Kabbalah, crop circles, and UFOs: what’s their connection?

The Jewish hexagram.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 5, 2013 Anno Domini

There are conspiracy theories aplenty related to phenomena like unidentified flying objects, the alleged existence of extraterrestrial beings, and crop circles. But none of the theorists behind them, especially the cartoonish ancient astronaut theorist David Icke, seem to make the obvious connection to the Judeo-Masonic plot, much less explain what their purpose is.

Firstly, here is a series of photos that will begin to illustrate this connection.

Unicursal hexagram crop circle. This symbol was made famous by 20th century occultist Aleister Crowley.

Another example of a Jewish hexagram carved into a crops.
The Jewish menorah, seven-pointed candlestick.
Variation of Menorah.
Masonic pillars with a black and white checkerboard floor, a motif throughout Kabbalistic Freemasonry.
The Kabbalah Tree of Life, or Sephirot.

Enough for you? How about these:

All-seeing evil eye of the Kabbalah or Illuminati with checkerboard.
Kabbalah’s “as above, so below” monistic concept of good and evil, also known as yin and yang.
Masonic Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Yin and Yang.
Illuminati pyramid with Masonic checkerboard.
A more obvious depiction of the Illuminati all-seeing evil (left) eye of ancient Egypt.

There are many more examples like these.

Raelian material conveying Kabbalistic concept of secret knowledge passed down through angelic beings. Notice the Jewish hexagram as the Raelian symbol, also the primary symbol for Judaism, Theosophy, and other occult belief systems.

Kabbalistic alchemical transformation through alien agenda

So, what does it all mean? Well, for years, the entertainment industry and the technocrats have been inundating us with UFO, ET, and robotic themes in order to prepare us for their endgame transformation. This delusion seems to be that eventually, we are going to be told or realize that ETs (aliens) are simply more evolved humans that have been trying to send messages to us and enlighten us.
This has come to be known as the ancient astronaut hypothesis, advocated by crackpots such as Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and so-called conspiracy researcher David Icke, who even advocates the Kabbalist concept of a holographic universe.  Messages from these “ancient astronauts” are contained in the form of mysterious crop markings (circles), as pictured above, or encounters with beings (alien abductions, angelic visitations). The complete externalization of the ancient astronaut hypothesis onto the masses will be the culmination of the Kabbalah-based scientific dictatorship’s alchemical transformation of mankind, a sort of transformation of everyone into the trans-humanist Jewish Golem character. This scenario is also the goal in Freemasonry, the New Age movement, and Theosophical groups. The Raelians and Scientologists believe that ET beings actually created us through genetic engineering. Virtually all occult groups agree in their trans-humanist goal for mankind, which is really just about establishing a greater system of control over slaves, not about enhancing and extending our lives as they claim.

A model of the Raelians’ proposed Elohim Embassy, which they plan to build in Jerusalem as the Third Temple. The embassy will connect humans with aliens, who will dock their spacecraft at the embassy. The rebuilding of the Solomonic Temple is the ultimate goal of Kabbalists and Freemasons alike. The last time the Jews attempted to rebuild the temple, in the third century AD, large fireballs emergedfrom the Earth and consumed the Jews, and glowing crosses appeared on those who survived. The Jews have not tried to rebuild it since.

The Raelians believe aliens—the Elohim from the Bible, they claim—created us and that Jesus, Buddha, and others are mere prophets. In addition to being strong proponents of radical leftist ideals (a communist Jewish invention), the Raelians, and even the Scientologists, are technocrats, which is a major component of the Judeo-Masonic Illuminati conspiracy. They believe that technology and things like genetic engineering have been passed down to us from our alien ancestors in order to help us evolve. The Book of Enoch and portions of the Bible tell a similar story; however, the so-called aliens passing down technology are actually fallen angels in Satan’s service. The Raelians’ use of the Hebrew rendering of God in the Book of Genesis, from which they arrive at their theological conclusion, is inconsistent. The Pharisaic Masoretic text (Kabbalah-inspired modern Hebrew translation of the Old Testament) tends to support their claim that God is considered a plurality of beings (Elohim), while other sources, like the much older and reliable Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament, reveal God as a singular being (Yachid or Echad, in the Hebrew). The former fits their scenario that god, or the beginning of evolution, is a group of alien beings. Other Biblical scholars claim that the seeming plurality of God in the Bible is a reference to His Kingdom or majesty and not to a plurality of beings. Regardless, the Raelians must use the Kabbalist-inspired rendering, because the true Biblical definitions do not fit their ancient astronaut story. For the last few years, the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series has been perpetuating the ancient astronaut hypothesis.

A book written by former Raelian cultist Daniel Vandinja linking the movement to Freemasonry and the New World Order. The book sources Jordan Maxwell, who appears to be an occultist disinformation agent, and Alan Watt, another questionable character in the patriot movement. An interesting read nonetheless.
Raelian illustration with Jewish hexagram on UFO.

Kabbalistic themes in alien abduction scenarios

Whether or not alien abductions are real, the claims of alleged abductees is important when trying to decipher the true source of the alien agenda. Whether it’s aliens telepathically warning their abductees of impending earthly disasters due to mankind’s activity (sounds like UN Agenda 21 propaganda, doesn’t it?) or giving them some sort of mystical universal enlightenment, it’s all harmonious with Kabbblah (Jewish magic). In magic, the witch of wizard is endowed with secret knowledge and special powers that enable him or her to manipulate matter, or to do as though wilt, the fundamental doctrine of Satanism and the occult. One interesting UFO encounter claim involved US Air Force Sergeants James Penniston and John Burroughs, who, upon investigating a UFO report in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England in 1980, encountered a craft that infused them with a hidden message through binary code.


In Kabbalah, the universe is considered to be entirely numeric in nature, similar to what the character Neo discovers about reality in the movie The Matrix. In this Kabbalist universe, a magician can take on divine powers by tapping into this numerical system (gematria) or by reciting Hebraic letters or words, like the Tetragrammaton (also sourced in the Kabbalah-inspired Masoretic text). If Penniston wasn’t already involved in the occult in some manner, his experience was his first initiation.

Ancient astronauts’ trans-humanist destiny for mankind a feeble imitation of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom
This conspiracy against Christ and His Church hopes to hoodwink the masses using technological tricks, what the Bible calls “lying signs and wonders,” aided by fallen angels hell bent on dragging humans down with them into the pits of the abyss. Like in Freemasonry, where initiates are promised illumination if only they pledge their allegiance to the brotherhood and work their way through the degrees, the human population is being lured into this final alchemical transformation, promised the secrets of the universe and life extension through trans-humanist evolution. It’s Satan’s feeble attempt at duplicating Christ’s promise of eternal life through salvation in Him alone.
And since Jews have nationally rejected Jesus Christ, they have championed the Satanic trans-humanist agenda and are directing it today. They jealously and naively belief that through their alien-inspired technology, they can harness the creative powers reserved for God. While Jews and their Masonic Noahides get to transform into divine beings, they transform us goyim into their Golem servants—what they mistakenly expected the Messiah to do. In effect, they have declared themselves to be their own Messiah.


  1. reply 2, please remove after reading; Orbs or devils make the crop circles. As you pointed out, the designs in the crops are satanic in nature. Orbs create holograms of ufos, or chemtrail planes, and other phenomenon. When people look into it, they start seeing more bizarre manifestations. So you are better off just praying and not looking into too much. Some say the orbs are a type of technology. They look like star wars training remote but not metal but like light. That’s just a snippet.
    I used some of your images that were very well put together for some posts I will remove if you ask. Its also a plug for your blog.

  2. Reblogged this on SWORD OF TRUTH and commented:
    Wow great information! as I have been studying this and I hope people will finally wake up and see it really like it is, instead of being fed false info. Great photo’s spell it out completely.

    1. My husbands grandfather was a contactee of the 1950’s and his father was a computer scientist at los alamos Area 51 at the same time. The seven year docs sent me into learning everything hear in a matter of seven months. It’s all profoundly true and the journals I have taught me so much about satanic deception . Glad to find a seeker because most people think I’m crazy now when I try to tell them the truth. Even people in church have blinders on and they are going to be blindsided by this when it comes to pass.

  3. Thank you for tying in crop circles with all that Jesus Christ has been teaching me about Aliens, secretly mystery religions, our USA and the founding fathers link to the illuminati , satan is in the move It has been seven months since God revieled all these truths to me. Reading my husbands grandfathers alien journals , him being a master mason and wow linking everything together , this is all truth people and the one world government will happen. It’s an exciting time , yet sad and I pray for eyes to be open and hearts turn to God and all not to be deceived with what is to come!!!

      1. Please check out
        PS 2013 Nick Redfern and all the leaders Egyptologist, researchers, historians, nephilim (giants), cosmology and the ancient worlds, ancient aliens history channel, this was a recent conference and all are educated men and women doing the research to continue to bring about the change that is coming in mans thinking and bring in the new one world religion . Yes Kabbalah I believe is at the top along with Freemasons . My long search in a nut shell . I won’t post if you do not want me to again and I pray you have patience with me sharing my story and that your research and writing to reach others is powerful. I am not a writer and getting out what I am learning is hard for me. Like I said this is the first time I have posted anything on the internet. Please anyone check out what this conference is doing uniting these men and they are going to prove our”true” history ancient aliens are hear and were here to enlighten us and evolve to the next age.
        This is amazing info also
        As I posted before I have daily diaries from my husbands grandfather John Curd and information from his father in regards to alien contact in the 1950’s.John claimed to be a contactee and had telepathic conferences with an alien named Morton. These daily diaries have telepathic messages from Morton were typed on 1950’s paper. My husbands father H. Dalrymple had a top secret security clearance and was employed at Los Alamos in the 1950’s and at the same time my husbands grandfather claimed to be in contact with Aliens. . H. Dalrymple was one of the top computer scientists for the government. He disclosed to his family information regarding his experience of the alien crash items he viewed while working there. More history follows:
        H. Dalrymple was a computer scientist consultant . He work at Los Alamos government facility during the numerous alien activities and UFO sightings during the 1950’s and both Terrence’s mother and father claimed to have seen alien air craft’s while living there. H. Dalrymple got his degrees in mathematics and the other in computer science at the University of Texas. He was in many of the “Who’s Who’s in the World” publications (I have one publication in 1987-1988) as one of the top computer scientists in the world. He spoke six languages’; among them were German, Russian and Chec. His IQ was off the charts which is what got him his government job in Los Alamos Texas in the 1950‘s. H Darlrymple developed the computer components and software for the first satellites, space station and nuclear protection center and he achieved many more things for the government that I am not aware of. He was a staff member at Los Alamos Science Lab in New Mexico from 1954 to 1960. He had the highest security clearance and never spoke a word about the information he had about the alien intelligence he saw while working at Los Alamos and the other site facilities until a year before his death when he had congestive heart failure. He wanted to tell his family before he died his secret. one of his jobs was to analyze things not of this world and see if they could be used to develop technology. He talked about the metal that would fold up and looked like tin foil and go right back to shape and it had many Icons ( ancient Egypt symbols) or symbols on it not of this world. The biggest thing was that the computer chip and a few other items came from development of UFO technology. They sent him to a few other locations to analyze alien stuff; area 51 and a location in Ohio.
        H. Dalrymple was married to Sonia Curd on Nov. 28, 1952; his father in law was John Curd who claimed to have alien contact during the time of H. Dalrymple’s employment at Los Alamos. We wonder if this encounter was a coincidence or not? His contact started on January 18, 1955 and the last written entries we have ended August 16, 1963. He kept written records of his telepathic contact with an alien named Morton the stack of these daily contacts are about 1 ½ inches thick. John Curd documented each telepathic message from Morton and the purpose of this contact according to Morton was to document the information received to help and guide mankind. The topics relayed from Morton to John were drawings or icons of the alien alphabet, religion, Jesus Christ , Buddha and the New Age of Enlightenment. economics, power of saucers, war, super- consciousness, spirits, A-Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, dangers of atomic explosions, morals, mans consciousness, soul, death, spirits, karma, civilizations and evil to name a few. John was an educator. Morton admonished Johns book readings and other “contactee” meetings he was involved in ; Orfeo Angelicci (attended his lecture June 1955 in San Jose) , Daniel W. Fry (John was in contact with him) there is a writing referencing Edgar Caycee and attending Edgar Cayce’s daughters ( Elsie Sechrist) speaking engagement in April 1955, Huge Lynn Cayce ( Edgar cayce’s son) , Joel Disher ( a historian for the secret society and wrote history books in UK for rocsecian society) George Adamski, Peter Svistunoff, Hermes Trismegistis, Bacon, St. Gemain , Dr. Eugene F. Whitworth ( who started the esoteric and religion school The Great Western University in San Francisco) , Stewart Edward White (Betty), Dr. H Spenser Lewis , Ahatma Ghandi, and Van Tassel . This is to name a few.
        After getting correspondence from the ufo community about these historical documents and understanding the great significance of the people and history of people john ran with it brought more questions to my mind was he really crazy? . This lead me to research from top to bottom this subject first , more so I could present it to a buyer because the information was to over my head and he sounded crazy because I never heard of the content and word in his diaries , me being curios, what did others have to say about the messages and was there a truth to any of what they had experienced in common ,the research was staggering . When I searched over all messages in the diary compared to other alien encounters they all had a common message. Research in the secular and christian research . I was not a Christian at the time I started looking I was angry at any god who could create the mess we are in by the way after the death of my daughter . Most believed that they were experiencing something. Then the fact that religion was a major theme and Esoteric’s ( I never even had a clue what that meant and every step in learning this foreign language twined in these writings opened up more and more questions and surprising answers) changing mans thinking, education and ancient writings and the history of mankind. John was a lecturer and Master Freemason and his peers were as well I started to research if that had an important factor in to these messages , and it did ….. then the ball just continued. What amazed me on my journey to truth was that all messages in secret religions lead to the same exact message. Kabbala, Freemasons, aliens , tran humanist agenda it all leads to the lie in the Garden of Eden , you will be as Gods and those who believe Jesus is god are just mislead and not willing to evolve to to next level of enlightenment . I am not an educated person and if one searches for truth they can find it.
        I started out researching internet conspiracy sites like Alien encounters and the contactee movement thinking all these seekers were crazy insane men looking for fame and glory, then realized there was a definite message from all whom search after occult and mystics groups, whether it be secret societies like Freemason, The Knights Templar or Alien contact or spirit guides, all get knowledge and experiences from more advanced “Mystery” beings message have a similar message change mans thinking and evolvement . Who are they are and what are their motives? I have researched in-depth and concluded that these people are experiencing things beyond our understanding, that’s what keeps them searching as in the case of John Curd. Morton knew things about his childhood and he was always telling him about his past reincarnations and reassuring him that his contact was authentic. All Bold words with dates are from the Diary.
        Sept.27 1956 John you have been wondering again about the authenticity of the material you are receiving. (John continues to question if he is receiving this form the aliens).
        Sept.27 1956 Morton is telling John of his past lives. Past incarnations, very old earth soul, was in ancient Egypt when the pyramids were being built, served as a priest Mayan. Now begin our work in adding the evolvement of the consciousness of man.
        May 2, 1958 the first toy you obtained was a printing press. You were an offspring of a line of teachers. You were associated with masses of books, good books at an early age and worked in and with them for many years.
        Feb.6, 1955 You are correct in your ideas concerning Francis Bacon (philosopher). Your were WILLIAM JAGGER in Francis Bacon’s life.. his printer. (*Rencarnation reference)There were three hundred and sixty seven books. These works contained the Rosicrucian Secret work of that time.
        Your are being dictated by seven of us here. Coleman, Moltan, A-lan, Walnola, Calama and Coleenora.
        Morton tells John Curd about his father. Johns Father died when he was ten.
        I cannot share on line the complete messages only my story because as I said my husband has a buyer to make a book , but I hope this touches one persons curiosity to do research on all this and your crop circles, Kabbala are right in line and May Christ Jesus our lord open eyes and use people like you to write, prepare hearts and expose the big deception coming in the future. This is my testimony . Thanks for allowing me to share and God Bless . Samantha

  4. They did it before Samantha there is no difference today except they(PTB) want to keep it secret stay in touch cause I am posting a video in a couple days about this. Say Every one is crazy who has been abducted and kill anyone who gets in the way.. there is so much more but glad your eyes are opened…:D

    1. Your comment means the world this was my first post ever and having a positive feed back makes my day. Nick Redfern is going to purchase my husbands alien docs, I am a Christian my husband is not . Nick has been on Ancient Aliens and wrote many books. I feel alone in this journey other than others I have found online and the information I have no one could convince me different the evidence is overwhelming and all roads lead to the same conclusion. Keep me on the cc because things are going to get clearer and clearer to many I believe , just preparing myself to help others . My wisdom has only been revieled because God gave this to me , just waiting for the answer what I will do with it. Looking forward to your video and more … I keep up with Trey Smith and Micheal Hoggard they helped me on my journey to truth and now you 🙂 thanks

    2. Yes secret is the main goal of these “aliens” and a select few , those who are able and willing to be used are furthering thier goals and has been happening since the beginning of time I believe. After reading over pages and pages of the 7 year writing of my husbands grandfathers “messages” it is very apparent their main motive is tp change mans thinking ,esoteric thinking metaphysics, enlightenment, evolvement of men to be come as Gods ( at least that is thier promise, I don’t trust anything that lies in secret myself) and the only religion they do not like is that Jesus is God, those that believe thier words I know are mislead. We who need to be taught thier teaching or unevolved beings ( stupid) basically not ready for evolvement. The alien that communicated to John guided him to reach others leading to him to Eugene Whitworths school The Great Western University in San Fransisco . His peers were highly gifted, educated and very infuncial men and women . Edgar Caycees daughter and many others willing to be educated on mystics and occult practices best of all very educated in the history of religion and members of secrete societies . Eugene being a priest in The Church of the Jaded Sun in San Francisco. Aliens (demons) want higher thinkers able to keep the secret ( boy do these human vessels have thier ego puffed up) understand and communicate thier messages to the masses and it’s all a secret agenda that only those at the top are blessed with. These beings have a religion that yes is from the ancient mystery school Kabbala and linked to Freemasons , the leader They swear to Nimrod to. Also the Freemason historian writer Joel Disher in the UK whom John helped him write his esoteric teachings about our beloved Freemason Ben Franklin . Aliens are much smarter than us humans and they need our trust to fulfill thier agenda , but they are accomplishing it thought our world with us and they are very deceptive and have much more knowledge about the world we live in and they are working behind the scene teaching their religion .

      1. Ahh yes you are so right on the money and it is the age old lie that Satan said to Eve that they would be as gods … the influence that they are procreating through the New Age is the same thing.. letting these devils take control of their bodies to deliver messages to the people.. God sent me to them to see what they were about .. even believers in Jesus are reeled into this huge deception. Once they got you in there they are flatly denying the Deity of Our KING!!
        I have done some writing on this already,… their time is growing short and you can see it in the world now as more and more manifestations of demonic possession and materializing of these shadow people and creatures come into this realm. We must stay the course and finish the mission we have been given before the foundation of this world.. Father knew who were with Him and who were against Him,, but.. because He is all loving He is giving all a chance to redeem themselves and the innocent children trapped in this are the ones that we need to set free from their bondage as I pray for them every day … as they grow up into adulthood they know nothing else but the terror and abuse that they have endured. We must set the captives free!
        I am very impressed by your knowledge and am still reading and writing more on the subject. Blessings to you and yours…

        1. Your words are so encouraging to me!!! Yes my heart also breaks for not only the lost but those in our churches who don’t want to hear the truth and shy away from these topics because Satan has mixed lies into the truth to confuse believers so they are weak and unprepared for what is coming but God is on the move preparing those who have ears to hear!!! I pray for your ministry !!! I was in bondage from Satan’s lies and affliction but God is so good an loving and patient with us . He is so searching our hearts and calling us to accept that gift , Jesus who broke the bonds of sin and oppression to set us free…I know his heart is breaking knowing what is in store for humanity apart from him!!! Love in Chirst . I was surprised by your agreement I get such rejection when sharing but I keep sharing because I know that is what God calls me to do , as in the days of Noah .. They thought he was crazy to:) I can’t deny the work God had done in my life.

      2. We do have to be careful of what we watch on the History channel and ancient aliens .. not all of the information they bring forth is all there … we are only given what they want us to know especially since the illuminati is pushing the alien agenda.. these are the fallen angels and are still doing the same thing they did back then.. mixing and mingling blood lines and DNA with different species … we can take the information given but have to pick the bones out of it .. Praises to the KING! for giving us the wisdom and discernment to know the Truth with a capital “T”. The restoration has begun please see my other writings … as I have been researching this truth for some time now and if you have any added information it would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you for your prayers as I always pray that God will bring only those He wants me to meet and converse with and only those things He wants me to see and learn. I have been writing for some time now and it has only been in the last year that He has given me the OKAY to publish the truth He has been speaking to me and showing me. There is still much more to be done but time is growing short.. Be Ready all the time! Cause He can come any time!

        1. Thanks for that I want to share so bad and need to not work in my flesh and pray for God to bring those who are ready and have ears to hear. It’s so clear to me and I need wisdom to know when to share and when not to. God Bless


    December 7, 2010
    Werner von Braun was in Los Alamos, New Mexico around 1937 testing Tesla’s “saucer”-technology which then developed into a “wonder weapon”-program of the Nazi Germany.
    by Christian Soderberg
    (for henrymakow.com)
    The Daily Mail recently reported about “flying saucer”projects in Nazi Germany and Hitler’s plans to use these “wonder weapons” to attack England and USA.
    The article talks only about jet-propulsion “saucers”, but the Germans were also building real ‘anti-gravity’ saucers based on inventions of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).
    UFOs or “flying saucers” are man-made, not “alien space ships”
    Following the wave of “UFO” sightings in early 1950’s, Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo (1875-1952), a scientist-engineer and a former Italian cabinet minister, who apparently personally worked in one of these German-Italian “flying saucer” projects in the 1940’s, was quoted in Italian and American newspapers saying:
    “There is nothing supernatural or Martian about flying discs, but they are simply rational application of recent technique. ..some great power is now launching discs to study them.”
    Stevens – Hitler’s Flying Saucers –
    A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War
    The Miethe-Belluzzo Project
    This saucer project may have been an outgrowth of flying wing research. It was begun in 1942, and was under the on-site authority of Dr. Richard Miethe, sometimes called Dr. Heinrich Richard Miethe. Not much is known about Dr. Miethe before the war. After the war Dr. Miethe is rumored to have worked on the Anglo-American saucer project at the firm of Avro Aircraft Limited of Canada. Such is stated Klein (1)/ Epp (2), Barton (3), Lusar (4), as well as a myriad of other sources. We will return to the Avro projects later.
    Working with Dr. Miethe was an Italian engineer, Professor Guiseppe Belluzzo. Belluzzo was the Deputy, Senator and Minister of National Economy under Mussolini. He had written several books on technical matters including Steam Turbines in 1926 and calculations and Installations of Modern Turbine Hydrolics in 1922 (names are English translations of Italian titles).Belluzzo was considered to be an expert in steam turbines. Dr.Belluzzo was not a junior scientist and he was not Dr. Miethe’s assistant. He was a senior scientist whose expertise was somehow invaluable on the saucer devices or planned further developments of them.
    After the war Belluzzo seems to have led a quiet life in Italy until his death on 5/22/52. Unlike Miethe, however, Belluzzo went on record about German flying discs after the war. He is quoted on the subject in The Mirror, a major Los Angeles newspaper in 1950. This may be the first mention of the subject in the American press. In his obituary in the New York Times his work on the German saucer program is mentioned.

  7. Tim, you must be a traditional Church Christian. I don’t like to see Church people get into the conspiracy expose’s, such as the Prophecy Club. It really ruins the religious path.
    I don’t want to offend you. I’m a true Christian, but I follow new ways. I’m long time metaphysical, and am familiar with the field, as well as UFO’s. I see the idea, from the Bible, that anything Pagan is evil and Satanic. However, in reality metaphysical history is spiritual, another form of religion. The Satanic ritual criminals types are a very different group. They mainly worship the idea of demons. It’s not right to think there’s only one kind of group.
    There’s nothing evil about the Kabbalah. It’s an ancient form of science, and people are allowed to believe in what they like. In a book, I wrote, there was a chapter about the hexagram figure. The jews only recently adopted the hexagram, starting in 1500’s Europe as one Printer’s mark. It took another century, or more, for Judaism to adopt it, and call it, mistakenly, as the Star of David. Hebrew mystics called it the Seal of Solomon. But that six-pointed figure is all around the world going back 1000’s of years, and being called by different names.
    I’ve been a nearly lifelong victim of secret political operative gangs in ordinary civilian life. There’s not merely one group of Elite, Judaic Masons as you call them. There can be jewish Masons, but Masons have a Christian Knights Templar origin, read Born in Blood. The Illuminati are a non-religious jewish group started in Bavaria. There’s two sides of the Elite, and they hate each other. That’s good news for us.
    The Alien interbreeding story, being pushed, is paid disinformation. If it was true, it would be suppressed. There could be some Aliens, but the Alien story is to cover up the secret of man-made saucers, as one Comment here disclosed.
    Nobody knows how Crop Circles are made. It’s a real mystery. It doesn’t seem possible. It’s been suggested that Angels are making them. But merely because there are symbols used in the world doesn’t mean that jews are doing it. There’s plenty of other symbols and designs.

    1. New Ways?? No the Kabbalah is evil and the Israelites learned these are while in exile in Babylon … I completely disagree .. the name changes while in Babylon is very telling and the Goetia is older than Judiusm .. Abraham was called out of this Ancient Babylonian Religion which worships the creation rather than the creator . Baal worship is alive and well today ..

  8. Mr. Fitzpatrick, just a few points: the book of enoch is a poison text, likewise with the book of jasher often promoted with it, also a kabala-styled & gnostic text (the book of enoch was “found” in ethiopia by freemason james bruce, and brought back by him, details therein suspiciously match with details in the royal arch degrees of freemasonry.) it teaches similar garbage to the kabala text called the “zohar”, like the nephilim as human-angel hybrids false doctrine, (zohar bereshith 36b) also taught in the babylonian talmud, as well as other gnostic texts (gnosticism is the twin of kabala, both being forms of satanism, it is also at the core of occultism in general, as well as scientology and raelianism, hubbard was a fan of crowley’s.) such as the “gospel of phillip”, (which describes the sacrament of the bridal chamber as the “holy of holies”, the way in which couples can awaken spiritually. Together they can enter into a “mystery”, thereby giving birth to a spiritual child of light (not a physical child)… Compare this to the “moon child” sex magic rites of aleister crowley etc. The text also implies that mary magdalene was Jesus’ “consort”.) “second enoch/book of the secrets of enoch” chap. 18:3, “book of jubilees” 5:1, 7:21-25, 10:1-6, as well as also inferred in the books of “judith”, “ecclesiasticus/sirach” 16:7, “baruch” 3:26-28, “second baruch” 56:12-15, “the testament of the 12 patriarchs”, (specifically “the testament of naphtali, the eighth son of jacob and bilhah” 3:4-5, and “the testament of reuben, the first-born son of jacob and leah” 5:6-7.) “wisdom of solomon” 14:6, and in “3 maccabees” 2:4., as well as being a doctrine of the gnostic cults of manichaeism, and ophism. It would appear that the meaning intended by the text in Genesis 6 is corruption of leaders, and polygamy (specifically polygny) as another issue, as what happened with Solomon. (Note that books typically considered “deuterocanonical”, “apocryphal”, and “pseudepigraphal” all promote the angel hybrid false doctrine, perhaps this was one of however many “tells” as to why the texts were not included in later editions of the Bible?)
    This false doctrine is also related to another false doctrine from kabalaism, that of the “serpent seed”, which similarly suggests that cain was an angel-human hybrid, (suggesting eve had sex with the devil.) both of these false doctrines change, and corrupt, the reading of the bible texts to promote the occultist practice of eugenics, and the psychological weapon of racism/choseness.
    I’ll add a few other point son why the nephilim as hybrids false doctrine is indeed false:
    1. Such hybrids are not mentioned in the Bible texts, even Christ never mentioned them, if they were such a threat, and a corruptive force, why weren’t they mentioned?
    2. “Kinds” cannot produce hybrids with other separate “kinds”, a cat cannot interbreed with a dolphin, and produce a viable hybrid creature.
    3. If these “sons of God” were angels, then what does that mean for the verse from John 1:12? Humans can’t become angels, and the concept that humans can, is also a gnostic & occult doctrine (IE enoch being turned into an archangel called metatron, humans becoming angels is similarly taught in swedenborgianism a more modern gnostic offshoot, and part of what spurred the cult of spiritualism). Furthermore Hosea 2:1 reads, regarding the sons of Israel: “You are the sons of the living God.” Here the term “sons of God” clearly means humans, not angels. There is also Deuteronomy 14:1 which says: “You are the sons of the Lord your God.” This also is indicative of “sons of God” being humans. Genesis 6 itself otherwise makes no mention of angels, fallen or righteous, so why should one perform eisegesis/inserting the wrong interpretation into the text, and put them in when they are not spoken of?
    4. If the resulting beings were “giants”, as depicted in the gnostic texts, they would stand at 450 ft tall full grown, (per the description given in the “book of enoch” [chapter 7:11-14 for richard laurence’s version, chapter 7:3-6 for r. h. charles’ version.] of them being “300 cubits” in height, that’s as tall as Noah’s Ark was long. The translation of the “book of enoch” done by one r.h. charles is worse though, as he translated it into 3,000 “ells” in height… now for those that don’t know an “ell” is an old English measurement equivalent to 45 inches, if this was what r.h. charles was referring to, then that would make the “giants” almost two miles tall in height! The height of 300 cubits is also found in “the book of giants” in the dead sea scrolls.) no human woman could possibly support even the foetal form of this size of a being, much less carry it to term, it would simply be far too large, require more recources than her body could process, and would always invariably result in fatality of the mother.
    5. There are no modern examples of such offspring despite many claimed, and some purposeful, encounters between sorcerous or occultist people, and “angels” or even “incubus” or “succubus” demons, one notable example being ida cradock who claimed to have an “angel” husband, and never producing offspring by “him”. (Interestingly she too was a fan of the gnostic “book of enoch”, as was aleister crowley.)
    It seems the book of enoch was introduced to “gnosticize” or “satanify” Christianity by alleging to be special “hidden knowledge” (remember the lie the serpent used to get eve to sin?) Please also have a look here: refuteit.com/the-book-of-enoch-debunked.html
    The crop circles are man-made as has been covered before, human beings with a board, rope, and a lot of spare time/boredom. Please feel free to check what I’ve said here to see if it is factual, Truth doesn’t fear investigation.

    1. Cpt. Nemo, first let me state that the Book of Enoch, although not canonical, was considered to be divinely inspired by the Holy Church Fathers. It appears that the Fathers kept Enoch from Canon due to its tendency to foster private interpretation. I agree with their decision based on this reasoning. As far as the text is concerned, I also agree with the Fathers that it is divinely inspired. It appears completely harmonious with Orthodox Christology, specifically with the incarnation concept.
      As for the correct interpretation of Genesis 6:4, the various narratives of fallen angels: serpent seed, Sethite, etc., let me ask you something. Does it really matter whether a son of hell is a literal giant, hybridized creature, or a full-fledged demon? Isn’t the result the same? One surely can’t be called a gnostic for proposing that demons and spirits are influencing men.
      Some crop circles are man made, but this explanation cannot work with cases where they appear instantaneously or in a length of time impossible for man. Regardless, my point is not to dazzle the reader with the crop circle phenomena itself but to show the connections between the Judeo-masonic cult and the dark forces of the spirit world, which appear to be manifesting in our world in various ways.

  9. Interesting article. Crop circle photos were cool. I liked the one that looked like the spinner toy…my first thought was 6 6 6. The 3rd century temple reconstruction attempt was new information to me. I definately would like more info on it. Looking forward to reading more on your site.

    1. It’s new to me too, I’m looking into it as we speak. I know that many of them have declared themselves to be their own Messiah, can’t remember who came up with this crackpot theory, think it was Maimonides, or Zevi perhaps..

  10. Some years ago I looked at the phenomenon of crop circles and came to the conclusion that it could be the product of a drawingprogram with the computer, as the development has gone from simple in 1978 to very complex patterns nowadays.

    They also use known symbols and geometric figures and sometimes it seems they like to fool people, especially when drawings of so-called aliens appear. Very human to do so. In any case, I noticed a development that kept pace with the development of computer drawing programs from 1978 and on.

    It could be a project of NASA, because they work a lot with drawing programs. That in combination with an advanced technology to draw in grain fields, could have made this possible. Just my idea.

    1. Many of them have been filmed by investigators. Directed energy weapon seems plausible, not many people seem to consider this though

  11. Saint Paisios says : “The zionists are already preparing their messiah, for them the false messiah will be king, who will rule here on earth…The zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and satanism. They regard satan worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power. God is not something they take into account. One sign that the fulfillment of prophecy is near will be the destruction of the mosque of Omar in Jerusalem. They’ll destroy it in order to restore the temple of Solomon which used to be on the same place. In the end, the Jews will pronounce the antichrist messiah in this rebuilt temple. The rabbis know that the true messiah has already come, and that they crucified him. They know this, and yet they are blinded by egoism and fanaticism.”

    The Jews worship satan and use black magic as St. Paisios says. They may want everyone to be connected to a remote brain-computer interface that can affect a persons thinking. This kind of tech is a form of black magic and is devilish. The end game may be the accomplishment of the transhumanist dream, meaning everyone has their brain remotely connected to a computer, that can strongly effect the thinking of the one who is hooked into it.

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