High taxation and preparation for the Communist world state

By Rev. Denis Fahey
Excerpted from Rulers of Russia (1940), pgs. 90-92

There is, moreover, another aspect of the question. The crush­ing burden of taxation due to the payment of interest on debt is utilised as means for the preparation of Communism or of the Semi-Communist State advocated by P.E.P. Let us first hear Arthur Kitson on the burden of debt and then, some Socialist authorities on the end to which taxation is being directed.

The Builders’ Journal (April, 1939) quotes the following pas­ sage from Arthur Kitson’s writings: “Our National Debt on March 31st, 1919, was £7,434,949,429. From 1920 to 1933 inclu­ sive there has been paid towards the redemption of the National Debt £4,104,843,063. During the same period there has been paid in interest charges on the debt £4,288,925,186. . . . In spite of this, our National Debt on December 31st, 1933 (including our debt to the U.S.A.), was £7,947,000,000, being £512,000,000 morethan the original debt of March 31st, 1919! In other words, the nation has paid on account of the debt and itnerest charges the sum of £868,000,000 more than the original debt of March 31st, 1919, without reducing the original debt by one shilling!” Money- lending to nations seems to be even more lucrative than lending to individuals! Mr. Kitson, however, in The Bankers’ Conspir­ acy, shows that matters were still worse than these figures indi­ cate. The Cunliffe Currency Committee’s Report, issued in August, 1918, recommended the restoration of the gold-standard at the pre-War parity “without delay.” In The Bankers’ Con­ spiracy, p. 92, we read: “In advising the restoration of the gold- standard they are advising the Government to increase the Na­ tional Debt and so add to the burden of taxation which the British public will have to bear. At present our National Debt approxi­ mates to £8,000,000,000! But what are these pounds and with what were they subscribed? The Committee must know that the War Loans were subscribed in ‘cheap’ pounds, approximating in value to only one-half of the pre-War pounds. Hence our War debt, expressed in pre-War pounds, would be less than £4,000,000,000! By restoring the gold-standard, the public debt would therefore be doubled and become £8,000,000,000 at pre-war value!Hence every taxpayer would be compelled to pay twice the amount of taxes in his products and services by reason of the Commit­ tee’s recommendations. Very nice for the money-lenders and war- loan subscribers, but rather hard on the wealth producers and taxpayers! . . . The money-lenders’ code of morals—which the Committee apparently endorses—is that, whilst it is very wicked for debtors to defraud their creditors, creditors are quite justified in robbing their debtors. This seems to be the moral basis of the gold-standard.” It may be well to add that Mr. Winston Churchill restored the gold-standard in 1925.

On the other hand, “this high-taxing, high-spending policy is laid down in innumerable Socialist handbooks as an essential pre­ liminary to the imposition of full Socialism. Private enterprise is to be so crushed with burdens of every sort that it is glad to throw in the sponge and quit. . . . Taxation is the chief means/ says Britain’s Socialist Fabian Society in its Tract No. 127, add­ ing that ‘to the Socialist, the best of governments is that which spends the most.’ Similarly emphatic was a leading American exponent of Socialism, the late Morris Hillquit (a Jew whose real name was Misca Hilkowicz), who pointed out in his Socialism Summed Up (1913) that high taxes, shorter hours, and shorter week, freedom to strike, etc., the owners of businesses could be reduced to the point of being glad to be taken over by the State. Another eminent Jewish Socialist, Professor Laski, of the Lon­ don School of Economics, is equally strong on ‘the weapon of taxation’ . . . Mr. George Bernard Shaw, eminent British Social­ ist, puts the bedrock idea of the whole business very bluntly in the British Labour Monthly of October, 1921. He said: ‘Com­ pulsory labour, with death as the final penalty, is the keystone of Socialism.’ . . . In a fully Socialised state, opposition to the ruling clique must from the force of circumstances take the form of underground conspiracy, working secretly until it is strong enough for an open test of strength. Against this danger the ruling clique in turn must protect itself with a gigantic spy serv­ ice. . . . Russia’s gigantic spy service and perpetual ‘liquidations’ of suspected oppositionists are no accidental features. They are inherent in full Socialism. As to how they work out in practice a former Bolshevik Commissar of Justice named Steinberg gave the following description in the New York Times of February 23rd, 1930: ‘On the one side, we have intoxication with power and a realisation that anything done by him who wields power will go unpunished; and, on the other, fear, depression, silent hatred and sycophancy; the rise of two classes, masters and slaves. In

turn the relations among the suspects become themselves per­ verted. In the struggle to win the favour of the authorities, treachery assumes appalling dimensions. All become slaves with respect to the government, and wolves with respect to one another.’ The fatal defect of Socialism is its utter incompatibility with respect for personality. , . . Human freedom is drowned in an ocean of materialism. , . * The Marxian class-war is intended solely to set the Christians at one another’s throats. . , . The whole trend of Socialism is to deprive Christians of their prop­ erty and to reduce them to a sub-human, animal status. It puts them in the position the Talmud says it is their destiny to occupy. Finance-Capitalism began the work. Socialism completes it.”1

  1. A. N. Field in Examiner, May. 1939.


  1. This was horrifically fan-f***ing-tastic. I am so behind in my reading otherwise I’d like to think I’d have already come across, at the very least, Hillquit’s “Socialism Summed Up” from that MAGICAL year of 1913, barf, gag, wretch, etc. For the record, I prefer his last name as Hillquit for it at least can pass as Jewish – I am sick to death of seeing Jews with last names ending in “icz” – they are all so good at changing things to blend in, like names, so the least they can do is change the spelling of their last names to end in “itz” instead of “icz”. I don’t care how many of the wild, filthy, radical, “revolutionaries” came flooding in by the boat load late 19th/early 20th centuries, from Eastern Europe, they are not Polish, nothing about them is Polish, and Poland was essentially destroyed centuries ago thanks to easily corrupted monarchies and the Jews who spurred them on, unknowingly or not. So hard to know if one is getting the truth on historical facts – hard to find much that doesn’t have some crumb or smidgen of Jew York City Academia Publishing House connected to it in one way, shape, form or fashion ; ) {sigh}
    It’s infuriating I would be wasting my time to share this beyond a small circle because it will absolutely qualify as antisemitic hate speech – dripping in truth like it is, and as relevant today and NOW as it was over a hundred years ago.
    Good thing Putin is going to get his cape back from the dry-cleaners and save the Christian/Orthodox world, oh well at least in Russia, or so they all seem to think on RT and Russia Insider, when they’re not busy “Merika” bashing. I am half Ukrainian and it pains me to see the level of ignorance their online presence generates. Perhaps I have not yet found the right source and I’ve only been exposed to bottom feeders so far so do not have the proper gauge. I realize many Ukrainians my age are not well edJEWcated but most I’ve encountered of the Ukrainians still possess a quiet dignity and painful awareness of who their oppressor is – the same one they have known for centuries now.

  2. This article for me only awakens myself to pray even more and better these errors of Russia are already here and in other country’s its never going to change only increase ,we have exchanged the Ten Commandments and the crucifix for Lucifer and his minions and Our Lord said ok now I take my grace away ,this also goes hand and hand with immigration plot which also is not going away ,Heaven has sent us the solution Mary his mother but even today she’s thrown under the bus or you could say dismissed with extreme prejudice , which is a very bad mistake don’t mock his mother , so get ready this war is coming scripture warned you Mary warned us bend the necks and knees NOW tomorrow is to Late , one last note one comment mentioned Father Fahey the Kingship of Christ this will come but first punishment for all sins including are own ,In Christo Et Maria , Fitz I pray to heaven on your choices of articles , keep going RL
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