Illuminati Agents – Series IV

Kicking things off is Alex “Judas Goat” Jones, who was recently outed by Ms. Sherrie Lea for hiring a former Stratfor employee, Molly Maroney, adding to growing speculation that his media empire is a Mossad/CIA honeypot and part of a Project Mockingbird psyop.

More and more, the pseudo-environmental movement is being used by the Illuminati to achieve their aims of excessive taxation (outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), land grabs, and a cashless society, electronic control grid. This illustration features Zionist technocrat Ray Kurzweil, a leading cheerleader of the totalitarian “smart” grid, as well as green movement founder Maurice Strong, the United Nations architect of what later became Agenda 21.

And finally, thanks to the work of people like Mr. E. Michael Jones, the Illuminist/Cabalist roots of the Protestant Reformation are becoming well known. These are three of the major players who helped shape the Protestant Reformation in Europe and England: John Calvin (a Cabalist whom many considered a crypto-Jew or at least a demi-Jew), Jan (John) Huss, the butcher who led the Hussite rebellion, and Zionist John Wycliffe, the result of the Jewish-Masonic takeover of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.


  1. I found this searching the web for information about the Hussites.
    Jan Hus didn’t lead the Hussite rebellion. Jan Zizka (Zhizhka) did. These were two very different men. Hus didn’t lead armies, he preached in Prague and was burned for it, which started the war. Hus’ followers were as diverse as the people who they were fighting. The moderate Utraquists simply wanted to implicate Hus’ reforms, particularly lay access to Communion of both kinds (Utraquism) while the radical Taborites (also Orebites and Orphans) wanted to completely abolish the Church and the Empire. Now there is some difference of opinion as to the rebellion Zizka and the Taborites led. On one hand, it was bloody. But is was also a rebellion of the downtrodden Czechs against the Holy Roman (German) Empire. And they succeeded against all odds, with outnumbered lightly-armored farm-tool-carrying Czechs beating back Imperial “crusades” on numerous occasions. Zizka never lost a battle, and the stakes were always against his men. The only thing that could defeat the Hussites was disagreement within. When the Hussites’ old enemy the Holy Roman Empire finally got them at Bila Hora in 1620, the result was genocide.
    What is important is that the Hussite uprising happened because the people were tired of the duplicity of the Empire and Church, as well as simple poverty. Saying this, I want to stress that the Church has come a long way since 1420, and has done much to rid itself of that corruption. I don’t care about the Illuminati, Cabbala, or any of that. I only care about real people fighting for real things. It’s interesting to see this perspective though. Very little thought has been given in the west to the Hussite wars, and that’s sad cause it’s some really interesting and important history. I hope you have done a thorough research of Hussitism and the history of Central Europe to make these claims about Hus. Then again, I might just be an Illuminati agent.

    1. Martin Luther was also rosicrucian who added judaic old testament to the bible. Despite his anti-jewish remarks he was judaist and since reformation relative peace in Europe ended and bloody wars started one after another and chivalry as such was quickly forgotten.

      1. I agree. I think Luther was a very divided man. As you say, he was a Judaizer, yet he wrote works like “The Jews and Their Lies.” I wasn’t aware he was a Rosicrucian. Do you have more information about that?

    2. Mr asdasd. Just Because you use the judaic old testament (which was already in use, so he didn’t “add” it) does not make you a judaizer. It predates the pharisees and the Talmud and so it isn’t linked with either of those things. It was used by Jesus. Jesus said
      “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be
      fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:18)
      Why would Jesus not have said this? Because the jot is a Hebrew letter, and the tittle is a small mark to distinguish
      between Hebrew letters. If Jesus used the Greek Septuagint, His scriptures would not have contained the jot and
      Using the Hebrew canon does not mean Zionism.

  2. I had no idea AJ is a mossad israeli double agent backstabber. Thx for the heads up, when is he gonna get pulled?

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