Moscow Makow drops his mask

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 10, 2022 Anno Domini

It’s taken years for Henry Makow to let his mask slither down his face to expose the snake that he is.

But he has fully exposed himself now. 

After years of using the lure of anti-Feminism and anti-Sabbateanism to build his audience, the Polish Jew from Winnipeg is now feeding his helpless readers a steady diet of propaganda manufactured in the Lubyanka. It’s as if the KGB/GRU’s Operation Trust officers in charge of these fake alternative media “analysts” have given orders to intensify shilling because an end game scenario is right around the corner and the game of pretenses is no longer necessary. 

Once you take away the deception that Russia is an anti-globalist dissident fighting the Jews and the “evil West”, what is left? Russia is nothing but a long impoverished multi-ethnic state run by a cabal of criminal Jewish mobsters seeking world domination—the same as it was under Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Stalin, and Lenin. Nothing has changed but the design of the national flag and the official titles of the country and its massive internal security apparatus (Putin even reverted the national anthem back to the Soviet one, although without lyrics). If you haven’t figured this out by now, you absolutely must read the revelations of late Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn in New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception. Genuine Western conservatives and Christians are being set up for total annihilation. It’s a trap! Get out! 

Screenshot of recent Kremlin cucking from Makow.

Before dropping his mask, Moscow Makow’s game seemed to be to allow some dissenting views on his site—his alibi. He was allowed to do this just as long as the Kremlin-kosher narratives were more frequently published. He would throw the occasional bone to his unwitting audience by “exposing” feminism and the “Illuminati” by peppering his rants with forced clickbait terms like “Jew”, “Cabalists”, and “freemason” to create the illusion of authenticity as a patriot dissident. But Moscow Makow isn’t Jewing everyone. We see right through him.

Recently, Makow begged his readers to financially support fellow Jew-in-Kremlin shillery “Brother” Nathanael Kapner, a member of the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox Church who puts out the same crypto-Soviet scripts as Makow, just in his own style. Moscow Makow’s pro-Kremlin, anti-Western propaganda is a daily thing now both on his site and on his social media accounts. Most of his sources are Russian and have been for years, not just now during the invasion of Ukraine. Although there are drops of truth in his rhetoric, it’s generally full of doom, gloom, and fear mongering. Reading through his site is like a psychodrama. It is straining and hard on the soul. I’m sure much of his audience feels defeated and depressed. This is another reason to dump Makow, along with most of the alternative media, who all seem to be reading from the same Kremlin-Knesset script. We need encouragement and truth in these difficult times, not pessimism, mockery, and disinformation. 

If the West is so evil and Satanic, as Moscow Makow and his Duginist shills claim, why does he still live in the West? Perhaps Makow should put his money where his mouth is and go live in Russia, the “workers paradise”.


  1. Hi,

    Is it not great news that jew run RT has been shut down? Is this all “wag the dog” from their covid scam along with exposes of the WjEF becoming more mainstream?

    Thanks kindly,

  2. Yea I noticed that too. Same thing with Jim Stone. There’s almost no one left in the “alt media” scene who’s not shilling for the Kremlin. And the gullible ‘right’ Americans assume whatever the legacy media says- the opposite is true. That’s the extent of their analysis. I guess the end must be near.

    1. Right on the munknee, hunny bunny! Jimmy pushed the evil joo thing so hard that the fabric wore through… exposing the ‘soft underbelly of “just another guy grifing for handouts from gulllibe readers who buy into the idea that some one else needs to do the critical thinking for em!

      I will say tho, that in the case of Stone – and others like him – they may have started off pure of intent, but somewhere along the road they get bent. The powerz seem to have ways of ‘turning’ voices once real into useful simulacra that still ‘sound’ real but ain’t! The Fukushima report he did was dynamite. Too bad you can’t rest on your laurels tho – yesterdays hero is tomorrows chump!

      Makow was always a bad joke – pushing some kind of pseudo 50s lifestyle escapism to the most fragile of that segment of beta males who took a beating from the sex wars and weren’t quite ready, or financial able – to go the route of marrying a sex doll! What a joke this ‘alt-media’ limited hangout has proven to be.

  3. I’ve been following Henry Makow and Brother Kapner for a long time. I have wondered if they were controlled opposition, as some of their opinions go along with the mainstream narratives as being real, and do not consider other options within the fine print. However both men give decent information about the corrupt world we live in. Regardless of their isms or agendas, at the end of the day they are men, and can see that other men need help and understanding.

  4. Something didn’t feel right about Makow to me. It’s been since this scamdemic started. There has been a mixture of truth with psy-op disinfo and misinfo posts on his website. Grief, for a newbie who has no clue about gatekeepers, shills, disinfo agents and other wannabe “truthers”, the conspiracy world is an absolute minefield. It took me a long time to navigate through this maze. And what a maze it really is. This is why a lot of people want to remain in ignorance: ignorance is a bliss, right… Nope. But for average Joe who hasn’t woken up to how the world is run, it’s so confusing that he/she just gives up on it altogether and continues in his false bubble of deceptions and lies. It’s really tragic to see what the world has sunk into. A cesspool of lies, deceptions and corruption on top of so many abominations. Timothy, you recommend that Makow goes to live in Russia but I saw about 3 weeks ago a post from him saying that he’s moved to Mexico. Apparently he’s no longer in Canada.

    1. Indeed. The main stumbling block for me over the years was the “anti-Zionist” minefield. I got caught up in this and although I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong with it, I always knew something wasn’t right with it.

  5. Cryptos and open jews are a huge red flag with any so called exposer. Jim STONE(stein) is another example, classic crypto name, sharon stone, Oliver Stone, Matt Stone southpark creator etc Alex Jones and his crew and associates, his lawyers, I think it’s been mentioned his wife is a jew and of course the coming out of nowhere with bona fides that are fakeAF in his case his so called Bohemian Grove story. I mean he didn’t really expose it they are pretty open about their surface level paganism with their privately published reviews, the who’s who of satanic elite membership, a creepy grove location, cremation of care satanic ritual similar to the Kol Nidre etc He didn’t expose anything. Sometimes it takes some crisis or major event to see who is who or where they stand and an understanding of the rabbit hole that all this is.

    On another note follow the crypto trail, Aaron Lopez crypto slave master is probably a distant relative of people like the entertainers George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez and other famous people with that name, leading to the conclusion that in jew industries the gangster MO applies even centuries later. The most complete record I’ve found of cryptos and opens involved with the African slave trade is in the Nation of Islam books on it and the final chapter in Vol 1 “Jews of the Black Holocaust” which also gives the crypto name derived from the Bush clan, Buchs as well as the Rivera name of which the propagandist Geraldo Rivera is descended from and many others if you go through all the names verified from period documents. Of course the Itsvan Bakony stuff has a few names like Roosevelt and others and also walter whites book.

    On the SPX post that’s pretty good information, had no idea he was descended from cryptos perhaps the infiltration and subversion is even more subtle and long term than I had thought. It also may be a smear tactic if it’s not solidly researched. I am no expert on SPX’ reign. I do know that his oath against modernism is sound and it was discontinued in the Vatican 2 era for obvious reasons. He also has the Syllabus. I’d also like to say that remember it’s not about race(material) primarily, it’s about spirit. I think I’ve also read that St Theresa of Avila is a descendant of cryptos and maybe even St John of the Cross and these are two of the greatest Saints IMO, their lives and books are major examples of that. So it’s completely possible for Saints and Popes who are truly Catholic to be descended from cryptos, in fact it’s possible for people from any background to have the WILL to follow God and He bestows the GRACE to carry on even under great sufferings. Certainly SPX didn’t disband the Jesuits like they needed to be but that’s true of many Popes and points to the influence they have amassed and their ultimate backers as subversives. It’s also true that similar to say FBI agents, in the field there are honest people who do their best and do a good job but the higher up you go the more evil and corrupt you get. I’ve read books by Jesuits that were amazing and referenced Trent and other solid Catholic principles. In this life it’s a mixed bag, even within the Church, only after the final filtering/sifting will it be absolutely known the sheep and the wolves.

    I am also not convinced of the anti-BVM stuff lately, and I’m not going to entertain someone like Hoffman on Church issues. He’s an AP mafia operative and jew from NYC who lives in Idaho next to the jew catspaw Aryan Nation as well as into the CMRI which has a very murky history. I love the majesty and time tested reliability of the TLM too but the form is secondary to the spirit in which the person celebrates a particular ritual that counts really. That’s the goal with these infiltrators, to corrupt the spirit through material means and thus ruin the Church. Spiritually they are dead and will fall away or convert. Only those who were already a ruin would be ruined and would whole heartedly worship in a jewish manner, saying one thing on Sunday but the rest of the week(and in their heart on a spiritual plane) doing another, typical judaism/protestantism. St Ligouri has some really great work and is also the founder of the Redemptorists, he also went through a terrible betrayal by almost all his associates before being exonerated. I have no doubt there have been abuses with Mariology but I don’t think it’s widespread and to equate the BVM with the satanic kabbalistic shekinah or Lilith of jewish tradition is just disgusting.

    1. What anti-BVM stuff lately? There is nothing on this site that “anti-BVM”. And Michael Hoffman is not the first to call out Marian excesses (Marian excesses which disrespect the real Virgin Mary, I might add).

      Ligouri also created a system for lying. There is little doubt about it. If you actually read what he said, you wouldn’t be so quick to call him a saint. Unfortunately, most of his writings are not translated into English. While I like much of what Ligouri taught, “The worst kind of heretic is the one who, while teaching mostly true Catholic doctrine, add a word of heresy, like a drop of poison in a cup of water.” — Pope Leo XIII

      Kabbalism clearly influenced high ranking members of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance, right up to the papacy. That is not up for debate. Therefore, to consider that Kabbalistic elements might have blended in with veneration of Mary is not far fetched at all.

      1. I’ve read a few short things by St Ligouri nothing major and found it to be very good/helpful. I know that St Ligouri was a lawyer or similar before taking the vows.

        ==Uh no there are many St Ligouri books in English I suggest you try where there are plenty, not hard to type in Ligouri collection etc. ===Can you site a reference in his works that clearly proves a system of lying you mention? I’ll certainly put more of his books on my reading list.

        I also have said that kabbalism did infiltrate the Church so there’s no argument there but it sounds like you are saying that the BVM is in fact a kabbalistic thing when this is not so. Marialatry is certainly an abuse but that doesn’t include the Rosary and veneration of the BVM. I think it was St Dominic in the 1200’s or so was the source not kabbalism. I’ve not seen it get out of hand or supplant the Holy Trinity, usually the Church and the Saints have taught the proper hierarchy from what I’ve read. Fatima is not dogma for a reason but the line from Fatima to calling the BVM veneration as a kabbalistic infiltration?

        1. No, I am not saying traditional Catholic veneration of Mary is misplaced Shekinah worship. I am suggesting that the inappropriate “adoration” of Mary over the last 400 years, especially the last 200, might be due to Kabbalistic infiltration (which began 16th century), via the Frankists, syncretists, etc.

          It is very clear that some Catholics today make a goddess out of Mary. They try to dismiss this claim by using word play (mediatrix, co-redemptrix, etc.), but it doesn’t fool anyone. And because it is sold to them under the label of traditional Catholicism, they fall for it.

          Regarding Liguori, Hoffman certainly has his number. Too much to post here. Let me get Hoffman’s Occult Renaissance review out of the way first.

          1. Catholic veneration of Mary is based on a mountain of solid Biblical Apologetics and has nothing whatever to do with “Idol Worship”.
            The whole idea of praying to “Saints” has a long and traditional history which the unnecessarily constrained “Sola Sciptura” Protestant sects deny – in error IMHO has an ex Protestant.

            1. Appropriate veneration of Mary is not the issue. No where did I say it wasn’t Biblical or part of tradition. What I am talking about is inappropriate veneration. If you don’t see that it is taking place with many Catholics, then you are not discerning what’s in front of you.

      2. “The Government, being resolved to undertake the political and moral purification of our public life, are creating and securing the conditions necessary for a really profound revival of religious life…. The National Government regard the two Christian Confessions as the weightiest factors for the maintenance of our nationality. They will respect the agreements concluded between them and the federal States. Their rights are not to be infringed…. It will be the Government’s care to maintain honest co-operation between Church and State; the struggle against materialistic views and for a real national community is just as much in the interest of the German nation as in that of the welfare of our Christian faith. The Government of the Reich, who regard Christianity as the unshakable foundation of the morals and moral code of the nation, attach the greatest value to friendly relations with the Holy See and are endeavouring to develop them.”

        — Adolf Hitler

        1. Hitler hated Christ and His Church. He also created Israel and allowed for communism to extend over Eastern Europe.

          Hitler repeatedly violated the Reichskonkordat by dissolving monasteries, eliminating Catholic schools, and outlawing Catholic youth programs.

          Rev. Fr. Denis Fahey The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (1939):

          “The Jews as … well as the National Socialists want to impose on God their plans for the glory of their race and nation … And both these forces are being used by Satan to inflict disaster on the world. There is laughter in hell when human beings succumb once more to the temptation of the Garden of Eden and put themselves in the place of God, whether the new divinity be the Jewish race or the German race.”

          Hitler viewed nature itself as eternal and that presupposition influenced his idolization of the “Volk”. The foundations of Nazism are not Christ honoring.



            THE HOLY REICH

            Adolf Hitler, Charlemagne, and
            the Holy Roman Reich
            November 19, 2013
            by William P. Meyers

            Franco, Mussolini and Hitler closed the lodges


            The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 Documentary by Dennis Wise



            groundbreaking jurisprudence?… or talmudic vengeance?

    2. Few apologists ever mention the explicity doctrines of the Babylonian Talmud which is explicit about the MO of the destruction of Christianity.
      The Christian Orthodox Church is not so shy currently but there was a time when the RCC burned copies of the Talmud in disgust – that was the 12th Century of course but for a more modern refutation I would recommend the writings of that Bishop of St Petersburg Pranaides who makes it very clear what kind of Ideology we are dealing with.

      One hundred years after the French Revolution, the editors of Civilta Cattolica, the official voice of the Vatican on political affairs, came to a startling conclusion: any country which turns away from laws based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and God’s eternal law will end up being ruled by Jews. These three articles, originally published over the fall of 1890, explain in detail why this is so, for both France in 1890 and America today.

      Rev. Denis Fahey’s The Mystical Body of Christ and The Reorganization of Society “an extraordinary book” not least of all because of “the profound observation of Aristotle” that “the payment of interest on money brought into existence as debt (fractional reserve banking) involves the payment of more than is issued. This cannot be done without further borrowing so the process means a further progression of debt for the society as a whole.”

      Talmudic Worldview
      Central Banking – privately controlled

      The Twin Pillars of the destruction of the once Christian West.

    3. Jim Stone’s real name is reportedly James Milford Heikkila. From what I’ve read on this name, he’s escaped to Mexico to avoid child support payments from one of his many marriages. He admits to having joined a synagogue for two years when living in Vancouver, British Columbia. When he quit he claims to have been poisoned by them for allowing their knowledge to escape. I read Jim’s site, but take him with a grain of salt, and will never donate..

  6. Bizarre how white nats and Neo-Nazi types support Putin and his pack of Chechen and Syrian murderers, despite the banner at Putin’s rally yesterday literally saying “For a World without Nazism”.

    I believe white nats and Neo-Nazis in the West are being led into a trap that will result in them being murdered in the same way as Ukrainians, and probably sooner rather than later.

    1. It just goes to show that the stupid see only what they want to see. I have warned people for years not to idealize anyone. “My people perish for lack of knowledge,” sayeth the Lord.

      1. The knowldege is there for those who seek with an open mind and christian heart.

        No Man should be idealised save Christ.

        City of Man or City of God – those that choose the latter will end up being ruled by Jews? – St Augustine ( paraphrased)

  7. Henry Makow is a limited hangount as well as Mintpress, Veterans Today and many others but you know why? They mix truth with lies.
    I don’t doubt that crypto-Jewish politicians have collaborated with Israel through terrorism but to say Russia has never done such a thing is complete bullshit and full of BIAS, how do Putin trolls explain that Hamas has the star of David or that in some video now removed from YouTube Assad’s chemical weapons had the star of David to genocide Syrians? Are Putin,the pro Putin Chechens,Hamas,Iran and Assad really anti-Zionist? my answer is no, they too are part of the Zionist system.

  8. More Truth than Lies IMHO – VT has an Iranian Ownership structure so highly likely it will be giving the opposite view to the Neocon, Khazarian , Likudite , Frankist viewpoint that we are blasted with daily on our “bought and paid for” propaganda MSM sites.

    Henry Makow is a Jew himself – just not a Kaballistic Frankist cult member – as most of the Power Elite Jews are. He would have little motivation for lying and is mainly trying to wake up the average JEW to the increasing tyranny the Zionist Paymasters are catapulting all Jews into !

    Putin, as we know, was virtually brought up by Jews and has long associated with the Chabad cult. However as a canny KGB insider he understands what power an Ideology holds for binding the masses and his personal Worldview differs from the Lubovitchers when it comes to Patriotism, the destiny of Russia and the power of Orthodox Christianity. He has rebuilt around 35,000 churches since the Goldless, Kabbalistic Bloshevicks destruction in the “Red Terror”.

    Infiltration and Subversion are key aspects of the NeoCon Zionist quest for power. It has almost worked with many Global Instutions being captured by the Talmudic Worldview powered by the unlimited Central Banking Funds these same control.
    What they didn’t count on was the Renegades that are Putin and Trump and the annoying outlier in Global Geopolitics – The American Constituion and Bill of Rights.

    Like Stalin before them, neither are part of the Zionist system – they just used it for a while to accumulate the power they need to destroy the Khazarian Mafia once and for all.

    1. Huggy, don’t rule out anything when it comes to Moscow Makow. He could be the very kind of Jew he portrays himself as opposing. His “schtick” could serve as a convenient alibi. It’s interesting that you say that about Veterans Today. It seems that Moscow has commissioned Iran with handling a lot of the controlled opposition alt media out there. Whitney Webb and MintPress News are two other limited hangouts of Iranian source.

      Huggy, Stalin rebuilt Churches, too. So what? Putin’s fake Orthodoxy is meaningless. Golitsyn told us the Soviets were given concessions to Eastern Orthodoxy as a means to an end. It’s not trusthworthy in the slightest.

      “Zionists” and “neocons” are only one side of the dialectical Jew coin. Falling for this will lead you straight into the arms of the Eurasianists.

      1. Interesting you mention coins. I am reminded of the Nazi /Zionist coin of WW2 – playing both sides with the Power of Money has long been the game plan and that was a classic “in your face illustration” of the way the Hegelian Dialectic works with these guys.
        Stalin had “son of Jew” in his middle name ( Jugosvilli) in Georgian ( as you probably know) and married three Jewesses so obviously there was influence there – However he was brought up for a while in an Orthodox Monastry and I would like to believe that at a certain point in his career of power he tended more toward an Orthodox Worldview and away from the Kaballistic bent of his immediate sycophantic Jewish scrum that had overseen the horrors of the Cheka and so on in Russia . When Mother Russia Patriotism was challenged – he turned on them – which is why he was probably poisoned.
        I see similar signs in Putin and while the odd church built is of little consequence – 35,000 does appear an obsession to me that indicates a deeper drive than mere pretense .
        The outpourings of Archbishop Kirill are instructive on the Worldview that the majority of Russians imbue.

        I do like your writings and views and analysis and, from my own experience, know how long the research takes to arrive at those conclusions which for the most part are derided as “nut jobs” by the less informed members of friends and family alike – However – I do think you are being overly cynical and give the “conniving Jew” too much credit for cleverness – Putin is no fool and I do think he is trying to rebuild a Christian Russia – for me the dumping of the Jewish Prime Minister and the appointment of a Christian Armenian was another “Tell”

        or do you say different?

  9. Since 2003 I have been trying to tell people that Makow is just an in-it-for-fame-and-money guy who couldn’t care less about conspiracy, free-masons, zionists, bankers, &c in the 1980s, 1990s. His interest was awakened in 2002 when he made the acquaintance of Jeff Rense who instructed him that there is money in conspiracy —with computers & internet becoming cheap, opportunity for money without work opened up.

    From the Rense stable originated Veterans Today, Jim Fetzer, Henderson lefthook, and a bunch of others.
    Number one give-away: these “experts” on conspiracy don’t know anything about the subjects on which they peddle articles, books, videos
    Number two give-away: just try to correct these peddlers on facts, and you quickly find out that they are not searching for facts

    1. I tend to agree. At the very least, Makow is peddling what’s popular for his shekels. At worst, he is shilling for the Synagogue of Satan, while making some coin.

  10. Makow’s propaganda is the same as Alexander Dugin, one of Putin’s main advisor: brainwash the ignorant western hero to hate their evil corrupt governments, and love Russia and Putin, the good guys… They make it look Putin has been defending ‘traditional values’, and some idiots even think he is a christian, when in reality he has always been a communist; Putin himself confessed this in 2018, when he said that “communism is similar to christianity”.
    This is all Dugin’s propaganda!!!ganda!!!da!!!

  11. I have followed Henry for many years. Purchased some of his books. One day I wrote to him about my discovery of the global financial markets being controlled in advance by a computer program. He told me to write up an article for him and he would post it to his blog. I said ok and proceeded to tell him that I would send him information and proof of how the markets are scripted in advance. He told me no need to send him anything except the article. This is when I realized he is a con man. Nobody real would post information to their blog that made extraordinary claims and post this to their blog, at least nobody who cared about any truth. This is when I finally realized this man is not who he appears to be and I would suspect he is apart of the Tag, Track, and ID system, as are all so called “alternative news”. I’m afraid there is nowhere to go anymore, they have closed all doors, what you see now is only one big gigantic illusion…..

    1. Indeed. Henry is only interested in tabloid stories that have sizzle. He doesn’t care about truth and now we can see Russophilia is what sells with Western conservatives, so he runs with it. And you could very well be right that he is just there to tag and track (I also think he is there to create learned helplessness.

      1. There is no such computer program. If you click his name it will take you to his website where you can buy a membership and day trade along with him. Simply another charlatan selling services that will make you rich (results vary).

        1. Ya I noticed that but I assumed he could share the article he wanted Makow to post. What is the tag, track and ID system? Everything we comment on gets stored and tagged to our email, and IP address for some personality stereotypes. I know it’s more than just cookies. I would like to visit my internet service provider and see if they keep a record of all the websurfing, purchases and comments I have posted over the years.

          1. I study this subject when I can, One of the better discussions was summed up like this:

            ” When we first started aggregating together in numbers, your ID was a matter of who knows you, who can recognize you. This was done by your face and manner alone. Then as our numbers grew, communities could have people who never meet each other. Names become very important at that time, and while some could share one name, we began to hold on to two names, or something about our lineage, occupation, or role in the community.

            Then we grew further, along with community came society… aligned by some contrivance analogous to tribalism, which proved too limited a concept for gigantic groups of people. Society brought the need for a more robust form of identification. Bureaucracy provided an answer, the church had mastered it in the west, the east already had been using it for centuries.

            Carrying “papers” to ensure you are accepted as ‘you’ became the norm …

            But here’s the rub…

            Proving who you are is necessary between people… but the digital form makes it between you and a ‘system.’ I would say trust in the system must be earned. When my digital form is rejected by the system, who will say what punishment that merits… the system? ”

            I don’t believe that the Synagogue of Satan will turn over “the system” to autopilot – set it and forget it. Too many unintended consequences and they will easily lose control. These are smaller actors implementing track and trace, the future is not digital.

  12. Timothy, Your article is not convincing me that Makow is a Soviet agent. I have read Anatoliy Golitsyn and Christopher Story.

    I’m trying to raise awareness of the Jewish connection to “Gender Fluidity.” I sent Makow the following and he has not posted it. That does not prove he is a Soviet agent. I won’t write him off. I’ve read all his books and learned many things. A Trad Catholic author I correspond with follows him, too. However, I agree that Brother Nathaniel is untrustworthy.

    Rabbis endorse gender fluidity. “What the Torah teaches us about Gender Fluidity and Transgender Justice. The sages explain the unusual language as meaning that God created the first human being [Adam] as an androgynous person, containing both male and female characteristics simultaneously.”

    Furthermore, the popular TV show, ‘I Am Jazz,’ is was a mind control operation that has resulted in the insanity of ‘gender reassignment’ surgery. Jazz Jennings’ real name is Jaron Bloshinsky and she is from a Jewish family.

    “Orthodox Jew Who Became a Gender Reassignment Surgeon.”

    Timothy, search for “rabbis support gender fluidity.”

    1. Hi Fitz, update. So, a few weeks ago Makow did turn around and post those ‘gender fluidity’ links shown in my Sep. 2022 comment here. However, he did not post an answer to my recent question, “Is the ADL the secret police as stated by Major Robert H. Williams in ‘Know Your Enemy?'”

      Is the Josh here the same Josh’s Archive on Substack? Good site. He says Makow is a Eurasionist. I searched your site and no result. Can you expound?

      1. Anyone with a platform on the net now is there simply add to & stir the already muddied waters of disinfo which the web is all about. If you’re looking for relief – in the form of some kind of ‘really real’ deal personae not under the thumb of the $power – you’re wasting your time anymore.

        All you have is a choice of which ‘limited hangout artiste’ you’d like to get back-doored by. Every dollop of ‘truth’ dished out by these characters is designed to disguise the rest of their ‘ingredients’ – Makow ain’t no better or worse than the rest in that regard.

        ALL the ones who started out as authentic voices of resistance gradually got offed – like Story – or ‘turned’ – like even aangirfan! Timmy here(the real Fitz that is)hung up his spurs a couple of years back. The simulacra you are reading now is – like some many others – just here to confuse and mislead anybody who stumbled upon the original site.

        Makow often quotes disinfo sites like “Winterwatch” which packaged up explosive topics like “Frankist Sabbateanism” and then lure the unwitting into an echo chamber of ‘approved’ disinfo… all the better to bury the real story. The net is a giant circle jerk of $power agents offering whatever flavor of foolaid you are willing to consume. Something for everybody!

        Best to get ‘cynical’ …or get duped into joining the ‘pod people.’ who love lalmudic puppets like Donny “Warped Speed” Drimpf!

  13. I read Makow at least as far back as 2009. He is a Jew who says his parents are “holocaust survivors”. I knew he was controlled op shortly after that when I found out what controlled op was. Right away though, I never trusted him. No one who pushes the holocaust story should be trusted. It is not worth reading such a person’s material.
    People are retards though. It amazes me that some people who are somewhat Jew wise support Tucker Carlson or trump. Anyone who is on television on a regular basis is owned by Jews and almost always if they are on television even once. Though Craig Cobb, a white nationalist was on television at least once. He was on there to make white nationalists look stupid. I do not think he is working for the Jew. They gave him a dna test that came back saying he was 1/16 black. I doubt he is. There are people out there who Trudy David Duke, idiots. Aside from Bishop Williamson, even though he supports Putin which makes him questionable, but I do not think he works fit the Jews, all famous people are in the Jews’ pocket. I would not even say Williamson is that famous. The question is not who is working for the Jew but who isn’t.

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