Russian MP Ilya Mitelman hid Israeli citizenship, business interests

Russian MP Ilya Mitelman.

June 11, 2021
Translated from the Russian

Russian deputy and part-time citizen of Israel (or, more precisely, an Israeli citizen and part-time Russian deputy) Ilya Mitelman not only did not declare an apartment in the elite area of Tel Aviv for $1.8 million but also used foreign ones prohibited for Russian parliamentarians to buy as financial instruments, namely opening a foreign account for obtaining a loan in the Israeli Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank for 2,200,000 shekels with a monthly payment of 17,300 shekels, that is, almost 400,000 rubles.

To the deputy of the Chelyabinsk City Duma, Ilya Mitelman, who was going to become a deputy of the State Duma, but was kicked out of the primaries, we devoted a separate large investigation. In this article, we described in detail how this parliamentarian hid his Israeli citizenship, Israeli business interests with an Israeli mother-in-law, an undeclared Israeli apartment in downtown Tel Aviv for $1.8 million, an Israeli mortgage, and an undeclared foreign bank account.

But we deliberately kept some information. Well, since Mr. Mitelman tried to sue us using dishonest methods (which, however, did not help him—the trial in case No. 2-2850 / 2021 – M-1614/2021, which was considered in the Kalininsky District Court of Chelyabinsk, he lost) decided to publish also classified information about the family account of the Mitelman couple in the Israeli Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank (registration number 520000052). We emphasize that for dishonest methods of litigation, we will continue to spread information about the identity of this deputy.

As Ilya Mitelman asked Israeli bankers for a shekel

So, on September 17, 2018, Ilya Mitelman, together with his wife Melanie Mitelman (nee Alberta Izmailova, then Melanie Korman), opened an account number 4310-28-298 in Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank for obtaining a mortgage loan. The mortgage was issued according to act 1023/2019/3 at the Mizrahi branch of bank No. 252 in the city of Ramat Gan. Now this mortgage case is kept in the central office of the bank, located in Tel Aviv at 123 Hashmonaim Street. The main borrower is Melanie, the guarantor is Ilya Mitelman.

They chose a not sickly apartment—132.5 sq. m and in one of the most expensive areas of Tel Aviv—Tel Aviv-Jaffa, on Michael Neeman Street, at 14. The cost of such housing is about $1.8 million. MP Mitelman decided to take out almost half of this amount on credit.

The Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank mortgage loan taken by the Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank totaled NIS 2,200,000 (about $700,000). The monthly payment on this loan is 17,300 shekels ($ 5,300, or about 400,000 rubles). That is, for a mortgage, Deputy Mitelman monthly unfastens 10 average Russian salaries in Israel.

To date, the amount of debt has decreased to 1,871,500 shekels ($576,000).

Interestingly, a loan in Israel is not taken as in Russia—in a single package, but is divided into several parts. The documents in our possession indicate that the Mitelmans took:

  • 748,000 shekels for 10 years at a constant interest rate (4.07% per year). Payments are due until October 2028. To date, the loan balance is 605,900 shekels.
  • 617,000 shekels for 15 years at prime interest (1.4% per year). Payments end in October 2033.
  • 648,000 shekels for 15 years at variable interest (2.36% per year). The deadline is until October 2033.

Twice violator of anti-corruption laws

And everything would be fine—as they say, any whim for your money—but Ilya Semyonovich, equipping a nest for his family in Israel, twice violated the anti-corruption legislation of Russia. Firstly, he did not declare an Israeli apartment, although he was obliged to do so, and then began to get out, referring to some “technical bugs” on the official website of the City Duma of Chelyabinsk.

However, not everything is in order in the revised declaration either: instead of an apartment with an area of ​​132.5 squared metres, Deputy Mitelman pointed out a certain “condominium” of an incomprehensible area. What, again a “technical error”!

And secondly, Ilya Mitelman violated the ban on the use of foreign financial instruments, which include credit lines of foreign banks. Recall that in accordance with clause 1.1 of Art. 2 of Federal Law No. 79-FZ of May 7, 2013, signed by President Vladimir Putin, deputies holding positions in the representative bodies of city districts are prohibited from opening and having accounts (deposits), keeping cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside the territory Of the Russian Federation, own and (or) use foreign financial instruments.

Ilya Semyonovich will clearly not be able to explain the use of credit funds by Israeli bankers by a “technical error.” This means that with the proper work of the supervisory authorities (primarily the regional prosecutor’s office, headed by the new regional prosecutor Karen Gabrielyan, who replaced the corrupt official Vitaly Lopin), Ilya Mitelman must leave the City Duma of Chelyabinsk.

This article is an official appeal to the power structures and supervisory authorities, in particular – to the new prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region.

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