1. The defeat of Hillary & her wicked god denying demorats, come by the Mercy of God, but to free the world of imminent WW3, off course through Russia,, though not Physically, but Spiritually.. Nothing else changes inc.Trump,& his manoeuvres, cause Prophecy does not change, more so a Protestant.
    Protestantism(1John 2:19)itself out of a rebellion(apart from a royal harlotry,& its manipulations) broken way from the Church of Thyatira(catholic church)through the unrepentant Jezebel spirit, in the depths of satan,within & without today sunk in Sodom/Abortion/Divorce contrary to basic Catholic Principals , against all that is called FAMILY & MARRIAGE, making a mockery of it, unto the prophecy of spiritually Sodom & Egypt, protestant America underscored in the beliefs of Egypt, reveals the same underlying beliefs off the Pharisees(Zionists) that crucified Christ.
    The error of protestantism lies at its very foundation, through the leaven::Only: added to faith, ending up clashing with the book of James contradicting the Holy Spirit even theologically, the grave mistake, does indicate that his belief was based on a pre-conceived notion.
    Salvation by Grace through Faith,which Grace is Christ Jesus himself, salvation begins with him, in which there is no own works, entirely upto him However Jesus came & took away the sins of man, but then how does ones individual sins be imputed upon him, without EQUATING with him on the cross, other than through faith, wherein is works(James; Faith without works is dead) by keeping his two commandments in the spirit & truth of it, amounts to picking up ones cross daily to following him as commanded,results in Daily Sacrifices, which daily sacrifices would be taken away, to the Prophecy of Daniel, come through the protestant philosophy in the leavens of the faith unto its corruptions, for Faith corrupted is NO Faith, to a salvation by grace minus Faith but to the occult,indicating Gnosticism in the Abstract(Egypt), as its basis,
    The many protestant sects , where one does not agree with the other, like unto a political platform in the policy of Divide & Rule, denotes the many parts that the body of Jezebel ended up, torn by dogs. Thus arises the question, can the Queen save herself, for the one ex-communicated down the line.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think Federal Reserve Banks hand out jobs to just anybody. Her mother must be pretty well connected.

  2. Your site is biased, you don’t present truth from that point of view.
    Malcolm Nance is a spook, and spook don’t know how not to lie. They live in a self-aggrandizing little universe.
    Michael D’Antonio from CNN, are you serious?
    I am not a Trump supporter, but what you sell is not in anyway close to the truth,

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