Why Putin loves America’s Greens

By The Wall Street Journal
July 15, 2020 Anno Domini

Democratic politicians have talked tough on Russia since Donald Trump won the Presidency. But when it comes to challenging Moscow, other progressive prior- ities always seem to take pre- cedence.

Last week the Danish government granted surprisingly fast regulatory approval to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a 750-mile channel that will bring Siberian natural gas under the Baltic Sea into Germany. This belies the stereotype of Europeans as regula- tion-obsessed greens. While the U.S. is eager to sell more gas to the Continent, Russian fuel simply costs less. Much of the blame goes to the left’s legal and regulatory war on American energy.

The U.S. and much of Europe oppose Nord Stream 2, but Berlin has put economic inter- ests over collective security. This helps Rus- sian President Vladimir Putin, whose domestic standing has been hurt by Covid-19 and lower energy prices. It also gives the dictator more leverage over the Continent’s democracies. About 38 per cent of natural gas imports into Europe came from Russia in 2019, according to EU data. The new pipeline would add 55 billion cubic meters of annual capacity, doubling the current route volume.

Some countries are willing to pay a pre- mium to avoid supporting Mr. Putin. Russia’s share of Polish gas imports fell to 60 per cent in 2019 from 89 per cent three years earlier. With liquefied-natural gas from Qatar and the U.S. and non- Russian pipelines, Poland could forgo all pur- chases from Moscow within a few years.

LENINGRAD REGION, RUSSIA – JUNE 5, 2019: Workers at the construction site of a section of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline near Kingisepp, Leningrad Region. (Photo by Alexander DemianchukTASS via Getty Images)

The best way to bring more countries along is to make American gas more competitive, which happens to be politically popular. Joe Biden, who has been hostile to fossil fuels but would like to win Pennsylvania, said last week that “fracking is not going to be on the chopping block.” Mr. Biden sent different signals during the Democratic primaries, so the question is whether he’ll stand up to the left, which has failed to stop oil and gas projects through tra- ditional politics. But its strategy of lawsuits and regulation to choke fossil-fuel producers has been more effective.

After years of Barack Obama’s obstruction, President Trump approved the Keystone XL pipeline. But environmentalists challenged a 2017 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit. In April federal Judge Brian Morris issued a na- tionwide injunction against Keystone, ostensi- bly over endangered-species issues. The uncer- tainty could affect other pipelines, too.

This month federal Judge James Boasberg ordered the Dakota Access pipeline, which has been operating for three years, to shut down for an environmental review. Duke Energy and Dominion Energy recently canceled the 600- mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline, citing legal and regulatory uncertainty. More will follow. Mr. Putin is no doubt pleased.


  1. We can understand in the planning for the (Jewish) Eurasian World Order, why Saudi Arabia is allotted as en enemy of the Eurasian Multipolar alliance in WW3. Russia wants to make the world as dependent on them as possible;

    Institution of Eurasia Movement 2001:

    “Mufti Talgat Tajiddin, stressed: ‘The ‘Eurasia’ movement is our response to the adherents of satanic wahhabism. Participation of Muslims in the movement is a sacred duty of patriotism and a response to the adherents of wahhabism, which discredits Islam. Dugin emphasized the (Eurasian) movement has received spiritual support from hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox church, Muslim clergy & Jewish community of Russia. ‘Muslims and Jews are not simply our partners but our brothers”


    Dugin – Foundations of Geopolitics 1997 – PERESTROIKA DECEPTION.

    “It is impossible to deny the fact that the axis of the Soviet Empire was precisely the Russian people who realized (albeit only partially) its unique universalism through the Soviet ideological and socio-political model.

    The existence of Russian people as an organic historical community is inconceivable without empire-building, continental creativity. Russians will remain the people only in the framework of the New Empire. This Empire must, in accordance with the logic of geopolitics, strategically and spatially surpass its antecedent (Soviet Union). Therefore, the New Empire has to be Eurasian, continental and – in perspective – a World Empire. The battle for global rule by the Russian people is not finished.”


  2. Sadly anti-nuclear(for the goyim at least) has been a long held tenet of the gogue beast, it’s crypto army and its satellites. Galen Winsor, an expert in nuclear matters, did a lecture tour in the 90s about the deception of the so called nuclear catastrophe narrative. It has several good points based on his experience, unfortunately winsor is not the best at organizing his thoughts and never wrote a book to go along with his lectures. One major point he makes is that compressed pellets of uranium or plutonium,(I can’t remember which), emit so much heat that the thermionic effect, electricity directly from heat with no moving parts, could be used for complete energy independence block by block. He states that the US Navy’s undersea transmitters, done post ww2, used for location and other uses, are each individually powered by this tech. I could see so many esoteric uses as well, such as underground bases HVAC needs, HAARP tech, “satellites” which must be always powered(there is no freefall free energy fairytale) and others where large amounts of energy are needed. I could even see them using this to deceptively PROVIDE power to these enormous windmills that are pork laden boondoggles and other so called “miracle” green tech theatrics.

    —Another one of his major points is that so called “nuclear waste” is nothing of the sort and could be used further but is regulated out of use by bribery of the vipers in washington district of columbia. This waste could be used after processing, as the thermionic power source for these micro-reactors. Winsor mentions TMI and Japan as well. Also lookup Chernobyl footage, decades later it all looks perfectly normal (only falsely calibrated geigers sending the panic stimululs lol), Japan never suffered long term and is fine, 3-mile island was a hoax etc Winsor says that radiation effects of atomic and nuclear do NOT transmit genetically past those who were present at the time, this is borne out by history. The environmental effects of mostly megacorps and governments(peon goyim get the blame as always) could be minimized by all this but there would be less and less profit and control in it for these demon shells.

    Itsvan Bakony Library of Political Secrets, Maurice Pinay Plot Against the Church

  3. I absolutely agree that nuclear energy is extremely demonised, but still I would keep nuclear power plants for production of nuclear and thermonuclear bombs (if they even exist, of course), with everything else relying on energy of sun, water and wind, as well as geothermal wells. They say that it generates huge losseses, and that is true in this monetary system which is based on usury and interest, but in normal, interest and usury-free system renewable energy sources become a main source of energy. They also say that CO2 is problem: people, global-warming is a hoax for goyim, most of whom really don’t know anything except drinking alcohol and watching football, mma, basketball etc, CO2 is plant food, we NEED CO2 as much as possible, so renewable energy sources became both a source of energy and plant life, and then life in general.

    That yugoslav woman which you (mr.Fitzpatrick), had on news board is probably paid controlled opposition, judas goat, yugoslavia communist satanic hole founded by freemasons and given name by freemasonic lodge in Britain called Yugoslavia.

    And eath is flat, of course.

    Peace be with you.

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