Charles Giuliani: a nihilist saboteur of the truth movement?

Giuliani as he appeared in RBN ad.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 19, 2012 Anno Domini
Part I | Part II

As the truth movement wises up to the growing number of sheep in wolves’ clothing among them (Zionist shill Alex Jones being among the first to fall hard), it’s only a matter of time before most or all of the shills and frauds that have held back the movement are weeded out.

A small potatoes paytriot gaining prominence in some circles today is Charles Giuliani[i], an over-the-top, charismatic commentator who has joined a host of other so-called patriots on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, which is known for having a mixture of both truthtellers and shills, and has a similar look, feel, and the same core of advertizers and guests as the Republic Broadcasting Network and even the Alex Jones empire in the Genesis Communications Network.  Alan Watt is an example of a shill at RBN while Michael Collins Piper would be an example of a legitimate patriot, just to give you an idea of how truthers and liars seem to co-exist among truth movement mediums.

Giuliani, whose show Truth Hertz runs almost daily at OBN, maintains an anti-Zionist show theme within the context of a nihilist, highly anti-religious worldview. Giuliani and his brigade of typically militant atheist followers claim he is a Biblical scholar (the perfect alibi) who has the authority and knowledge to come to the radical conclusion that Christianity is not only an extension but at the core of the global Jewish conspiracy.

Giuliani suddenly becomes Jew wise
A little bit about how this Giuliani character came to become a show host at OBN. He perhaps first became known in the truth movement on Pal Talk—a popular Internet chat room—under the handle “imilac” and other variations of this name. This all occurred between about 2004 and 2006. (Prior to Pal Talk, he frequented Yahoo chat rooms).
There he typically focused on the 9/11 aspect of the New World Order and based many of his rooms on this.
Personally, I recall bringing up in his rooms the Zionist aspects of the New World Order and was either warned that I could not talk about it, or I was subsequently booted and banned from the room. This is strange behavior from a guy who is so seemingly anti-Zionist today and persistently uses the clichéd charge “elite Jew pigs” dozens and dozens of times throughout any given broadcast of his at OBN. And, of course, Giuliani himself rarely, if ever, brought up Zionism in his early Pal Talk days, much less created a room themed on anti-Zionism. (I believe he is still active on Pal Talk). Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt; perhaps he wasn’t Jew wise then. But that excuse is difficult to accept considering the depth of information Charles would expound upon about the 9\11 attacks. And why proactively censor information linking the Jews?

Giuliani’s nihilist bias and its Jewish associations
One of the most troubling aspect of the Truth Hertz program is its overtly nihilist bias. In the mind of Giuliani and his followers, there is no truth other than that the Jews are oppressing the world. This is highly contradictory and self-defeating, because how can it be absolute that there is a Jewish conspiracy yet everything else is relative or an illusion? I don’t wish to get into a debate about the validity of nihilism or atheism here, but whether it is true or not, listeners of Truth Hertz should know that Giuliani is not presenting value-free information.

Nihilism was vital to the success of the Marxist-Bolshevist (Jewish) takeover of Russia.

“In 1881, the Nihilists murdered Czar Alexander II. Konstantine Petrovitch Pobiedonostsev (also: Constantin Pobedonostzeff), a man of Jewish appearance who won the favor of Alexander III, retaliated with pogroms against the Jews; which, while certainly bad, were exaggerated in the international press… many of the younger Jews participated in the revolutionary movement of the Nihilists, and that the Jews were consequently responsible for the death of the ‘Czar-Emancipator.” (Christopher Jon Bjerknes, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, pages 789-790)

Historian E. Michael Jones elaborates on the Judeo-nihilist evolution of pre-revolutionary Russia in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (2008),

…As “nihilist enlightenment”  conquered the Jewish youth, Russian radicalism put forth its first revolutionary tendrils with the founding of Zemlia I Volia (Land and Freedom) in 1861. Three years later, Nikolai Ishutin and Dmitrii Karakazov created a conspiratorial “Organization,” which was the front for a deeper inner circle known as “Hell,” which took Nihilism to its logical conclusion by first advocating and then engaging in acts of terrorism. ON April 4, 1866, Karakazov decided to turn revolutionary dreams into political realities when he attempted to assasinate Alexander II. (page 650)

Also see Father Seraphim Rose’s Nihilism, The Root of Revolution in the Modern Age.

The Jews admit the importance of nihilism to their revolutionary causes in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Historically, nihilism has had more in common with Talmudic Judaism than with skepticism or logic, contrary to what some may think.

Jewish Kabbalist Mason Albert Pike describes nihilism’s use in the Jews’ Hegelian dialectic:

“We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”[ii]

What lies at the root of Giuliani’s attacks on Christianity?
Giuliani doesn’t simply just reject Christianity—which has been a staple of Jewish opposition for millennia—he goes out of his way to attack it and belittle its adherents. His basis for Christianity being an alleged Jewish plot is based mostly on his personal interpretations of the Levitical laws and Jewish history in the Old Testament. How could a religion like Christianity be legitimate if its core book is based on the behavior of a genocidal war God, he argues, without quantifying the reasons for some of God’s actions in the Old Testament. Instead, he sets up a strawman argument. For example, Giuliani claims Jesus was a Zionist merely because Jesus quoted Isaiah. Giuliani then takes Isaiah out of context in order to strengthen his case that Jesus is supposedly advocating that the nations shall bow at the feet of Israel.[iii] Isaiah is a highly figurative book. When it speaks of Israel, it’s speaking about a spiritual people, not a physical nation.

Giuliani over-simplifies and mischaracterizes the God of the Bible (his infantile conception that God is simply a genocidal, baby-killing enslaver) without considering the context of the scripture. He seems to take almost everything out of context in order to support his dramatic, knee-jerk view. Furthermore, it’s ironic and hypocritical that Giuliani rails against those who have a black-and-white concept of reality (arguably religious people), while at the same time he uses a black-and-white critique of God. He also uses the all-too-cliché Zeitgeist critique of Christianity—that it is merely a regurgitation of ancient pagan religions—and claims the Bible is full of contradictions.[iv]

Giuliani borders on psychoanalyzing Christian and religious people. Psychoanalysis, of course, was an exclusively Jewish movement started by a radical Zionist named Sigmund Freud. Giuliani furthers his assault on Christianity by mischaracterizing the majority of Christianity as being Zionist when, in fact, Christian Zionism is only a minority of the global Ecclesia and a strictly British Commonwealth phenomenon. This brings to mind a Truth Hertz show when Giuliani interviewed veteran patriot Texe Marrs. When Marrs was about to explain his thoughts on the Old Testament specific to Giuliani’s criticism of it, Giuliani conveniently cut him off in an Alex Jones-like fashion. Giuliani often criticizes Christian apologists of using “…Because God said so” circular reasoning. However, this is likely only true in the case of inexperienced or new converts. Giuliani never actually gets into the nuts and bolts of the Bible. Instead, he simply picks and chooses passages upon which to formulate his arguments (isolationist tactics).

In conclusion, I posit that Charles Giuliani is intellectually dishonest at best and an Alex Jones-like shill at worst furthering the Jewish crusade against religion and specifically Christianity.[v] He cannot be trusted, nor can the Genesis-Oracle-Republican broadcasting triad.

Part two deals with Christianity’s contribution to the truth movement and its polar opposition to Judaism


  1. Good stuff, Tim. I’ve found myself wondering about him as his persona has a forced feel to it. Anyone who is serious about the Jewish problem cannot fail to understand that Christianity was the best defense against it for centuries. Look forward to part two

  2. Nice article, But …,
    Why do you list Alan Watt as a shill ?, I find Alan Watt to be very creditable with good sourced references and logic.

    1. Watt quite emphatically denies the Jewish aspect of the global conspiracy. If he lies about that, what else is he lying about? He seems to come from the same alternative media cookie cutter as shill Alex Jones.

      1. Fitz, nearly all, I do not want to say all, but nearly all famous conspiracy salesman are either in the Jew’s pocket or intentionally avoiding the Jewish question so they can keep themselves from getting banned on YouTube and I do not think it has a negative effect on their flow of shekels. Assuming the person is not directly working for the Jews that he or she would generally make more money from blaming it on someone else. Bullshit sells. It boggles my mind how anyone who can write a coherent sentence can think the Jesuits work for the Jews, and some appear to think the Jews are somehow innocent. Society is so fucked up, that people are more accepting of a person who believes stupid bullshit, like it is the queen or the Pope or whatever than someone criticize Jews.

        Anyway, I think nearly every famous person is a shill.
        These people wind up on tv or have fancy studios and some people do not question that, maybe it impresses them, but that is a red flag, a major red flag. There really is not much money in telling the truth.

    1. What precisely is Catholicisms role? Enlighten us, oh fount of all knowledge. The so-called Protestant “Reformation” was a step along the road toward the rampant secularisation which we have today; which is why atheists and Jews spend less time bashing protestantism than they do Catholicism.

    2. Are you that guy who says the Jesuits are behind everything?
      Do you really believe that stuff? It is really stupid.
      Of course Jews control the current puppets in Rome.
      The idea that the Catholic Church runs the whole thing is absurd.
      Any unbiased person can see that.
      Anyone pushing the Jesuit stuff is either a liar or totally lost.
      The world is run by the rich and these people are Jewish led, everyone else is their puppet. People like you are not worth talking to.

  3. Interesting article, but I think Giuliani is legit. I myself am a Christian turned atheist. I didn’t buy into the Jewish conspiracy until about eight months ago. For years I looked into seemingly every conspiracy except the Jewish one. I did know there were disturbing passages in the Talmud and there were big holes with the Holocaust story but just didn’t think that this small group of people could have the power to rule the world. You have to start somewhere and Giuliani like many, were fans of Alex Jones, David Icke, and Alan Watt in the beginning. I believe he said he had read the Protocols a while back but probably didn’t get the big picture until recently. Like Giuliani, it took me a while to wake up. If he has an agenda, who’s funding him?

    1. Yes you are correct. I personally have researched the whole conspiracy for a lot of years beginning with Alex Jones in about 2000. I only realized he was a shill after a few years. Meanwhile I tried to do my own research as open mindedly as possible. One thing that kept me from being truly objective was my Jewish programming. First I had known and liked some of the Jews I had met. Second, I believed most of the WWII propaganda, especially regarding Jews and so wanted to protect them from anti-semitism. But as time went on and I kept digging deeper, I discovered that first Jesus was an invention and the whole thing was concocted by Jews essentially creating a religion to control the Euro goyim. So, like Charles, I have broken with all three of the Abrahamic religions because they and more crap and evil comes out of that Chosen Few’s book and the other books like the Talmud than anything else on the planet. Charles himself was hooked into all this mind control and finally rid himself of it. I do not know his spiritual views but I am pretty sure he believes in a more natural form of spirituality along the lines of most indigenous peoples, just as ALL our ancestors had until they were forced to accept the JewDeoChristian (or other as in Islam) religion. I know he is interested in megalithic culture which is a suppressed field relegated to “fringe” archeology, but both he and I agree that the Jewish controlled acedemia does not want us to find out our true origins. Lastly, I have only recently confirmed after a lot of research and fact checking that the Nazis were Askenazi Jews for the most part, funded through Rothschild and Central Bank money vis the BIS in Basel. Finding this out is probably the hardest to do because of all the disinfo on the Nazis and guess what, it took Charles awhile to get there, but he did and he has no patience with white supremacists or Nazis etc. So Charles is not a racist. He is just an American patriot period. He is also an honest man who looks for the truth and is a work in progress like we all are. Finally, he is not a nihilist or even an atheist. He is just a man and a good one. I have heard him through pretty good and he has gone through all the right changes and that is what you have to do if you are a sincere truth seeker.

  4. The Jewish programming is why it took me a while to figure this out as well. Even though I believed the Holocaust was a hoax, knew what was going on in Palestine, and knew that quite a few Jews occupied high positions in power, I still couldn’t get the big picture. It was not until I read David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism and Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique that I finally concluded that the NWO was in fact a Jewish conspiracy. It’s unfortunate that so many whom are genuinely trying to seek the truth never will because of Alex Jones, David Icke, Mark Dice, etc.
    As for WWII, I believe Hitler was genuinely interested in expelling the Jews from European society. He knew what they were doing in Europe, knew they were behind world communism, and knew that if they were not stopped they would dominate the entire planet. I guess Hitler was naive in what he was doing and underestimated how powerful they were.
    I do not believe Christianity was a Jewish invention. The Jews and Gentiles have been at war with each other for essentially the past 3000 years. Christianity came about as a solution to form some sort of united front against Judaism. The Romans felt they were being dominated by them, especially in terms of commerce and trade. The elites were fearing that power was slipping away from them. Until recently I couldn’t understand the New Testament’s anti-Jewish slant. Now I see exactly what is going on. For instance, the Jews have always been good with money. Many passages in the gospels discusses how Jesus rebuked the money-changers and greedy men, whom were obviously Jews. I see why the New Testament was written with an anti-capitalist slant. He didn’t want his people to associate with the Jews. You may want to check out my blog post discussing how Christianity came about.

  5. There is something not right with Giuliani. He mostly tells the truth especially when it comes to political topics but occasionally discusses nonsense topics like a supposed former existence of super intelligent human giants who were killed off completely by the Jews and other similar nonsense. He also espouses the nonsense disinformation that Hitler was a Jew puppet until the end and that his entire goal was to destroy the German people all along. He seems to hold the view that everything that ever happened in history was a Jew orchestration and even the most anti-Jew characters of history were secretly working for Jews. This type of disinformation is designed to demoralize the opposition into believing they have no hope of ever mounting a resistance when in fact the kike vermin are losing on many fronts today as we speak. I’m not a religious expert myself so I can’t comment on his religion discussions but I find some major red flags with this guy. Certainly he’s a level above Alex Jonstein when it comes to truth telling but he’s not perfect or fully trust worthy by any means either. Whether or not he’s a shill or just making honest mistakes when it comes to certain issues I just don’t know.

  6. Giuliani is supposed to be a white patriot, yet rather than spend the majority of the considerable time he devotes to broadcasting–two hours per day, five days a week–attacking the Jews and white race traitors and offering solutions to the long-planned genocide of whites, spends most of it disparaging Christianity and (white) Christians ad infinitum.
    What’s wrong with this picture?
    Giuliani isn’t motivated by a love for his people, assuming he’s white (I have my doubts), but rather a morbid, all-consuming hatred of Christianity. More specifically, he’s motivated by an all-consuming hatred of whites. I firmly believe that Giuliani is a paid shill in the employ of the traditional enemy, i.e. Jews, who know only too well that a racial and a spiritual reawakening of white people poses the greatest threat to their global hegemony. That is why they and their stooges, like Giuliani, continue to wage war on the faith of our fathers.

  7. What sense does it make to talk about any 5 year old Kindergarden Macho Revolutionary…
    It makes sense wondering, why those disturbed stuck Children become a dominant force in all societies of our degenerating world…electing the Leaders to Power from their own growing group to create the new standard of doctrine and Living….

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