Israeli rabbi thanks Putin’s annexation of Crimea for hastening coming of Jewish ‘messiah’

September 6, 2015 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Operation Krymnash: Putin “brings the arrival of Mashiach closer”?

Why “Krymnash” (Crimea is Ours), and Donbass – “Nenash”? The head of the Eda Haredit sect, the vice-chairman of the Rabbinical court, Rabbi Moshe Sternbach, assures that in Crimea, Putin “brings the arrival of the mashiach closer.”

In March 2014, Sternbach reported that “the Vilna Gaon himself” before his death revealed to his disciples the correct signs of the approaching end of the world: “When you hear that the Russians have captured a city in Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have begun, and you can already hear his steps. And when you hear that you have reached Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), you should put on your Sabbath clothes and not take them off, as this will mean that the mashiach can come at any moment. ”

Passing these words, a rabbi from among the Breslau Hasidim, himself a descendant of the “Vilna genius”, said:

“We must thank President Putin for bringing closer the arrival of the Mashiach” (the Jewish “messiah”, in the Orthodox sense – the Antichrist).

This photo was found at the article’s source. It’s uncertain whether it is authentic or altered.

“Sternbach’s Prophecy” is based on the interpretation of the book of the prophet Ezekiel about the “war of Gog and Magog” – two peoples, whose invasion will shake the world shortly before the end of the world. In the book of Ezekiel, Gog is called “nasi rosh”, which some translate as “prince of Rosha.” Which is to appear “in the last days … like a storm … from the borders of the north.” According to Sternbach’s version, Putin fits the interpretation of the concept of “Prince Roche”. In addition, according to the “calculations” of Joseph ben Mataffy (“Flavia”), the land of Magog is the Scythian Crimea.

Thus, “both components of the near end of the world are present.”

The American Jewish newspaper Forward, which reported in 2014 about the eschatological sentiments that gripped some Jews, recalled that if the Vilna Gaon linked the arrival of the Mashiach with the capture of Crimea by Russia, then this event, in fact, happened during his lifetime , in 1783, when the Russian Empire conquered Crimea during the Russian-Turkish war. And if then the “mashiach” did not appear, then it is still too early to put on Saturday clothes – especially considering that Erdogan is not yet waiting for Russian troops near Istanbul, “Forwards columnist Sigal Samuel believed then.

Later, on August 21, 2015, during a meeting with V. Putin, the leader of the reformist Jews “Ner TAMID” in Crimea, Anatoly Gendin, thanked the Russian president for the attentiveness of the Russian authorities to the demands of Crimean Jews for restitution:

“After several years of fruitless appeals in Ukraine, in this year we have resolved the issue of returning the Talmud-Torah to us—a former religious school for boys in Simferopol. “

Gendin added that the framework agreement on restitution also implies the return of the former synagogue building in Yevpatoria. In addition, some ritual temples of the “religion of the bachelor” will be created at the suggestion of Putin.

We remind you that immediately after the annexation of Crimea, the then head of the “reformist Jews” Mikhail Kapustin wrote a petition to U.S. President Barack Obama with an appeal to send American troops to the Russian peninsula. However, according to today’s statements of “reformist” and “ordinary” rabbis, today they feel safer under the sovereignty of Russia under Putin, who, according to the same Forward, harshly suppresses “manifestations of anti-Semitism” and is attentive to the demands of Jews.

It is extremely difficult to imagine that the current president “will send troops to liberate Jerusalem.” In any case, today the opposite phenomenon is observed—40,000 Jews from Israel are asking Putin to grant Russian citizenship in order to move to Crimea.

In general, there is no doubt what decision will be made by the ruling regime, since there is no doubt about the predilections of Putin himself, who, after being brought up in a “Jewish communal apartment,” never got rid of the “Mowgli syndrome” – when “the meaning of life becomes constant calculation their own benefit and outplaying the goyim. ”

In general, it is necessary to take a sober attitude to the “prophecies of the Vilna Gaons” and other Jewish sects, ready to adjust the “prophecies” to any events (“a true leading figure of the Talmud must find 49 arguments for and 49 arguments against” [1]).

Meanwhile, one cannot but compare the shameful political decisions of Putin, for whom “Krymnash”, and Donbass – at the beginning of April 2014, was also “ours”, and a few days later it became “not ours.” Which indicates, under whose “spiritual” control the “highest official of Russia” is.

As for the “end of the world”, the liberation of Sevastopol and Crimea is followed not only by Constantinople, but also—in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel—”the entry of Gog into Jerusalem”, the war, the defeat of Gog (in fact, the fanatics from among the Jews Satanists and drive all political events).

However, according to Revelation, then the accession and fall of the Antichrist will follow. And the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


[1] “According to the Talmud itself (Yalkut Shadakh), the Book of the Law was given without vowels precisely so that each of its words could be interpreted in seventy different ways … in the treatises Erubin and Sanhedrin one of the leading figures of Talmudism is praised for that he could always find in the Law 49 reasons or grounds for permission and for prohibition of the same subject, for condemnation and justification for violation of any command, A.S. Shmakov, “International Secret Government”, Talmud


  1. Putin the most complete puppet of CHABAD:

    Chabad’s Chief Rabbi Of Russia Berel Lazar, Allegedly Forcibly Invades Crimean Reform Synagogue, Sparking Outrage.

    Shmarya Rosenberg •

    “Chabad’s Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, and his entourage allegedly forced their way into the offices of a Crimean Reform synagogue Thursday whose former rabbi was harshly critical of the Russian invasion and annexation.”

    “The Holocaust commemoration in Sevastopol (Crimea) was initiated by Putin and financed largely by the Russian government, according to Wolf, who said Putin’s office was directly involved in making sure the event “is carried out not only well, but as perfectly as possible.”

    Anything the community needs, Wolf said, “we get from the new government. The level of care is phenomenal.”

    Lazar interview 2014:

    Q: Does the Jewish community receive close support from the government, particularly President Putin? Some people have called you “Putin’s rabbi,” and criticized you for being too close to the President?

    Lazar: “What Putin has done is remarkable. He is the first president ever who visited the Jewish community. Just a small example: there is a yearly exam in Russia called the “Idinia Gusudarsnki Exam,” a standardized test, and it is on the same time, same day [for everyone]. And this year it fell on Shavuot, and only because of the president’s goodwill, he made a special exception for the Jews. Show me any other country in Europe that will go out of their way [to do something similar].

    This is just an example. Whether it is returning synagogue buildings, or supporting private schools for Jews, or the Jewish museum, there is full [government] support for anything related to traditional religious practice and rituals, such as kosher slaughter, circumcision. Maybe Russia IS NOT AS GOOD ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND OTHER FREEDOMS.”

    (near end)

    Rabbi Schneerson 1994

    “We will give monarchy to the Slavic cattle under the guise of ‘democratic transition’ (Perestroika Deception). Everyone in the herd will get a puppet president (Putin). We know and secretly control all that will be. And no one can stop us.”

  2. Couldn’t agree more on coleman, he has some good info but the guy is admittedly mi6 or similar I mean come on how obvious is the subtle programming there. In the same class as the “ex” ONI/Demolay Bill Cooper, although I agree that alien saucers are just black tech, aliens are just monarch triggers for the programmed, to supposedly unite us all into a one world dictatorship(starship troopers script by naval intelligence author Heinlein, childhoods end by pedo-mason clarke etc) we need “aliens” among other things like virus’/climate change etc I’m not even sure Cooper was really killed, maybe back into the programmed pool in some other location used for assassinations etc Note the jew infested arizona location too.

    But I do think the british empire was a jew/protestant wrecking ball and still is with it’s city of london and freemasonry infestation for a long long time that’s all fact. The “british” elite are all on board or hidden crypto ethnics. Current wrecking ball is the USA but China is warming up. Russia in the european/arab space. Proxies for the jews. As for alex jones it’s so obvious, my thing was the big deal made about some grainy videotape of Bohemian Grove, duh, they have had their annual almanacs for years and I own a couple of them, what did he actually expose? He was sponsored. His jew lawyer or some such etc Just another dialectical tool to use anti-talmudist energy to their advantage. Remember the kabbalistic marxist dialectical thinking, it’s actively endlessly using faux opposites to come to a pre-determined synthesis until the grand synthesis of total slavery both physical and spiritual. Then it will be the death sentence, or some sort of total disenfranchising/criminalization(already is in places like marxist germany etc), to speak publicly or oppose publicly the Talmudist/Kabbalist pagan jew menace.

    I quote from keller andersen’s 1937 book “jew as criminal”

    “Without the solution of the Jewish Question, there is no salvation for
    the peoples of the world.
    This realization has blazed a trail in Germany; in increasing measure, it
    is becoming the common property of all nations of culture.
    Despite the fierce and fiery reaction of its blind or bought allies, the
    disastrous role of the Jew, this parasite upon the body of every people
    is being drawn more and more into the light of day. Everywhere where
    morality, law, and order succumb to disintegration, where racketeering
    and corruption devour the economy, where materialistic dialectics
    undermine the foundations of faith, where Marxist propaganda
    transforms politics into a criminal reality, where the healthy race of the
    people is made sick and desecrated — there one meets everywhere the
    tracks of the Jew.
    That is the historical experience of every century and of all peoples.
    The new and peculiar, which the Present adds to this ancient human
    experience, is the appearance of Bolshevism; in its shape World Jewry
    rises to the decisive attack upon the peoples of culture.”

    Please note that the problem is the use of race as a measure of what is good, this is anti-Catholic/Christian, always has been. In Fahey’s book Mystical Body he mentions this key difference and anti-Christian element of Naziism or any other creed that doesn’t reference only Christs teachings of the supremacy of the spirit over matter. Materialistic mindset does not work, never will. Money and hired guns won’t work for them in the end, even they know this so they must keep up the dialectic forever as well as spiritual subversion that is so heavy in all forms of media now. If you look at police in the USA they usually wear either a hexagram badge or a pentagram badge and there is their ultimate master. On and on.

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