Vladimir Putin called to Satan for help: Krupin

A carnival float featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing a devil is pictured during the presentation of this year’s carnival floats of Cologne’s carnival committee in Cologne, western Germany, on February 14, 2023. (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

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January 3, 2012 Anno Domini

A well-known Russian writer commented on the New Year’s greetings of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who called on the “Dragon” to help himself and Russian citizens

From the editor . Recall that the famous Orthodox writer Vladimir Krupin was not included in the composition of the Patriarchal Council for Culture, approved at the meeting of the Holy Synod on July 26, 2010, in connection with his sharp assessment of the ecumenical statement of the head of the DECR, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, that the dialogue between Orthodox and Catholics advances because “times and people have changed”, which the Russian writer regarded as apostasy, because, in his opinion, it smacks of Protestantism and removes us from Christ: http://expertmus.livejournal.com/57270.html

On December 31, 2011, Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian citizens on the New Year and wished them well-being and prosperity in the New Year.

The website of the Government of Russia published the text of his congratulations, part of which caused extreme bewilderment among Orthodox Christians. “By the way, the coming year is the year of the Dragon according to the Eastern calendar,” Putin said. – I was born just in the year of the Dragon. As a rule, these are the good times we have always had. I hope that this time the Dragon will bring good luck, well-being and prosperity to every Russian family, to all our citizens.”

This strange passage from the Russian Prime Minister’s New Year’s congratulatory speech to the Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya news agency was commented by the well-known Russian writer, co-chairman of the Writers’ Union of Russia Vladimir Krupin:

With this statement, Vladimir Putin demonstrated, if not maliciousness, then complete ignorance. It is not clear who writes these speeches to him, and why he himself is not aware of what he says to his fellow citizens?!

It is extremely strange that the man whom we have seen so many times praying and being baptized in the temple of God, called for help not God, but the Dragon, i.e. satan. This is some kind of wild paganism, some kind of complete occultism. But he could say how symbolic the year 2012 can be for us, because 12 is a wonderful apostolic number. He could say how symbolic it is that the new year begins on Sunday, i.e. from Sunday service, etc. It would be in Russian and Orthodox.

I feel very sorry for Putin and those who write his speeches. It is obvious that these people are in the devil’s captivity and reproduce the corresponding messages. Our Prime Minister and the future President were set up very well and a lot of votes of Russian citizens were taken away.

Thank God that the Lord does not leave us, and we are still living, despite the rampant madness and Satanism in the world and our country ….”

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  1. Nukes are a part of the scenario that holds together the fictions of the old cold war and the current theatre – yes “theatre” – war in Ukraine. “Theatre” war was first seen in Korea when the excuse for not using nukes was that the mountainous terrain would obviate their effectiveness.
    When Truman saw lights falling to the ground outside his “home”, it was the first of many clues that his world was not what he thought.
    For those waking up and seeing that global governance of the banker sort has been in play for a long time, welcome to reality.
    Other artifacts of a Truman-like world:
    1/ Russia and the West both lie about the “Holocaust” and Jewish supremacism.
    2/ Russia and the West both lie about the scamdemic and vaxtermination.
    3/ Russia and the West both lie about many aspects of space exploration.
    4/ Russia and the West both lie about the world banking system.
    5/ Russia and the West both lie about the old Cold War and support each others “spy accounts”.
    6/ Russia and the West and MANY OTHERS lie about nukes…
    Relating to 6/, other improbabilities include but are not limited to:
    I) India and Pakistan “developing nukes” in quick succession.
    ii) South Africa gaining and then LOSING the “technology”.
    The scamdemic and nuke hoax are very similar. They trade on a fear of externalities while seeking to mold a nation’s people.

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