for rabbinic world tyranny; Serious scholars convinced of authenticity; U.S. Military confirms Protocols’ authenticity in 1919; Protocols same demonic spirit found in the Talmud; Zionism, three world wars and the dawning New World Order; spirit of the world is the Jewish spirit;
Talmud and Kabbalah are man-made traditions, not part of what God passed down to faithful Israel; Talmud ordered burned by Papal decree and by command of Council of Trent; Judaism is “impoverished” by Talmud; Old Law of fear is perpetuated, new Law of love nullified; Babylonian Talmud compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf; Talmud formation to blame for anti-Semitism; Hatred without equal; Unspeakable blasphemies against Jesus and Mary; Talmud as ultimate hate literature; Unparalleled degradation of Christian and Jewish women; Permits fornication, sodomy and pedophilia; Jesus says “in vain do they worship Me;” Righteous outrage thunders from See of Peter; “Code of hatred most violent;” Pagan mysticism, Gnosticism and Black Magic; The real hate criminals; Kabbalah and Satanism; Invoking demons in Jewish rituals;” Author of The Talmud Unmasked assassinated for disclosing Talmud’s darkest secrets.
Anatomy of anti-Semitism; the fallacy of race hatred among Christians; The “Blame Game” a diversion; Dogma of Perpetual Victimhood – exploiting it to the maximum; The new anti-Semitism aims not at the man “who hates Jews” but the one “who is hated by Jews;” The word shuts down reason and discredits critics; Anti-Semitism is “indispensable” to Jewish agenda; Anti-Semitism “the greatest scam ever perpetuated on the human race;” Hysteria of Jewish victimhood; The stigma applied to anyone that gets too close to the truth; The Holocaust Industry and Dogma; Who are the real anti-Semites? Jewish hatred of Christians runs deep; The Fallacy of Catholic “anti-Semitism;” Catholics abhor Jew hatred; The Catholic Church condemned anti-Semitism long before Vatican II; Why Catholics must not apologize for historic “anti-Semitism;” “The Church had nothing to do with the rise of modern anti-Semitism;” Deploring anti-Semitism does not mean Catholics should surrender to the Synagogue of Satan; Compromising traditional Catholics find it expedient to jump on the anti-Semitic-phobia bandwagon; The ultimate objective of Anti-Semitism is to keep Christ from the throne of His social Kingship; Talmudic anti-Christianism, not Christian anti-Semitism is the world’s prevailing hate crime; The Inquisition defended; The Popes were justified in taking action against Jewish perfidy; Exposing Jewish perfidy not Jew hatred but an act of mercy; Anti-Semitism: “This one little scare word is conquering the world.”
“Zionism controls you;” America quite literally an occupied country; Masonic B’nai B’rith, “the real-life Elders of Zion;” AIPAC and the Israeli lobby – agents of a foreign, hostile government; Israel’s espionage program; “We, the Jewish people, control America;” “Every politician in Washington knows it, and has never uttered a word about it;”  “The best Congress Israel can buy;” Chabad Lubavitch – “near the pinnacle of power of the U.S. government; The average American cannot even begin to imagine such power; Demolishing bastions of Catholic doctrine; Barack Obama, “the first Jewish president;” Marxist Obama, Saul Alinsky and the treasonous ACORN agenda; The “anti-war” candidate escalates wars as pro-war president;  Obama grovels before AIPAC; Jewish tentacles gripped every U.S. president of recent memory; Reagan the Zionist; Carter not the critic of Israel he pretends to be; Washington: “Israel-occupied territory;” America: “One nation under Israel;” Politicians who refuse to do Israel’s bidding are destroyed; the Rosenthal interview; Chertoff and the 9/11 cover-up; A second look at Organized Crime in America; Ruthless and much feared Russian Mafia in reality is the Jewish Mafia; ADL stops investigation of Jewish Mafia; the SPLC; the Council on Foreign Relations “dominated by Jews;” The whole line-up of presidential contenders, except Ron Paul, are demented and diehard Zionists and Israeli war-fanatics; Jewish Hollywood against Christ; “Motion picture industry in the service of the devil;” Congressman Jim Trafficant speaks out;” The Noahide Laws; Islamic “Sharia Law” vs. Talmudic Noahide Laws; The union of Synagogue and state; “Christian Zionism” a counterfeit Christianity; Neocons – False patriots and pathological war-mongers;
X. 9/11, ISRAEL AND THE PHONY “WAR ON TERROR” ……..……………..365
The government’s prior knowledge a factual certainty; Massive cover-up by our elected and unelected leaders; 9/11 both an inside and outside job – uncovering the Israeli/Mossad connection; Israel’s act of war against America; The excuse for institutionalizing a National Police Force (DHS); “A war for Israel not America;” Captain May’s testimony; “Clash of civilizations” yes, but not Islam versus the West;  Today’s greatest threat: the Synagogue not the Mosque; America is Israel’s “hired gun;” Jews are further from Christ than Muslims; Jews inflamed Islam against the Church and Christian nations; Islam conquers by the sword, Judaism by the soul; Modern wars clearly forbidden by the Church’s Just War doctrine; the Lord God warns man about shedding innocent blood;
XI. ISRAEL OUR ENEMY ..……………………….……………….……………..401
Israel a world threat; Israel’s savage attack on USS Liberty; A survivor speaks out; Admiral McCain’s treasonous whitewashing of Israel’s blatant act of war; The “Levon” Affair; Mossad hit squads; Israel, prime suspect in the Kennedy assassination; Israel, Russia, America and Organized Crime; Trillions for the Israeli war regime, more debt and body bags for hard-pressed Americans.  $25 trillion for Israel and counting.
The rise of Zionism; Holy Land targeted; Overriding myths about Israel and Zionism; The idolatry of Israelitism; No people ever went so far in their self-worship; The illusion of Jewish exceptionalism and the deification of race, religion and nationality; Awaiting the false Messiah, the Antichrist, to come; Revolutionary Jewry moves on Russia and the Holy Land – communism and two world wars open the way; Both world wars tied in with bloodbath in Palestine; “Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars;” Solzhenitsyn asserts Jews behind Soviet communism; Germany and Japan Jewish Russia’s biggest obstacles to aggressive expansionism; Zionist war ethics knows no moral prohibitions; “The Luciferian theory;” Israel – enormous threat to world peace; Direful atrocities in graphic detail; Israel “deliberately targeted… children;” Zionism more evil than Nazism; Muslim rage the product of Jewish inhumanity and genocide; Israel, once the center of divine history, has become the center of diabolic history.
XIII. ROME’S THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER  ..…………………..………………448
Revolutionary Jews help forge the Counterfeit Church; the Counterfeit Church helps facilitate Jewish world supremacy; Today’s Judases inside the Church; Vatican II and Judaism; The Vatican-Moscow Agreement; Jules Isaac and Rome’s break with the past;  Modernist Rome buckles under pressure from Jews; Conversion of Jews and steadfast opposition to Jewish conspiracy no longer Church policy; Conciliar Church accepts “chosen people” and “dual-covenant” theories; Victories handed the Synagogue by the vicars of Christ; Religious liberty: how the Zionist spirit became the Conciliar spirit; Entering synagogues without preaching Christ: the treason of the popes; Little difference between Ratzinger the liberal theologian and Benedict the “conservative” pope; Rome and the Holocaust; “Legions of demons [in] the Vatican;” The attack is primarily against Christ and His Church.
Fact or fiction? The question of the Holocaust is more theological than historic; Jews cry “six million” during First World War; Hitler’s “Final Solution” – deportation! The Holocaust as another “chain” used to keep Jews enslaved under the Rabbinic Captivity; the Holocaust as smokescreen; Overshadowing the preeminent Holocaust in history – the Holy Sacrifice of the Son of God on Calvary; Solid proofs of the myth of the six million and gas chambers;  The truth about the alleged “silence” of Pius XII; Priests at Auschwitz; “Extermination” camps were really prisoner work camps; International red cross at the camps; Forensics disprove homicidal gas chambers; The Nuremberg travesty of justice; Other (factual not fake) holocausts not to be forgotten; The hoax of the 20th century; Criminalizing the quest for truth; The Bp. Williamson affair; How traditional Catholics handed Jews a major victory by not defending Bp. Williamson who spoke truth to power – as did Christ Himself; Fr. Nitoglia and Michael Hoffman’s brilliant analysis; Abp. Lefebvre, last of the great counter-revolutionaries; Testimony of Pius XII; Christ crucified overshadowed by Six Million crucified.
The crucifixion eclipsed by the “extermination” of 6 million; Why exposing “Holocaustism” is central to the struggle surrounding the Kingship of Christ and the overthrow of the Reign of Satan in the world; “Communion” with Rome now contingent on acceptance of the Idolatry of Holocaustism; Beware of Traditional Catholics who parrot the Zionist party line; Has the smoke of Satan entered the Traditional Movement?  Many Catholics on the wrong side in the war between Christ and Antichrist; Totalitarian trends and the occupation of America are the signs of the times; America “must become either a Catholic State or a Slave State;”  We are far advanced on the road to tyranny; Totalitarianism: “power without limit;” “Woe to them that make wicked laws;” God’s 10 commandments or man’s 10,000 commandments; Police State USA: the nightmare becomes reality here and now; Federal power grabs;  Israeli/Mossad connection to U.S. Police State; Christian “hate crimes” – enemies of the state; FEMA and the making of the American Gulag; Fulfillment of the Talmud; Blood offerings to Lucifer; Mystery of Iniquity: Israel and Antichrist; The NWO: the serpent’s last great insult at the throne of God before he is crushed beneath the Virgin’s heel; Our choices are simple: Christ and Catholicism or collapse and conflagration; World War III: the countdown to Armegeddon; While the Total State is fast descending, Total War is already upon us: How will we respond to it?  That is the subject of the concluding chapter.
Theology and Counterrevolution; The right and duty to resist; Catholic spirituality necessary but not enough; The militant Catholic is always counterrevolutionary; Revolutionary Judaism can only be stopped by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Obedience to lawful authority and resistance to tyranny; Totalitarianism, especially in its current Talmudic form, is more of a religious than political problem; Popes speak out against evil principles of Authoritarian regimes; Secret societies do not represent lawful authority; Too weak a resistance up to now; False prudence helps the onward march of evil; Obliterating the “lesser evil” argument; Catholic Action: Because God wills it and the Church requires it;  Catholic Action and the clergy; No substitute for Catholic Action, and no excuse for every pastor not to sponsor C.A. in his parish; The good shepherd watches over his flock; The scandalous silence of our shepherds; The popes blast churchmen who are indifferent or asleep on their watch; Forging a United Front: demolishing enemy strongholds; Approaches to the Jewish problem; “Return rebellious Israel!” St. Peter’s discourse: “Ye men of Judea…” Renouncing the works of Satan and breaking his grip on the Church and the world: Catholic Action’s first order of business; The victory of Mary foreseen; Fatima & the fate of mankind; By command of the Queen – Mary summons her children to “fight!”  The victory of Mary foreseen: Rallying behind she who is commissioned to crush the head of the serpent; The victory of Christ foreseen.


  1. All in all The Great Arcanum ( existence of all magic , powers, energies and abilities) passed on thru the Mystery Secret Societies practiced in ancient mystery schools and still practiced today, until now practiced only in secret by a select few . Religions scattered around our world in Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Egyptian , Greek , Nordic, Aztec, Jewish , tantra , Zoroastrian , paganism and yes even distorted in Christianity yet God warned us not to consult with unfamiliar spirits and not to worship false Gods but we continue to become enslaved to them .
    I thank God everyday for Jesus freeing mankind and the hope in our future. It all predicted . Universal knowledge of this teaching seen in science, philosophers, art and religion hidden in their symbols throughout our ancient artifacts and their message of truth purposefully preserved in a select few in all these religions. Was this secret preserved by man or an entity that claimed to have enlightenment and knowledge ? You shall be as Gods? It seems the time has come and now the door is opened in revealing this ancient secret for all. No more to be hidden. It is a wonderful time I believe and I pray everyday for all to come to the true knowledge of The True God . The father son and Holy Ghost . God in three persons.
    We are in a new age, was the Mayan calendar predicting this time? I ponder that maybe it has some significance a new age that is not fully understood by us humans? It seems we are also coming upon a time where even archeologist and geologist are in the process of changing our history to reconsider our ancient civilizations: there religion(those Gods on the walls) and answers to thier scientific knowledge how those Pyramids were built . Rethinking Darwin’s theory. Scientist and historians are finding proof that our world is much older and claim advanced beings helped with that scientific knowledge as well as a higher understanding of where we come from. Ancient Alien theory is well in its way to uniting the one world religion and government, that apparently was practiced in the history of our past.
    Me I believe their is a deception coming about in our world and the greatest is that the scripture : In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth will be distorted to mean in the beginning Gods and Goddesses created the heavens and the earth and humanity will buy it. I don’t fear because my faith is solid but a great deception is on the horizon it’s only a matter of time . I hope you check out the links.
    Funny that Alien contact with a man who wrote his telepathic conversations about our history and religious agenda and plans to change mans thinking in the 1950’s helped me an uneducated woman with a traumatic loss of a daughter to what the world calls mental health issues and Gods divine love reaching me and now I’m learning this and when I all began as a foreign language it’s becoming clear. So many in the dark.
    Books, courses, audio lectures, retreats, downloads, forums, articles, and much more, about awakening consciousness.

  2. Ah yes the countdown to Armageddon thank god there will be a war on the evils in this world and God is loving, just and true. Christ said it would be a reality and those who stand stead fast to the end will recieve thier reward. Love the scripture …
    But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; .

  3. Catholicism is a cult, you need to be born again, then you will be saved. The catholic institution can not save. Acts 16:31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.
    There are no catholics in the bible, the word catholic is not in the bible.
    Catholic means universal. What’s the point of being very intelligent, and being on the right side of many issues, but not get saved.
    To explain why catholic doctrine is a cult doctrine would take a long time, there are resources all over the place to pint this out.
    Futurism does not mean dispensationalism,

    1. Southwestbiblestudies, the emphasis on universal (Catholic) glorifies God’s universal redemptive plan—for all people, not just Jews. It indicates the major difference between Christianity and Judaism. This is perfectly inline with Scripture. The Catholic hierarchy, as it was prior to 1958, is also Biblical—and necessary. Of course, anyone who believes in Christ is saved, but for the Body of Christ itself, organization, hierarchy, and doctrine are all absolutely necessary. If you think otherwise, you will inevitably fall into the downward spiral of fragmentation and loss of faith that plagued the many various sects and cults of the Reformation.

    2. “To explain why catholic doctrine is a cult doctrine would take a long time, there are resources all over the place to pint this out.”
      And there are resources all over the place which totally refute that assertion.
      Besides, I find that most Protestant Fundamentalists are thoroughly immersed in the cult of Jew-worship.

  4. Fitz: this is very good, excellent, and informative interview u’ve posted. I listened to it twice, and though I agree w. what Mr. Akins says about Jews and Talmud, I did find some questionable things–like at 38 mins into the vid. Akins says there’s problem w. Jefferson and rights of man, upon which I must comment.
    Note fm Gosp. JOHN the basic issue is TRUTH (JOHN 14:6, 8:32, & 18:37-8) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). And the pt. is Christ affirming the OBJECTIVE, hence Aristotelian reality, necessary foundation for truth. For note the Jews insist upon a collective type of subjectivism whence they insist that only what they say is “truth,” this always serving the interest of Jews (what’s “good for Jews”).
    For note, given subjectivism, anything goes–“truth” is whatever u want–AND there’s no truth, all at the same time. Objectivistic (Aristotelian) reality holds there’s only one (hence “God-given”) reality, this then subject to human perception, perception then being something processed by human reason.
    My pt. is that Christianity appeals to human reason–and yes, there are commandments for those not confident in their reason, who need leadership–but the commandments are not in conflict w. that basic reason, as Christ advises, to (a) love God, and (b) do justice (MARK 12:29-31, MATT 22:37-9)–for how far, in all reason, can one get by hating God and the laws of nature?

    1. I agree with Akins about Jeffersonian republicanism. The US founding fathers were the product of occult Enlightenment thought. Many were Masons and/or communicated with the fallen angels through magic (this explains the Masonic design of Washington DC, for example). Although there are some good things with what they introduced, as a whole, they were counter-Church, counter-culture. E. Michael Jones, in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact On World History, illustrates this argument well.

      1. I read Jones’ “Jewish Rev. Spirit…,” couple yrs ago, but don’t remember what Jones wrote regarding ur reference–that book is not too easily obtained, as I had to get it through inter-library loan. Indeed, the founders were products of classical enlightenment, but I wouldn’t say “occult.”
        Yes, some of the founders were masons, but not that deeply. One must remember the masons of that time were noted for their general “liberal” -type views–“liberal” in the classic sense, regarding real liberty.
        I have no idea what u’re talking about regarding “fallen angels.” And note Washington, for one, when he read James Robison’s “Proofs of a Conspiracy” quite agreed w. Robison, as I recall. A little later–a few decades–J. Quincy Adams decried the masons for their infamous murder of a member fm New York state who’d divulged some of their secrets. The anti-mason party became quite popular for a good while before it was absorbed into the larger parties of the time, prior to “Civil” war.
        I hope u don’t under-estimate pt. I made about Christ endorsing TRUTH, hence the necessary objective reality, God-given, which provides criterion thereto. It’s extremely important philosophic principle which smashes Jew lies founded in subjectivism. Of course, Christ isn’t going to speak like college professor, but still, he made a crucial, sublime, and necessary observation for our guidance, even if partially implicit, which objective reality then provides for validity of science and logic.
        Thus dear Christ & Christianity make genuine appeal to human reason–which was what I most wanted to emphasize as I questioned Akins, above. Granted, most people are “followers” -type & depend upon leadership, and for them there are the commandments.
        Finally, I think it’s mistake to confuse or conflate the Church w. the Vatican hierarchy and official-dom, who are so much charlatans, as I think u urself have observed on occasion.

        1. Regarding Aristotelian reality, Jeffersonian republicanism would be counter-Christ seeing that it is not based in theocracy. Although I don’t think theocracy is the most perfect form of government, it’s probably better than anything else. Absolute monarchy was closer to theocracy than republicanism, and look what the Judeo-Masonic Enlightenment did to the French monarchy. E. Michael Jones establishes a clear link between the British Whig Rosicrucian cryptocracy and the US founding fathers, in my opinion. They were transplanted to America. Have a look at the Ancient Aliens episode on the US founding fathers. There are some gems in it. The fallen angels can’t help but reveal their plans for mankind, a sort of revelation of the method mentality. I would venture to argue that Catholics made America great, not the constitution or republicanism. The Catholic contribution to America’s greatness is undeniable, even to Protestants. In contrast, the constitution paved the way for the WASP establishment, which is rooted in the Judeo-Puritan hybrid.

      2. Sorry, I’m not following u for “link btwn Brit. whig Rosicrucian cryptocracy and founders”–is there a source for this?–can u give any details? “Ancient aliens episode” on founders?–what’s this all about? And what’s this about “fallen angels”?
        I thought, considering ur below post on “The only answer to Judeo-… -conspiracy,” u were advocate, defender of reason–this is the tool God gave us, isn’t it? How is reason to operate within a theocracy?

        1. I plan on writing a piece exposing the cult of US constitution. Even our supposed freedom fighters, Zionist shills Alex Jones and Ron Paul, are all about republicanism. Is not the only reason we are Christians today due to the gains of the Christian theocracy of the last 2,000 years? I speak of the fallen angels as if they are orchestrating world events, with the Judeo-Masonic power structure as their earthly representative—their theocracy, if you will. The Book of Enoch, as well as the Bible, shows that fallen angels are largely responsible for evil on Earth.

            This site is a great site that helped me in understanding the mason beliefs of our founding fathers with the images and the symbolism throughout our capital, a tour of the inside and explanation of those “secret” symbols. If you understand that , rocissians , masons are very involved on contacting higher beings these entities call themselves Gods, Spirits and today they veil them selves as higher beings called Aliens to some and others know them as Satan himself if you achieve higher degrees. Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma has some astounding claims in his work. I hope this is helpful to some.

            1. Interesting article, Samantha, but be careful with site author Rob Skiba. He appears to be a Christian Zionist and a Yahwhist (sacred name deception). There are Christian Zionists exposing the Nephilim agenda, but they are not linking it to the Judeo-Masonic power structure in this realm. This link is essential to its success. Zionist agent Chuck Missler is one such person that comes to mind. He wrote Alien Encounters. Instead, false teachers like Missler present a scenario of Nephilim opposition to Jewry. Obviously, this is absolutely false. Naturally, Missler is a premillennial dispensationalist.

              1. Thanks for that info. I am still piecing together all the info I have and by no means am an expert on these subjects as I have posted many things that may not be the most educated and still learning. The video was very good I had to listen twice and I researched more on my level of thinking. This site was very helpful to understand the history of Jewish influence which helped me very much. I don’t believe everything I read I do try and be objective and search other info. That’s what lead me to your site. God Bless hope this site also helps others and your insite would be appreciated .

              2. Christian Zionist ? Please expound . I’m learning and open minded I get that many Protestant christians believe that Jews are Gods chosen people in which I reject it just never made sense , is this what you are referencing as zionists ? My church has the Star of David flag hanging in our sanctuary which troubles me yet I need a place to worship and fellowship . Can share my beliefs . been taught this for years and been in a baptist church and many other christian churches and it never made sense to me. also what is your view on ishmeals line are they really evil , seems God said he would make them a great nation. Hope this makes sense. Sorry for my silly questions.

      3. I follow Jones as he knows lots of info, which I appreciate for understanding. Paul has the necessary answers for the on-going, and soon to accelerating, economic/monetary collapse, but u’re right about them positively eating the excrement of Jews–not just Zionists–but u see, that’s where the money is.
        U gotta realize, I believe, Jews have WON, to great extent–at this pt. we can only encourage the ruling factions to fighting one another, hence my support, such as it is, for Jones and Paul.
        It really looks like the “theocracy,” u speak of, regarding Christendom has become now wholly owned by Jews.
        US Constitution could have worked–it still works to some extent–as the 10th Amendment which upholds states rights. Problem was very much one of cultural circumstances, esp. the banker criminals who worked to “interpret” things–like Hamilton and his buddy, John Marshall

        1. Remember where “liberty” comes from: Liber Pater, or Bacchus. There is every reason to believe that the US founding father’s intention of “liberty” was the same as of pagan Rome. Is not Washington DC built in Roman fashion, not to mention, on occult Ley lines? Look at the Capitol building (Saturnian Capitoline Hill), for example. Liberty…fraternity, and equality is also the slogan of international freemasonry. Perhaps the fourth of July is nothing more than the Liberalia of old. As Christians, we are not to partake in half-truths, which are manifested in puppets like Alex Jones and Ron Paul. They have helped the cryptocracy more than they have hindered it. It would be better to have absolutely no patriots speaking up than to have false patriots speaking on our behalf.

      4. I’ve done quite a bit of reading about the masons, having read the Abbe’ Barruel, Jacob Katz’s work, and others too. The masons were actually quite popular and respected at first, until well into the 19th cent. when they became evermore well known as flunkies for the Jews. In the 18th and even early 19th cent.s they were known as “liberals” and advanced-thinkers, so the founders got caught-up with them. Don’t forget the Roman architecture went along w. their Latin studies of Cicero.
        Like I say, u gotta realize how horribly down-cast we the people are–there’s no choice but to advocate for those voices and influences which will help us and at same time oppose the topmost satanic leaders. Jones and Paul are NOT Satanists, though they are indeed weak. When Jones decries the poison fluoride in the water, toxic vaccines, poison GMO foods and other poison food additives, etc., we need to chime in just for our own interests, regardless of Jones himself–he deserves credit as it’s genuinely due him. When Jones speaks against the TPP and Patriot Act, he also deserves credit, not more than he’s due, but what he deserves.
        Every little bit helps: observe the homosexuals on the Jew “left” have bitten off a big chunk as they try to intimidate the “Duck Dynasty.” And the left’s big-man, Obongo, has faltered miserably w. his idiot lies about ObongoCare. On the Jew “right” the rock-and-roll figure Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd, has come out w. heavy, intense criticism of Israel. Isreal evermore looks like the murderers they really are. It’s now come out the “al Qaeda” fall-guys had state-support fm Saudi Arabia, an Israeli/USA ally.
        When the US Dollar collapses definitively, as it’s doing even as we speak, the Jew power will be most vulnerable–and they know it too–that’s why they’re trying to set-up a lovely little war by which they hope to escape amidst the confusion.

      5. Samantha: “Christian Zionist” is similar to “Judeo-Christian” (JC)–see and for expo on these (use their search engines on their sites). Also extremely good is Hoffman’s
        These people “Christian Zionists” imagine Jews and Christians are practically same thing–like Presbyterians are similar to Congregationalists. But note Christians worship TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precept, for Christ IS TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the ONLY way to Godly happiness.
        Christianity opposes Judaism, TRUTH vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Christianity opposes Judaism, like Truth opposes lies, like, in Philosophy, Objectivity opposes subjectivism. Objectivity is the Aristotelian precept/assumption of a reality outside our heads/minds, whereas subjectivism is the idea there’s no reality but what’s in ur mind.
        Anyway, Samantha, note the Jews control the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)–see for expo/ref.–literally a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam–they just print-up and digitalize practically however much money they please, and now own & control practically everything, all the large corp.s, many small ones too, public edjumacation, all the politicians and judges, with very, very few exceptions, of course they own the mass-corp. news-media and entertainment–all by virtue of this Fed COUNTERFEITING scam they control.
        And thus, these Jew criminals also control all establishment churches too–Cath. and Protestant. The “beast” of Revelations isn’t coming–it’s already here, never doubt, and the Fed COUNTERFEIT scam is the essence of it, its basic weapon–see also,, and for good expo on the Fed scam. The Fed is how Jews rule.

        1. Thank you so much for the links. I will check them out and thanks for being patient with my posts.Chuck Missler, Steve Basset and many other responded to my Alien info with very interesting responses to the info I had. the info lead me to Esoteric’s, metaphysics and ancient religious history this opened new doors to my world, which lead me to research scientific research in the secular and christian views of aliens, Nick Redfern and Ancient Aliens , age of Aquarius then Freemasons the United Nations which lead to the Kabbalah and now The impact and influence of Jews in this mix. They all seem to be link but I’m still searching for answers . Thanks

    1. The link to rev. Alex Awad and his article was very powerful and eye opening . Answers to many of my questions to teachings that seemed to oppose what my conversion and faith stood for. Thanks for the links I’m on the right path although opposition will be in my mist since it seems to be in twined in my church but I will try and become educated more to stand for truth , what a great battle and deception we have in our mist. Grateful to those who are on the frontline standing for truth!!! God Bless

  5. Oh and I apologize I keep bringing up the alien stuff but I really think this will be a great deception aspect with the end time rollout but and in agreement at this point with info here that the Freemason Jewish control have a profound link in the deception on the Armageddon rollout . So I apologize if some do not agree. I am not easily discouraged with rejection just very convinced with the research and info I have although I’m not a great writer or debater and I’m ok with that. Just a seeker of truth .

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