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Ricardo Duchesne's Gotterdammerung of the West

I wrote about Ricardo Duchesne of the Council of European Canadians, but I believe he warrants a post on his own, reviewing his background, which can help assess his revered position at the CEC, and perhaps to give followers of that website information that they may not know already, and which clarifies some things about him a little more.

Not to be cryptic anymore, here is my essay, below.


On my first encounter with Ricardo Duchesne, I was moderately surprised at his combination of Hispanic and French name, and his remote (to us cosmopolitan Torontonians) location of the far eastern coast of Canada, in New Brunswick.

But, in multi-culti Toronto, that name combination shouldn't be a surprise. And his professional location as an academic in the University of New Brunswick is the usual "one goes where the job is," and most certainly for academics in the social sciences where university teaching job prospects are limited in metropolitan cities like Toronto.

I left it at that, until I had some correspondence with the Council of European Canadians, and I pitched a book project with them to write about multi-culti Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, and one of the most "diverse" cities in Canada, where Indians, Chinese, Hispanics, and to a lesser extent a mixture of Africans, flock to buy their townhouses at much reduced prices, to live the "Canadian Dream." Whites were being pushed out into neighboring smaller towns, further away from Toronto, and forced to re-adjust their lives, their children's schools, and their employment away from these Ontario hubs. One such place is beautiful Barrie, about two hours away from Toronto, and about which I have written, planning myself to move out there.

Duchesne was mildly dismissive about my proposal, and strangely, I thought, failed to see that I was actually supporting the CEC's complaints, and concerns (to put it mildly).

Then I got curious about his name combination, and where it came from.

And what I found is fascinating.

Below is information I researched and collected about two years ago (just as the COVID-Scam "lockdown" was beginning). I started this article, to post on my blog Reclaiming Beauty, Saving Our Western Civilization, and saved it for another time. I've completed it below, with a few updates, factual corrections, and edits.


It is very strange, and very peculiar, that the Council of European Canadians hold Ricardo Duchesne in such esteem, advertising his books, his personal internet links (it was twitter, but now it's gab), and when their articles are tallied, Duchesne has the most count. Partly, it could be due to Duchesne's apparent intellectual and academic background, and partly due to the intellectual naivete of the CEC crowd (which by the way, in the end, is to their advantage. Who wants to be a crusted academic cynic, which is the trait of most contemporary academics?).

Personally, and in the CEC's members' and editors' defense, I think Duchesne's output goes beyond their limited (I don't mean simplistic, but rather straightforward) patriotic understanding. His writings are often laced with a hidden vindictive resentment thrown at the "browns and the blacks" of the world, which make it through the cracks of the CEC's editorial board.

So who is Duchesne?

If you read Duchesne, it is very hard to pin him down. Is he pro-West? Is he pro-Canada? Is his whole being centered around those "ape-like" Third Worlders ("ape-like" is a term Duchesne uses)?

But, there is plenty of information online about Duchesne, which he assiduously obscures in his interactions and postings on the CEC's website.

Duchesne's biographical references from Wikipedia:

Duchesne was born in Puerto Rico; his mother Coralie Tattersall Duchesne was a British citizen born in Calcutta, his father Juan Duchesne Landrón a medical doctor of Afro-Puerto Rican and French heritage. His parents met when his mother was studying at the Sorbonne; they were wed in Tangier, had three children while living in Madrid, and three more, including Ricardo, after they moved to Puerto Rico in 1956. His parents divorced in 1970 and Ricardo Duchesne's mother moved to Montreal, where she became active in the local cultural scene as an actress and playwright; he joined her there in the mid-1970s when he was 15 years old. In Montreal he studied History at McGill University, and later at Concordia University under the supervision of George Rudé. In 1996, he received a doctorate in Social & Political Thought at York University for his 1994 Dissertation, "All Contraries Confounded: Historical Materialism and the Transition-to-Capitalism Debate". In 1995, Duchesne was appointed assistant professor in the department of social science at the University of New Brunswick. He took an early retirement from his position in 2019, following complaints of racism and hate speech. 

There are no photos of Duchesne's father, but there is one of his mother, Coralie Tattersall, from a memorial page dedicated to her, who is identified as a British, born in Calcutta. Below is a photo of her from the memorial website.

This site says that she is of "Anglo-Indian descent."

Duchesne's Wikipedia page says that his grandfather, Rafael Duchesne Modringuez

...was a significant jazz clarinetist and composer who played as a soloist with the Harlem Hellfighters, the American regimental band that introduced jazz music to Europe, as part of his military service during the First World War.

And about the Harlem Hellfighters:

With the 370th Infantry Regiment, [the Harlem Hellfighters] was known for being one of the first African American regiments to serve with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War 1.

Here is a photo of Rafael Duchesne Modringuez, the jazz musician with the Harlem Hellfighters, who returned to his native Puerto Rico after the war.
Rafael Duchesne Modrinquez, 
musician with the Harlem Hellfighters

Duchesne's family, as written by one of his brothers, Juan Duchesne, in a 2016 article, denounces Duchesne's "racist," "white supremacist" writings, and corroborates with these online information on the family's background:

...[a]s a member of the Duchesne family, I totally repudiate my brother’s white supremacist crypto-Nazi positions. We are a family of Puerto Rican, Caribbean heritage. Our father is Puerto Rican, our grandfather was of mixed Afro-Puerto Rican and French descent, our mother was a British citizen of Anglo-Indian descent, born in Calcuta [sic]. Ricky was born and raised in Puerto Rico with us. We are proud of our cosmopolitan, plural ethnic heritage. …We cannot explain our brother’s absurd racist politics except as a form of the typical self-hatred or wannabe White anxiety provoked by colonial prejudice suffered by Puerto Ricans who have been historically racialized by U.S. colonialism.

What a strange surprise to see that Duchesne is technically 1/4 black through his father, and has Indian background from his mother. I never "googled" Duchesne before, since I assumed that all the pertinent information - his Puerto Rican background (there are many whites from Puerto Rico), his various degrees and teaching assignments, his final destination (with his resignation) to the University of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada - were interspersed in his writings, and in his biography on the CEC's website. [Note: This biographical information is no longer available on the CEC - for any of the authors.]

Duchesne spent his early years with his Puerto Rican family - with his father - until he joined his mother in Montreal at around age fifteen (information from his Wikipedia bio). A Miami cultural center Facebook page, El Centro Cultural de Puerto Rico En El Sur de la Florida, announces in 2020 Dr. Duchesne Sr.'s (Dr. Juan A. Duchesne Landron) death, with a brief autobiographical information:

Dr. Juan A. Duchesne Landron (1926-2020) Con tristeza pero gran admiracion hacia nuestro padre Dr. Duchesne que fallecio ayer en Humacao

[Dr. Juan A. Duchesne Landron (1926-2020) With sadness but with great admiration towards our father Dr. Duchesne who died yesterday in Humacao]

Humacao is the city in Puerto Rico where Dr. Juan A. Duchesne Landron practiced medicine.

I wondered why the CEC wrote so little abut the "lockdown," the "COVID" world, and the great re-set of the 21st Century?

My article on this was the first published in this topic on the CEC, in which I denounced the COVID "emergency" as a scam, and as a prelude to universal mandated vaccinations of an un-tested concoction billed as a "vaccine."

I am indeed grateful that the CEC published this article, but their interest lay mostly in my revelation that two non-Western participants were involved, if not were major architects, in this scam - the World Health Organization's Director Eritrea-born Tedros Ghebreyesus, and the Hong Kong/China-born Health Canada senior official (Chief Public Health Officer of Canada) Theresa Tam.

Since that article, very little has come from the CEC to support my presentation, let alone to publicly denounce the illegal shutdown of society in the name of a fake virus, and the lack of holding to accountability all the COVID senior officials, international and national. They published a few articles here and there, but there was never a concerted, unanimous, denunciation of these societal upheavals.

Now, I understand why the CEC kept quiet, with only sporadic attention to this world phenomenon, and even then, after the damage was ingrained into society.

Let the tainted West, with its Black Lives Matter and immigrant activists, with its liberal "all for one" mandates die. We will build another world.

Duchesne quotes Dugin on his twitter page from an article Dugin published on March 2022:

What does it mean for Russia to break with the West? It is salvation. The modern West—where the Rothschilds, Soros, the Schwabs, Bill Gates and the Zuckerbergs triumph—is the most disgusting phenomenon in world history. It is no longer the West of Greco-Roman Mediterranean culture, the Christian Middle Ages, or even the violent and contradictory twentieth century. This is the graveyard of toxic waste of civilization—it is anti-civilization. 

One brave soul counters this twitter post: "The correction to the illib and grotesque excesses of progs is not Putinism..." .

And Duchesne replies: "I used to think so, and as recently as this article, argued in defense of liberalism and the possibility of integrating it with cultural nationalism; I still think West has to find its unique alternative."

The complete paragraph which Duchesne quoted from Dugin's article Wartime Remarks under the sub-heading "Breaking With the West - Salvation," reads:

“What does it mean for Russia to break with the West? It is salvation. The modern West—where the Rothschilds, Soros, the Schwabs, Bill Gates and the Zuckerbergs triumph—is the most disgusting phenomenon in world history. It is no longer the West of Greco-Roman Mediterranean culture, the Christian Middle Ages, or even the violent and contradictory twentieth century. This is the graveyard of toxic waste of civilization—it is anti-civilization. And the faster and fuller Russia is disconnected from it, the sooner it returns to its roots. To what? Christian, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean—European—nm that is, to the roots common with the real West. These roots—their very own!—the modern West has cut them off. And in Russia they have remained intact.

Dugin is the principal personality behind Ricardo Duchesne's world view.

So there it is: a racially ambiguous writer, on a website which purports to promote and support European culture and civilization and which has as its senior contributor a Dugin supporter, with a gotterdammerung philosophy around this very West the website claims to be a part of.

So where does Duchesne go from here? Well, Eurasia.

"Dugin is the only dissident who has conceptualized a program with a grand politics identifying Eurasia as the site within which the Dasein [or Da-sein - German word for existence from the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger] of traditional peoples is instantiated with a historical mission to defeat American transsexual melting pot globalism."

Duchesne elucidates for us, the proles, both the idea of Eurasia, and the author behind this worldview:

Alexander Dugin is the only intellectual (rejected, ignored, or unknown by most dissidents) who has conceptualized a comprehensive theoretical program against liberalism with a grand politics of the earth, a geopolitics with a profound ontological meaning in the sense of identifying Eurasia as the site within which the Russian Dasein is instantiated as a determinate Volk chosen by destiny as the Katehon [one explanation of Katechon:"portraying Russia as ‘the restrainer’,
the power that holds back the apocalypse and maintains an imperfect order in a sinful world..."], the civilization whose world historical mission is to defeat the American goal to impose a totalitarian liberal culture across the world.

So there it is: a Russian anti-West leader, in actual fact a Russian anti-West leader who wishes the destruction of the West, is the primary character who informs Duchesne's world view, despite Duchesne's copious articles and books appearing to support this Western civilization. And Duchesne's proposal, when studied, is the gotterdammerung that Dugin proposes of the West, in order that this West (this world) may return to its untainted form, and which such a destruction can purify.


I have fixed a couple of broken links.