Shooting at Parliament Hill in Canada an Israeli false flag?

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 22, 2014

The timing of an alleged terrorist attack at Canadian Parliament today just happens to coincide with Canada’s recent deployment of troops to fight ISIS in the Middle East and the mainstream media’s escalation in fear mongering of the Zionist-CIA backed ISIS threat worldwide.

It also follows a recent incident where a Canadian soldier was allegedly run over by a Muslims radical in Montreal, an event which prompted Canada to raise its terror alert threat. Of course, the Zionist-owned Canadian press was quick to label this a terrorist attack.

Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo was allegedly shot by Michael Nehaf-Bibeau while guarding a war memorial at the House of Commons in Ottawa Wednesday morning. The cause of the shooting has not been revealed by authorities. But what we do know is that Israeli intelligence has a heavy presence in Canada and could very well have orchestrated this incident in order to further the Zionist agenda to perpetuate the ISIS (Islamic State) threat and to provide a pretext for a martial law crackdown under the watch of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is an admitted fanatical Zionist and was recently nominated by powerful Jewish secret society B’nai Brith for a Nobel peace prize, despite being a war monger. Israel has a long history of staging false flag terror attacks, which are incidents that appear to be perpetrated by someone other than who actually perpetrated them. This shooting will most likely be pinned on Nehaf-Bibeau as a Muslim radical as part of the false flag narrative; if not, the Canadian public will correlate the shooting with the recent running over of a Canadian soldier by a Muslim.
Either way, ISIS is implicated. Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are also no strangers to false flag terrorism. For example, on August 20, 2007, Canadian police staged a false flag in Montebello, Quebec, where RCMP agent provocateurs posed as protestors to agitate a rally. Canada’s RCMP and intelligence apparatus CSIS have a close working relationship with Israeli intelligence.

Security at Parliament Hill
Because false flag terror attacks often involve the complicity of on-the-ground security companies, it is important to investigate who was running security at the time of the shooting. Security at Parliament Hill is run by House of Commons Security Services. It is uncertain whether these services are contracted out to a third party. The government website states the following about its security services:

House of Commons Security Services preserve a delicate balance between protecting Parliamentarians and the functions of Parliament, and respecting the right of Canadians to have access to the Precinct and their legislators.

But with the current government trend to outsource services and with Canada’s fawning over perceived Israeli superiority, there is a chance that Israel is involved at some level.
Israeli security firm Verint prevalent in Canada
There is good reason to suspect that Israeli intelligence is involved with the House of Commons Security Services. Canada has an ever-growing alliance with the state of Israel, and Israeli intelligence is becoming the standard go-to guys for “training” police services and intelligence agencies around the world in counter-terrorism (see The Israelification of domestic security). After all, they claim, who has had more experience than the Israelis with terrorism? If you want the best training, you must go to the Israelis. According to PressTV, in its article Canada’s slavish obedience to US, Israel,

 Israel security agents now officially assist Canada’s security services, the RCMP and CSIS, in profiling Canadians citizens who are Muslims and monitoring individuals and/or organizations in Canada involved in supporting the rights of Palestinians and other such nefarious activities. Even the usually timid UN is appalled.

More recently, it was revealed that the police chief that oversaw the Ferguson debacle in Missouri learned “anti-terror” tactics through the Zionist Anti-Defamation League in Israel.

Canada’s belief in Israel’s counter-terrorism expertise is so strong that the country has entrusted much of its vital infrastructure to the Israelis. Most of Canada’s airports and transit systems are run by Israel’s Verint Systems Inc., a suspected front or, at the very least, a sayan for Israel’s brutal Mossad. That a foreign nation, especially one with a long history of false flag terror attacks, can run security for Canadian airports and transit systems is a national security threat in itself. This act of treason by the government to allow foreign control over Canada’s security systems was enough to wake up a small group of concerned citizens in Montreal, who demanded answers from Montreal city council as to why Israel’s Verint was allowed a contract to handle security of Montreal’s Metro transit system. The following is a documentary created by a member of the Canadian Action Party regarding Israel, Verint, and security on Montreal’s Metro:

Verint responsible for security at 9/11 airpots and at London’s Underground during 7/7 bombings
The Israeli’s expertise wasn’t good enough to thwart the large-scale terror attacks of 9/11 at the 7/7 bombings in London. How it is that a few supposed lone nuts directed from caves in Afghanistan could penetrate the strong security apparatus in the U.S. and England is beyond logic. It just smells like more false flag terrorism, perpetuated by a desperate villain looking to demonize and control their opposition. There are Israeli fingerprints all over the 9/11 attacks. What Israel has to gain by staging false flag terror attacks framing Muslims is numerous. Most importantly, it gives them the pretext to use their military might—the U.S. Military and their owned U.S. taxpayer-backed Israeli Defense Forces—to bomb any one of its oil-rich Arab neighbours into submission and expand its sphere of control over the region. This control further secures the United States’ numerous  Middle Eastern construction contracts and Arab puppet regimes.

ISIS is nothing more than an Israeli-CIA backed revolutionary group
Israel has gone on the record stating that ISIS—whose leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad— is good for Israel’s interest. A Syrian envoy has accused Israel of being allied with ISIL. The ISIS threat is also good for the United States’ interest in snuffing out the Assad regime in Syria and securing oil futures not only for the US, but also for Israel (Golan Heights and Mediterranean sea next to Gaza). ISIS is purported to be the successor to Al Qaeda, whose public shelf life has apparently run out. This public relations rebranding of the so called Islamic global threat (ISIS/ISIL) is actually the creation of a French Jew named Bernard-Henri Lév. It appears that Israel may even have gone as far as faking the ISIS/ISIL beheadings in order to reinforce the perceived threat. Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky, a Canadian Jew, exposed in the 1990s how Israel manages and uses the supposed Islamic threat,

Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel again as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.
—Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception – pg. 197

Whether or not Nehaf-Bibeau is truly the lone nut acting on behalf of the Islamic state that the mainstream media is portraying or if he is some kind of Manchurian candidate being used as part of a false flag attack, Prime Minister Harper is using this event to show the public how justified he was in sending troops to fight ISIS.


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  2. As the idiot asked, what is truth? Well we know what it is, and it is the measure by which we weight and filter all the words of men. So could it be that after 2000 years, the truth stands and man just cannot comprehend it having their minds darkened by the god of this world. Why do bad things happen, could it just be that darkened minds allow it, they have become their own captives and become their own little god knowing good and evil; not able to do either; what is truth? Without truth, one can dissect the events, figure out the perpetrator and expose them. But is that enough? Do we really understand how this evil, perpetrated on good people works to the glory of God? The Word of God is eternal and there is an end. Men refusing the light plow their own field that eventually becomes ravaged by weeds, their works are for naught. Captivity leads the captives. Satan has lost but men still plow for him. They love death and hell.

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  3. Check your calendar and you will find it happened on the night of the black moon of sacrifice then go back to September 24th on your calendar,Obama held a Black Mass at the UN on that date the night of the black moon.Lets skip ahead to December and you will find the night of the back moon happens on the 21st and on a Sunday witch gives us a Black Sabbath.It is also the Winter Solstice so look for a big event on that day.

  4. News reporting was founded for the sake of reporting the truth, but now the news channels have become the hotbeds of creating sensationalism, become their fodder ,where the truth is either exaggerated or covered through forming their own agendas thus turning truth unto convenient lies, to say kitchen Gossip commercialized & this in turn is become fodder to many like Hollywood, false flag operations, etc. To this, “Media by its Hype”, the Bible in Prophecy calls “The Prince of the power of Air,, the Spirit that works in the children of disobedience”< the children of rebellion. Now the Spirit refers to "Vishnu" known for his "Avatars" in hinduism, said to move at very great speeds in the sky & pertaining to this vishnu are many alters figured in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court , Zionism is a product of Freemasonry that cannot be separated & their secret god is the said prince of the power of air , the very Abomination unto God. The evil one deceives the whole world through these & in turn deceiving others even by the Zionist Christians , all but shows that this gathering by freemasonry by violence unto the day is unlawful through contradicting the integral Prophecy of the Covenant .
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  5. It was nice to point this out in the comment section about the black mass on the 24th of September in an article written by Paul Craig Roberts and posted on the infowars site.The article was immediately scrubbed and went missing for 2 days!This is why I think we had the whole 2012 distraction with the Mayan calendar and even David Dees had a Sheeple Magazine cover also notice it was the 21st that was emphasized.Mr. Roberts wrote an extensive article about the U.N speech and I’m sure he wasn’t to thrilled to have it removed shortly after it was posted.After revealing that the U.N. assembly was actually a cover to have the delegates attend a black mass it was too much info for the staff at infowars.Alot of folks read the stories and comments over there and this is simply too hot to handle and not the 1st time articles I have commented on have been removed immediately.Instead of breaking some actual news not hoisted from the msm, they chose to kill the messenger instead.With all the blood moons this year and the supermoon as well on the 11th of August witch Robin Williams was sacrificed on and nobody has mentioned this string of moon phases witches of extreme importance to the occult world speaks volumes and their silence is deafening.All the alternative media have jumped on the a bowl a hoax and distraction bandwagon.You may have had a bowl a cereal,a bowl a soup or a bowl a rice recently and may be contaminated please isolate yourself for 21 days as you may spread common sense around to your family and friends.Be advised that it took 80 months to construct the original NYC Trade Towers witches 6.66 years and your standard height of the door you walk through daily is 80 inches witches 6.66 feet tall and even the city logo of Ottawa has 666 encoded into it.The next black moon occurs on the 22nd of November witch falls on Saturns’ day.With the December black moon falling on the Suns’ day and also at the winter solstice this event will not repeat itself for sometime.This is a key time for the occultists and they have kept a tight lid on the significance of this date and time so be aware anything is possible!

  6. HELLWARS is watching your bullshit shillery …Gatekeeping for the Temple of Solomon Knights Templar and Freemasons eh ?

  7. I live in Ottawa, remember it well, Knew we we’re long overdue for F.F. Knew it instantly was F.F. Downtown near Parliament was totally blocked by cops till late evening. Site of shooting is large triangle intersection of 3 streets with monument in centre, Was open/accessible by next morning, NO sign of blood No stains City may have sprayed with water truck BUT I went a 5:00 am next morn. wearing City of Ottawa white hard hat and safety vest. A few uniforms cops were in their cars I walked right up to the one adjacent to site introduced myself as a city contracted forensic investigator and showed the bottles and announced what I was going to do, adding it was preliminary to see what other resources I’m going to need or if a more detailed investigation is even necessary or possible. She was kind enough to point out were I should start and concentrate my search. I proceeded to empty 3 x 1litre bottles of Luminol which is enough to light up a few square miles. Nothing fluoresced NOT A DROP.
    Look who the shooters father is!

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