U.S. congressmen confronted on Soviet Israeli blackmail

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel confronts U.S. congressmen about Russian-Israeli blackmail of Trump through Jeffrey Epstein.

(To that last congressman: no, Israel is not America’s greatest ally. The Pollard betrayal was not an isolated incident. It was routine!)


For more on the apparent Soviet Israeli blackmail of President Trump, please read this article.


  1. One more poor soul who’s afraid of Truth and loosing his status,pay check ,retirement ,but not his Soul or bring a solid God fearing politician , this again is not changing don’t hold your breath it’s Finished none any good and if maybe by some chance there conscience gets to them it’s short lived very short because soon they get the call Step Back Silence is Golden ,In Christo Et Maria RL Pray for these poor souls there went against there own oaths worse Gods
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  2. The Jewish Communist regime in Russia and Israel do not need blackmail to influence our politicians. They have a social political network that creates a consensus, that excludes any opponents of Jewish political power or even opponents of Russia or Israel, from being able to be elected to political office. This network is created through Jewish control of finance and banking, through Jewish control of the media and through the Jewish fraternity Freemasonry, which allows Non-Jews to join so that they can be collaborators of Jews and this fraternity develops an extreme in group preference for its members over Non-Freemasons, and thus Jews in Freemasonry and their Non-Jewish collaborators have a social political network through which to create a consensus that creates an elite Jewish monopoly on political power. There is no need for a conspiracy to maintain Jewish power, because there is a consensus maintaining. What is happening is consensus, not conspiracy.

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