Russian author suggests Bill Gates is Jewish

Chabad’s Rabbi Levi Wolvovsky with Bill Gates at Berkshire Hathaway’s meetin, posted on Chabad’s site May 18, 2008.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 1, 2023 Anno Domini

Russian-Jewish author Mikhail Leonidovich Abramovich writes in his 2018 book Jewish Business: 67 Golden Rules that Microsoft’s BIll Gates is an example of a Jewish billionaire.

“The Rothschild dynasty and Bill Gates, Estee Lauder and George Soros, if you continue the list of the richest people in the world, it will take more than one page. But in addition to fabulous and often incredible financial success, these people have one more thing in common—Jewish origin.”

The claim doesn’t seem to be corroborated anywhere else; however, being as rich as he is, Gates does associate with the Jewish elite of the world, including Chabad Lubavitch, and of late, the apparent KGB/Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein. Also, he received a Jewish award from Hebrew University in 2008. (Reuters writes that a photo circulating on the web of an apparent young Bill Gates with Chabad Rebbe Mendel Menachem Schneerson is not Gates but someone else. I agree with Reuters assessment. Others claim that Gates is related to Ghislaine Maxwell, which, as far as I can see, is also not true. Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was Czech born and Maxwell was his appropriated surname. Therefore, Ghislaine also is not a true Maxwell, so Gates’ supposed relation to the Maxwell name is irrelevant.)

Cover of Abramovich’s book in Russia “Jewish Business: 67 Golden Rules”.

It could also be that Jews are appropriating non-Jewish success for their own gain, which it seems they dabble in from time to time.

Russian Jewish magazine Lechaim tends to doubt Abramovich’s claim about Gates. Mikhail Maykov writes in his article Are you a Rothschild?,

“By the way, according to Foxman, one of the most common anti-Semitic tricks is the attribution of Jewish origin to non-Jewish businessmen. I hope that Abramovich will remove Bill Gates from the 15th edition of his book.”

Whether Gates is ethnically Jewish or not, he dances to Jewry’s tune. At the same time, he dances to the tune of China and Russia, for the trifecta.

Abramovich goes on to ask in his book,

Why does money love Jews so much? Perhaps the secret of the success of the Jewish people is that they still honor and observe the moral and ethical rules that are passed down from generation to generation? Maybe it is thanks to this that the Jews are able to create huge financial fortunes.

If Gates is Jewish, it’s possible his surname was changed from something like Gatz to Gates, much like Jewish actress Phoebe Cates changed her name form Katz.


  1. Bill Gates: crypto-Jewish

    Bill Gates swaying back and forth like a religious Jew

    “It’s a custom to teach Jewish children to sway back & forth, when they study Torah.”

    Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft – Jew,parents%20who%20were%20both%20librarians.&text=He%20is%20a%20Washington%20State,Gates%20to%20dropout%20from%20Harvard

    CEO/first business manager hired by Gates – Jew

    2002: Microsoft’s Bill Gates: Israel is a vital resource for us

    2005: Declaring Israel a “technology powerhouse,” Bill Gates gave a rousing morale boost to the country’s high-tech sector on his first trip to the Jewish state.

    The agreement Gates signed with the government promises cooperation between Microsoft and the chief scientist at Israel’s Science and Technology Ministry.

    2016: Bill Gates: Israeli tech ‘changing the world’

    “While Microsoft is known for many things, it is best known for Windows – and for years, rumors have swirled for years that major parts of the operating system were developed in Israel, something the company has confirmed although it has never specified just which components of Windows are “Israeli.” Gates, who does know, wasn’t telling either, but he was “very happy” to wish the Microsoft Israel R&D center a happy 25th anniversary.”

    At the 27-minute mark, there’s the women’s rights advocate (((Beata Sirota))) speaking. She looks like Melinda Gates

    Here is a comparison of them both:

    Extra info

      1. Sure, but it’s in the context of the surrounding information – not to mention the fact he is one of the main ‘Western NWO’ enemies (along with Jews Rothschild, Soros, Schwab)

  2. More intrigue on the Gates family tree:
    It is Highly Likely that Frederick Taylor Gates, John D Rockefeller’s main advisor, creator of of the wicked Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research that carried out secret vaccination experiments on the US Army (headed up by his son (Dr Frederick L Gates) that created the Bacterial Pneumonia outbreak known as the “Spanish Flu” that killed hundreds of millions of people, is in fact BILL GATE’S GREAT GRANDFATHER.

      The New World Order Eustace Mullins.
      When John D. Rockefeller discovered that the foundations offered the road to world power, the Peabody Fund proved to be his model. He and his “Director of Charity”, Fredrick T. Gates, set up the Southern Educational Board, which merged with the Peabody and Slater Funds. They later set up the General Education Board which absorbed its three predecessors. Its charter stated that its purpose was “the promotion of education within the USA without distinctions of race, creed or sex”. Its goals were racial amalgamation and the abolition of distinctions between the sexes. P137

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