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The 'Palestinian people' was completely invented by the KGB—it was a Lubyansk project, a special operation

October 20, 2015

There are allegations that Palestinians (Palestinian Arabs) are descendants of the indigenous Palestinians who lived there before the land was settled by Jews, which occurred in the XIII century BC. According to these claims, the Palestinians are descendants of the Canaanites and Philistines, mixed with the descendants of other peoples who invaded Canaan throughout history - the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Egyptians, Jews, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs and the Turks. According to this version, in the 7th century after the Arab invasion, the local population converted to Islam and gradually switched to Arabic.

Yasser Arafat, former chairman of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), even stated that he was allegedly a descendant of the ancient pre-Jewish population of Canaan. This, according to the Palestinians, proves their right to Palestine, since according to this version they appeared in the country even before the appearance of Jews who came from Egypt.
So who are the current Palestinian Arabs claiming the status of the "Palestinian people"? Do the current Arabs have the right to claim exclusive kinship with the ancient tribes that inhabited the now disputed territories? Let's consider this issue consistently, from ancient times to the very recent period, when the term "Palestinian people" suddenly appeared in the political field, and this newly emerged people had claims to territory and statehood.

The current Palestinian leaders have proposed two mutually exclusive versions about the origin of their people from the ancient population of Palestine: "from the Canaanites" and "from the Philistines".


The Canaanites are considered a people who lived in the land of Israel before the Jews came to it. The original name of this region is Canaan, not Palestine (this name is an invention of the Romans, as discussed below).

The Canaanites were a community of tribes that were divided into two large groups: Northern (Seaside) and Southern (Mountain) Canaanites.

The Northern Canaanites lived on the Mediterranean coast from Iskenderun Bay (the territory of modern Turkey) to the Gulf of Haifa. The main Canaanite cities were Tsur, Sidon, Gebal (Byblos), Arvad and Ugarit. This people are better known in history under the Greek name "Phoenicians", but they called themselves "Canaana" or "Kinahnu". This people did not establish a single kingdom, the Canaanites lived in small independent cities and were not so much warriors as traders, sailors and builders. They used a language that they received from their Aramaic neighbors, and this language was close to Hebrew.

The Canaanites shared the fate of the Jews - they were also conquered successively by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Alexander the Great, the Seleucids and the Romans. Throughout history, they have mixed with people who inhabited their land. During the period of Islamic expansion, they were subjected to Arab influence, but still did not fully assimilate. The modern Canaanite state is Lebanon, which is mistakenly classified as an "Arab" country, despite the fact that the Lebanese themselves do not consider themselves Arabs: unlike the Arab states, the official name of Lebanon, the "Lebanese Republic", does not contain the important adjective "Arabic", which is in the names of all Arab countries. The only mention of something Arabic in the Lebanese Constitution is the name of the state language, which does not mean that Lebanese are Arabs, such as recognizing English as the official language of the United States does not mean that those who speak it are English.

The so-called Palestinians are not Lebanese, although some of them came from the part of Lebanon captured by Syria, therefore, they are not Phoenicians (Canaanites). In Lebanon, they were refugees who did not mix with the local population.





The southern Canaanites inhabited the region south of the Golan Heights, lived on both sides of the Jordan and on the Mediterranean coast from the Gulf of Haifa to Jaffa: this is actually the Biblical Canaan. The population of this land was not homogeneous: in addition to the Phoenicians proper (northern Canaanites), the Amorites, Hittites and Hurrites, as well as the Yevusites and Hivites lived here. All these tribes gradually dissolved among the Aramaic and Canaanites, they never had a single state, although they joined various intertribal alliances.

When the first Jews came to Canaan, at first they did not mix with the locals. It is alleged that the tribe of Abraham was forbidden to take the Canaanites into their families. Nevertheless, 11 of Jacob's 12 sons married Canaanite women (the latter married an Egyptian), and from that moment the Jews began to mix with the locals. By the 8th century BC, the tribes that inhabited Canaan before the arrival of the tribe of Abraham had finally dissolved among the Jews.

It follows that the "Palestinians" cannot be descendants of the Canaanites, otherwise why don't they claim Lebanon and the lands occupied by Syria? Why don't they speak the Canaanite language and they don't have language roots that are similar to Hebrew? Probably because they have nothing to do with the Canaanites.

The Philistines

It is believed that the name "Palestinians" came from the name of the Philistine tribe. And, indeed, the Philistines and the so-called "Palestinians" have something in common: both are invaders who came from other lands. The most interesting thing is that the words "Philistines" and "Palestinians" mean exactly this - they came from the verb "pelesh" - "to capture, to enslave" (in Assyrian - pilishti/palastu, meant "strangers", "appeared", "invaders").

The Philistines are an alliance of tribes from Crete, the Aegean islands and the coast of Asia Minor, they were also called "sea people." These tribes were not Semitic, that is, the Philistines cannot be the ancestors of the Arabs. The homeland of the tribe that ruled the intertribal union was Crete. When the Greeks destroyed the Minoan civilization, the inhabitants of Crete were forced to move to a new place, and they crossed by sea to South Canaan, where they received their nickname - "peleshtim", "invaders" - from Jews and Cananites, who joined forces in the fight against uninvited guests.



The Philistines also invaded Egypt, but in the 12th century BC they were defeated by Pharaoh Ramses III.
On the territory of present-day Israel, they built five major cities ("Pentapolis"): Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ghat and Ekron (according to other sources, only one was Ekron, the first four were captured by them). Thus, they occupied a strip on the Mediterranean coast, which was slightly larger than the current Gaza Strip, but certainly never belonged to Hebron, Jerusalem or Jericho.

The tribes of the Philistines who participated in the capture of Egypt were expelled and gradually disappeared - by the time of the Roman conquest there was no mention of them. Those who inhabited Canaan were defeated by King David. It is known that he chose the best Philistines as bodyguards. Those who remained to live in Gaza were subjugated by the Assyrian king Sargon, and after the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity, no one heard anything about the Philistines.

There is no historical evidence of the kinship of the Philistines with the current "Palestinians", but since the "Palestinians" insist that they are descendants of the Philistines, is it not more logical for them to ask Greece to return them to their homeland - to the island of Crete. Identifying themselves with the Philistines does not give anything to the "Palestines" because the Philistines were never the rightful owners of the lands in Israel.

Little is reliably known about the Philistines. This extinct people inhabited the coastal part of Israel from modern Tel Aviv to Gaza in the 1200-600 centuries BC. The Old Testament tells about the Philistines, in particular, the biblical legend of the warrior of extraordinary power Goliath, who was killed by David, the future king of Judea and Israel, is widely known.

It is known that the Philistine language belonged to the Indo-European group, and that they were sailors and engaged in trade, did not circumcise boys and ate pork and dog meat.

"What is quite clear is that they were foreigners in this Semitic region," believes Israeli scientist-archaeologist Daniel Master.

Some experts believe that the black and red patterns on pottery characteristic of the Philistines indicate that they belonged to the Mycenaean civilization, which flourished in the Aegean region.

Where did this word come from - Palestine?

The word "Palestinians" contains so many historical layers, curiosities, simple mistakes, malicious distortions or political fantasies that it is useful to refer to the origins of this term.

The first to be called "Palestinians" were the ancient Philistines. This is how the Russian biblical tradition called the tribes that lived in the narrow coastal strip of the Eastern Mediterranean (called Canaan) more than three thousand years ago.





In the text of the Bible, this coastal strip of land is called Pleshet, which corresponds to the old Russian Philistius - this is how Hebrew letters were read in the biblical translation. It is significant that the canonical translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, made in the 3rd century BC. (Septuagint), translates the word "plishtim" as "foreigners".

Over the centuries and millennia, this word has undergone many metamorphoses. Thus, more than three hundred years ago, the word "Philistine" began to refer to an ignorant, prose, smug type, which is interested only in material, not spiritual or artistic values. In Russian, this concept came from German - "philister".

This use of the ancient biblical word appeared in 1687 in Germany as a result of a quarrel between the burghers of the city of Jena and students of the famous university there. The strife left behind several dead and prompted the local clergy, who were the suppressor of the warring parties, to deliver a sermon to the citizens proclaiming the importance of education. For the sermon, the pastor chose the theme of the place from the Holy Scriptures, where the insidious Delilah cried out in the middle of the night to tempt the simple-minded lover Samson: "The Philistines are coming against you!" (Judges, 16:9).

The word "philistine" (Philister) - this is how "the Philistine" sounds in the German tradition - soon became the usual designation of dark ordinary people who are malicious and negative towards knowledge and aggressive towards their speakers in student life. The explanatory dictionary gives the following meanings of this word: "Burger, a man without imagination, a vulgar type, a person with narrow views, pedantic, uncultured, banal."
The famous Bitan essayist and poet Matthew Arnold was apparently the first to use this word in English at the end of the last century. Translating "philister" into English, he wrote that this term should mean "a cond, stubborn, dark opponent of children of enlightenment."

Returning to the Philistines themselves, we recall that the original geographical name "Philistine" referred only to the Philistine Pyatigrad (Ekron, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gat and Gaza) or the narrow coastal strip of the current land. However, more than a thousand years later, in the II century A.D., after the defeat of the second Jewish uprising (Bar-Kokhba, 135), the Roman conquerors, expelling most of the Jewish population and wanting to erase from the memory of the descendants the connection of this country (then called Israel and Judea) with the Jews, remembered the ancient Philistines. They renamed Israel the "Philistine part of Syria" (Syria Palaestinei, which literally translates as "Palestinian Syria") and annexed it to the already existing Roman province of Syria (for the first time the expression "Palestinian Syria" is found in Herodotus - this was remembered by the court historians of Emperor Adrian when they carried out his political order).

The name survived both the Philistines and the Romans (similar to how the name of the country Syria survived the ancient Syrians, exterminated and assimilated by the Arab conquerors after the departure of the Romans and Byzantines). In the Middle Ages, the name "Palestine" (it was in this vounce - Latin, and not older Jewish and Greek it has existed in recent centuries) was associated with the biblical land captured by the Saracens - as the Arabs were called in Europe at that time. The Saracens themselves, by the way, used this name when they invaded the devastated Land of Israel in 638 AD. And then the Land of Israel became the province of Falastin of the Arab caliphate. Then the first Arabs settled in Palestine. There have never been many of them. The country has been an almost deserted desert for many centuries. The Arab rulers were replaced by the Crusaders and Turks four centuries later, and the name of Palestine remained. So in Europe they began to call the biblical Holy Land - the homeland of Jews, and Jews to be called Palestinians. Jews were called Palestinians until the creation of the State of Israel, that is, they were called Jews, but not Arabs.

Since the end of the XIX century, the word "Palestine" has been associated with the idea of a Jewish state and national hearth in the land of ancestors. Jewish figures in Russia and Eastern Europe were divided into Palestinianophiles and Americaphiles. The largest Jewish newspaper in English, published in Jerusalem in the first half of the twentieth century, was called "Palestine Post", and only after the emergence of the State of Israel was it renamed "Jerusalem Post" - perhaps in part because by that time, according to the UN decision, the State of Israel, four-fifths of the historical Palestine were in Arab hands (but, of course, not "Palestinian", but Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian).

As for the Arabs who lived in the Turkish province of Palestine or (later) the British Mandatory Territory of Palestine, they never called themselves Palestinians.

The largest specialist in the Arab East, Prof. Bernard Lewis, said in an interview with the influential Commentary Magazine: "From the end of the existence of the Jewish State in ancient times and up to the British Mandate, the region, now designated as Palestine, has never been a country and had no clear borders, only administrative limits."

Modern period

A new wave of political discussions around the concept of Palestine rose during the mandate period - from 1918 to 1947. The British, having received from the League of Nations - the prototype of the current UN - a mandate to govern Palestine, a remote province of the collapsed Turkish Empire, had to prepare the conditions for the creation of a Jewish state - that's why the international community allowed the British to temporarily administer the territory of the former Turkish province. It must be said that the British coped with this role disgustingly, giving rise to the prerequisites of many of today's problems.

As soon as having issued the Balfour Declaration (it is curious that it was published in English newspapers on the same day as the report of the Bolshevik coup in Russia), the British began to limit and cut down the planned in every possible way. Thus, three quarters of historic Palestine - all the land east of the Jordan River - were cut off from the Jewish state, which had not yet been born. Later, the British helped create the Bedouin principality of Trans-Jordan there, which was later renamed the Kingdom of Jordan. This was done to please Abdullah, who was expelled by relatives from Saudi Arabia and promised the British to be a "useful Arab." As a result, the British banned (again in violation of the mandate) Jews from settling on the east bank of the Jordan, and several villages that existed there were displaced.

In the north, the British "ceded" to the French, who owned the former Turkish province of Syria on the basis of the mandate, the Golan Heights - to straighten the border. Thus, the Golan region, which has always been part of the Land of Israel and Palestine, found itself on the territory of the newly formed Arab state of Syria - never before in Arab history. The Golan was liberated from the Syrian Arabs in 1967, after an unsuccessful attempt to use these heights that dominated Galilee as a springboard to attack Israel. Of course, now Syria, with the support of the "world community," demands the Golan itself.

Let's go back to the British. Shredding into pieces the Palestine entrusted to them, the British followed a policy beneficial to the British Empire and the kind of Jewish liberals who, in the words of the British statesman Sir George Canning, "hot patriots of the whole world, friends of all countries except their own." And among the Palestinian Jewish leaders, those who, in response to pogroms and terrorist acts, have always prevailed: "Guys, let's live together!" They came up with the concept of "Palestinian nationalism," which, according to beautiful dreamers, was to unite Jews and Arabs.

The Arabs themselves didn't play these stupid things. Prominent Arab figures, including "Palestinians," initially denied the existence of such a phenomenon as Palestine. Moreover, they believed that "Palestine" was a term that the Zionists invented. "Our land has always been part of Syria. "Palestine" is alien to us. This is an invention of the Zionists" (from the testimony of one of the Arab leaders of the British Peel Commission in 1937). "There is no such phenomenon as Palestine in history - there is absolutely nothing similar," said Arab historian, Professor Philip K. Hitty to the Anglo-American Committee to Investigate the Situation in Palestine in 1946.

"Everyone knows that Palestine is nothing but a part of southern Syria," said ten years later, in 1956, before the United Nations General Assembly, the founder and first head of the PLO, Ahmed Shukeiri, then representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN. It is worth noting that this Palestine Liberation Organization emerged long before 1967 and was not intended to liberate the lands ceded to the State of Israel as a result of the Six-Day War, as many mistakenly think. No, it was originally about the liberation - from the Jews - of the whole of Palestine. And it is quite impossible to say today that the "liberation" of Palestine by Arafat and his militants was conceived not only from Israel, but also from Jordan. By creating almost a state in a state in Jordan, this native of Egypt tried to overthrow King Hussein, but did not succeed, and after the extermination of thousands of his supporters by Jordanian troops managed to move to Lebanon (which was soon plunged into a civil war).

Having mentioned above that Arafat was born in Egypt (he spoke with a strong Egyptian accent that confused Palestinian Arabs), we must touch upon the question of where millions of Arabs in Palestine came from. Over the past centuries, the Turkish-controlled Land of Israel has been almost empty. The British consul tormed to the government in 1857:

"The country is largely free of inhabitants, and thus there is a severe need for the population."

A decade later, Mark Twain wrote in his book "Simmons Abroad":

"You can't see a single village all the way [Jezreel Valley] - thirty miles in any direction. You can drive dozens of miles and not meet a dozen people. ... For such loneliness that it's longing, go to Galilee... Nazareth is abandoned... Jericho lies in the decaying ruins... Bethlehem and Bethany rest in poverty and misery, not ripened by any human being... An abandoned country whose soil is rich, but devoted only to a weed... silent, mourning space... No one met us all the way... No tree or bush anywhere. Even olives and cacti, these friends of the barren land, have almost left this country... Palestine is sitting in the rubble and dust, devastated and unhospilable..."

The revival of this devastated land began in the 1880s by the first Jewish settlers. And with the transformation of the land - irrigation, road construction, planting of gardens and forests - hundreds of thousands of Arabs from the adjacent equally abandoned and deserted areas, attracted by the emergence of jobs and the best living conditions created by the Jews, were drawn into the country. The official Turkish census of 1882 has only 141,000 Muslims. Forty years later, in 1922, their number increased to 650 thousand, or by 450%. In 1938, there were more than a million Arabs - or an increase of 800% in 56 years. It is unthinkable to explain this by the natural increase - they were migrants.

The Arabs flocked to Palestine, attracted by the Jewish transformation of the country. In 1922, the British governor of the Sinai Peninsula wrote that "illegal immigration of Arabs comes not only from Sinai, but also from Trans-Jordan and Syria." In 1930, the Hope-Simpson Commission, which worked at the request of the mandate authorities, reported that "the lists of unemployed are extremely inflated by immigrants from Trans-Jordan," and further: "illegal immigration from Syria and across the northern border of Palestine is very significant." The Arabs themselves also testify to this: Tefiq Bey el-Hurani, governor of the Syrian district of Hauran, bordering Palestine, admitted that in just a few months of 1934, more than 30,000 Syrians moved from Hauran to the Land of Israel. Even British Prime Minister Churchill commented on the scale of illegal Arab infiltration, noting in 1939 that [in Palestine] "Arabs are not only not oppressed, but they flock there in crowds and multiply." This was said in 1939, when the British strongly opposed the arrival of Jewish refugees from Europe in Palestine.

Malcolm MacDonald, one of the main authors of the British White Paper (1939), which legally restricted the entry of Jews into Palestine, recognized that if it were not for the presence of Jews in the country, the number of Arabs would hardly have reached half of their current number.

Thus, Jews, especially tolerant pioneers who dreamed of a new "Canaanite" community of Jews and Arabs in the biblical land, not only did not displace the Arabs, but were also the main cause of Arab immigration. And immigration, often illegal even from the point of view of the Arab-friendly British administration.

The newly displaced nature of the Arab population of Mandatory Palestine was very characteristically reflected in the UN decree on so-called refugees. "Refugees" were recognized as those Arabs who lived in the territory allocated by the decision of the General Assembly for the Jewish state for two years. And they fled, forced by the armies of five neighboring Arab countries that invaded Israel, in order to destroy it - and at the same time a UN resolution.

Neither the Egyptian Arabs who captured the Gaza Strip in 1948, nor the Jordanian Arabs who captured Judea and Samaria plus half of Jerusalem, not only took care of the creation of the Arab state "Palestine", but also granted the inhabitants of these territories civil rights.

By the way, not only Arafat, but also a number of other prominent "Palestinians" falsified their personal data on Palestinian origin. Revered by the Western left-liberal public, Columbia University professor E. Said, a sharp critic of the West for colonialism and imperialism, as well as Arafat for his softness towards Israel (!), assured of his indigenous origin from Jerusalem. An investigation by the authoritative magazine "Commentary" found that Said came from Cairo.

KGB special operation and the Palestinian People Project

Recently, we witnessed a failed attempt by the Russian authorities to implement the Novorossiya project. It was amazing to observe the manipulation of historical facts, their free and ignorant interpretation in combination with fiction. All this happened to the massive accompaniment of Russian state propaganda, which involved the media, television, individuals and a detachment of cyberprovocateurs created by the authorities, which literally took control of the Runet space. We had the opportunity to see how it happens with our own eyes.

The Novorossiya project was not born from scratch. Russian special services have already had experience of this in the Middle East.

By the time of Jordan's seizure of part of Judea and Samaria, there was already an Arab movement led by Arafat, which was raiding the territory of the Jewish state to carry out terrorist acts. These activists were called "Feduins," "fighters" who opposed the creation of the State of Israel. These terrorist attacks of "Arafat gangs" were carried out from the territory of Egypt, as well as from Syria and Jordan.

But both Arafat and his movement during the creation of Transjordan did not mention that the Arabs of Palestine have any claims to create a new "national state" (i.e. "Palestinian state").
And then the KGB came to the aid of the Arab terrorists, which always used and inflated any conflicts in the world to ensure its influence and control over the regions of the world.

Here you should read the publication of the former head of the secret service of Romania "Sigurants" Ion Mihai Pacepa (Romania was then part of the Soviet bloc). He published his article in a number of Western newspapers after he managed to escape to the West. Here is the full text of this publication in Russian translation:

The Israeli government has sworn to exclude Yasser Arafat as an obstacle to peace. However, the 72-year-old Palestinian leader is more than an obstacle: he is a successful terrorist, trained, armed and supplied by the Soviet Union and its allies for decades.

Before I escaped from Romania to America, leaving my position as head of Romanian intelligence, I was responsible for transferring about 200 thousand dollars in cash to Arafat every month, until the 1970s. I also sent two cargo planes a week to Beirut loaded with uniforms and equipment. Other states of the Soviet bloc did the same. Terrorism was a "very profitable occupation" for Arafat. According to Forbes magazine, Arafat today ranks sixth among the world's richest people among "kings, queens and dictators" with more than $300 million in Swiss banks.

"I invented passenger hijacking," Arafat boasted when I first met him at the Palestinian headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Beirut in the early 70s. He pointed to the small red flags pinned to the world map on the wall, which marked the State of Israel as Palestine. "They're all here!" he said proudly.

The dubious honor of the invention of the seizure of aircraft actually belongs to the KGB, which first captured an American passenger plane in 1960, heading to communist Cuba. Arafat's real invention was suicide bombers.

In 1972, in the Kremlin, Arafat and his network of terrorists were listed at the top of the most important Soviet secret agents among the entire Soviet intelligence bloc, including mine.

The role of Bucharest and the "Arafat case" was also to "gain his favor in the White House." We were the main "experts" in such "reincarnations." For example, we have succeeded in making Washington - like most American fashioned left-wing academics - believe that Nicolae Ceausescu, like Joseph Broz Tito, is an "independent" communist with a "moderate" bias.

The head of the KGB of the USSR, Yuri Andropov, in an interview with me in February 1972, laughed that "the Yankees are very trusting" towards celebrities. "We survived the cult of Stalin's personality, but these abnormal Americans were quite naive in their reverence for "national leaders." We will make Arafat a "fake person" and gradually move the PLO to power and statehood.

Andropov hoped that Americans, tired of Vietnam, would want to take over the merit of "reconciliation", contributing to the advancement of Arafat from a terrorist to a "statesman" in the hope of "establishing peace in the Middle East".

Immediately after this meeting, the KGB gave me Arafat's "personal file." He was described as an Egyptian bourgeois, turned into a "devoted Marxist" by foreign intelligence. The KGB trained him at a special school in the eastern part of Moscow, in Balashikha, where the main KGB camp was to train Soviet spies and terrorists. And in the late 1960s, he decided to promote Arafat as the future leader of 00P.

At first, the KGB destroyed all official documents of his birth in Cairo, replacing them with fictitious documents stating that he was born in Jerusalem and was thus a "Palestinian" by birth. Then the KGB disinformation department began to work on Arafat's four-page treatise called "Our Palestine" (Falastinuna). Later, this document turned into a 48-page treatise for the Palestinian terrorist organization al-Fatah.

Arafat has led his terrorist organization al-Fatah since 1957. The KGB distributed this "treatise" to the Arab population and in West Germany, which at that time was a refuge for Palestinian students. The KGB was an experienced author of such propaganda journal publications and a specialist in the distribution of such fakes. It had many similar "periodicals" in different languages for its various "secret" deds in Western Europe. Such def-up organizations as the World Federation of Trade Unions, the International Peace Movement, the International Youth Movement for Peace, etc.

Further, the KGB gave Arafat the image of a "personality of moderate views," just as it did for its loyal communists in our international organizations.

However, "exalted idealism" was not understood and accepted in the Arab world. Then the KGB remade Arafat into a "mad anti-Zionist." They also chose a sample of a "personal hero" for him - the Grand Mufti of Palestine Hajj al-Hussein. The man who visited Auschwitz in the late 1930s reproached the Germans for not being able to kill more Jews. In 1985, Arafat flattered the Mufti, saying that he was "infinitely proud" of walking in his footsteps.

Hitler and the Mufti Hajj al-Hussein in 1941 at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin

Arafat was an extremely important secret agent for the KGB. Immediately after the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, Moscow appointed him "Chairman of the PLO." Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, a Soviet puppet himself, offered to meet him. In 1969, the KGB ordered Arafat to declare war on "American Imperial Zionism" during the first summit of the Black Terrorist International, a neo-fascist pro-Palestinian organization invented and sponsored by the KGB and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

It was so prestigious for Arafat that he later took credit for the invention of the "combat" term "imperial Zionism". Although in fact it was an invention of Moscow, and as if a modern interpretation of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which reflected a long-standing favorite method of the Russian secret service - inciting ethnic hatred. The KGB has always considered anti-Semitism and anti-imperialism as a "rich weapon of anti-Americanism."

The Arafat KGB dossier also said that in the Arab world only those people who are "good at deception" can reach a high position. We Romanians were called to help Arafat improve "his exceptional ability as a liar" (i.e. to invent fakes and then persistently propagate them).

The head of foreign intelligence of the KGB of the USSR, General Alexander Sakharovsky, ordered us to provide cover for Arafat's terrorist operations, at the same time creating an "international image" for him. "Arafat is a wonderful screenwriter," his letter said, and we must take full advantage of it.

In March 1978, I secretly moved Arafat to Bucharest for the final briefing on how to behave in Washington. "You just have to convince Americans that you "ended terrorism," that you "recognize Israel" - again, again and again," Ceausescu told him many times. Ceausescu dreamed for both of them of the possibility of "receiving the Nobel Peace Prize" by pretending to show the "olive branch" (i.e. that he and Arafat are "true peacemakers").

In April 1978, I accompanied Ceausescu to Washington, where he fascinated President Carter. Arafat insisted that he could turn his brutal PLO into a "law-abiding government" if the U.S. establishes official relations with him. The meeting with Carter was a huge success for our intelligence. Carter welcomed Ceausescu, the dictator of the most repressive police state in Eastern Europe at the time, "as a "great national and international leader" who took on the role of "the leader of peace in the entire international community". The triumphant Ceausescu brought home a joint agreement in which the American president stated that his friendly relations with Ceausescu served the "cause of world peace."

Three months later, I received political asylum in the United States. Ceausescu failed to get the Nobel Peace Prize. But in 1994, Arafat got it - only because he continued to play the role we worked with him to perfection. He remade his terrorist PLO "into a government in exile" (Palestinian Authority), always advocated with the words "stop Palestinian terrorism", while continuing to promote it, and even expand it. Two years after the signing of the Oslo Accord, the number of Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists increased by 73%.

On October 23, 1998, President Clinton publicly thanked Arafat for "decades and decades of tireless representation of the Palestinian people in their search for liberation, independence and a national home." The modern American administration sees the entire charade of Arafat, but does not publicly support his exclusion. Since then, an elderly terrorist has expanded his control over the Palestinian Authority and has been leading young followers to continue suicide attacks.

Wall Street Journal, 22 сентября 2003

According to Andropov, the world of Islam was a nutrient solution in which the bacillus of deadly anti-American hatred, nurtured on the yeast of Marxism-Leninism, should have been introduced and grown. Indeed, anti-Semitism is deeply instilled in the natural nutrient medium of Islam. Muslims are used to the taste of nationalism, jingoism and sacrifice. Their illiterate, depressed masses are easy to excite to the point of hysteria.

The herroism and acts of violence against Israel and its master, the United States, preached by Andropov, will come naturally from the religious diligence of Muslims. We will only have to repeat familiar topics for them - that the United States and Israel are "fascist, imperialist Zionist countries" that depend on Jewish capital. Islam is obsessed with preventing the wicked from seizing the territories of the Middle East; it will readily take our slogans about the U.S. Congress as an evil weapon of the Zionists turning the whole world into their possessions.

The code of this operation was SIG (Zionist States, or ZIG - "Zionist Governments"), and was in the scope of my official duties, as it was sent to Libya, Lebanon and Syria. The SIG was a very serious party/state operation. We have created special companies to build hospitals, houses and roads in these countries, we have sent thousands of doctors, engineers, technicians, professors and even dance teachers there. Everyone was given the task of introducing into the minds of people the image of the United States as a brazen and greedy invader, financed by Jewish money and managed by Jewish politicians whose goal is to subjue the entire Islamic world.

In the mid-1970s, the KGB ordered my service, DIE, along with similar services of other Eastern European intelligence, to comb the country in search of reliable party activists belonging to various Muslim ethnic groups, to train them in the art of disinformation and terrorist operations and to introduce "our sphere of influence" into countries. Their task was to export rabid hatred of "American Zionism" by manipulating the age-old dislike of Jews, which is characteristic of people in this region. Before I left Romania permanently in 1978, my department sent about five hundred such hidden agents to Muslim countries. According to a rough estimate received from Moscow, a total of about four thousand such agents of influence were sent to the Islamic world by intelligence of the eastern bloc.

In the mid-1970s, we also began to fill the Muslim world with copies of the Arabic translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian fake of the tsarist time, which Hitler successfully used to develop his anti-Semitic philosophy. We also distributed a fabricated KGB article in Arabic, which said that Israel and its main sponsor, the United States, are Zionist countries that intend to turn the entire Islamic world into a Jewish colony.

We tried to win people's minds, realizing that we don't have to win an open war. It is difficult to say for sure what the long-term results of the SIG operation are. But the cumulative effect of the spread of hundreds of thousands of copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Islamic world and the portrayal of Israel and the United States as deadly enemies of Islam was certainly a constructive measure to achieve our goals.

After the collapse of the USSR, Russia was transformed in an unprecedented way, but the widespread belief that the Soviet legacy was as eradicated at the end of the Cold War as Nazism was eradicated at the end of World War II is not true.

In the 1950s, as head of the Romanian intelligence service in West Germany, I could observe firsthand how Hitler's Third Reich was methodically destroyed, how war criminal trials were held, how Reich military and police organizations were dissolved and outlawed, and how the Nazis were denied access to any state work. Nothing like this has ever happened in the former Soviet Union. No one was tried, although the Soviet regime was responsible for killing more than a hundred million people. Most of the Soviet institutions remained intact, they were simply hung with new signs, and now they are run by the same people who led the communist state. In 2000, former KGB and Army officers took control of the Kremlin and the Russian government.

Germany would never have had a chance to become a democracy if Gestapo and SS officers continued to command the parade.

Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa
NationalReviewOnline, August 24, 2006

The propaganda activities of the Soviet Union were so veiled by vague "peaceful" terms and falsifications that it was not so easy for the reader to understand.

Many Western politicians "pecked on this fishing rod." Someone is naive, and some, leftist, wanted to "peck" and participate themselves. There were many journalists in the Western press, and also figures of the "big politics" who were banally bribed, corruption has always been the main tool of the KGB. The Soviet state significantly saved on the domestic needs of its citizens, but did not skimp on international propaganda and international terrorism.

Why did the USSR need all this? This was necessary to expand the empire, an empire of a other format (like the criminal world) - the empire of world influence to exercise if not world domination (as a program maximum), then in the minimum version of world influence, to help strengthen the controlled communist parties of the West. Especially after World War II, when the international authority of the Soviet Union was very high, and many communist parties in the West became very influential. There was a situation when in a number of countries communist parties, financially supported by the USSR, had a serious chance to seize state power. This was especially true for Italy and France.

The USSR actively recruited and involved journalists, politicians, scientists and others into its sphere of influence, strengthening through them networks of lobbying their interests, espionage and theft of Western technologies.
The USSR actively produced mythical international organizations, commissions, etc., designed to push the interests of the Kremlin, as well as to link the initiatives and intentions of the West.

It was in the post-war years that the KGB central intelligence began to implement this system of "activities" to strengthen its propaganda apparatus, secretly spreading around the world.

One of her most important inventions was the notorious International Peace Movement. This movement "for peace" also promoted anti-colonial slogans around the world, i.e. in every possible way contributed to the collapse of the system of "colonial regimes" of the West. In some cases, the acquisition of independence, for example, by India, has had a positive effect. Although even in this country, the collapse of the former colony into two states: India and Pakistan is still a big "headache" of the world community today. But even worse is the result of the premature end of the "colonial dependence" of a number of African countries, where ethnic massacres, economic decline, decline in living standards, civil wars and other "achievements" immediately began as a result of the premature withdrawal of the colonial powers, which left them not yet prepared for self-management of the territory. So far, some of these countries have experienced mass hunger, widespread AIDS, interethnic and religious conflicts.

But the goal of the USSR was not to liberate peoples from colonialism, everything is much more mundane, the true goal was to change the owner, to put the former colonies under their own protectorate under the cover of decorative state entities, by analogy with the countries of the "Warsaw Treaty" or, at worst, by analogy with the North Korean regime.

Now Russia has once again declared itself an active player in the Middle East. Carrying out military operations in Syria, the Kremlin declares that its goal is to bring peace. Few people believe it. Russia has never brought peace anywhere. Where Russia appeared, there was tension, chaos, war and prolonged conflict.

Europe should also be more attentive. It is possible that fifty years later, Syrian refugees who settled in Germany will suddenly declare themselves descendants of Neanderthals, for example, claiming that their ancestors lived on the banks of the Rhine long before the Germans. It looks funny until it became sad. The Jews have already learned this well, but no one takes their knowledge seriously yet, despite their vain attempts to reach us. Apparently, it's not time yet...

Jordanian religious scientist Sheikh Ahmad Adwan claims that "Palestine" does not exist.

Adwan claims that Allah gave the Holy Land to the Jewish people "before the Day of the Last Judgment."

Sheikh writes: "I want to say to those who distort the Quran: where did you get the name Palestine, you are liars, you are cursed when Allah already called it the "Holy Land" and gave it to the Children of Israel before the Day of the Last Judgment. There is no such thing as Palestine in the Quran."

The Sheikh further writes: "Your claims to the Land of Israel are fake and constitute an attack against the Koran. Therefore, you will not succeed, and Allah will not support you, and Allah will humiliate you, because Allah has taken the Jews under His protection.

Advan says: "I support the Jewish people because my faith in their sovereignty over this land comes from the knowledge of the Quran. This is emphasized in many passages in the Quran, such as Sura 5, where Allah says: O Children of Israel, enter the Holy Land, which Allah has all given you.