Trump’s direct ties to Jewish-Russian mob revealed

Three-part Dutch series focusing on Jewish Chabad Lubavitch mobster Felix Sater (Trump’s Bayrock partner), “King of Diamonds” Lev Leviev, and other Jewish-Russian mobsters like Semion Mogilevich and Alex Sapir.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


    1. I added some additional information to that section (the definition of Black PSYOP from Wikipedia).

  1. This is really good background.
    In terms of what the Elders of Zion term : The Political, it would seem that the three main vectors of the Judaic Supremacy currently in play for the ‘clash of civilisations'(TM) production is the communist/revolutionary vector commanded by Soros, the Wahabist Islam vector: the Saudi, Turkish, Qatari ZOGs still sorting out hegemon issues within the emerging Caliphate and the W ZOGs: the military arm of Zion ZOGfedgovusa, the political arm of Zion: EUSSR and of course the Bank of International Settlements and its inerlocking central banks is the financial arm. This is The Crown of the Empire of the City and the jew-el in The Crown Israel.
    The role of the post Communist nations now recovered from Sovietisation is shaping up. They undoubtedly have their script. Maybe their role will be to make war on the military arm of Zion – the Western ZOGs.. They might have been permitted to recover from Sovietisation but they were always ruled by The Crown of the Judaic Supremacy and its Empire of the City and they still are.
    The more I think about it, they will have to harvest the chao and bring forth the ordo That may well be the 1world religion of all faiths and creeds. That will, of course, be Judaism in the religious hierarchy of the apex and a one world universal Noachide religion for the goyim. The latter is coming through the instrumentality of the Revolutionized and subverted Roman Catholic Church which is the counterfeit novus ordo. Now that the counterfeit has served its purpose – to get the 1world Noahide religion for the goyim on its feet – it can now be taken down and that is what I think we are seeing with Francis.

  2. @Fitzpatrick
    Not sure if this surprises you, just the other night a friend of mine was posting on some video gaming forums trying to expose how the Jews run many big name gaming companies starting with Activision, EA (Electronic Arts), Blizzard, Rockstar, Wargaming, Netmarble and etc. When he started to expose how the Jews use schemes like Pay to Win via loot boxes and also paying for subscriptions as to make money off gullible people. The Jews started gang stalking him on many gaming forums and even many gaming message boards on reddit and he even tried telling people that many big spenders in the video games who invest massive amounts of money on certain titles or even famous gamers on YouTube or elsewhere were pretty much Jewish, can I have your opinion on this?

  3. The Oligarchs and the Russian mafia were used by the Democrats to hack themselves and blaming it on Trump, since he had been positive to make a peaceful relationship with Russia. The earlier administrations and Clinton, promoting their communist agendas, were possessed by the plan to make war with the New Russia which threatened the establishment of a global dictatorship. A majority of women and the black people support the NWO dictatorship, while Russia wants to preserve sovereignty of nations on there own premises.

  4. I am not sure what you mean. The Perestroika deception was made in cooperation between Gorbatsjev and the Russian Oligarchs and Mafia on one hand and the Western elite on the other, i.e. US and EU. Of course it was a deception. However Putin forced the Oligarchs and most of the Mafia which were in league with the West, out of Russia, and thereby broke with the West and there plans to make Russia a part of Global Elite. The West hates Russia and has therefore tried to force a war on Russia by encircling it by infiltrating earlier Soviet republics and the last one being Ukraine. The earlier Soviet Oligarchs and the Mafia which had to emigrate to the West, have continued their deceptive Western agenda to undermine the Russian plans for a sovereign nation independent of The Western NWO plans. The latter is led by the US administration, CIA and CFR.
    So, my comment at first was to turn around the idea that Trump has caused any Russian Mafia or Oligarchs to hack into Clinton e-mails to debunk her as a reliable president. The Oligarchs and the Mafia is fled to the West, and the Democrats are more plausible to having used these elements to cause hacking while posing as Russian agents. Trump has said that he will make friends with Putin and thus cause a more peaceful relationship to Russia, and is really opposed to the Satanic NWO. Trump has clearly shown that he bases his presidency on the trust on God. The Bush-Clinton-Obama administrations wanted the opposite, by trying to make a war happen if subduing of Putin failed. So, why should Trump risk to lose the hope for a relationship with Russia by engaging them in a corrupt dealing with his president campaign. It is more probable that the Democrates themselves are behind the Hacking, by using their nice relations with the oligarchs and the mafia who were kicked out of Russia.
    Trump is really fighting to subdue the powers of infiltration from descendants of the old Soviet Union mafia. The former US administrations were governed by these infiltrators and are the direct result of the Perestroika Deception. Putin is not a part of that. He wants to get rid of any fulfillment of the Prestroika which agenda was to spread Communism to make the NWO communist dictatorship a reality.

    1. You are not sure what I mean because you are using an outdated, highly over-simplified interpretation of Eastern Geo-politics, apparently with some kind of millenarian bend.
      Putin forced some oligarchs out and replaced them with other oligarchs. No draining of the swamp happened. The West hates Russia on two fronts: paleo-convervatives hate Russia because of communism; liberals hate Russia because of its perceived modern-day nationalism. But so what? You don’t come to conclusions solely based on the reaction of others, do you? That’s illogical. It’s like people who legitimizes Trump based on the mainstream media’s hatred of him (by the way, plenty of conservatives hate Trump too, but you don’t see that being labelled a “conservative conspiracy”, do you?). The global elite are collectivists. Russia has been their primary agent of change in liberalizing the world for the coming communist world government. It’s current nationalist ruse is a means to an end, nothing more. And anyone of intelligence in the Orthodox Church knows that the FSB/KGB control the Patriarchate of Moscow. Kiril is a “former” KGB man!
      As for the emails, Trump didn’t cause anything per se, since he is just a puppet. The Russians hacked the election to guarantee that he got in. They didn’t want to leave it to chance. Russia wanted Trump over Hillary because Trump is the greater destabilizer of American society (Israel prefers this, as it appears BRICS is their newest sponsor). Of course, radical leftism is, too, but making Trump prez threw fuel on the proverbial fire, whereas, if Hillary got in, it would have been merely a gradual fire. Trump hasn’t shown he bases his presidency on God. It’s all an act, just like George Bush’s feigned Christianity.
      You keep repeating the “Perestroika deception” but I don’t think you really no what it means. You had better look it up. I encourage you to read the book I linked in my first post to you.

      1. Thank you for the extensive response. I see you are placing certain secondary motives for my views, based on an imagination you got from your friend, that this is how someone got to believe in Trump and/or Putin or Russia as possibly separating themselves from the Global Elite.
        I am not a millenarian, as you put it, and that is my main problem of course. The belief in a future Millennium of peace and prosperity, is something the Elite has invented, especially by turning Bible prophecies up-side down and using them as a script to fulfill their purposes. And so, how can I think that Trump and Putin can fulfill a millennium reign separate from another part of the Elites? The difference would be at best communism versus fascism may be? However, the Jews (or Jesuits) nevertheless would be always at the top, as they consider themselves superior to all others, it be their “useful idiot” servants or the rest of the goyims.
        As I figure you understand it, these two main groups of players are just two sides of the same coin, both collaborating to reach a common goal.
        I have got my ideas about Putin through studies about his past KGB occupation, when he even was in collaboration with the UK intelligence (Royal Arch), seemingly as a double agent, but which is the outward appearance only, of course. He was probably brainwashed through monarchical methods and had sex slaves, some of which he got close personal relationships with if I remember right. However, by someone witnessing his behavior and development in the late eighties and early nineties, he began slowly to recover his memories of how his brainwashing had occurred, and how he had been used by his superiors. He was the only one of his collaborator agents who managed to liberate himself from all his monarchs caused by trauma experiences. The others were killed or “diseased” or “suicided”. Those who were close to him, were astonished to observe his change, and many thought it was a miracle that could not be possible by any man alone. I believe in God and I think it was a God’s miracle then, and if God does something, He will not do it in vain. He must have had a purpose with it.
        Likewise, there are many signs that Trump is also a Christian, and that he could be a man of God in Office. I cannot believe otherwise, when he re-instituted the Breakfast Prayer meetings in the White House. And he tries not to show so much his personal beliefs in the open, and when he is asked if he prays to God about any outcomes, he says even that he does only perform as much as his ability allows according to what he thinks is God’s will. He does not seem to pretend any type of holiness or something. As I see it, this is a sign that he wants to be true and not just pretending for the sake of the public.
        I have to believe it when he says that he wants to make a peaceful relationship with Russia and stop the war-mongering.
        All we see in the open or half-open, are just performances of course or deliberate “accidental” leakages. The purpose for it is to quiet the minds of those whom Putin or Trump or Kiril are supposedly confronting, both the Jews and the NWO Elites, like the different signs that Illuminati is using, like handshaking and crossing of hands instead of folding them, for example, and the flashing of the 666. Even may be they want to convey that any ties to the Mafia or the Jews are not broken if they had any, for example when in company with Clintons/Bushes or the Pope or the Jews. The pictures are floating around when they seem to be the best friends in the world, making polite gestures. The Satanists cannot see through any secrets that God may have. Be wise as a serpent is His advice, and be kind and love your enemy.
        Even if you believe not in any Godly interference, and I may doubt it also, since there is no future Millenium Reign or something, it is possible to perform a hidden plan, deceiving the Bush-Clinton cabal, by Trump. However, concerning Putin, he must be a Christian, as I believe, I think he would not have approved any plan by his own to influence the presidential campaign. And his actions concerning Ukraine are caused by Soro with his cohorts and then the NATO support for the Ukraine army led by the revolutionary rebels occupying and replacing the legitimately elected president and government. He had to protect the former base on Krim, to prevent any NATO overtaking it of course.
        There is so much propaganda in the West about Putin’s intentions just to debunk him as an aggressor and dictator, which they try to show now by finding signs of preventing any concurring groups to have a real chance to challenge him in his own presidential campaign. However, not even mentioning the infiltration by foreign intelligence to make false groups and candidates, paid by the Oligarchs, to obtain a liberalist easy to obey their bids, and debunking Putin and then subduing his plans to rebuild a sovereign Russia. He has really to be vigilant. Just think about his role in making a new currency (BRIC), being a threat to the Elite banksters. It is really difficult to think of Putin as a part of the old cabal.
        Perhaps God has planned now to finish the old world and begin all over on what He calls the New Earth, and there will be also a New Heaven. It may be possible that God meant that a New Earth is formed by cleansing of the present Earth from inside and out. He says that Hell is emptied and death follows after Judgment, which I think is the Global Elite who are not written in the Book of Life together with those people who are also not written in the book of life. I start to believe that Trump and Putin may be part of God’s Judgment process, to see who are in the book of life or not. The Judgment can be the cleansing process, since soon Hell will be empty, or may be even it is empty already. Those who have their names written in the Book of Life, will then make the foundation for the World in a New cleansed Earth without Satan and their cohorts influencing the life anymore. It will be transferred into the 4th dimension in God’s reality. It is not a millenium only, but forever, not Jewish propaganda or Tribulation or third temple or Antichrist and no mark of the beast, may be only a short war. The Christians are deceived to think they must see an Antichrist first and the Jewish temple and so on, but we may be taken unaware into the global chaos thinking we have new chance. We have the chance now and not later. The Judgment is now. Later it is the Lake of Fire only.
        Sorry for the length and may be not so interesting. You don’t need to reply to any of it, or even to publicize it. May be it has no relevance most of it to what you want to convey of your experience. No problem.

  5. To Carol: Simply put……no matter who you put in the oval office or the halls of congress, they all work for the same master: Israhell! Get it? All this wordy wrangling you present it just that; wordy wrangling which leads to more wrangling and fails to simplify the political, societal, and cultural state of the U.S., and the rest of the western nations: and that state sadly is that all western nations are in the grip of a foreign power: Israhell. Until we group together as a people to gain our sovereignty back and kick out the Zionist/Jew infestation; all the wordy wrangling and endless debate will never bring us to the doors of freedom. Toomany people want to ride their favorite political party train, and fail to see the simplicity of the sad state of our nation.

    1. Lerch1955 – Thank you for your comments. Sorry for all my wranglings, I was trying to argue something to see if there are any factions among world leaders that have a plan to separate themselves from the Jewish plot. Now I have no doubt, everyone work on the same plan. However, one part is just playing as a controlled opposition to the establishment, regionally or globally. They want to make the public as numb and confused as possible, so even the most extreme positioned people comply with any solution they present to obtain a peaceful and secure world.
      Nevertheless US and Israel and Russia are using Biblical prophecies as a script to deceive the Bible believers and to fulfill their plans. If they have an Antichrist to present to the world, it must be Obama, who is a very popular person to most countries. I believe that the World Government is inevitable, fascist or communist, hurried in by the will of the people. If there is any opposition, it is because the Elites have planned it that way, so they can adjust the means to more effectively obtain their goal.
      It is useless ro get involved in a resistance movement or something. The main powers love that.

        1. Zembla was ( indeed : was – unfortunately) one of the two free main stream tv programs broadcasting in-depth docs that found their way in the alt. media worldwide. The other one was Tegenlicht ( meaning Backlight) / since “corona” the composition of these teams must have gone through a radical shift / my conclusion / or else the Netherlands would not have become one of the many WEF colonies….

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