Mathematics a stronghold of objective truth

In the end, the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense.
—George Orwell, 1984

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
December 6, 2017 Anno Domini

Mathematics is a truly objective discipline that is not subject to the opinions and value systems of those who seek to impose their world view on others.

Growing up, I hated dealing with math. I could not wrap my mind around its technical, rigid, and seemingly complex systems. But that’s just my mind. I am inclined towards linguistics and writing, which is why I maintain this blog. But what I respect most about math is its objectivity and application of logical thinking.

Math provides just the raw facts: here they are, like them or not; no whining; no complaining; no crying about intolerance, bigotry, or hate; no bending the truth to fit your oxymoronic notions of “alternative facts”. This is the truth. Critical thinking required. Law of non-Contradiction in effect.

Aside from modern abstract ideas of math like fuzzy logic or multi-valued systems, the fundamentals of mathematics have stood the test of time as immutable truth, for math exists within the ordered and complex creation of a prime Creator…there it is. Mathematics—when sincerely drawn to its ultimate end—points directly to the existence of our creator and to the beauty within Himself and His creation. The Golden Ratio (used in the design of the human face) is one small example of creative beauty pointed to by mathematics.

Perhaps, then, this is why the Jewish-masonic social engineers, through operations like the United Nations’ Common Core, have come to attack the last bastion of objective truth that is taught in the education systems across the world. They have already removed honest study of religion from the system. Now they must remove the teaching of logic-based math—a science that naturally leads sincere students to religious conclusions. Logic and critical thinking have long been removed from the world education system. This explains why not only literacy rates but also mathematics comprehension rates are plummeting, mostly in the West. Most people don’t even know what the Trivium is. Math is the last discipline of objective truth slated for removal by the social engineers. It cannot be allowed to be taught anymore, as it conflicts with the post-truth world agenda. Only lies, contradiction, and nonsense are permitted. Feelings, passion, and gratification are all we need—forget about truth and beauty. The cult of ugly, in all its decay, shall prevail.

So it is that fundamental math is now being replaced, at best, by fuzzy logic and, at worst, absurd formulaic gibberish like that used in the Common Core agenda. Get the kids while they’re young. Retard their minds from learning to think critically and you will have a completely plasticized brain with which to mold into whatever you wish: a slave…an automaton…a creature alienated from his creator.


  1. Great analysis on the Masons and Jews in their social constructs which seek to basically establish a god-less kingdom on earth, constructing their own kingdom which has not Jesus Christ as their true King and Lord.

  2. hey, have you ever read (or written?) something about the billioniare sackler family who are virtually the creators of the opiod/heroin crisis in america? i didnt even know they existed until recently.

  3. All languages are symbolic and based on metaphorical extensions of the human senses. Even the very first spoken word an infant learns (almost always the mouth noises “mama” or “papa” with only the lips used) is already two metaphors away from “reality,” or “that which when you stop believing in it does not go away,” (to paraphrase Philip K. Dick). The very first metaphorical expression learned starts with a nerve stimulus from outside, first transposed into an image—first metaphor. The image formed, isolated, is then imitated by a sound—second metaphor which “brands” it with an identity, a word, a calling noise. The first was a visual metaphor (an image) and the second a sound metaphor (mouth noise of mama or papa). The language of music, of course, is based entirely on sophisticated use of sound metaphors.
    So even there you are already two levels “into the map” and away from the actual territory and that’s as close as you’ll ever get, since the map is not the territory and never will be.
    As language becomes more and more complexly metaphorical and concepts are tied together in the “rite” ritualistic order to make syntax and grammar (gram-mer – weighing of the meaning and value of conceptual communications), you get that much further away from the territory and lost in the map which provides you navigation through it but only that:kind of navigation out of all the probable possibilities and the rougher and more corrupted the language becomes, the rougher the navigation and the less the standard-of-living achieved in “win-win” dialectics with others in society, since more parasitical or win-lose-dialectic elements are able to assert themselves in the midst of the confusion, general degeneracy of scientific and artistic models, and counterfeited, watered-down and less-&-less accurate definitions or mappings of the territory of phenomena being covered for navigation by those models or maps.
    “Mathematics” is just the universal metaphorical language of science because it’s the most exact and numerically-tied mapping of the territories being symbolically and metaphorically interacted with possible. However, being symbolic and learned after verbal language, it is only as accurate as a “universal verbal language” (which we don’t have, even though many have tried developing it and failed) would be and no more.
    Also notice how the principle of balance is there right from the beginning in mathematical equations and anything and everything done with any measure of skill or expertise in life starts with balance and grounding and being centered within yourself. The less centered your foundations, the more shaky your conceptual structure will be and the more likely to crumble. That “centering” is done with eternal truths that are just a part of being alive (t-root, that knowledge which goes to the root of the tree and is the foundation for the condition, whether healthy or toxic, of all the leaves of be-leaf that arise from those t-roots or premises, i.e., promises) and is something that exists in all natural and physical systems. There is always a balance that has to be strived for and maintained or else energy (inner-g, inner-god, inner-grace, inner-balance) does not have its best, most streamlined and most relaxed and natural conduit to go through and accomplish its work, hits neurotic detours, “stiffness” and rigidity on the way and whatnot, and disease and illness, through imbalance of course, results.
    One more thing that must be added is the scientifically proven concept of synergy. 2+2 does not always equal 4 in reality. Sometimes the whole becomes more than the sum of the individual parts as a function of the proper relationship and positioning, use and interaction, of the individual parts. That also has to be kept in mind until one day it might be discovered what it is, exactly, that gets added to the individual parts, this mysterious element, that wasn’t there before, and which now makes the whole greater than 4. Does “god” reside in synergy? It that where you feel the presence of the transcendent force-of-nature that is always there and which will give you “that extra element” but only if you do things according to the facts-of-the-matter and in-the-rite-way, within the correct rituals of each task.
    I think, conceptual leverage (c-lever-ness) is also related to this. The proper positioning of concepts gives you c-leverness and leverage in your thinking, the ability to do heavier conceptual lifting and solve more problems with ease, as does the correctly-angled positioning of a stick under a large rock, give you an ability far beyond your bare hands and brute strength in the immediately visible physical world.

  4. Just out of interest, can you point me to a link that shows where Maths (not Math) is being deliberately excluded from the curriculim?

    1. “Math” is the standard term in North American English; whereas, “maths” is the standard in British English. Obviously, then, they are both acceptable forms. Look up the Common Core standards and those systems modeled after it around the world to learn about the dumbing down of math. Simple search will answer your question.

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