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Hitler & the Kabbalistic, Talmudic creation of WW2.

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D. REED: The Controversy of Zion pg 212

Top Zionist Leader Nahum Sokolow:

“Hitlerism enables us to CONVERT ALL JEWS TO ZIONISM”

bottom left

The Jewish State (1896), by Theodor Herzl



"Over 325,000 Jews from Nazi-occupied Europe came to Israel between 1948 and 1951."

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Did the Holocaust Play a Role in the Establishment of the State of Israel? By Tomer Kleinman, UCSB, March 2002.


“In this paper I will argue that the Holocaust played an important role in the founding and long term visibility of the State of Israel in three respects: The Holocaust motivated large numbers of immigrants to move to the new country, providing the necessary population; secondly, the Holocaust enabled Israel to pressure Germany into supplying the economic base necessary to build infrastructure and support those immigrants; and finally, the Holocaust swayed world opinion so that the United Nations approved the State of Israel in 1948. [...] While scholars would argue this determination enabled the State of Israel and nothing to do with the Holocaust, evidence supplied by other scholars argues otherwise.”

“The Zionist movement did have an important role in the establishment of the State of Israel, and Wolffsohn and other scholars who argue that the Zionists could have succeeded without the Holocaust and WWII fail to see a few key points.  First, Zionist resistance groups could not have fought off Britain if Germany had not weakened the British military power during WWII.  Second, once Israel was established in 1948, Israel needed resources to survive the initial influx of immigrants.  West Germany supplied the resources in reparation for the Jews who suffered in the Holocaust.  The State of Israel was established with the determination of the Zionist community as Wolffsohn points out, although the Holocaust gave Israel the money, population, resources and approval from other countries, which allowed Israel to survive and thrive for the past fifty years

“After the agreement was signed, West Germany became one of Israel’s foremost importers.  Twenty-five percent of Israel’s shipbuilding came from West Germany, nine percent of the electrical industry, eleven percent of the iron and steel and thirteen percent of machinery.[50]  Shipments under the agreement made up twelve percent of all annual Israel imports.[51]  They helped fuel Israel’s economy and stimulate future production.  In the north, Israel’s ironworks were built entirely from German shipments.  About 2000 individual enterprises, both large and small, received machinery and other equipment.[52]  According to Nicholas Balabkins, author of West Germany Reparations to Israel, the most important influence of the agreement was towards Israel’s field of telecommunication.  Balabkins argued that, “although ships, electricity generating and transmitting equipment, and railroads considerably improved the operating capacity of the sectors of Israel’s material infrastructure, the most remarkable qualitative improvement was in the field of telecommunication.”[53]  Without the Shilumim agreement, the equipment for the telecommunication could never have been financed.

The Luxembourg Treaty also opened doors for outside deals between West Germany and Israel.  Between 1953 and 1965, exports and imports outside of the agreement started to emerge.  In 1953 exports to Israel from West Germany added up to DM 20.6 million, in 1960 the number climbed to DM 77.8 million, and in 1965 exports rose to DM 276 million.  On the other side, imports from Israel to West Germany increased; in 1953 imports were limited at DM .4 million, although in 1960 the imports grew to DM 101.3 million and finally in 1965 the number blossomed to DM 206 million.[54]  The rise of Israel’s importation of goods to West Germany is linked to reparations Israel received from the agreement.  The economy in Israel was starting to rise and a lot of the economic upswing was due to the Luxembourg Treaty.  In an interview Dr. Goldmann stated that, “for Israel, particularly in those difficult financial days, the agreement was a downright salvation.  When we remember that in recent years the greater part of Israel’s deficit in foreign exchange has been covered by Germany under the agreement, we can see what tremendous importance it had for Israel.”[55]   In addition, the reparations helped stimulate other industries in Israel, such as iron and rubber, which would have been difficult otherwise.”

“It would be nice to say that the Zionist organization and the desire of the Jewish people were enough to create Israel, but realistically, Israel needed outside help.”

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More  Zionists Supporting Hitler quotes:

Zionist Jew Emil Ludwig:

“Hitler will be forgotten in a few years, but he will have a beautiful monument in Palestine. You know the coming of the Nazis was rather a welcome thing. So many of our German Jews were hovering between two coasts; so many of them were riding the treacherous current between the Scylla of assimilation and the Charybdis of a nodding acquaintance with Jewish things. Thousands who seemed to be completely lost to Judaism were brought back to the fold by Hitler, and for that, I am personally very grateful to him.” 

“Many persons have become Jews since Hitler"


Zionist Jew Joachim Prinz wrote in 1937:

“Everyone in Germany knew that only the Zionists could responsibly represent the Jews in dealings with the Nazi government. We all felt sure that one day the government would arrange a round table conference with the Jews, at which—after the riots and atrocities of the revolution had passed—the new status of German Jewry could be considered. The government announced very solemnly that there was no country in the world which tried to solve the Jewish problem as seriously as did Germany. Solution of the Jewish question? It was our Zionist dream! We never denied the existence of the Jewish question! Dissimilation? It was our own appeal! . . . In a statement notable for its pride and dignity, we called for a conference.” 


Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years: 

In fact, close relations have always existed between zionists and antisemites: exactly like some of the European conservatives, the zionists thought they could ignore the ‘demonic’ character of antisemitism and use the antisemites for their own purposes. Many examples of such alliances are well known. Herzl allied himself with the notorious Count von Plehve, the antisemitic minister of Tsar Nicholas II;27 Jabotinsky made a pact with Petlyura, the reactionary Ukrainian leader whose forces massacred some 100,000 Jews in 1918-21; Ben-Gurion’s allies among the French extreme right during the Algerian war included some notorious antisemites who were, however, careful to explain that they were only against the Jews in France, not in Israel.

Perhaps the most shocking example of this type is the delight with which some Zionist leaders in Germany welcomed Hitler’s rise to power, because they shared his belief in the primacy of ‘race’ and his hostility to the assimilation of Jews among ‘Aryans’. They congratulated Hitler on his triumph over the common enemy—the forces of liberalism. Dr Joachim Prinz, a Zionist rabbi who subsequently emigrated to the USA, where he rose to be vice-chairman of the World Jewish Congress and a leading light in the World Zionist Organization (as well as a great friend of Golda Meir), published in 1934 a special book, Wir Juden (We, Jews), to celebrate Hitler’s so-called German Revolution and the defeat of liberalism:

The meaning of the German Revolution for the German nation will eventually be clear to those who have created it and formed its image. Its meaning for us must be set forth here: the fortunes of liberalism are lost. The only form of political life which has helped Jewish assimilation is sunk.28

The victory of Nazism rules out assimilation and mixed marriages as an option for Jews. ‘We are not unhappy about this,’ said Dr Prinz. In the fact that Jews are being forced to identify themselves as Jews, he sees ‘the fulfillment of our desires’. And further:

We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and Jewish race. A state built upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only honored and respected by a Jew who declares his belonging to his own kind. Having so declared himself, he will never be capable of faulty loyalty towards a state. The state cannot want other Jews but such as declare themselves as belonging to their nation. It will not want Jewish flatterers and crawlers. It must demand of us faith and loyalty to our own interest. For only he who honors his own breed and his own blood can have an attitude of honor towards the national will of other nations.29

The whole book is full of similar crude flatteries of Nazi ideology, glee at the defeat of liberalism and particularly of the ideas of the French Revolution and great expectations that, in the congenial atmosphere of the myth of the Aryan race, Zionism and the myth of the Jewish race will also thrive.

Of course, Dr Prinz, like many other early sympathizers and allies of Nazism, did not realize where that movement (and modern antisemitism generally) was leading.30 Equally, many people at present do not realize where zionism—the movement in which Dr Prinz was an honored figure—is tending: to a combination of all the old hates of classical Judaism towards Gentiles and to the indiscriminate and ahistorical use of all the persecutions of Jews throughout history in order to justify the zionist persecution of the Palestinians.

For, insane as it sounds, it is nevertheless plain upon close examination of the real motives of the zionists, that one of the most deep-seated ideological sources of the Zionist establishment’s persistent hostility towards the Palestinians is the fact that they are identified in the minds of many east-European Jews with the rebellious east-European peasants who participated in the Chmielnicki uprising and in similar revolts—and the latter are in turn identified ahistorically with modern antisemitism and Nazism.”

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I have one question: Can Timothy, Josh or Andy cover Vegan Agenda and it's connetion to Noachidism,Noachide Laws, Green and Communist agenda, as well as New Age, Gaia-worship, Shekinah (Satan)-worship, Talmudism, Ebionitism, Essenism, Judaism, Kabbalism, Frankism, Sabbatheism and all other jewish occultisms?



More on Nazi Generalplan Ost, the sham to justify Jewish-Soviet 'liberation' in cover to impose communism on Eastern Europe:
Quote from Historian Viktor Suvorov in his book Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?

“Even before the Nazis came to power, the Soviet leaders had given Hitler the unofficial name of 'Icebreaker for the Revolution'. The name is both apt and fitting. The communists understood that Europe would be vulnerable only in the event of war and that the Icebreaker for the Revolution could make it vulnerable. Unaware of this, Adolf Hitler cleared the way for world communism by his actions. With his Blitzkrieg wars, Hitler crushed the Western democracies, scattering and dispersing his forces from Norway to Libya. This suited Stalin admirably. The Icebreaker committed the greatest crimes against the world and humanity, and, in doing so, placed in Stalin's hands the moral right to declare himself the liberator of Europe at any time he chose--while changing the concentration camps from brown to red.”

pg 9

Generalplan Ost provided Stalin with the pretext he needed to take of all Eastern Europe by fighting back the Nazis.

pg 17:

"For Lenin, as for Marx, world revolution remained the guiding star, and he did not lose sight of this goal. But according to the minimum programme, the First World War would only facilitate a revolution in one country. How, then, would the world revolution take place thereafter? Lenin gave a clear-cut answer to this question in 1916: as a result of the second imperialist war. (The Military Programme for the Proletarian Revolution}

Perhaps I am mistaken, but having read much of what Hitler wrote, I have certainly found no indications that in 1916 Adolf Schickelgruber was dreaming of the Second World War. But Lenin was. What is more, he was laying down the need for such a war as the theoretical base for the building of socialism throughout the world."

See section 3 in my article for more on Generalplan Ost.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 1934:

“Forced in the beginning to emigrate to Palestine against their wills, many German Jews, formerly staunch assimilationists, today have learned to love their new home and are referring to Hitler as “the Messiah” because he “has made more Zionists in one day than Herzl did in his whole life,” Rabbi Israel Herbert Levinthal told an audience at the Brooklyn Jewish Center” 

Zionist leader and future first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann stated in 1914, before the First World War began:

“We cannot take Palestine yet, even if it were given to us. Even if the great miracle had happened and we had obtained the Charter, we should have to wait for the greater miracle--for the Jews to know how to make use of this Charter.”

Quoted in A. Hertzberg, The Zionist Idea, (1959), pg. 576. 

It’s clear that the First World War gave Palestine to the Jews, but they did not want it. The Second World War and Holocaust created the incentive for Jews to emigrate to Palestine & become Zionist as proven in my article and the other replies found here on the forum.

Jews followed Talmudic script by setting up a Haman character to set the German Jews (and other Jews alike) back on the 'right path':

The Babylonian Talmud states in Sanhedrin folio 97b:

“Rabbi Yehoshua said to him: If they do not repent, will they not be redeemed at all? Rather, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will establish a king for them whose decrees are as harsh as those issued by Haman, and the Jewish people will have no choice but to repent, and this will restore them to the right path.

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