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Demented Kabbalist Dugin admits in scrubbed article Russia's plan to officially seize Israel using Operation SIG's 'colonialist' narrative as an excuse

“Jerusalem will be Russian, or it will not exist at all”. So says the secret Dove Book, the Book of the Deep. The Russian Tsar is Tsar to all Tsars


Unipolar vs multipolar

The beginning of the war between Iran and Israel is the event of utmost importance in modern history. All the conflicts currently unfolding in the world are fights of a multipolar world against unipolar hegemony. Israel is, just like Ukraine, a proxy of hegemony, a proxy of the unipolar Western world. Indeed, after cruel genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, after elimination of senior Iranian officers on the territory of Syria, Iran simply could not help but respond to the challenge. Meaning, along with Ukraine, a second front in the struggle of multipolarity against unipolarity has been opened.

The West will soon fully support Israel and the Shia world is already mobilized in the Middle East: Yemeni Houthis, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiites. The Shia world right now is at war with world hegemony, with Israel and with the USA. As well as Russia.

In essence, the 2nd front of this war has just been opened to its full extent. The 3rd is coming soon - Taiwan, and the 4th is going to be in Africa, where meanwhile the Russian troops are arriving in Niger. The tension heats up between Venezuela and British Guyana. This is going to be the 5th front on the Latin American continent.

“The explosions sound everywhere”

We see the same geopolitical picture everywhere: supporters of a unipolar world come into direct physical confrontation with supporters of a multipolar world. Right now, the fate of humankind is at stake. Will the Collective West win, will it be able to gain global dominance?

Not likely, because Russian victory in Ukraine is inevitable. And if Sunnis join the Shiites, who have now entered into a war with the West. Theoretically, that's what they must have done, they have the same religion. The West brings the death and full extinction of Islam. Islamic civilization cannot go along with this satanic LGBT, civilization of the West.

Therefore, the tension is great, very great. All civilian flights over the Middle East are canceled, explosions sound everywhere.

Islamic civilization cannot go along with this satanic LGBT*, civilization of the West. Picture by: CHUBAROVA IRYNA/SHUTTERSTOCK, Video screenshot T.ME/OPERSVODKI

Rockets above Al-Aqsa

As a matter of fact, I just want to highlight that this conflict has eschatological background. Now the world's newspapers and websites are full of headlines “rockets above the mosque over the Temple Mount”. After all, in fact, it all began with what was called “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood”, the uprising of Hamas - Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

Al-Aqsa is precisely the Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the second after Mecca. It is this mosque that prevents Israel from building the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. This is how the Hamas uprising began, followed by the genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

And in Islamic eschatology, in turn, there is a belief when the Jews encroach on Al-Aqsa Mosque, when they try to build the Third Temple, it will not be the temple of Moshiach, the Jewish god, but the temple of Dajjal, the liar, the Antichrist. And then the Mahdi will come - the beginning of a world war.

In the hadith, Syria is declared to be the territory of the Mahdi arrival. Let me remind you that Iranian IRGC officers were killed exactly in Syria with an Israelian projectile.  Now there is an eschatological mobilization of Israel, where radicals want to blow up Al-Aqsa for the coming of Moshiach. At the same time, there is an eschatological mobilization of the Shiites. What we see in the East reminds us of the beginning of Armageddon - the decisive eschatological fight.

That is, the roots of the conflict are very deep.

Al-Aqsa is precisely the Muslim shrine on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the second after Mecca. It is this mosque that prevents Israel from building the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. Picture by: KANUMAN/SHUTTERSTOCK

“And what about Russia”

“The Russian city is the mother of all cities. Jerusalem will be Russian, or it will not exist at all. And His Majesty Kitavras will rule there.” So says the secret Dove Book, the Book of the Deep. The Russian Tsar is Tsar to all Tsars.

And Nietzsche too. The Russians are fascinated by Nietzsche. He believed that there was nothing cooler than the Russians, and was sure that the Russians would certainly conquer Europe. We had conquered half of it once. When we next approach the projectile, we will try to justify the high trust of Friedrich Nietzsche and complete what we started. In general, it would be wiser for the West to misunderstand us and be mortally afraid of us.

Bibi Netanyahu destroys tens of thousands of everyone - no matter right or wrong - because the Torah and Talmud (in a certain interpretation) tell him so. This is not funny at all. On the contrary, it is worth asking ourselves what our Orthodox sacred books, our sacred sources, and our elders say about the end of time. Not weak-minded economists, but those who are much more profound and serious. And the Iranians are preparing to respond to Israel based on their belief in the Mahdi arrival. Once again, economists are chilling. Myth is stronger than reality - for the reason that reality is also a myth, but only unsuccessful, colorless and stupid.

"If you see something very similar to..."

– In Ukraine, too, there is a struggle between Orthodox civilization and the satanic civilization of the West, which has possessed part of the Ukrainian people. Which also fits well into the eschatological scenario.

Many people talk about the imminent outbreak of a third world war. It’s hard to say, maybe at some point this conflict will be deescalated, and then it will begin with renewed vigor.

But on the other hand, if you see something very similar to the third world war, most likely this is it.