How the vaccine conspiracy benefits the banksters

This is a very good information graphic, but it lacks the key ingredient of the Rothschild banking crime syndicate. (Click graphic to enhance)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 8, 2018 Anno Domini

Yes, vaccines can and do cause serious injury to humans; this is a well-documented fact. It is also well documented that the massive worldwide pharmaceutical industry that manufactures and disburses these vaccines has gone to great lengths to cover-up this fact.

But a little known, equally important fact is that the big banks of this world are raking in as much money, if not more than, Big Pharma—all at the expense of the uninformed and unsuspecting Western populace.

Many Western governments have developed funds to compensate victims of vaccination injury—that’s if said victims are fortunate enough to figure out that vaccines have damaged them. How many health problems caused by vaccines are misattributed to something else? Likely very many. But even when these fortunate few do bring their claims to government’s vaccine court in need of compensation, many, if not most, of these claims are denied—usually on the grounds of insufficient “scientific” evidence. What average middle class family can afford to hire a lawyer, doctors, and clinicians to provide this evidence? Few, if any. So it seems that these government compensation funds are really just for show, and the criminal pharmaceutical vaccine racket can march ahead unfettered.

The Rothchild banking crime syndicate, which controls almost all world banks, benefits from this public health crisis through at least two means. Western taxpayers are burdened with both providing the funds for the government-sponsored vaccine injury compensation funds (vaccines makers are typically exempt from vaccine injury liability) and for feeding the ever-dwindling coffers for socialized medicine, which are projected to be sucked dry by the enormous public health crisis of vaccine-induced autism. Forget all the other health crises plaguing the West (by design and also to the benefit of the banksters), this one crisis, alone, will bankrupt Western public healthcare systems if it is not mitigated—and soon.

So where does that leave Western governments? It leaves them begging at the doorstep of the Rothschilds to borrow their paper fiat at usurious rates. How else will Western governments prop up their sick and decaying societies when the money dries up? Brain-dead Western leaders can’t figure out the scam; those with brains are just in on the fix for their own benefit. Our elected officials have allowed Big Pharma and the Rothschilds to run their self-perpetuating vaccine scam, which has resulted in nothing but misery, suffering, and poverty.

Another probable outcome of the Rothschild vaccine scam is that it will force Western governments to increase taxes to prop up their healthcare systems. This will result in the continued eradication of the Middle Class, greater financial strain on the Lower Class, and less informed consent when it comes to public health programs like vaccination. Think about how much more difficult it will be for a family with less expendable income to learn about the dangers of vaccines. Education is generally reciprocal to income. The only way to solve this dilemma is for families to borrow money for education. That’s assuming they will be even credit worthy. Again, the banskters win.

How much more institutionalized will this heist be if and when vaccination is globally mandatory? God forbid it should happen.


  1. You leave little to be said regarding the hell of vaccinations. Autism among children, according to some knowledgeable folks, say one in ten or probably eight boys will suffer autism by 2020 if present trends continue. Statins is another topic that deserves a close study for the myriad side-effects for a drug that one organic red apple and organic plum would fill the need. Check it out if you want to see how dementia, ED, liver complaints, kidney illness, and to cap it all a major culprit in – yes you guessed it, heart health.
    Royal Lee – a nutritionist of the first order and dentist by profession made the simple statement that vitamin C comes in two forms but only one of them actually can cure scurvy. The typical Vitamin C we buy over the counter at pharmacists or chemist shops is Ascorbic Acid – the bogus Vitamin C. The one to buy, if available, is natural vitamin C which is a higher order of animal altogether and which does cure scurvy. Not only scurvy but also mends the torn and lined arteries of our hearts that ascorbic acid does nothing for. So, for the Irish in particular and mankind in general you will do yourselves a world of good and get to live quite a lot longer by adjusting your attention to buying natural vitamin C. Also, see your doctor after you check out Cyruta, a buckwheat extract put together by Dr. Lee (above) which helps deplaque the arteries. Too many people are having their lives cut short by bogus medicine, that is is cut or three below natural medicine.

    1. Interesting about Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid typically is derived from genetically engineered corn, yet another reason to avoid it. I wonder if the natural vitamin C can lead to kidney stones like ascorbic acid can.

  2. Supposedly vitamin K2 – menaquinone-7 can de-plaque the arteries.
    As for the article: the key is to depopulate (especially men) and to separate the populace from their money while killing them. I don’t think there is any intention to keep the ill or elderly alive after the next decade passes. The “baby boomers” will be the first to get the real thrust of the dying with dignity baloney. This means you will die (without or without dignity) at the whim of the state. And thus all of these funeral homes in the U.S. suddenly going under corporate umbrellas and calling themselves “dignity” homes. What a sick joke.

    1. They’re already killing off the ill and elderly; in fact, I’ve witnessed it happening with several of my own and friend’s family members, through doctor’s negligence and failure to take action. My father was written off as having “progressive supranuclear palsy” with no hope for recovery. All the doctor did was some brain scans, with no remedy or course of action. After doing a lot of research, I went with my father to a couple appointments to ask them to run some specific tests, which showed he had treatable conditions like anemia, gluten and dairy intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome. At the next appointment with the “specialist”, we were firmly told there would be no more tests, and to arrange “end of life care”. My mother believed the doctor, and said there would be no more intervention, against my father’s wishes. She then convinced my siblings that the doctors knew what was best.
      The same thing happened to a friend’s mother, but she fought hard to keep her mother out of hospice. She lived another 3 years, at home and caring for herself until the final month of her life.
      Hospice is the latest racket, where they convince family members there is no hope, and they should just allow their loved ones to “die with dignity” and in peace. Right…drugging them with morphine (so they won’t try to resist being put to death) while withholding food and water–thereby causing death by dehydration–isn’t a very “peaceful” or “dignified” way to die!

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