Putin a Rothschild-controlled Chabad Jewish Grand master put in power to usher in anti-Christ: Russian analyst

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Chief Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch Berel Lazar toast. —Getty Images

Putin’s defeat
By Andrei Piontkovsky
Translated from Russian

– This is an outline of the entire Russian political leadership, which accumulates its treasures in the United States.

The U.S. Financial Intelligence Agency is instructed to identify all assets belonging to the top of the Russian ruling class, beginning with Vladimir Putin, and to publish these data within 180 days (most likely, this has already been known to it). After that, all who should be followed will be subject to the laws in force in the United States to combat the laundering of criminally acquired capital. This is a fundamentally new character of US relations with Putin’s kleptocratic regime.

Putin was not going to put up with this. He sent Khodorkovsky to prison. Gusinsky and Berezovsky went into exile. However, for several years they continued to fund their new media, and even when some of these sites fell into their hands, they maintained their opposition views.

It was also the only site where former print journalists worked, mainly from the Kommersant newspaper, one of the most professional daily newspapers in post-Soviet Russia. Over the years, in Russia, as in other countries, more and more journalists who have lost their jobs in cutting print media have gone online. But online publications did not have the resources to pay for investigative reporting and reporting. Therefore, journalists increasingly became observers.

Why haven’t these laws been applied before, the thoughtful reader will ask? Because for the time being, while the deeds of the Russian elite were limited to plundering their own country, this situation suited the West, which was never distinguished by its crystal integrity. If you call a spade a spade, the West was an accomplice-beneficiary of these deals. But people from St. Petersburg’s gateways, drunk with crazy money, wanted, as a Pushkin old woman, also “geopolitical greatness” for themselves and their dynasties. And they demanded from the American goldfish not only the status of the richest people in the West, but also a new “Yalta deal”, recognizing them as rulers of half the world and securing entire nations and states in their possession.

From a former chess champion who funded Kasparov. During the short-term political spring under President Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian intelligentsia took heart and the online media became more ambitious. But problematic investigative units were raffled off. Thus, bloggers began to play a leading role in exposing corruption. This is a new trend encouraging him to cover in the media.

We will not share your email with anyone. To a large extent, it was decided that Russian online media cannot publish investigation reports on their own, and someone will have to break stories outside the country. The crisis in Ukraine led to hunger. The Russian invasion of Crimea was widely covered by online media, and the Kremlin’s intention to create its own merciless narrative of the events there decided that it could no longer tolerate foul language.

The methodical injection of more than a trillion dollars exported from Russia into the Western economy (a recent estimate by the authoritative National Bureau of Economic Research of the United States) was innocently combined with these entities with a passionate desire to spoil the same West, and especially the United States, wherever possible. I quote from the text of the law a list of objects of keen interest for US financial intelligence: “The largest political figures and oligarchs close to power in the Russian Federation, their condition, proximity to Putin and other members of the“ ruling elite ”, participation in corruption, sources of income and assets of their members families, relations with foreign business. ”

Since yesterday, not only freedom of information, but also freedom of discussion has been limited in Russia. World War II – others call it the “war on terror” – views humanity as a “savior”: Russian Vladimir Putin and his Putinism. Some argue that only he can save world peace.

However, the following shows that this person is affected by very dangerous ideas: he is a Jew who was educated and anchored in Mensol Talmudism. In particular, his rabbi is the Lubavitcher Chabad, whose goal is to influence the coming of the Messiah of Judaism, Ben David, during the course of the World War. To do this, he affects Putin. In addition, Judaists emphasize that communism is Judaism – and vice versa. Hence his inability to kill his critics.

Here is not only a threat to the assets of “Putin’s friends”, it is the collapse of their entire lifestyle, beyond which they and their offspring no longer think of their existence. This is modern Western medicine, which promises not only political, but also biological, if you want, immortality, this is education of children and grandchildren, real estate in the best resorts in the world, and a lot of anything that makes up a modest charm of belonging to the upper class of the world bourgeoisie. And in all this they will now be denied. Visa restrictions are introduced based on proximity to Putin. A personal war has been declared on hundreds of the largest thieves of the Russian Federation and part-time of its leaders.

Another Rasputin Putin is Alexander Dugin, who, like the very influential Igor Panarin Putin, his government and Russians sat in satanic Eurasianism: Restoring the Romanov Empire, including Dugin, says this is Russia’s order, doomsday blows. Death is the beginning of life, this atheist says!

But, first of all, Putin is the masons of the royal arch and is Grand Master. According to a classmate, he was chosen as the Antichrist of the Illuminati. Three nationalist philosophers of the century also greatly influence Putin and ordered his governors to read their works: Nikolai Berdyaev, Vladimir Solovyov and Ivan Ilyin. “The Russian messianic idea,” Berdyaev wrote, “always emphasized Russia as a country that would help solve the problems of mankind.” Putin considers himself “this Messiah.”

In any case, the former post-communist Russia with its godfathers set up – to steal here, and dynastically and hedonistically enjoy the highest standards of consumption in the West – will no longer be. This form of kleptocratic being required the active and far from disinterested cooperation of the Western elites. Both the Russian state and its relations with the West will now be organized somehow differently. Maybe a lot worse, but in a different way.

Nationalism is the religion of Russians, who are mostly atheists. This religion of nationalism is sponsored by the Orthodox Russian Church, whose priests are mostly crypto-Jews. To what extent has all this Pharisee-Illuminati-Masonic national fascism influenced Putin in his role in the end of the world?

Former adviser to Vladimir Putin warns nations that Putin has been in the past 10 years. Therefore, Putin puffs himself up, makes himself stronger than him, and believes that the West will pace out of fear of his strong will. He was raised by a fanatical Jewish Talmudist. Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith with a well-informed Russian – after 00 min. Brand: Putin is a Jew, and the name of his mother, Shalomov, in Putin’s autobiography is a Jewish name that was later changed to Shelomov.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov in 1962. Leading researcher at the Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Author of over 100 articles and several monographs on control theory, global moderation, nuclear strategy.

A family

Father – Andrei Andreevich Piontkovsky (died in 1973), professor-lawyer, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, member of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Mother – Tatyana Nazarovna, was born in the Shadrinsky district of the Kurgan region.

She switched to Russian – like many crypto-Jewish priests. In fact, Putin is intertwined with the Jewish doomsday sect, whose goal is to advance the coming of the Jewish Messiah to Rebbe Schneerson, like Ben David at the height of the great war – a political genius to make Israel the ruler of the world to do.

Putin wears a scarab on a tie and shows many signs of a Masonic hand. Playdes Library: The Scarab symbolizes the power of the body, the resurrection of the soul, the eternal and incomprehensible creator of Ra in His aspect as the Lord of the Sun. He was a symbol of Egyptian soldiers and is widely used in Freemasonry.


He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov in 1962. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences.

Scientific activity

Leading researcher at the Institute for System Analysis Author of over 100 articles and several monographs on control theory, global moderation, nuclear strategy. In the 1970s, he studied computer models of the world, which in the West were developed as part of the Club of Rome. Member of the American Mathematical Society.

Although Putin’s confidant said that Putin-he did not. So, he and Russia are under the control of Rothschild. It is alleged that Putin has no choice but to. Messianic nationalism Putin is deeply nationalist-religious – influenced by three philosophers of the century: the Kremlin recently appropriated to the governors of three philosophical books, either Nikolai Berdyaev, Vladimir Solovyov and Ivan Ilyin. They foresaw the greatness of Russia under the autocrat. Russia will surpass secularism and atheism and create a single spiritual empire. “The Russian messianic idea,” Berdyaev wrote, “always emphasized Russia as a country that would help solve the problems of mankind.”

Political activity

Since 1998 he has been engaged in political journalism, has published several hundred articles in Russian and foreign media. Winner of the Golden Gong 2001 Award in International Journalism. Published on the site “Grani.ru”. Member of the International Pen Club.

In 2004 he joined the Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko (after the defeat of the party in the Duma elections), a member of its federal council. It is in radical opposition to the political regime of Vladimir Putin.

Putin considers himself “this savior.” This paranoia was further developed by the Kremlin Insider: Igor Panarin’s vision that the Russian Empire would reappear, led by Putin. In recent months, the deception of Duginist ideas by the Putin regime has become increasingly apparent. But now, with the release by James Hazer of “The Liberation of the American Empire Must Be Destroyed: Alexander Dugin and the Danger of Root Harsh Days,” we finally have a complete book on this subject.

In order to be united “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, this Eurasian Union needs a definition of its ideology, and for this Dugin developed a new “Political Theory”, which combines all the strengths of communism, National Socialism, ecologism and traditionalism.

Member of the Initiative Group for the nomination of Vladimir Bukovsky as a presidential candidate in the 2008 elections.

On September 25, 2007, the Basmanny Court of Moscow began to consider the case on recognition of the book “Unloved Country” as extremist. An expert from the prosecutor’s office found calls for violence and derogatory remarks against individuals of “Jewish, American, Russian and other nationalities” in the phrases “inciting racial and ethnic hatred” and “shameful goats.”

From traditionalism, he receives an excuse for ending free thought. Everything else is straight from National Socialism. “What Russia needs,” says Dugin, “is true, true, radical revolutionary and consistent fascist fascism.”

A person who believes that the “meaning of Russia” is the “end of the world” is a person whose geopolitical doctrine is implemented by the ruler of Russia. In short, Dugin and Putin’s Eurasianism are a satanic cult. And Dugin believes that Ukraine is a condition for Eurasia.

Russian people: in Russia you have to deal with a great European nation, a people of aggressive, hierarchical, revanchist extras, educated for military cults and military exploits, the modern world system does not recognize and stoic stubbornness in sees deprivations and difficulties as part of life. Russians are anti-liberal, absolutely not democrats, never inferior and deeply rooted in Russian history.


  1. But not a word about America’s Rothschild controlled Chabadist – -TRUMP????

  2. First ever recorded bolshevism-communism and collectivism: Joseph in Egypt before and during the famine. End result: jews taking over Egypt. Book of Apion also says that they were the ruling power during the Hyksos occupation of Egypt and that moses was in fact pharaoh ekhnaten expelled by population tired of constant collectivism, genocide, magics and thefts and rapes.

    Peace be with you.

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